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Millenial Media report shows Android throwing iOS’s growth into reverse

Millenial Media, a mobile ad network that reaches the majority of all U.S. smartphones, has released their monthly “Mobile Mix” report and Android’s inexorable march toward the top of the charts continues.

While iOS retains its overall lead in the U.S. market at 48% that is a decrease of 7% from July, whereas Android coincidentally enough jumped up 7% since July bringing their total share to 26%. This is notable particularly as many people were arguing that Android was only gaining on the iPhone in April and May because everyone knew the iPhone 4 was coming in June. They saw a brief rise in July after the iPhone 4 launch, but just a month later the slide has already begun. If it continues at anything near this pace Android will pass the iPhone on this metric in the next 4-6 months.

Of further interest to advertisers is Android’s nearly 1,000% increase in ad requests since January of this year. Now granted this is in large part a result of the huge boom in the availability of Android handsets since January, but as anyone that follows this site is (sometimes painfully) aware it isn’t as if the pace of Android handset releases is slowing anytime soon.

Motorola has been the most significant benefactor from the surge in Android as they jumped past RIM to become the #3 manufacturer in the U.S. behind Samsung and Apple. The original Droid took the #2 spot on the top 20 devices list with a 9.44% share. Joining the Droid in the top 20 are five other Android handsets; HTC Droid Incredible, HTC MyTouch 3G, HTC G1, Motorola Cliq and the HTC Hero.

One wild card in the next few months is going to be Windows Phone 7, but as it is favoring AT&T for the time being it seems infinitely more likely that it will be stealing from the iPhone rather than Android at least for the immediate future.

Source: Millenial Media

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  • PixelSlave

    A couple observations:

    1) The smartphone market has grown a lot since the original iPhone was released. The Droid, being accounted for 9% of the current market, represents a large number of users out there (may be more than the number of first generation iPhone back then.) Yet, there are few Droid specific 3rd party accessories. Do we Android users spend less on those silly things and therefore nobody pay attention to us?

    2) While I love to see Android grow, but I am not sure if the iOS decline comes from the launch of iAd — therefore, the decline comes from the reduction usages of Millenial Media on iOS.

    • http://Website Nick

      Answers to your questions:

      1. The reason the iphone has so many accessories is because it sells extremely well and third part manufacturers are all over the one unified design. The DROID might be the best selling Android phone to date, but it has sold far fewer than what apple’s sales have been. Go with apple and there’s a lot more bang for your buck when you are designing accessories.
      2. These numbers are similar to what we have seen from adMob. Basically there has been a decline is web traffic from the iOS platform to sites that use Millennial’s mobile ad network. Sites shifting to iAd could affect these numbers, but it would be minimal.

  • http://Website JTHC

    Haven’t we seen this plot before? Apple goes with a closed system that closely integrates hardware and software and only Apple sells both. Competitor goes with an open system and only produces the software, partnering with multiple hardware makers. Gee, I wonder what will happen this time around.