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Motorola debuts the DEFY, wrapped in a layer of protection

Motorola debuted their latest Android phone, the T-Mobile DEFY, on today’s episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show. This mid-level smartphone runs Android 2.1 with Motoblur and features an 800 MHz OMAP3610 processor, 3.7 inch HVGA display, 2 GB internal storage, 512 MB RAM, and a 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and flash.

Outdoors fans should like the DEFY since it is scratch and water resistant as well as dust proof. Based on the rugged specs it looks the DEFY is the same phone we were calling the Motorola Jordan, so it should launch in early November.

Even though the DEFY has a speedy 800 MHz processor, the device will only support Flash Lite at launch. Hopefully this is from the lack of Android 2.2 and Motorola will provide a future software update that supports Flash Player 10.1.

If you are familiar with the OMAP3 series processor, we normally praise them for their inclusion of the PowerVR GPUs. Unfortunately, the OMAP3610 lacks the dedicated PowerVR GPU so this might not be the best device for gaming.

Anyone in the market for a tough work smartphone for should keep their eye on the DEFY, but otherwise it is a pretty ordinary Android device and T-Mobile has lots more options coming this year. Motorola is already shipping devices with Android 2.2 on other carriers, so maybe T-Mobile can get the DEFY bumped to Android 2.2 by launch. If you see the DEFY ship with Android 2.1, then I would use caution unless Motorola or T-Mobile confirms an Android 2.2 update.

Motorola Defy motorola-defy-5 motorola-defy-4 motorola-defy-3 motorola-defy-2 motorola-defy-1

Via: Motorola PR

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website Coggy9

    “Hopefully this is from the lack of Android 2.2 and Motorola will provide a future software update that supports Flash Player 10.1.” :| You STILL think Moto will update a BLUR device?

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    I like the design but personally would steer clear of anything with Blur on it. I’d actually like to see HTC make an all touch screen rugged Android device.

  • http://Website Drew

    I knew this piece of crap was headed to Tmobile when it was first leaked. I’m so annoyed. It seems like who ever makes the bid for Tmobile phones just hangs out with a checklist:
    1. It it outdated at release? check
    2. Is it ugly? check
    3. Will this phone make our current customers want to bang their heads against brick walls and ask “why, for the love of God, why”? check
    4. Is this phone so bad, so useless, that even talking into a tin can would be more fun? check

    • http://Website Daniel

      2. Is it ugly? check
      Say it!!!! it does look like a freaking iphone. ;-( A few days ago we had another device that looked like an iphone too.All these engineers need new ideas and designs.

    • http://Website RageGuy

      Will this phone be able to go underwater??!?!?!?!?!

      Oh wait..n/m we’re talking about Motorola here.

  • http://Website Rafael

    Buy a Motorola today, get no upgrades tomorrow!

    I’m still waiting for my quench upgrade. In the mean time, I won’t buy any other Motorola phone…

    Not sure why my comment was deleted from here…

  • http://Website Ryan Kim

    All of the Motoblur phones look the same.

  • http://Website Yvese

    Stay away from this phone and any Motorola phone. Atleast that’s what I’m doing. After the disaster that is the Cliq XT, I will never again buy Motorola and it looks like this phone will be the next ‘Cliq XT’. AKA, they will promise a 2.2 update but delay it 2-3 times until the phone is EOL and leaves your head banging against the wall.

    I will never deal with Motorola again.

  • http://Website HerpDerp

    While this thing does looks underwhelming, it should be noted that according to Moto, it’s a WVGA display (probably the same one as the Droid / Droid 2), not an HVGA display. So it’ll probably be an ok low-end android phone. Neither horrible nor earth-shattering, and certainly nothing that anyone who hangs out here would buy :-)

  • http://Website Iris

    Is this a response to all the people dropping iPhones into toilets?

  • http://Website Richard

    Looks Good but what about the software updates will they take for ever like the Cliq?????

  • Charles W.

    Motorola DID NOT represent themselves well AT ALL on T-Mo, when it came to the bothe Cliq’s. I made the mistake 6 months ago of hopping out of the MT3G into the Cliq along with my fiance (because she followed). It was the biggest mistake EVER. But luckily back in May I had sense to hop out into a N1 because I had a feeling (or an epiphany) they were going to jerk the customers on the upgrade to Eclair. Soon enough my gut was right, Cliq owners ARE STILL on Cupcake to this day. My girl finally cut the cord last week by hopping into the Vibrant.


  • http://Website RageGuy

    Here are some Frequently asked Questions about T-mobile And Motorola.

    Will T-mobile’s Demise be due to the fact Motorola Manufactures Phones that could better be used to beat an unwanted person in your home with? Yes.

    Does Motorola Provide updated material for their phones at the wants and needs of the industry providing customers with up – to date Firmware, Programs, Details? Well, According to Motorola Yes but when, is a who knows type of Answer. According to the Customers..Well Torches lit up and pictures of Motorola hanging from a tree..

    My theory for the Upcoming 10 years? T-mobile will only sell Motorola Blur phones, T-mobile will become T-blur (minus the updates) And all their phones will be ANDROID 1.5 (Insert Rage here)

    And so it begins!

    I currently own

    A Galaxy S Tablet (Love it)

    An IPAD (Trading it Today for a Samsung Epic 4G)

    HTC Evo (Overclocked, And Loving it)

    I’m currently a College student Who uses my GALAXY S Tablet to wireless sync to my Classrooms Printer. I type documents on an External Keyboard and then press print and boom. I do homework in class on this thing for F**** Sake.

    Apple sucks, Moto Sucks, T-mobile Sucks. Sprint…They have a nice 70 Dollar unlimited plan. :D No problems here.

    • Charles W.

      Good sht! Lol

      • http://Website SI

        Are you kidding me? Sprint is complete garbage.

        Good luck with that $10 4G hotspot BS charge they tack on regardless if you have 4G service or not. You do realize T-Mobile’s HSPA+ 3G is faster than (Wimax) Sprint 4G, right? …and they don’t even charge customers extra for those faster speeds.

        Also keep in mind, with Sprint, you have to have TWO radios operating at the same time on your device to access those faster speeds. The normal CDMA radio for calls and texts and the WIMAX radio for high speed data… This absolutely crushes your battery life, so you’re going to get half the battery life a T-Mobile customer would on HSPA+ and get slower speeds.

        How have you deluded yourself into thinking you have better service?

        • http://Website RageGuy

          Obviously, From Experience. Too many Dropped calls, Too many Crappy Phones, Too many Messed up Bills. I live in a Big city, Not a forgotten wasteland. Sprint and Verizon is what works here Without Any difficulties. So my “Delusion” Falls upon Experience. I have not had any Problems with battery life considering my Evo is Overclocked and Lasts longer than my Cliq ANd my girlfriends Moto X During Video Calls. Not as Good as Verizon, But sprint is up there. Definately Above T-mobile.

  • http://Website Jan

    I read a dutch review at and got interested in this new rough phone. But does any one know the price and if it will be sold in Europe?

  • http://Website jayy336


  • http://Website adam

    Yeah I think past.. tmo need to bring 1.2ghz up with single dual core processor.

  • http://Website Yossarian

    You don’t really know the horror of Motorola until you have been a Nextel customer. Imagine if you only could get a Motorola phone or a phone with another companies name with Motorola technology inside. Just look at the Motorola i1. Nextel customers finally get a Android phone and they not only give them one with 1.5 but also the slowest processor of ANY Android phone(seriously, find they specs for every other Android phone. It’s the slowest Android phone ever made). And it’s not that they couldn’t do a better job on the phone. It’s just that they don’t care about their iDEN user despite the fact they are the most loyal customer base they have. I mean they Nextel customer could have supported Sprint’s old ReadyLink service or Verizons or At&t’s push to talk but no they didn’t. And look what kind of thanks they got. I would warn everyone to stay away from Motorola. They just don’t seem to care much.