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No tethering at launch for the T-Mobile G2

According to an internal T-Mobile screen spotted by a TMo News tipster the T-Mobile G2 has been stripped of one of the celebrated features of Froyo, namely tethering.

This just serves as a reminder that “stock Android” only means as much as the carriers will allow it to as they are still free to pluck features from it as they see fit. The only other commercially available stock Android handset is the Droid and it was similarly robbed of the full functionality of Froyo. When it received the update users found that it offered only wired tethering rather than the full hotspot feature found in the Nexus One.

In case you can’t read the FAQ in the image at the bottom of the post here is the relevant text:

Tethering and Wi-Fi sharing will not be supported initially on the device, but T-Mobile knows that consumers are interested in these features and we’re working to develop a solution to support them in the future.T-Mobile WebsiteHTC G2 FAQs

Now while T-Mobile has done Verizon one better by removing both wired and hotspot tethering at least they are only saying that it isn’t supported as opposed to Verizon’s claims that the Droid’s hardware was incapable of offering hotspot functionality, but why T-Mobile would drop something that they know consumers are interested in is a little baffling. It might raise flags that they are looking to cement a position on tethering charges which is something they have often skirted in the past.

If you are into the hardware for the G2 and reading this site this news shouldn’t stop you from making a purchase by any means as there is no doubt that the G2 will be rooted and tethering with the best of them in no time, but it is reflective of the recurring theme of carriers and manufacturers throwing up road blocks on our open platform.

Anyone else ready to start the petition for the Nexus Two?

Update: And suspicion confirmed. T-Mobile has given an official response mirroring the language above, but adding that; “T-Mobile does not currently support handset tethering or offer a tethering rate plan.”

Internal T-Mobile FAQs say no tethering on HTC G2 at launch

Source: TMo News

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  • http://Website Chahk

    Hasn’t the G2 been rooted already?

    • Sean Riley

      Not to my knowledge, but its possible that I missed it.

    • Dr.Jeckyl

      By the end of the BBQ I’ll bet $ it will be.

  • http://Website TFJ4

    Wether Google/HTC/T-Mobile say it, this is the Nexus Two.

    • Sean Riley

      By virtue of it not having the full functionality of Froyo this is not the Nexus Two.

      • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

        Some might call that a vice ;)

    • iDavey

      Nah, the Nexus Two would be full functionality and carrier agnostic.

      • http://Website TFJ4

        And that’s the same reason’s why a Nexus Two will never exist.

  • Noice

    I just fail to see their rationale. You can use your data plan to access any data, whenever you want, however large it is, but only if you view the data on this handheld computer… not and other computer.

    It’s like the water company telling you that you can use their product to flush the toilet and wash the dishes… but no showers. No showers ever.

    • http://Website erick

      Yes but the water company doesn’t give you an unlimited plan. You pay for what you use. Think of how much people would waste water if you could use as much as you want and pay the same? That’s essentially the same for mobile data

      • http://Website craigers

        Ah yes this true IF there was such a thing as truly unlimited data, but there is not. Not even on our beloved Magenta. If you use too much there are ramifications whether they be additional charges or speed throttling. So if we have a set amount of data we should be able to use it wherever.

      • http://Website Des

        For the guy who compared water flow to a house as being the same as an internet data flow into a house…..

        You can’t compare water flow and internet data flow. Drinkable clean water is a precious commodity, internet data is free and free. So T-mobile refusing to allow tethering doesn’t make sense since their expense is the bandwidth not the data, they can’t charge per data used either because the data is not a deletable commodity. They can narrow the bandwidth if they like but charging more per data flow is criminal.

        I am really a frustrated consumer in the US. I travel to Asia a whole lot. Everything is cheap and widely available there, in the USA the consumer is a fat cow that gets milked by corporate leeches.

    • http://Website J R 3

      The rationale is this; although it may appear that those customers who have a data plan with T-Mobile; may need to read the fine print. We are allowed I believe its something around 5000mb a month of data (which is plenty for most). To where if that limit is reached they can turn off your service. Now given the fact that the Nexus One fully exerts the capabilities of it’s software because it is an independent phone all in it’s self.
      The G2 is exactly what it’s name sake entitles an enhanced version of it’s predecessor the G1 which will never taste Froyo. So no N2. And no tethering mainly because I believe T-Mobile couldn’t take the over load of (I’m assuming a popular phone for them) and people using tethering. Could put them in the same crutch at&t was facing with the iPhone’s data usage. And I don’t think T-Mobile is ready to impose any more fees so they just won’t offer the capability until they can handle it.

  • http://Website JamieB

    I’ll ride my N1 until the day they create the N2 lol.

    Still in love with my N1, just like the day I unboxed it.

    • http://Website jr.

      Yeah same here. I see all this people with their evos and galaxy s phones and the new Gen of droids. But I still wont let go of my n1 till maybe another phone with full android with no restrictions from the carrier hopefully a n2 :)

  • http://Website kermit

    This is silly. We all know both easytether and PDAnet work fine, even without root.

    • http://Website jr.

      Yes they do,but… its not wireless

  • iDavey

    Yeah…until Google comes to their senses (well, what I would wish was their senses) and makes another Nexus…I don’t see myself buying a new phone for a good long while.

    I really REALLY want another Google exclusive phone. They should do it just to make it a “hobby”. Lord knows they have the money.

    Can we seriously get that petition started!

  • http://Website deutschdroid

    Same here going to keep my nexus one for the next few years untill Google comes to there senses and delivers what the people demand the all mighty nexus two. lets start a petition
    (Side note I’ll got already a backup nexus one since I don’t see a nexus two drooping anytime soon)

  • http://Website john

    I remember reading somewhere that the nexus two was gonna be built by Samsung :-(

  • http://Website Tito!

    I would love to see the day they make a N2 .
    Member the rumored one to be made by Motorola?
    That one was gorgeous! (:

  • http://Website Josh

    Anybody want to try and start a twitter petition? @TMobile and #G2TetherPetition
    Lets make them regret it!

  • Alan Reboli

    Are you guys seriously that outraged? This is merely an attempt for users unlike us to pay for tethering. Nothing more. Remember when it was announced that the G1 wouldn’t be able to run froyo? Guess what I’m running currently. “Oh ye of little faith…”

  • http://Website Andrew

    Deal breaker

  • http://Website joseph

    I am using a droid right now that is tethered using a wi-fi hotspot. In a few weeks after launch you will be able to root and tether so I reaaly don’t see what the fuss is about. If you like the phone, get it. A solution will be along shortly.

  • http://Website gmj

    You need to start the n2 petition asap!!!! I wont buy another android phone if not from Google

  • SliestDragon

    This isn’t a deal breaker for me whether it supports tethering or not. I’m always going to be running CyanogenMod on my phone, so things like this don’t bother me. Although it does suck for the people that think rooting has to do with plants…. :p

  • http://Website Brian from Texas

    I just finished taking pictures of my Nexus One to sell it, in favor of the G2 or MTHD. But not any more. While my service sucks in my house and I revert to using my G1, I actually use the wifi tethering and find it very frustrating that T-Mobile wants to restrict us. They already don’t support my N1, and now this. I would drop the carrier but I whole heartily believe they are the least evil that exists in the US. For now I will remain contract-free with T-Mo like I have for so many years, but if I can find better then I’ll switch. Anybody want a G-Mobile with Nexus Two?!!?!

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Cyanogen is getting this phone. It will be rooted at least 2 days after launch. Sell the N1 (everyone has to admit the N1 is aging already. The G2 has a 2x faster processor even when it is underclocked to 800 ghz and the gpu is 5x better.)

      • http://Website anon

        Finally a relevant response NOT bringing up the N2 or a stupid online petition. Which is a stupid idea to begin with. They do nothing and are pointless.

  • http://Website Yossarian

    You know what’s odd? You can use the motorola i1 as a USB modem and that’s running Cupcake.

  • Uncemister

    That really is a bummer from me, as I could benefit majorly from wi-fi calling. The cell service in my apartment building is terrible. oh well, I still pre-ordered my G2 and am patiently waiting for Oct. to roll around =)

  • http://Website Dee

    lets see how long it takes TMO to come up with a plan for tethering (if ever).

  • http://Website watbetch

    Because it’s “unlimited” data and tethering to your computer would make you use more of that unlimited data, you said it yourself if you wouldn’t want to surf on your phone – you would tether your connection and use it on your computer.. wouldn’t happen if you couldn’t do that right?

    If we all had 5GB hard caps I would be wondering myself why tethering isn’t a free option. AT&T charges $20 to tether the 2GB you already pay for and that’s completely wrong.

    • http://Website comm3000

      1. I use about 1Gb data per month on my G1. FROM PHONE… And will use about 3-4 from computer, so not a big deal for TMO.
      2. Petitions DO WORK. If you wont speak up, no one will know what a heck you want or think..
      3. I don’t have trouble with rooting, but gigs are only 1% of folks who buy this phones. So, lets speak up for them too.

      Happy tethering everyone!!!

  • http://Website My galaxy

    Got wifi hotspots on the galaxy s Sim free. seems the best experience is getting a phone without the carrier but is also the most expensive as well.

  • http://Website Luckbuckets

    I have to assume that the reason the G2 isnt starting with tethering is because T-mobile will want to cash in, in some way for the higher speeds this phone will receive from HSPA+, be it through an app specifically from t-Mobile or some other outlet. i hope this isnt the case but its the only thing that really makes sense to me at this time.

  • http://Website Cameron

    I totally agree with the above comments. The itch to get another Android phone has momentarily dissipated. I will happily keep my N1 until there’s another stock Android, fully functioning replacement or until something completely ridiculous (in a good way) is launched. For everyone else, PDANet is a non-root alternative that I used to use to tether prior to 2.2.

  • http://Website Maurizio

    Hi all,
    I would like to buy a G2 since I will go in USA within a month, but I’m not sure if the phone will be able to work properly in Europe and/if it will support the Wi-Fi tethering..
    Do you have any idea?

  • kwills88

    I don’t have internet for my computer, i been using the tether from my g1 (cm6) so if i get this phone i’d be screwed until it’s rooted…This phone is too good to pass up just because the lack of tether when we already know cyan will be working on it.

    • Sean Riley

      As others have already said I wouldn’t worry about it, if this thing isn’t rooted by the end of the big android bbq this weekend I’ll be shocked.

  • http://Website Miguel

    I’ve used tethering on my Nexus One half dozen times. One time it actually got me out a jam when I needed to download a file to my work laptop just before I was to start a presentation. I fired up the Hotspot feature and accessed my Gmail via the laptop and made it just in time.

    But still, it’s not a must-have feature for me.

  • http://Website RageGuy

    I dont blame T-mobile for Restricting Access to their Data Servers through tethering…They learned well from AT & T and the whole Iphone Catastrophe. Too many users surfing the web to the point that their internet became useless. Then began the dropped calls and all hell ensued.. I would rather have an unlimited Data plan than be restricted to 2gb a month for 30 Dollars.

    • Sean Riley

      I was on AT&T not long before the iPhone arrived. They sucked then too.

  • http://Website ivan

    Nexus Two !!!!!!! FTW !!!!!! come on Google N2 plz……..

  • Sean Riley

    I can definitely see a cap as being necessary with the likes of Netflix, Hulu, etc… coming, but the idea of charging simply for the act of tethering is insulting.

    If they offered a tethering plan for $15 that netted you an extra 5GB or something like that they would probably get people to actually pay for it.

  • http://Website Raptor

    Cool down. Could be not big deal.

    Tmo was the only company which did not punish customers for tethering. All at Tmo including reps told you that tethering is allowed (throttled at 10 GB).

    But surprise surprise! It was not officially supported on any phones. Ever. Yes, the official papers always wrote that tethering was ***not supported***. And there was no any tethering on latest Vibrant, and HD2 had only wired one.

    So will see if they will start charging for that or not. Big temptation for them is that’s $720 per 2 year contract, like with Sprint. But hell where are similar to Sprint 4G speeds on Tmo ? Only in places with HSPA+… So …until HSPA+ widespread additional charging are unlikely….They could start charging a bit on WiFi sharing though if succeed to distinguish wired and wireless tether which is again a difficult dilemma.

    • http://Website JD

      I just asked them today and they said they have no plans to charge extra for HSPA+.

      For me, it’s just one more reason to root your phone… I just tried one today it was blazing fast. I swear I’m getting outta my internet and just use this phone and tethering.

  • http://Website Luis jimenez

    Pdanet for free work on my g2

  • http://Website Des

    I pay comcast $50 for internet connection, I know it sucks.

    I am under the loyal customer program with T-mobile for only a voice service. My cell phone broke and I wanted a smart phone. My choice would have been the Vibrant but I was told I have to get the data service too for additional $30 total $80.00

    Now for a data service I am not using that so often I did not see why I should pay this extra $30, If I am forced to use it then I should also use it as a wifi hotspot when I am at home. If that is the case then, I thought, I might as well go with the HTC G2 since it supports the speedy new data signal from T-mobile.

    Now I read this issue you guys talk about, they don’t let you use it for tethering. Its totally fucked up to be leeched on by corporate hyenas in the US for services that costs others in Asia a few dollars per Month.

    Next up we will be paying for air.

  • http://Website Des

    In a similar note do you guys know Comcast still frown upon connecting their modems to a router? Could this behavior by TMO towards tethering the same thing?