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Powermat receiver for HTC EVO coming next month for $39

Way back in January Powermat was showing off some wireless batteries for Android phones during CES. I was so impressed with the demo I witnessed that I awarded Powermat as my personal Best in Show for CES 2010, but for whatever reason the products missed their target spring launch and we never heard from them again.

Now a tipster has informed me that Powermat is ready to test the Android waters again – this time with a wireless receiver for the HTC EVO 4G. The product should hit retail stores this October for $39.99 and feature a slim sleek design (see my crude Photochop job above).

Customers who purchase the receiver can snap it on their EVO and use it with any of Powermat’s pads ranging in size from 1x to 3x. No details were provided on any bundle packages, but I suspect we will see a special combo (receiver + 1x pad) for around $59, similar to their iPhone offer.

I’m disappointed the wireless batteries never saw the light of day, but at least Android fans finally have some new charging options thanks to the EVO receiver. Hopefully they will expand their lineup to include more of the popular Android phones this holiday season.

We have a few Powermat pads laying around the office, so be on the lookout for a review once we get our hands on a receiver.

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  • PixelSlave

    >> Hopefully they will expand their lineup to include more of the popular Android phones this holiday season.

    They really have to “EXPAND” their lineup because whatever they’ve promised back in Jan — it never materializes. None. Zero. Powermat has not released any products that are specially designed for Android phones.

  • http://www, Joann Prinzivalli

    I’m glad that was your “crude” (it was actually nicely done) photoshop job and not something from the maker – because I’d hate to cover the camera and the kickstand with the receiver. It looks like a product and a price setting that should be an interesting addition to my Christmas-stocking wish-list . . .

    • Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah that is an iPhone receiver lol.

  • Clark Wimberly

    The big bulky backplates really defeat the purpose. I remember at CES before we went and visited them I was saying that I’d really be impressed if they could figure out how to do it without the huge contact on the back and we got really excited over the promise of wireless batteries without a special receiver. Guess they just couldn’t quite get things working as expected…

  • http://Website JTHC

    Wow, so now Evo owners can carry a true brick in their pockets!

  • http://Website Chancy

    I’d rather my phone die out than carry a freaking house in my pocket. That’s just plain ridiculous. Add another weight to an already heavy phone.

  • http://Website YAZMAN666

    Well..Well this is n just not for me, honestly i dont think ill add more weight to my evo already no way ..ill stick to my cables wherever i go better than carry a brick in my pocket…enjoy ur workout guys because carriying the evo with this thing is gonna be a trully workout.

  • mike

    I need to buy 2 powermat receivers for the Android incedible 2. I can’t find any store that sells them maybe somebody knows of a website where I can buy them

  • mike

    I need to know what website sales powermat receivers for Android incredible 2…… reply to [email protected]