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RadioShack prices T-Mobile G2 at $149.99 with instant rebate

Looking to score a sweet deal on T-Mobile’s upcoming G2? RadioShack just announced that they will be selling the HTC made G2 for $149.99 with an instant rebate for those to sign up for a new two year contract.  Since T-Mobile has not officially released pricing details on the G2, we’re not exactly sure how great of a deal this really is.  However, RadioShack’s offer undercut’s Best Buy’s pre-order price by a good $50.  The T-Mobile G2’s details page hints at a $500 price tag if the handset is purchased without a contract.  For up to the minute updates on RadioShack’s offers, we’d suggest you follow them on Twitter.

Just out of curiosity, how many of you are taking advantage of T-Mobile’s Even More Plus pricing and will be paying the full retail price once the G2 launches?

Source: @RadioShack

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • Courtney

    We considered going with Even More Plus when we added a line. We decided against it because we didn’t want to save the full amount of cash for the phone.. It’s easier to pay a little more over time than up front.

    • http://Website Jerry

      A little, Tmobile CS went through the math and for a vibrant EM+ saved me over $700 over 2 years

  • http://Website Chancy

    Too bad the phone is old now.

    • HardNoks

      You sir (or miss?) Are either terribly misinformed or downright confused

    • Nick Gray

      I’d agree that the desing does look a little dated, but the G2 will run towards the front of the pack with the Galaxy S and DROID X.

      • http://Website Chancy

        OMGGGGGG!!!!!!! Dangggg!!!! I am terribly sorry about that comment. See I saw this news as I was hurriedly about to shut down my laptop and read it as “G1″ instead of “G2″ which was why I made that comment. I apologize. *facepalm*.

  • http://Website K-Fed

    Loving the lower monthly prices for the Even More Plus plans, and I will definitely be picking up the G2 on launch day Planning on selling the N1 a week before hand and kicking it oldschool with my 4 year old Samsung flip phone for a few days.

    • http://Website Eddie Android

      Same here, looks like ill be dusting off my 2007 Sony Ericsson K800i for a few days, ah the memories

    • http://Website JamieB


      Your really selling your N1 for a G2? I couldn’t ever see myself even considering dropping my N1 anytime soon.

      Official developer phone man. Specs are still pretty top notch. We get updates well ahead of the public. Just couldn’t do it personally.

      • http://Website Gee

        The G2 is pretty much the Nexus One + hardware keyboard + HSPA(+) + MUCH BETTER GPU + probably better battery life (45nm CPU + No AMOLED). With it being the successor to the G1 and a HTC phone, it’ll definitely get great community support so you’ll see speedy unofficial updates which most would do with the Nexus One anyway.

      • Nick Gray

        Specs are pretty much the same, but with the updated GPU, the G2 should earily be able to double the N1′s 3D graphics performance. With more and more good 3D games coming out, the extra boots is a must for those who enjoy gaming onthe go.

        Keep in mind, most poeple who want the G2 really want a QWERTY keyboard.

        • http://Website Gee

          These are just my assumptions but.. I got a feeling that Gingerbread is going to finally introduced system wide GPU acceleration. So going forward, having a great GPU will probably ensure that you’ll get a great Android experience.

        • http://Website McLovin

          …”Keep in mind, most people who want the G2 really want a QWERTY keyboard.”…

          Absolutely! For almost a year now we have not seen any power phones with a keyboard. I know some have even started “Drinking the Kool-Aid” and have argued that keyboards were the way of the dinosaurs.

          I am so glad I waited.

          The other “Kool-Aid” I won’t stomach is when they (Apple and GPS makers) start preaching to us that we should give up user-replaceable batteries too.

  • http://Website .isreal

    even more plus for me. im afraid of commitment

  • http://Website Jovan

    Even more plus is the way to go if you want to save money..think about it unlimited ttw for $80 with no contact compared to the even more contacted price of 100 plus you can literally “upgrade” your phone at any given time with evenmore plus! I love it!

    • Nick Gray

      Exactly! I’ll be getting the G2 when it launches. If something else better (HTC Glacier?)comes out a few months later, I’llsimply sell the G2 on Ebay and pick that one up, no need to wait around for my contract to expire.

  • http://Website mapin

    Even More Plus for me. I pay $59.99 for 500 min/unlimited SMS/unlimited internet. Can’t beat that !! Paid full price for Nexus One on launch, and I plan to keep it for a long time. None of these new phones offer more then a mere “bump” compared to the N1.

    • http://Website Gee

      I can. Sprint EPRP: $59.99 for 500 minutes, unlimited SMS, unlimited internet, AND unlimited mobile to mobile. Plus you get the phone subsidized.

      • http://Website Lee

        I can’t find this sprint plan you speak of anywhere on their website.
        The Tmobile $59.99 off contract plan includes unlimited mobile to mobile as well.
        Since I can’t find the plan you speak of I don’t know what those 500 minutes pertain to, but the Tmobile plan is 500 Daytime, Unlimited nights/weekends.

        Being a GSM network, you can swap your phone yourself, anytime, via the SIM card.
        so… let say my phone dies, but I have my older android phone around, I can instantaneously be back up and running, and swap back when my primary is alive/recharged/what-have-you.

        Also, There is NO data limit with Tmobile. :]

        • http://Website Andi

          The Sprint EDRP plan he is talking about is the Employee or Employee Friends & Family Plan… I can’t remember which. We all know employees and “friends and family” get a break on their plans…

          Don’t really understand why you’d post info on a plan that isn’t available to the general public, unless you’re just trying to brag about it. And in that case, when I worked for Sprint, I had free TTW…

          Either way, there’s not a chance that I would go back to Sprint either as an employee or a consumer… but that’s just me :)

  • http://Website Jr.

    the sprint plan he is talking about is the $69.99 plan everything data unlimited mobile but if you buy a 4g phone it will be $10 more so $79.99 tmobile still has the cheapest plan..

  • Mobile

    I’d agree that the desing does look a little dated, but the G2 will run towards the front of the pack with the Galaxy S and DROID X.

  • http://Website Mark

    I’m going with Even More Plus (ie no commitment). The mobile space is changing so fast these days, I would rather pay more upfront to have the option of moving on to the next big thing, whatever that may be. Who knows what kind of crazy Voip service or Google Voice feature may come out within two years time? I don’t want to be stuck.

    I still have to crunch the numbers to see if buying the phone upfront saves money when you’re on a family plan.

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