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Samsung could adopt Google TV on future Smart TVs

Samsung Electronics said it could equip some of its future HDTVs with Google TV services according to a report from Bloomberg. We knew Samsung was bullish on connected TVs, but they have been pushing their own Smart TV platform and recently announced a €500,000 dev contest to build support for their TV app store.

Sony Electronics is the exclusive HDTV partner for the Google TV launch and we expect their Internet TV will be the only set you can purchase this holidays. If Samsung were to enter the race, we don’t think it would happen till mid 2011 when the Google TV source code is released and support for the Android Market is added.

We have seen Samsung experiment with multiple operating systems on their smartphones (Android, Bada, WP7), so it sounds like they are open to trying new things with TVs as well. I guess when you are the world’s largest television maker, you can afford to take a few chances.

Look for Samsung to continue developing their own open operating systems for phones and TVs, but this news makes you think Android will become the primary OS for their portfolio of connected devices (smartphones, tablets, and TVs).

LG also recently confirmed they will have their own version of Google TV. This means that the top 3 TV makers have all indicated support for Google TV (before its official launch this fall). When you think about the other companies already committed to promoting Google TV at launch (Intel, Best Buy, Logitech, Adobe, Dish Network, Sony) I think we can safely say that Google will rule the world of smart TVs in 2011.

Source: Bloomberg

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  • http://Website Impressed

    LOL. I like that term. “Smart TVs”. If I ever need a new HDTV which I know won’t be for a while, I’ll make sure my next one will be an Android.

  • http://Website Dave

    Wow I am totally amazed. I was thinking of getting a HDTV but why this is amazing. A tv I can have all my apps, should have like a dvr or tivo type device hopefully. Just imagine rubbing this in steve jobs face ;)