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Samsung provides a closer look at the 7-inch Galaxy Tab

We still have some benchmarks and videos of the Galaxy Tab that I need to publish, but in the mean time you should check out the official site for Samsung’s first Android tablet. The page includes a nice set of mini video tutorials showing off video calls, navigation, the new Readers Hub, and more. Visitors can also find screen savers, wallpapers, and a full list of accessories and specs.

As we covered in our first hands-on with the Tab, it is basically a super-sized Galaxy S. This is awesome since the Galaxy S is one of our favorite phones, but it also means you will be forced to purchase the Tab through your carrier.

I’m not quite sold on the idea of having another device with another contract or data plan to pay for, but maybe the carriers will come up with some interesting options to make it more attractive to those of us who already own smartphones.

Let me know if there are any questions remaining about the Tab and I’ll do my best to address them when I post my benchmarks.

Samsung Galaxy Tab official site

Source: Samsung

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  • http://Website adryan

    i will be almost sold if they come out witha 10.1 inch sized one

  • http://Website quagga

    Meh, the requirement to buy the thing through a carrier is a deal killer. I already have an Android phone which can hotspot it up if I need to put my tablet online. I’m not paying for Yet Another Data Plan (YADP).

    Where’s that LG tablet?

    • daveloft

      Buy it outright and forget about the contact. You could even unlock it and swap your sim card between your phone and the Galaxy Tab.

  • Peter

    The price (and whether or not I’ll need to get another data plan) will be the big question.

    I’m also curious as to if it has a VGA out. I’d like to be able to do presentations from it (like you can with the iPad). I see it has TV out, so worst case, you could hook those up to a projector, but most setups have a VGA cable going to the project in the ceiling, not RCA jacks.

    I think to be successful, it will have to be considerably cheaper than the iPad.

    • http://Website tN0

      The Tab is listed on the German Amazon site for 799 €. No contract.

      • Peter

        Ouch. 799 € is more than an iPad, isn’t it?

  • Kei66

    This seems to be the best 7″ to 10″ tablet for me. Flash 10.1 support, High performance, 1024×600, light weight. If it’s around $450 without carrier contract, I will be happy to buy one. One question is if 7″ is really handy. Perhaps 4.5-5″ may be more practical for daily mobile use. If 7″ to 10″ tablet can be used for making power point presentation, photo shop, flash, illustrator etc with additional mouse and kbd, even nicer. You know, you can get nice idea when you are not in the office… But I hardly carry my 1.5kg note PC which is heavy for me….

  • http://Website tN0

    So the augmented reality app in the first ad was just faked. Too bad :(

    Layar on the Nexus One is slow and the interface anything but touch friendly. They have missed a real opportunity here, IMO

  • http://Website gothdroid

    If that a preview for TW on Froyo that is going to be hitting the Galaxy S lines, I may actually be able to stand using TW

    • http://Website Firestorm

      Is that even using TouchWiz? I mean no widgets and it doesn’t have the doc bar on the bottom, I’m not sure that it is. It looks like it’s stock Froyo to me.

      • http://Website c.phresh

        That can’t be stock android cuz it has a black notification bar up top…

      • Taylor Wimberly

        They are calling it TouchWiz, but it is actually pretty close to stock Android.

  • http://Website Firestorm

    I’m sure I’m not the only one seeing that Phone app on there and questioning if that’s a mistake by the photoshop people..

  • themetatron

    Looks like adw dock, bad photoshop, phone shouldn’t be there. Just shows how fail Samsung still is, internal memory should not be on an SD card.

    • daveloft

      You can see the phone icon because it has phone capability.

  • http://Website Yeamane

    I think that there’s a strong possibility that froyo will be release at the same time for the galaxy s smartphone.

  • http://Website Ryan

    Hmm… For someone who already has a MiFi unit, it is really hard to think seriously about purchasing a tablet that requires its own data plan. I mean even if it is only $30/mo, it is pretty hard to top my unlimited Virgin Mobile unit for $40/mo for my laptop, other devices, and of course those of family and friends. Even if I did buy it unsubsidized, it will probably be $800 or so. For that I can get two really nice netbooks, or one and another months rent.

    Just say no to multiple data plans. Verizon will only get $30/mo once, not 2 or 3 times!