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Samsung Vibrant receives GPS fix, update quickly pulled offline

Last week the Samsung Captivate received its GPS fix and now it appears T-Mobile is close to pushing out their update for the Samsung Vibrant. Earlier today a new software update was posted on Samsung’s support page and several brave souls flashed it on their Vibrant to see what happened.

Those who successfully flashed the new update reported that GPS performance was greatly improved (along with some other bug fixes), but quite a few people also ran into problems.

For whatever reason, Samsung decided to pull the update from their site and now T-Mobile is warning their customers that they should not install the update “due to some known issues”.

T-Mobile says an over the air update will be announced soon, so I suggest leaving the leaked updates alone and waiting for the official fix to drop.

In case you were wondering, this latest update is not Android 2.2. Samsung has not announced any hard dates for their Android 2.2 updates on their Galaxy S phones in the U.S., but we still expect to see those before the end of the year.

We were hoping Samsung would upgrade their reputation and deliver FroYo by now. Unfortunately it appears they will bring up the rear as HTC and Motorola continue to lead in the area of software updates.

Can Samsung release Android 2.2 for the Galaxy S before LG updates their Ally? The race is on.

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  • B00MER

    Running this release /w root + one click lag fix.

    There was LOTS of issues getting the update to work in Kies. For example, Letting Kies auto update after installing causes the firmware download to crash when its downloading the binaries.

    After finally getting Kies to run the firmware update – black screen after Galaxy S intro animation.

    Went back to Stock, and did such without using Kies. Which I might add is really bloated, pointless piece of software.

    The only issue I’ve noticed is the Swype keyboard lagging a bit at times. Tweaked the settings a bit so far so good, no other issues with this – may be international since T-mobile says to wait for OTA.

    • http://Website watbetch

      You obviously did it wrong if it didn’t boot up after the install. Kies doesn’t install the file much differently from Odin. You probably had some lag hack on it

      • B00MER

        Read the article and you’ll clue in on that fact.

        • http://Website watbetch

          I’m not clicking on your website so you can get some page views. I’m stating the obvious here. Your little “excerpt” fails to mention the fact that you’re the reason why your phone booted up to a black screen. It had nothing to do with Kies. The update was pulled for a different reason. If you can get your phone to update it should have no problems successfully completing the process.

          • http://Website Liz

            Actually, there’s a 50+ page thread over on XDA explaining these exact problems with doing the update via Kies. And you can Google that yourself if you don’t want to click any links. Maybe next time you want to do some research before calling someone a liar.

          • http://Website watbetch

            Actually, how dare you suggest that I haven’t seen or read that thread. A presumption on your part & it’s wrong.

            Once again the problems are mostly limited to people not getting Kies to recognize their devices. Problems with JI5 itself? There are some complaints here and there but they are going to ruin your life OR phone.

  • http://Website vincent

    i have the vibrant on simple mobile. will i still get the ota update?

  • http://Website Noeleaser

    Giant fail on T-Mobile and Samsung’s part.. It’s absolutely RIDICULOUS that we should have to wait this long for a fix.. What happened to releasing it in September as promised? Almost 3 months without a working GPS is totally unacceptable. I will NEVER buy another Samsung product again.

    • jjhart52

      I agree. This is pretty pathetic coming from a large company such as both of them. I too will never by another Samsung as their support and keeping things up to date in this changing cell phone market totally lags in the USA. the only things they are good for is low-end cheap phones. Unless they get their act together they will always be considered a low-end companies.

  • AndroidGames

    Samsung being passive with their updates was the thing why I didn’t chose to buy Vibrant, and got droid 2 instead. I guess they have limited resources in their budget allocated for upgrading, they are also working on Bada you know. At least it’s not as bad as Dell Streak situation (1.6 lol).

  • Sean

    I’ve always had problems with the GPS on my Vibrant (2 different ones), but yesterday was the straw that broke the camel’s back. I turned the gps on and was surprised when it locked onto my location in about 15-20 seconds. I used google nav to get me somewhere in Overland Park, KS. For some reason it had me go way out through the farms in south Olathe. It didn’t know the difference between the Overland Park and Olathe. (I had used google maps to star my destination the last time I was there. The gps was so wonky that it stored the address as being in an entirely different part of town, costing me an hour of time). when I realized that it had me headed in the wrong direction, I turned around. the navigation rerouted and I just ignored it. THEN my vibrant rebooted…TWICE in mid-nav.

    I’ve been desperately waiting for this update and a fix for the lag, but I may be forced to switch to a phone that works in everyday situations, not just lab testing. I mean, what good is a “fast” 1ghz processor if there is an annoying lag during EVERY TASK (rooted w/one click lag fix…my Nexus One ran circles around this thing). So many frustrations with this phone and samsung. I CANNOT see myself buying another samsung phone, that’s for sure.

  • http://Website Derek

    All those one-click “lag” fixes did was boost the quadrant scores. They optimized the file system so they could record high benchmark scores, yet delivered little real world noticeable performance gains.

    • http://Website Vibrant Owner

      “yet delivered little real world noticeable performance gains”…
      Are you kidding me? I used my Vibrant for a solid month before finally implementing that One Click Lag Fix. Trust me, the lag fix makes the phone worth buying. Before the fix, I regretted my purchase every time I used my phone. After that fix was installed, my phone absolutely kills when it comes to multitasking and overall speed. Quadrant score or no Quadrant score, the phone dances circles around the majority of any other phone (can’t speak for the G2 or myTouch 4G…haven’t gotten the chance to demo those yet).

  • http://Website Derek

    And here’s another point that nobody mentions…. Samsung will not be updating these Galaxy S phones past 2.2. So no gingerbread on any of them.

    • Sean

      yet another reason why I’m contemplating switching to the G2 or MyTouch HD.

    • http://Website Samsung User

      You want to support your comment with some solid proof?

      Samsung hasn’t said ANYWHERE that there will be no Gingerbroad on the Galaxy S series. If anything you get a ROM and put it on yourself, not that hard.

  • http://Website Me

    Man Samsung suck sooooo bad it’s not even funny. I went to the tmobile store the other day to ask about 2.2 on vibrant and they said samsung hasn’t told them anything yet. Never will I buy a samsung product after this.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    Did that article say Sammy was behind Motorola in the update department? I guess that depends on what carrier you’re using. The Behold II is running 1.6, while the Cliq and Cliq XT are still stuck on below-the-minimum-spec 1.5. If your carrier’s logo is red, you’re getting regular, timely updates. Anything else and Moto’s like, “$#@* you.”

  • http://Website Jammallnyte73

    Funny….. I didn’t realize that a simple tweet to TMO would have me on so many webites today. Kinda cool.


  • http://Website bryan

    but what about those that are not on the tmobile network? will they get the ota update as well? do i have to pop in a friends tmobile sim long enough to receive the update?

  • http://Website Luis

    This is the first and last time that i buy a samsung phone.
    this is just a good looking screen, otherwise, it has more bugs than i can count.
    And to make things worse, I have been with tmobile for almost 7 years, and never experienced such a terrible customer service before.
    I need to call at midnight for fast response. During working hours it takes me 45 to 90 minutes to talk to someone on the other line.

  • http://Website T

    How can you say Motorola is leading the way in software updates? They still have their Cliq running 1.5!

  • http://Website Des

    Guys a T-mobile store today told me I have to sign up for the data service additional the voice to get the discounted price. Is this true everywhere? I already have their voice service in a loyal customer basis so its a nice deal with $45,00 with no limit what-so-ever in usage mins. I need a phone badly now. Wanted either one of these phones but if T-mobile forces me to add their data service which will add $30.00/M for internet access I can get free all around me, then I will be forced to shop somewhere.

    By the way do you think tethering will work on these phones do any of the providers support it?

  • tonyhehnly

    Chatted with samsung today. OTA release for tonight!

    • http://Website Abt

      Oct 7 and no OTA yet. :-(

  • http://Website Miles

    So, I feel kind of dumb, but maybe someone can help me fix this little issue.
    I had my phone set to connect to Edge network only, to save some battery while I was doing this update, unfortunately, not the button to turn back on the 3G is gone. Anyone know how to fix this?

  • yuichiror

    Got my OTA update today. GPS works better, not great, but better. There’s an HD Camcorder app, and simple Task Manager. Oh yeah, the media hub is up and running now.