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SONY Ericsson sets sights on becoming largest global Android smartphone supplier

The battle for Android market share should get pretty interesting over the next year or so.  SONY Ericsson CEO, Bert Nordberg stated today that the company plans on becoming the world’s biggest supplier of Android powered smartphones.  SONY Ericsson’s current Android market share sits at 17% while the leader of the Android segment has 23%.  Bert Nordberg did not give a time frame or specify exactly how SE is planning on leapfrogging the competition. 

SONY Ericsson’s current Android lineup has some potential, but many Android enthusiasts have looked the other way as other manufacturers have been churning out more powerful devices with the latest versions of Android (all of SE’s Android phones still run on Android 1.6).  For the near future, not much is going to change, but don’t be surprised if SONY Ericsson reinvents their Android strategy in the next 12-18 months.  Who know, that Android powered PlayStation phone might actually come to fruition and completely change the Android landscape. 

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Source: Business Week

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  • http://Website Chancy

    The more folks in the game, the better for us consumers! :D :D :D

  • mac08wrx

    I hope sony does better and brings the playstation phone to life. That would be awesome. I would pay top dollar for it.

  • http://Website asahi

    SE will be surely the largest Android seller – largest and the only one with version 1.6. :))

  • http://Website Tomas R.

    The Sony Ericsson that has promised Xperia X10 to be launched with Android 2.0 in autumn 2009, then kept postponing the launch till Q2/2010, launched it with 1.6 and finally “hopes it helps” (see their recent tweet) that 2.1 for X10 will come in September, almost one year later?
    Sad or amusing…?

  • http://Website sgb

    Sony won’t make a ps phone as it would kill its psp.

    why would u go out and buy a psp, when you could get something similar for free on a phone contract?

    Doesn’t make sense for Sony to do it at the moment.

    • http://Website Antwan

      Yeah but that’s like saying that Steve shouldn’t have released the iPhone just because it would hurt iPod Sales. I’m sure they intend to have this future product sit proudly beside the PSP GO and not as competing product. Its all about choice, Theres a mobile war going on to win your pocket space and ultimately your wallet.

    • http://Website yvese

      That’s like saying shy should people buy the ipod touch when the iphone is better

  • David

    I am such a sony fanboy, so yes I would love to see more android from them. I’ve had other sony ericsson phones in the past and loved them.

    • methodz

      yeah i was a big sony ericsson can before as well but the last 3 years their offerings have been pretty crappy.

      also if they have 17% marketshare when the top company has 23% that just doesn’t add up

  • http://Website MT3GS

    Good, because the whole X1 being still stuck in 1.6 drama was getting on my nerves… Also, if only Nokia could get their heads out of their ***es and get on board with Android instead of MeeGo…

    • http://Website MT3GS

      And that’s X10, not X1. My bad :)

  • Sinanovski

    I think HTC has beaten them up and down with this. I haven’t seen a decent SE phone since the stone age. They will not be #1 this way.

    • Dharmabhum

      This was exactly my thought. I haven’t seen anything promising from Sony Ericsson in ages, and their recent trials with 1.6 don’t make me any more optimistic.

      SE, I’m glad you’re committing more to the Android game but you’re going to have to be on-your-toes innovators and adapters to pull together any significant market share AND be a player on the capable, high-end of the market. Best of luck to you, but HTC has won me over personally and it’ll take a lot to displace them in my eyes.

  • http://Website banditknight

    The largest Android 1.6 provider they definitely are already ;-)

  • http://Website cedric

    Ok, Sony’s Android market share is 17%? What Android phone have they made? I haven’t seen any.

    • Nick Gray

      SONY Ericsson has the XPERIA X10, X10 Mini, and X10 Mini Pro.

      The only one on sale here in the U.S. is the X10 which just launched on At&t a few weeks back. However, SE’s X10 is the best selling Android phone in Japan and is quite pupular in Europe. The X10 Mini and Pro are most likely selling well due to their smaller form factor and low price points (around $350 without a contract). If they do come to a U.S. carrier, the two handsets will most likely sell for under $100 each.

  • http://Website petraeus prime

    The sony x10 rachael ui is amazing, probably the best implementation out there. As for 1.6 .. you don’t even notice it …. its getting updated to 2.1 which will bring a few perfomance improvemnts mainly to the java engine … but thats it ..

    theres nothing special about 2.1 or 2.2 for android phones …

    if anyone is still on the fence, i give the x10 10/10 (no pun intended), go BUY the phone right now.

    • methodz

      I like the 4 inch screen as i think that is the perfect size but its inability to ever have multitouch kills it for me. yes i use multitouch a lot in the gallery, internet and especially games even more so my emulators. no multitouch, no sale.

  • http://Website Norfeldt

    Have been waiting 2 years for this! (SE making good Android phones)

    Now I just want to see it before I believe it..

  • Devon

    Beyond Sony Ericsson’s imbalance between consumer product value and their profit margins I can only see this as a bad thing For the Android platform and Google.

    I’m sure its not but if the aim was to be highlighted as a terrible platform without swift support and for the hardware to be a year and a half behind Apple when it should be ahead of Apple because apple has one release a year then sure lets Sony Ericsson gain profits by association while destroying an excellent platform.

    As for the UI, I never use it as i can get real use out of a desktop widget or the website that the UI would have to send me to once the silly fancy resource hungry and image blurring UI has caught up with itself and stopped.

    It looks pretty but isn’t worth it if I can’t use 2.0 only apps or get the benefit of a 2.5x speed increase from Froyo which hasn’t even got an update date but they have the cheek to make Statements like the one above.


  • http://Website RJS

    I had an SE as my last phone and have the X10 now as my first Droid but I’m really disappointed by it now especially when I see what the other companies are producing and now I know how important features like multi touch screen etc is. So I hope they do produce something better and quicker than the competition in the future