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T-Mobile G2 makes some early appearances, pictures and video ensue

Just 8 days shy of the official release date the T-Mobile G2 has started to pop up here and there long enough for people to actually capture the elusive beast on film (fine SD cards, but that just sounds weird to me).

The images come courtesy of TmoNews who cornered a G2 at an undisclosed retail location and took a couple dozen photos of HTC’s latest including a few of it rubbing up against a Samsung Vibrant. Check an abbreviated version of their gallery below or hit the source link for the full shoot.

Engadget managed to catch some moving pictures of the G2 at a Best Buy event in New York City. Their initial impressions were that the device was solidly built, deliciously free of added crap on top of the OS, and finally that despite the grumbling over the 800 MHz processor it feels “zippy.”

Unless you are heading to the Big Android BBQ this weekend or you were an existing Tmo customer pre-ordering this is probably as close as you’ll get to the device until launch so take it all in.

T-Mobile G2 Homescreen T-Mobile G2 back T-Mobile G2 with Samsung Vibrant T-Mobile G2 retail packaging

Via: Engadget

Source: TmoNews

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  • Joseph

    “interesting sort of card effect” wasn’t that in 2.1? lol

    • SliestDragon

      Haha, yeah I doubt that person has ever seen a stock Android phone running 2.x.

    • Sean Riley

      Yeah, that is Joanna Stern who mostly does their laptop stuff. She is a big Blackberry fan so not exactly on top of her game where Android is concerned.

      • SliestDragon

        Ah ok, that’s understandable. Sorry if I talked out of turn. I shouldn’t have laughed at her mistake at all, let alone without looking at her background.

  • http://Website m

    i want to know why the order of the buttons on the front change. why are they in a different order for every android phone that comes out? why can’t people agree on one order and stick with it?

    • http://Website sivart

      i think the G1, mytouch series are all the same, HOME-MENU-BACK-Search. samsung is different and HTC is betar. and whats with all the dumb added google apps. . . . delete delete

  • SliestDragon

    I’m really starting to like the way the G2 looks. My Nexus Ones power button is starting to go out, and am thinking about upgrading to this instead of trading it in for warrenty.

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      I think it would be a nice upgrade for you.
      I’m not a T-mo customer but I like phones period.
      I also like the design and it’s very close to the N1
      UI wise. So should be much of a learning curve. has a better GPU. So you benefit in ways if you do.
      I think T-mo customers should like this. I mean the G1 had so much history. This one is continuing the story

      • SliestDragon

        Well truthfully, it’s not as big of an upgrade as I would like. I mean my last upgrade was from the G1 to N1 and there are dual-core phones coming, but since I’m sending my nexus one in for warranty I figure it would be a good time to upgrade.

        Although it will be nice to have the little upgrades this phone has. Better touch sensor, better radio with HSPA+ support, better processor with a better graphics processor, plus a keyboard sound nice. :)

  • Alan Reboli

    So I’m at the point that I need this phone. I have held on to my G1 for almost two years now and I think this is a qualified successor to it. I think there is a chance of regret when Project Emerald releases, but who knows, that may never pan out. I am terribly excited for this phone and can not wait.

  • http://Website Shawn Melendes

    I just pre ordered the G2 and I can’t wait to get after I got tmobile loyalty plan and got for it 150 with no mail in rebate for two years and this phone will dominate in power and sexy, I know this will be old in four to five months buy its normal in technology life span

    • http://Website anon

      Oh, I’m sorry, could you explain how you got it for that price? How long have you been with T-Mo? Did you have to say anything specific to the rep?

      • http://Website Shawn Melendes

        I told them that I wanted the g2 and it was the customer specialist who help me and there is also customer loyalist number they only can transfer you and I been with them more then a 1 and a half years and just talk to them calm and nice and sometimes it takes a couple of calls because some of them don’t know what to do and be detailed

        • http://Website anon

          Are you eligible for a full update? Or a partial?

          • http://Website Shawn Melendes

            I was good for the full upgrade because i was using the the even more plus plan since june but decided to go back because over two years i save about 100 plus due to my student discount or workers discount of 15%

    • http://Website martin

      you do understand that if you paid full price for the phone and were not on a contract with tmobile that you would be saving money by month 12 or 13 (when comparing to a 2 year contract)?

      you do realize you just lost like $200 by doing it this way?

      • http://Website fit2phone

        No, I didn’t realize. I’d need to see the math (if you have time).

    • http://Website junior19871

      hmmm i just called tmobile and said to go to the website for g2 purchases. well atleast the machine said that.

  • http://Website si

    T-Mobile is the best carrier for android. What other good options are there? Every other carrier shoves bloatware down your throat or makes you pay extra for 4G tethering. Even if T-Mobile does decide to make people pay for tethering, you can avoid those charges with a simple root and then tether for free.

    With the new CEO in it looks like good things are coming T-Mobile’s way. :)

    • http://Website UniqueNate

      well, rooting can help avoid all that for every carrier….
      I would agree less bloat out the box, but it’s nothing rooting can’t accomplish.
      I mean every android device gets rooted and can take all bloat off.
      Really not a big deal. I wouldn’t be to surprised if other carriers add some type of fee when they jump onto 4G as well. otherwise you would be cheating the carrier out of money. so i don’t see the complaint. i could understand if you didn’t have 4G in your area and was paying extra 10 a month. not a big deal to me still but it’s more understandable then. Luckily I have 4G though in my area.

      • http://Website SI

        Well the majority of people with EVO’s and Epic’s at this point in time pay the $10 fee for 4G mobile hotspot for nothing because 4G Wimax isn’t eveywhere yet. The reason Sprint forces this fee on everyone who purchases the phone is probably because then there would be no point of the user rooting to tether when everyone is paying for tether anyway. I don’t see this being an issue with any of the other carriers as you said, you can just root if you don’t chose the tether plan.

  • http://Website Andpc01

    im getting this, its gunna be fast, even with the 800mhz processor, such a nice phone, stock android 2.2, no extra bulk, hell yeah

  • goat cheese

    Personally I. Love the heavy feel of phones, makes me think they are indistructable and metal battery cover is nice too. I think I want this phone because of a physical keyboard.


    I’m tempted by this phone, but I’m not totally sold on that keyboard design until I play with it in person.

    I also kinda want to wait and see what hits before the holiday season.

    In the video it appears a bit thick, and that screen is pretty small compared to the samsung.

    but i have no doubt it will be fast.

    I just wonder if I will like that optical pad over a trakball..

  • HTC Touch

    This phone looks great. It would be better if the specs are listed too. Anyway, thanks for the post and the video.

  • http://Website mt3g – g2

    Confirmed receive date 9\30 for the G2. Anyone else getting theirs tomorrow?

    • http://Website ebe2023

      Lucky You! Are you near the area they are shipping the phone from? I pre-ordered at 6am pretty much the time the call center opened in my area and received order confirmation but no shipping info.

      • http://Website mt3g – g2

        Ship from KY to PA. Tmobiles track order page is incorrect and not working properly. To retreive tracking information call Tmobile customer service line and talk to a physical person. Have order number ready.

        • http://Website ebe2023

          Just curious before i call, did you use express shipping?

          • http://Website mt3g – g2

            I would have but the option was not there. Standard Shipping

    • http://Website G2Jenni

      Just confirmed my shipping number and receive date via the call in automated service. Getting mine on Friday!

  • schwiz

    looks to clunky for me, what is it an inch thick?

    • http://Website ebe2023

      4.7 x 2.4 x 0.6 inches

      @mt3g – g2
      Did you get express shipping?

    • http://Website ebe2023

      0.6 inches thick


    Confirmed I will be receiving my phone October 1st nice =D

  • http://Website JD

    I can’t upgrad via the website since I’m on EM+ :(. The store told me they are opening one hour earlier b/c tons of people asked around about the phone and they expect a sold-out. The same happened when they got the Vibrant. (I totally hate when they have iPhone Att made a big deal of selling-out) They told me I was the second person that got to play with it today. (I went into the store around 7pm, and played with it for about 15 min.)

    Just played with it today and totally loved it. Super surprised at how slim it is, and the color looks better than Vibrant. The color scheme looks much cooler than Vibrant and I love it. The screen looks very clear and is very close to iphone 4/new ipod touch. I don’t see a difference between the SLCD and AMOLED. With a slightly smaller screen, G2 actually looks sharper. I used to have a AMOLED mp3 from iRiver, which was the first mp3 to use AMOLED (Samsung’s, ofc), And I l like that screen better than Vibrant. For me I hate the Samsung UI, sense is much much better and close to the Android I love. It’s a HTC phone so it would be rooted and cyangenmod’ed fast (hopefully). Another plus!

    I’m currently stuck with G1 so app start-up speed was amazing for me. It was loading maps faster than Vibrant. The only thing would be how much coverage HPSA+ actually has. I am in central Ohio and a little to the north I lost reception with my G1.

    The HPSA+ was super fast. Loading webpage was close to the speed you would got on a computer with ok internet. You got a “H” instead of the”3G” as internet indicator. Even for with flash, it was real fast.

    Before I got to play with it, I was set to buy Vibrant today… Not I love G2 much more than Vibrant.

    One thing that is weird, Google Earth gave me the wrong location with GPS, and I can’t get navigation to start. In Navigation there’s no data uploading or downloading. They told me it’s because it’s not proper set-up, but I don’t buy it. In Maps, locating was perfectly fine.

  • http://Website book of ra

    Heftig, ich habe niemals fur moglich gehalten, dass das in der Realitat auch so umsetzbar ist ;)