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T-Mobile G2 should have similar performance to Samsung Galaxy S

Some readers were concerned when they learned the T-Mobile G2 would have a CPU running at only 800 MHz, but some leaked graphics benchmarks indicate it should have roughly the same performance as the Samsung Galaxy S and the Motorola Droid X/2.

HTC held the performance crown for a short while when the Nexus One was released in early January, but newer phones from Motorola and Samsung have since passed it up with their more efficient 45nm processors and faster GPUs.

The T-Mobile G2 will be the first Android phone in the U.S. to sport the new 45nm 800 MHz MSM7230 processor from Qualcomm. One of the major additions is that Qualcomm has finally included a graphics processor, the Adreno 205, that is on par with what we have seen from the PowerVR GPUs found in Samsung and Texas Instrument’s SoCs.

Qualcomm claims the new Adreno 205 offers about 4x the graphics performance of the previous Adreno 200 (used in the original Snapdragon). We are finally able to back up those numbers with some results uploaded at of the HTC Vision (aka G2).

HTC Vision benchmarks

The HTC Vision aka the G2.

As you can see the G2 (HTC Vision) is in the neighborhood of other top Android phones. I wouldn’t put too much into this since it’s only a single benchmark result, but you can clearly see the difference from previous HTC+Qualcomm offerings like the Nexus One and Droid Incredible. Note the EVO scores low in this benchmark because of its 30 fps cap.

So now we know that when the G2 lands later this month (or early next) it should offer top-level performance, the fastest data connection (HSPA+ 14.4 Mbps), and the joys of stock Android 2.2.

The G2 is a very tempting upgrade to T-Mobile customers (unless you already own the Vibrant), but we also know dual-core phones are right around the corner. After nine months with the Nexus One I have learned that up-to-date Android often beats out faster hardware, so it is a very tough call for sure.

Are you ready to upgrade that aging G1? Or will you wait for dual-core?

Source: GLBenchmark

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  • http://Website TFJ4

    Everyday I debate with myself whether its worth getting or not….if its good enough for Cyanogen I guess its good enough for me…

  • http://Website mike

    is the GPU performance affected by 2.2 when the other phones are 2.1?

    • http://Website Mikey

      As a very minimum the rest of the CPU will have more capacity to help with Froyo in comparison to previous versions purely because of the JIT. Basically the CPU has less to do. How much that will affect graphics will also depend on how the graphics are generated.

      A better graphics core will usually help more though.

      I look forward to seeing dual 1.2GHz with the Adreno 205 though.

      • http://Website JohnB

        Unfortunately, current generation Android OS still doesn’t support GPU acceleration for its GUI elements. This is the main reason why iPhone and soon Windows Phone 7 will feel smoother. This is coming to Android though, and I will look forward to see this. :)

        It is interesting to see that Samsung Galaxy S series phones perform much much better in Quadrant benchmarks in comparison to the rest. This benchmark performs somewhat sider variety of tests than GLBenchmark.

        Just try comparing Quadrant results of different phones from today:

        This site lists Quadrant results for just about all Android phones available today, including even overclocked results.

        I hope HTC G2 performs as well as Samsung Galaxy S. If it does, it bodes well for MSM8x60 as well, which is the 1.2GHz dual-core variant of MSM7230.

  • http://Website revs

    good news cnt wait for this phone….ppl always shit on my my touch slide but this benchmark proves what ive always thought having had all the latests phones my slide seemed to be the smoothest running phone around not to mention it comes with flash and talk to text or anything for that matter its almost like its a 2.2 android phone really

    • http://Website Usman

      If your Slide is “smoother”, that’s only because the resolution is so much lower… it has to draw fewer pixels, so it should be no surprise that it performs faster. Doesn’t mean it will keep up with current handsets.

  • http://Website *d.*

    YAY..thank you for this information. Hopefully a full set of benchmarks will make their way to everyone before this phone launches. However, a few questions..

    a) It runs awfully close to the 600mhz MyTouch Slide, still running 2.1.
    b) It does better than the Captivate, but isn’t the Captivate running 2.1 still also?

    It seems this phone is simply on par w/ what’s out now; when 2.2 hits those other devices, would this phone still seem so great @ only 800mhz?

    • http://Website smooth3d

      The slide has always had over achieving number because it runs at a lower res then the other high end phones, so its not a apple to apples comparison.

  • http://Website Jim McP

    I’ll probably wait a little. I doubt they will run out of them (G2) if I wait until the holiday season. I just don’t want to buy a late comer great phone right before the new Hot ones come out!

  • http://Website revs

    good point D ,,,,so when 2.2 hits my slide it will be the best preforming phone out ????
    hi fives slide owners

    • http://Website smooth3d

      No it wont be, see my reply above. The Slide is a fine midrange phone. but its not high end phone.

    • http://Website Scott

      Ummm… The slide is only 320×480. Those other phones have 2X or more pixels in each frame. The article should compare pixels/sec than frames/sec when talking graphics throughput.

  • http://Website jojo

    Is it confirmed that I will be running stock or vanilla

    • http://Website Oskar

      Isnt vanilla android, stock android…I’m pretty sure its the samething.

    • http://Website thescarletnecklace

      Yes, it will be running stock (aka vanilla) Android 2.2

  • http://Androidandme roland

    Dual-core I hope on T-mobile and in November or December

    • http://Website smooth3d

      Qaulcomm released a statement that dual core cpu’s will not show up until the 1st quarter of 2011 at the earliest.

      • http://Website Scott

        So? There are multiple other companies (nVidia, Samsung, etc) working on dual cores. Just because Qualcomm can’t do it, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

  • http://Website Cameron

    I ordered the Nexus One on the day it was released. I love the phone. It’s been well worth the money I originally spent to buy it unlocked. I’ve been itching for a new phone for no particular reason. Now that we’re sure the G2 will have stock Android, I’m actually considering purchasing it–just because.

    HSPA+ is extremely enticing. I currently get 4-5mbps with my N1. I’m excited to see what kind of speeds a HSPA+ phone will attain in the real world. If T-Mobile decides to keep the native tethering cooked into Android 2.2, I’ll probably jump on the G2 bandwagon.

  • benor

    The only problem with the processor is that google claimed android 3.0 will need 1GHz CPU, and that a big factor to my opinion and i’ll wait for google before buying the G2.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      That rumor was de-bunked a long time ago.

      Please read up before posting comments so you don’t get down ranked in oblivion.

  • ayocuz

    Ill probably be waiting on dual core.I have a nexus one running a swap between cyanogen 6 nightlies a evil sense desire 2.2 with the Fm radio rom. I can wait till there is something a lot better than my sexii nexii over clocked to 1113 and 1190 to upgrade.

  • http://Website Waffle

    What dual core phones are coming to tmobile or other carriers anyways?

    • Taylor Wimberly

      The only ones announced are the LG Optimus series, but there are no real details available yet. T-Mobile has a LG Android phone coming in Q4, but no one knows which model it will be.

  • http://Website Cruzz563

    What happens when these 1GHz 45nm devices get 2.2? They’ll out pace the G2. I’m still critical about T-mobile/HTC’s decision to underclock or whatever they’ve done. The people saying 200MHz isn’t going to matter aren’t looking at it from a mobile perspective. That’s a 25% increase in processor speed. Went ahead and posted this here because if I posted this on I’d get blasted. They think T-Mobile can do no wrong. Anyway, I’m a T-Mobile customer, still waiting on a good phone/Samsung to update the Vibrant to 2.2.

  • PatrickHuey

    It honestly seems like to me there is a reason they didn’t give this phone a 1ghz processor because with the new cpu it doesn’t need to have it. I think that this will mark sort of a new era for phones with the new cpu. The gingerbread should fit this phone fine with it, especially with the new graphic s engine. The new processor obviously makes up for the 800 MHz speeds

    • http://Website Jim McP

      I thought it was a 1GHz but under clocked to 800. I really don’t see a good reason unless it’s battery life or a heating problem.

      • http://Website thaghost

        battery life.

      • http://Website JaylanPHNX

        If during testing, they found that underclocking to 800Mhz gained more in battery life than they lost in performance, then that is absolutely the right way to go. If it’s as fast as the top phones out there, with great battery life, then it’s a win. Look at the EVO, everyone loves it, except for the battery life. If the EVO had great battery life, then it would be the undisputed ruler of the Android heap (at least in some people’s minds). If the math adds up in favor of underclocking, I’m all for it.

  • http://Website G1Joe

    This is going to be my next phone. Considering that my contract was up a while ago, if I had bought a new phone when my contract was up, I could be buying another one in a year and a half as my contract would have been up again. Where do I sign up? LOL


  • http://Website skeeterflea

    I’d love to get my hands on a dual core beast, but I’m extremely tired of my G1. Even though its running CM6, I’m ready for a faster phone and will probably get the G2, even though HSPA+ isn’t available yet in my area.

  • http://Website Waffle

    I really want that g2 but will be upset if i like another one more that will come our a month later. But thats how it goes. At least I’m thinking I don’t
    want verizon because they are too pricey for me (unless its worth it for fast internet browsing)

  • http://Website jayy336

    STILL keeping my Nexus One. The freedom of that phone is wonderful :)

  • http://Website Dave

    This is such a hard debate for me honestly, I want dual cores so bad but I want a trackball type ordeal and keyboard.

    But dual cores with graphics. I’m glad tmobile is upgrading but still I need something better. I’ve been loyal way to long. Deliever me a top of the line phone please! :)

    • http://Website Drew


  • http://Website dk

    ugh i should’ve waited instead of getting the mytouch slide!! if this phone is nice enough i may just splurge and get it…ugh

  • omgjoz

    I’m one of those guys who still has the G1. I’ve been using a blackberry as my main phone because of work (yuck) , but I will be purchasing this phone for sure. This is the first time I’ve been really excited about a phone since the G1, as I’m a big fan of the physical keyboard. Woohoo!

  • http://Website J240

    I am still attached to my (unrooted) G1… Even though my contract is up soon – I think I will try my best to hold out for dual-core. If I can’t wait, this pretty G2 is my backup plan. Vanilla is the only way to go! Add a keyboard? Yes please!

  • Mobile Reality King

    I’m still rollin with an original G1 becuase I’ve been holding out for a phone with a great keyobard and plenty of speed.

    That turned out to be a very long wait.

    My contract is technically up in late October (which I suspect is the same for many original G1 owners who pre-ordered.. we signed into 2 yr contracts then)

    however, I will not be completely duped into this phone until I see what comes after it. I can deal with my G1 for another month until we see the leaks for november/december.

    Then I will likely make my decision. I have to know what emerald is going to be and if a new “sidekick” is coming out before I could sleep at night having bought a G2

  • http://Website Crittias

    I thought the minimum speed for Android 3.0 was going to be 1GHz. Does that mean the G2 won’t qualify for 3.0 when it comes out, due to its 800MHz processor? Anyone heard anything official?

    • http://Website Jeffroid

      I want to know about this too.

      Even if they make it exclusively for G2 to qualify for gingerbread, will that actually mean G2 will be under-performing with it’s 800mhz in originally stated 1ghz minimum for the OS 3.0?

  • Master_Ellis

    I want this phone but I just got the Vibrant in July and rooted it about two weeks ago. I’ll wait for the official reviews and some hands on time at the T-Mobile store.

  • http://Website corey green

    what phone is better , should I get the G2 or the Samsung Vibrant? I can’t really tell from reading on this site?