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T-Mobile myTouch HD first dual-core Android phone on 4G?

Update: We now know the new myTouch features a second-generation 1 GHz Snapdragon processor from Qualcomm (MSM8255), which does not feature dual-cores.

Last week LG announced they would deliver the first Tegra 2-powered smartphone and since then everyone has gone dual-core crazy with their press releases. Many of us thought LG’s Optimus Series could be the first dual-core phone on a U.S. carrier, but now a leaked company document suggests that T-Mobile’s myTouch HD might beat them to market.

Our friends at TmoNews have posted an internal promo doc that reveals the myTouch HD will include a 1 GHz dual processor, 3.8″ display (most likely S-TFT), Android 2.2 (most likely Sense UI), 5.0 MP primary camera with autofocus and flash, VGA front-facing camera, 4 GB internal storage, and Swype virtual keyboard.

Other notable features include Screen Share (which sounds like some DLNA software) and a revamped Genius Button that includes a driving mode to respond to text messages with your voice.

T-Mobile is also advertising that the myTouch HD will be operating on “America’s largest 4G network”, which I’m sure Sprint is going to love. So far T-Mobile has been reluctant to refer to their new HSPA+ network as 4G, but they have been claiming their devices offered 4G speeds. I guess the gloves come off this year.

myTouch HD

The myTouch HD will feature a dual-core processor, but who makes it?

The first HSPA+ handset is the T-Mobile G2 which will offer speeds up to 14.4 Mbps. T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network has a current theoretical max of 21 Mbps and that is going to double to 42 Mbps in 2011.

No official release date has been announced for the myTouch HD, but T-Mobile’s leaked roadmap had it slated for Nov. 5th and new rumors suggest that has been adjusted to Nov. 3rd.

Many sites had been speculating the myTouch HD was the same phone as the Desire HD, but it now appears these are two different devices. The myTouch HD will have a 3.8 inch display with 1 GHz dual-core processor, while the Desire HD is reported to have a 4.3 inch display and 1 GHz single-core processor.

If Qualcomm really delayed their dual-core processors to Q1 2011, then that raises the question of what’s inside the HTC myTouch HD. Could HTC have followed Motorola and also switched to the NVIDIA Tegra 2? I supposed it could be something from ST Ericsson or Texas Instruments, but my gut says NVIDIA is the first company ready with a dual-core chip.

Whatever happens, T-Mobile customers have some exciting options this holiday season coming form HTC. They can either choose the G2 with its stock Android 2.2 and full QWERTY keyboard or wait it out and grab the touch-only, dual-core myTouch HD with Sense UI and front-facing camera. Both devices support HSPA+, which is the fastest “4G network” available this year, so it’s kind of hard to hate on T-Mobile now and say they don’t have competitive devices.

Which phone has caught your eye? Is it the G2, myTouch HD, or a completely different device?

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website bubbles

    This phone looks great, daul processors. T mobile its stepping uup.

    • http://Website dans

      Looks ugly but dual procs is cool, sticking with the G2 and N9 for now.

      • http://Website JohnB

        It is strange that they call this “dual-process” instead of “dual-core”. Qualcomm has 3 models that possibly uses 1GHz clock:

        QSD8x50 – this would blow. Its the current generation Snapdragon that blows in GPU performance.
        MSM8x55 – this one is rated at 1GHz but it looks to be a 1GHz version of MSM7x30 (found in HTC G2), which means its a single core.
        MSM8x60 – this is a 3rd gen Snapdragon. It is a dual-core and it does run up to 1.2GHz. But I feel this one is not market-ready yet.

        Lets hope for the sake of us, it is MSM8x60. Based on what’s written here, it would be pretty good. :)

        But more likely it is MSM8x55 with some marketing ploy as MSM8x60 should not be ready for the market yet. :(

  • http://Website Andrew

    HTC Dual Core slate phone!#? Oh please tell me their is a 850Mhz variant coming for us Australia folk!!!

  • http://Website m3rc nate

    Disapointing, I expect Mytouch hd to be plasticy just like my Mytouch 3G. Which is exactly what I don’t want. Guess I’ll be getting iphone on tmobile (If it happens) and waiting until high quality android dual core is released on tmobile, I pray for htc glacier to be awesome.

    • http://Website M3rc Nate

      Lol il take the -’s as you guys disagree? It isnt plastic? Or your just pissed cause i mentioned the iphone on android site? lol. Either way, its plasticy and i dont dig that.

      • http://Website Firewhip

        Well, I bet is won’t drop calls when I hold it in my left hand……seriously, why would you settle for an inferior device that apple just puts out because they are getting their tails kicked by android? Really? Guess apple has another mindless brand follower.

  • http://Website rolamd

    This is the phone that will replace my NexusOne. Thanks T-mobile for the dual -core, and front face camera.

    • http://Website Tservo

      I was originally thinking the same thing, but the phone itself is ugly. I’ll stick with my sleek n sexy N1

      • http://Website Jeff

        I feel the same way. This phone looks too ugly to replace my N1 plus I am not happy witht the fact that it has MyTouch written over it. I guess the Nexus spoiled me. It looks very kiddy like.

  • http://Website Cesar

    This phone looks great. I’m not too exited about the sense UI though but I’m sure we will be able tio turn it off by rooting…

  • http://Website chad

    Anyone wanting to buy the G2 should just wait until November 3rd for this phone.

    The G2 won’t even get Gingerbread since it’s processor is less than 1ghz.

    • http://Website Nithin Jino

      Holy shit dude! That rumor was debunked a long time ago!

    • http://Website SI

      Listen dumbass, a more powerful processor clocked at 800mhz is better than an older generation processor clocked at 1ghz. Is this concept too much for your brain to handle?

      In every respectable sense, the G2 is more powerful than the nexus one and outperforms it in every way; cpu, gpu, screen tech, ram…. so if a stock android htc device like the nexus one is going to get gingerbread, than there’s no reason a more powerful stock android htc device won’t get it either.

  • http://Website troy g

    I agree. Sounds like the phone to replace my nexus one. Great job t mobile and HTC!!

  • http://Website alex

    the mytouch hd, I’m definitley ditching the mytouch 3g slide, for thr mytouch hd in white :D

  • http://Website TFJ4

    Really hope the rumors are true but every time I get my hopes up, T-Mobile disappoints me.

  • ayocuz

    this might be the phone to replace my nexus one. But why did they not make the screen at lease 4 inches + that’s kinda a disappointment. This could ve been the evo killer.

    • http://Website Daniel

      Some people don’t like bulky phones. Not that you shouldn’t enjoy them, just saying that a larger screen isn’t automatically better. I’m sure someone will eventually release a 4.3″ device of similar power.

    • http://Website alex

      Buddy this is the evo killer :)

  • http://Website Disheeki Johnson

    WHY IS ANDROIDANDME always getting things wrong.


    THERE IS A DIFFERENCE! DUAL PROCESSOR. You want a true dual core for great performance.

    The second processor may be a stupid processor that handles stupid things.


    • Kino-chan

      From what I have read and understand from talking to a few T-Mobile reps who know what they are talking about and after talking to a friend of mine that works for qualcomm. The secondry processor just may very well be a video processor, or video card so to speak. The myTouch HD/4G boasts video quality and performance that is supposed to surpass all others out there now. So yes there is a difference between dual-core and dual processor. Also in a meeting with a sales rep from HTC it was CLEARLY stated that it is not a Dual-Core processor. Also the 3.8 inch screen was most likely shrinked down from the original 4.3 inch so that there could be a front facing camera.

  • http://Website Alex

    Sense ui would be one thing however this more than likely will have tmobiles custom sense ui called espresso. No thank you on that one tmobile, I’ll stick with my nexus one.

    • http://Website uhok

      root? derp?

      • http://Website Scott

        First someone’s got to root it. Not easy. Herp.

  • http://Website jayy336

    I really like this phone. Im not really sure i can leave my Nexus for it still. :(. The thing i LOVE about the N1 is that its stock android and it’ll be the first to get updated to the latest version of Android.

    and T-Mobile is pretty bold for claiming their HSPA+ is 4G, but hey, a few years ago carriers were claiming their EDGE network was 3G.

  • http://Website Houston

    If Sprint can call WiMax 4G, then T-Mobile certainly has the right to call HSPA+ 4G as well. The brand of LTE that Verizon and at&t push out will also not be true 4G either. True 4G requires a minimum downlink of 100Mbps. Sprint’s “4G” is nowhere near that. My tin cans and string are as much 4G as WiMax is, and if Sprint’s going to keep up this 4G charade, T-Mobile might as well jump on the wagon (especially when you consider that T-Mobile, for the most part, offers a faster mobile broadband experience).

    It’ll be hard to give up my trusty Nexus One as it’s been a wonderfully reliable device. Nothing like being unlocked and rooted to tailor your wireless experience to whatever you want it to be. I’m certainly glad I made the move to Android. I might have to give this myTouch HD a go, however, as it looks promising. I don’t mind the Sense UI, but it’d be better if it had the flavor used on the Incredible, Eco, et al. I just think it looks better. Just personal preference I guess.

  • velazcod

    Looks good, I hope all these rumors are true.

    As for those whining about the Expresso skin all I’m going to say is: Douches running wild.

  • http://Website Christian C.

    Damn, I’m torn between this phone and the G2, because I’m due for an upgrade this December. I dont really care if its stock or not since I LOVE ADW launcher. I have the mytouch 3g original (no 3.5mm jack) and I can say this phone, although great at times, has been a great disappointment, I’ve had to trade it in for another mytouch (without 3.5 jack) and have always had it laggy and slow, even with task killers. Android 2.2 doesnt look like its happening and I dont want to root, so either phone will be great for me. Or maybe should I wait for emerald?

    • http://Website Kenny

      I had the “I don’t want to root” mentallity before. I had my reasons, you have yours, BUT i HIGHLY suggest that in the mean time, you root your device in order to have a much pleasant experience. It changed my “shit I need another phone now!!!” from “I can wait”.

      • http://Website Kenny

        from “shit I need another phone now!!!!” TO “I can wait”

      • http://Website Christian C.

        I wish I could, I’ve tried once before, but I failed because it wouldn’t load the 1.5 cupcake software it needed to root. I read somewhere that I had to format my SD card to FAT, but my computer never could, it would always kick my phone off of, as if it were disconnected.

        • http://Website matt

          Yea my windows7 box would do the same thing, I had to format the sd card using a windows XP machine, give that a shot with Cyanogen 5.0.8, makes the mt3g a usable device.

          • http://Website mtd

            I was having this same problem.
            I tried to HBOOT and it never found the SAPPIMG file.
            Solution was taking SD card out of the phone and using a card reader to format FAT32.
            After that it worked like a charm, followed directions on word for word.
            Rockin’ CyanogenMod 6.0 (froyo), runs great and HUGE boost to battery life……
            Just do it, it’s worth it.

    • http://Website sd2

      i have the mt3g, and rooting and adding sd cache helps dramatically. Still gonna get this mtHD when it comes out.

  • Mobile X Videos

    Sweet! Nice to know I have yet one more Tmobile option when my contract expires…

  • http://Website Shawn

    Ugh. I have a Vibrant and I like the look of both the G2 and this. I also really like my Vibrant. What to do. What to do.

  • http://Website Marcofromda510

    i think i found my next phone!

  • http://Website Starr

    I’m still using the oldschool G1 and at this point am in dire need for a new phone. As nice as this one looks its disapointing it isn’t coming sooner. The G2 will most likely be my next phone. Had this one. Come out near the same time is would be a rough call. Let’s just hope t-mo doesn’t mess this one up cause it looks to be there 2nd ahead of the rest phone(1st being G1).

  • http://Website deeb215

    Like every other Mytouch, this has a cheesy look to it. I think it could of done with out the trackpad and maybe change the design of those bottom buttons next go around. What is attractive to me, screen share and yahoo video chat. Add a front facing camera to the vibrant, and T-mobile could of scrapped this one. Something more along the lines of the EVO HD is needed to bring T-mo up there with the big boys. This appears to be the Cliq and Mytouch slide mashed into one, sans the qwerty keyboard.

    • http://Website Firewhip

      Lol……you wish it was more like the evo?????? Junk.

  • http://Website deeb215

    The dual core is interesting though. If I were on T-mobile, I would still hold off until early 2011. I bet they will introduce the Project Emerald Mytouch around that time. If they want to keep up, because I’m sure Sprint and Verizon have some tricks up their sleeves to be revealed in a few months too. Not unless one/both of these in fact has to do with Project Emerald…

    • http://Website M3rc Nate

      I agree with what your saying. I have the mytouch 3g and this looks like its made with the same plastic. But i just wanted to say, no where have i read that Project Emerald will be a mytouch, right now its classified as HTC glacier it seems.

  • http://Website Black Kristos

    If this is anything like the Galaxy S that I played with at Bell in Canada, I am sold. Maybe this phone is why the Vibrant feels so gimped.

  • derek

    Sounds like a Scorpion powered CPU. Its coming with a a co-processor on board.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Enjoy the fastest 4g network in America,in the meantime we Stl,MO users will keep enjoying tmobil’s most unstable network in America.They should do something around here besides having a nice customer service and excuses.

  • http://Website Alankrut

    Was ready to buy the G2, but now i guess i will have to wait………

    • http://Website Kimbo

      Ugh, I know… crap… G2 with stock Android and a physical keyboard, or MyTouch goodness with a dual core processor, or wait? FUUUUUU-

  • http://Website Kc

    I don’t know where everyone is getting dual-core from. it says dual-processor clearly in the ad. Also theres something wrong with the ad or whatever.

    It seems to have incorrect grammar, poor word choice and weird sentence structure. Something is fishy here.

  • Tangent

    “a revamped Genius Button that includes a driving mode to respond to text messages with your voice”

    The current Genius Button on the myTouch Slide already has this feature, it’s just not well documented. If you press the Genius Button and say “Driving mode on/off” to use it. I haven’t had an opportunity to have it read me a text or email yet, but I have started that mode on my Slide…

    I just hope they revamp the button to be ready to listen in less than 30 seconds the first time you use it.

  • http://Website Alankrut

    This may be real, and around. Cause a week ago i called tmobile to ask wither or not im still in contract, they told me yes :(

    But then i discreetly asked about the g2, and the guy told me they had a prototype and he saw it, but he said it had NO KEYBOARD, so at that time i thought that oh he is making stuff up, but NOW with this rumor……….

    Lets just say if true, tmobile u just made a whole bunch of people happy…

  • http://Website Carlos

    this is the htc glacier, and I bet it’ll have UMA and FM radio too..

  • http://Website Virtue

    Please do NOT let this be Project Emerald. I was hoping for something a little more… metallic. Unfortunately this phone is not to my liking and I will most certainly go with a dual core Orion if this does turn out to be Project Emerald. Come on HTC Glacier!!!

  • Dominicandroid809

    I am deaf guy. how do I plan buy G2 with keyboard? (i am disappointed G2 without FFC) but mytouch HD with FFC but (I am confused and disappointed mytouch without keyboard) it’s don’t make no sense. I will buy G2 is better than cuz G2 is 3.8 inch than mytouch hd.. If EVO HD get 4.5 or 5 inch with keyboard and FFC android 4.0 bring to T-mobile some next year 2011…….

    • http://Website Flash

      What he said?!

      • Dominicandroid809

        well you never know…you guys hearing people still talk about new phone. I ain’t agrees with Tmo. why Tmo doesn’t give to deaf people FFC? that’s problem. I am sign language. HTC does respect to deaf people millions peoples. I tried reach this those super phone with add FFC with keyboard. If you are give me negative 3? cause you don’t know about deaf people in U.S. millions deaf peoples who had video relay service communicate to friends and family member. ok? however it’s problem for Tmo doesn’t sell to millions deaf the people new super phone with FFC and keyboard. that’s simple…

        • http://Website Brian

          I work with deaf people and none of them write as bad as you. Deaf or not – learn to type, learn some grammer, and learn English. Cause at this rate you might as well type in Dominican, troll.

  • http://Website brandon

    who makes a screen that’s “3.8″ inches? seems a bit sketch… please Tmo dont screw this up people are tired of it.

    • http://Website Alankrut

      so true…….
      Come on tmobile, dont screw this up

      If It is really is 3.8, who will it be by?
      hopefully its the new Super LED screen, but really 3.8, why not 4

      And no sense………please………..but if so, thats when cyanogenmod 6 comes in :)

      • http://Website JDawg

        Bigger is not always better
        Wow its a whole .2 inches bigger big freaking whoop if the smaller is better and actually fits in somebody’s pocket id go with it

  • http://Website Brian

    After believing in T-Mobile for so many years, they are finally paying off with a great network and great phones. I have the Nexus but want the G2 and MTHD. The Vibrant looks great but it is too light weight.

  • DoUknoGREG

    I want this really badly for two simple reason:

    1. I REALLY need to upgrade my 1st gen mytouch 3G, its getting super laggy
    2. I want to see what amazing packaging the Mytouch HD will come in lmao…the mytouch series hasnt failed to impress me with their packaging xD

    • http://Website Samuraikevin

      hmmm i also have a first gen mytouch 3g. im with you guys on this one because my phone seems to have gotten very laggy, most of the time id have to clear cache or fast reboot it to make it a litter faster but then it gets slower. i also have the 2 year contract and i dont want to wait another two years, im hopefully going to get an upgrade on my contract(i think its when you pay a few more plus your old phone for a new one) im debating on the G2 or this

  • Kevinthebox

    Hmm….Intesresting. I as well have a 1st gen myTouch 3g, but mine is quite zippy. I haven’t rooted it (still running 1.6), and i do run 3 widgets on my multiple screens and I run ADW Launcher as well. However, it does start to go a bit slower when I’m browsing the internet, texting, and listening to music at the same time.

    As for the myTouch HD, it seems really, really tempting to get this phone, howwever I’m not a big fan of Expresso. I wouldn’t mind as much if it was just the regular Sense UI, as the Expresso skin isn’t as aesthetically pleasing as plain Sense. I know im complaining, but i really do love stock android on my mytouch 3g :/ Either way, Im definately wating till the holiday season to decide on what Christmas phone present I should reward myself with :]

    • DoUknoGREG

      yeaaa thats exactly what happens to me. when i start to run too many apps at the same time, then i press the home button, it takes forever to load up the screen…i hate that! so i’ve been waiting for my 2 year contract to end, but i cant wait another year -__-…so imma cancel my crontract, start a new one, and get the mytouch HD…unless a more tempting android comes out of the shadows =D

  • http://Website yOunq n FLaShy

    This my touch HD phone Sound’s “BULL-SHIT”…Im better off with my Samsung galaxy S.It had’s better 3D gaming Graphics in the Market the processor anit a dual but it is real fast &|nd Belive me this my touch HD anit shit these Cheap mother fucker’s is putting a VGA FRONT FACING CAMERA THAT A “0.3 MEGAPIXELS” ..SMH

    • http://Website revs

      whooaaa better than the no camera urs has

  • http://Website Rays

    spoke with a tmobile agent, agent stated phone will release in novemeber

  • annoy
  • http://Website idk

    There both great, I currently have the mytouch 3G so either one would be a huge upgrade. It’s a tough choice but I’m going to wait for the Mytouch HD ;)

  • Koowie

    TMobile has great prices but their coverage is lacking.