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T-Mobile starts limited G2 pre-orders tomorrow

The T-Mobile G2 goes on pre-order tomorrow at for $199 with 2-year contract (or $499 full price) and those who reserve one should see the device around October 6th. Quantities are limited, so make sure you hit the site early if you want your G2 on day one.

It might not feature the most high end specs, but I plan on purchasing one for three simple reasons:

  1. Stock Android 2.2 – yay no custom UI skins!
  2. First phone with full HSPA+ support – downloads up to 14.4 Mbps
  3. T-Mobile’s Even More Plus plans – no lame 2-year contract required

If you haven’t been paying attention the last couple months, check out this hands-on video of the HTC Desire Z, which is the international version of the G2 running Sense UI.

Update: The G2 pre-order is now live on for existing customers.

Who else plans to purchase the G2 tomorrow?

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website Jes

    Me! And compared to the G1 launch two years ago, this is hardly a pre-sale.

  • http://Website G3K

    Any discount for G1 owners?

  • http://Website erick

    looking to upgrade to this from my myTouch Slide. im hoping the Desire Z ROM can ported over to the G2 though, i unlike many of you prefer Sense over stock. and when Gingerbread comes out i can simply unroot and get the official update :)

  • HardNoks

    This is EXACTLY why I hate being on a family plan

    • http://Website CTown

      Care to explain why? My family plan is over in November (even though I got my G1 for $150 last October). Does that not mean I can get a G2 on a new contract or does T-Mobile still believe I have to finish the other year? Does anyone know how this works?

  • http://Website Simon

    how does this unit compare to the Motorola Droid 2? especially with the international version coming soon. (i’m from australia, so these 2 GSM phones are of great interest)

    • Taylor Wimberly

      They should be pretty similar in terms of performance, but we have yet to really benchmark the G2. The major difference would be that HTC phones are easy to hack and Motorola likes to try and lock theirs down.

    • http://Website SI

      The G2 has a better dedicated GPU and the processor is actually slightly more powerful and more power efficient than the one on the Droid 2 even though it’s under clocked at 800mhz. I’m guessing the 800mhz will give it on par cpu performance with the Droid 2 without an over clock but it still has better dedicated GPU performance out of the box.

      It also has peak 3G data speeds of 14.4Mbps!!!

      Meaning if you are on T-Mobile’s 3G network you should be seeing real world speeds of 10-11Mbps… imagine tethering that!

      and the screen is SLCD which is basically Sony’s version of AMOLED in terms of screen quality.

  • http://Website DaveC

    I’ll be logging in bright and early with credit card in hand.

    • http://Website DaveC

      Done deal! Mine’s on the way.

  • http://Website me

    I am def considering upgrading to the G2 from my N1 but I can’t justify pre ordering w/o getting my hands on it first. I have several questions that can only by answered by seeing and holding the device in person.

    1. How does S-TFT screen compare to the AMOLED? Everything I have heard says they are comparable but I need to see them side by side.

    2. How much will the extra thickness due to the keyboard affect the hand feel and look of the device?

    3. How usable is the keyboard? I don’t really need a keyboard but I can see how it could be useful for gaming and typing longer messages.

    4. How does the trackpad compare to the trackball?


    Just ordered mine and Im happy for my new toy =)
    Im sad that I have to let go of my G1 which has been an absolute wonder for me. Im currently running 2.2 on it and its the fastest its ever been so hopefully Cyanogen can root the G2 ASAP to keep on getting the same kind of speeds =)

  • McLovin

    I just tried to pre-order. But I guess you can’t unless you are off contract.

    …”Our records show that your account has past due amount or is in delinquent status. Please pay the past-due amount, allowing approximately 24 hours after your payment has posted, prior to attempting to upgrade again. “…

    No pre-order for you, you contract boy!

    With the new no-contract rates I’ll pay for the phone up front to avoid getting stuck on another phone for 2 years.

    • http://Website jjwhit

      pay your bill

  • http://Website Starr

    I’m 15 months into my 2 year and they priced me at around 230$ for the G2. In the past when I got a new phone they just added a new 2 year contract but I guess that’s not the case now. I’m a G1 user at the moment and I was told by a tmobile rep to hold onto my G1 cause G1 users will get a deal On the G2, well that isn’t the case at all. I called tmo today and they denied any deal for G1 users. I also have another G1 on my plan that needsa new batt (like mine did) and they insist I pay 50$ for it, even though mine was free. The warrenty had nothing to do with it since I didn’t have a warrenty on the free one they sent me. 6+ years with tmo and it never fails to suprise me How crazy the company is. I always get diff answers from. Diff reps, diff prices quoted from diff reps and never acurate information. I was excited about the G2 but now I’m more excited to leave tmobile.

    • http://Website ihatefanboys

      maybe pre-order is not for u then…prob better to goto your local tmo store and talk to a rep directly…they usually waive the last few months if u sign a new contract. the rep that told u about the “deal” was probably just speculating, you prob werent paying attention. i never understand the people that whine about service, do u honestly think reps at other companies are any more reputeable ? they dont get these people with college degrees, theyre off the street…all they care about is getting commisions…but no one is stopping u from leaving, so take care

    • http://Website J0NNY

      You’re only 15 months into your contract. It’s 22 months before you’re eligible for an upgrade. Keep in mind that they’re taking pre-orders only. It’s probably gonna take a while before we start seeing deals like with the Vibrant.

  • http://Website Hector

    I’m on the fence on whether getting this or the vibrant. I know the g2 is close in speed to the vibrant, however that will not be the case once it receives the froyo update. If the desire hd could be bought on contract with tmobile I would jump on that even though it’s technically the same as the g2 I love the build of the desire, screen size, and htc sense. Any suggestions?

    • http://Website Yo

      Go with the g2 if you live in an area with hspa+. You’ll appreciate the faster network speeds. If not it just depends if you want the qwerty and stock android or no qwerty and touch wiz.

  • http://Website Irving

    I already Pre- ordered my G2 for $250 then I have to get a $50.00 rebate. Seems like T-Mobile wants take the lead with new 4G network.
    Its sucks for the people that got the Iphone 4 for $300.00 and then in a couple more months they will have to pay another $300.00 for the Iphone 4G. Apple is stealing money from people.