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The rugged Motorola Defy unveiled with Android 2.1 and a Q4 launch date

The new Android powered Motorola Defy will be joining ranks with the Motorola i1 in Motorola’s effort to produce the most rugged Android phones on the planet.  The Motorola Defy is impact, dust, water, and scratch resistant and certified to IP67 standards.  The exterior shell and Gorilla Glass should do a great job of keeping the 800 MHz OMAP 3610 processor, 1540 mAh battery, 1.25GB onboard memory, and 5MP camera with LED flash safe from harm.  The display on the Motorola Defy will measure in at 3.7 inches, offering up a 480 x 854 pixel resolution.  Those hoping for the latest and greatest version of Android will have to settle for Android 2.1, though an update to Android 2.2 in currently “being investigated.” The typical Google Apps will be included, as well as Motorola’s latest MotoBLUR 1.5.  Motorola plans on launching the Defy in Europe in Q4.

This latest offering from Motorola may not break any speed records or win any beauty contests, but it’s definitely a more viable option than the extremely outdated Motorola i1 which only launched a few months ago.  Those who work at more physically intensive jobs or find themselves in the great outdoors a lot more than they do in the city might be a lot more comfortable porting along the Motorola Defy than many of the other Android options currently available.

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Source: Motorola UK

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  • http://Website Kevin

    troops that just got back home to the US should get this phone ;)

    • HardNoks

      Wow. I definitely meant to hit the + and not the – . Stupid CLIQ screen :(

  • http://Website Myth90045

    Now if they can bring that to nextel, so I can replace the Moto i1 that would be great.

  • http://Website bohica

    Moto is saying that an upgrade to 2.2 is “being investigated”? Why don’t you ask all the Cliq and Cliq XT owners how the upgrade to 2.1 is going after the Cliq has been out about a year so far and now its at its end of life next month LOL. And this thing is shipping with Motoblur too? Yeah right, good luck with any updates.

  • http://Website robb

    “…the most rubbed Android phones…”

    too true. i can’t wait to rub this thing!

  • PatrickHuey

    i understand with everyone that has a cliq or xt is frustrated with it. the phone has received zero updates and a constant push back on the accidental date. thankfully for me when i recently bought my mytouch 3g 1.2 about 5 months ago, i got lucky with one of the most root frienly devices. ( i would of gone with a better phone is their was one out at the time). it seems like all the android phones that are coming these days start out with great features already and i dont see why they wouldnt get the 2.2 update. i mean, come on. for a rugged, outdoors working phone with a 3.7 inch screen and a 800 mhz processor AND a LED flash? half of the new galaxy s phones dont even have a flash. thats amazing. i personally would love this phone, im constantly worrying about my phone being scratched even in the case, and gorrilla class would be so awesome! whether this phone is for people who care working in harsh conditions or not, this is a pretty cool phone.

  • http://Website Kevinthebox

    If this launches in the U.S, what carrier will it launch with? GSM I presume?

    • http://Website Drew

      LOL that’s a nice question. Given my current provider’s lack of any good phones to choose from and determination to never have any… I’d say this POS phone is coming straight to T-mobile! uh! I’m so sick..

  • natula

    I love this phone, but I already have a G7

  • http://Website Bethany Mia Baker

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    My Daddyy Promised That He Would Get Me One ! (:
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    I Have A Contract Cell Now That My Daddy Pays For,But I Always Go Over My Limit Its Surpose To Be $169.78 Per Month But It Always Goes Over ://

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    Beth Mia
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