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The Samsung Tab gets a price, pre-orders, and launch date

With all the news on the Samsung Tab today, most of you are probably wondering how much you’ll need to save up or order to get your hands on one.  Samsung was a bit hesitant to announce a retail price since they are going to be focusing their launch of the Tab with service providers across Europe, but that has not stopped third party retailers from posting up their own prices for the Android powered tablet. 

Currently, prices across mainland Europe are ranging from €699 ($890) to €799 ($1,020) and UK retaler Expansys is taking pre-orders for the Samsung Tab for £680 ($1,050), noting that the Tab will be available on October 11th. The price may appear pretty steep, but it is in line with what the 3G equipped iPad is going for across Europe.  We’d also like to remind you that the prices being listed include VAT (value added tax) which is right around the 19-20% mark.  While most Android fans seem more willing to pay a premium price for the best Android tablet, we’re pretty sure they will all scoff if the price tag is higher than what Apple is charging for the iPad. 

Those who are really interested in getting the Samsung Tab will most likely opt in on carrier discounts when the tablet is purchased with a qualifying monthly data plan, but we’re still hoping that Samsung will be launching a Wi-Fi only version of the Tab for those who simply can’t afford another monthly bill.  If these prices for the Galaxy Tab turn out to be real, we’d expect potential customers will simply settle for a competing Android tablet which may not all the features and polish that the Tab has to offer. 

How many of you would be willing to shell out nearly $1,000 for the Samsung Tab?

Via: Engadget

Source: Expansys

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  • http://Website Shannon

    Dang you VAT, please don’t come to the U.S.A. This has got to come down big time and wifi only (I’ll tether if needed)

    • PixelSlave

      Well, if having a VAT means there will be no income tax of any kind, I wouldn’t mind having it in the States. That’s basically what a consumption tax system would work, but in reality, governments would never completely get rid of income tax. So, I agree with you, please don’t bring VAT over!!!

      • http://Website Mark T

        Try VAT and income tax. It’s painful.

        I guess I would consider wifi only as the tab could use the AP on my nexus 1.

      • http://Website Nick

        VAT is simply their version of a sales tax. It’s added on automatically; so that the price you see is the price you pay. If you walk into a store and see that something has a price of $99.99, that’s what you will pay. Here in the U.S. you have to calculate in the sales tax on top of the listed price.

        Take the 19% VAT out of the equation and you’re left with a sale price between $820-830. Just remember, you’ll then have to add in your state’s sales tax on top of that.

        • http://Website brent

          wrong, the vat was suppose to replace the regular sales tax but it was decided at the economic downturn that the regular sales tax would not be elminated. it is a way to screw the average person..

          • http://Website mike

            Gotta pay for that “free health care” (that the democrats like to point out that you have) somhow!

  • http://Website nate

    Lol, no votes for the “$1000? no problem.” option

  • Alakar

    $1000? No way! Maybe $500 for a Wifi model.

  • anakin78z

    Hmn… no, this needs to be closer to Netbook prices, with maybe $50 extra for the 3g modem.

    I did find this:

    Which says prices are in the 200-300 range, but now I’m thinking that’s with contract.
    I was really hoping it would be sub 400, so that I could get two.

  • http://Website schwiz

    I would rather buy 2 iPads…

  • Peter

    I’d rather get an iPad for that price. I have my Vibrant. I don’t need a bigger one for twice the price.

  • http://Website Austin

    Is this suppose to be some over hyped uniquely designed Apple Product? #hugefail

  • http://Website jer

    I don’t understand how you can compare a 7″ device to a 10″ device and then charge more. What am I missing???

  • http://Website Scott

    Oof, not a chance. No way they could price it like that and hope it will sell.

    Maybe they’re pulling an Apple and sending rumors ahead of time that it will be a thousand bucks. Then, when it ships for five hundy, people snap it up because it seems like such a deal.

  • Dr.Jeckyl

    Holy crap! I think Sammy is full of themselves right now to think that price will work for long. Sorry, I’m not even considering a subsidized option since I already have a phone that does just fine on the internet.

  • http://Website Not Impressed

    Can it make my bed, feed my dog and mow my lawn? What’s that? NO? Then, hell no I’m not spending $1,000 on a piece of tech that will become obsolete in a few weeks.

  • http://Website Simon

    No WAY i’m spending that much! $1000 for a 7” screen! iPad is 10”… how is it comparable?

  • http://Website Ken

    OVER US 1000 ??? Who buy it ? The price must be wrong …..otherwise GOOD LUCK

  • http://Website Bobby

    Maybe I’m naive, but I thought this was going to be priced around 299 with a contract, 499 without…. maybe 399 for the wifi only.

    I guess I would lose at The Price is Right.

  • http://Website carlos

    What is the issue with the GSM/CDMA radio? Just buy it at the cellphone store at retail price and don’t get any service for it.

  • http://Website gad

    Am disappointment

  • http://Website deeb215

    That price can’t be correct. Samsung will not slow the momentum the Ipad has already gained with this over the top pricing. I was going to get this, i figured it would be out around October. I’ll hold out until the end of the month to see if anything changes or something else arrives. I have an EVO, this wasn’t a huge jump. I need a tablet though, so I may have to breakdown and get the iPad…

    • http://Website Nick

      Samsung isn’t really interested in slowing down the iPad’s momentum. They are actually looking to take advantage of it and jump into the tablet market while feeding of the iPad hype. There are a lot of people who think the iPad is a great product but simply want something a little smaller.

  • http://Website Olaf

    i just bought a Samsung Galaxy S and was looking forward to the Tab – but now that i see the price (some sites said it would be around 300$) I will be waiting it out until the prices descend to a reasonable level. Its also dissapointing to see that like the iPad and IPhone an almost surgical operation will be required on the device to change the battery – another obstacle maker.

  • http://Website Bubbles

    I think these will be alot cheaper when sold through carriers. It looks like that its how they are gonna market it. I was hoping a price of 399 or 499, but a thousand,wtf.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      I’m sure that the price will be a lot cheaper once they hit carriers. I’d expect the price to be around $200-300 with a data plan from VZW or Sprint. We’ll see how it plays out, but I’m holding off for a Wi-Fi only version of the Tab or the one expected to launch next year with Honeycomb. This thing should fit in perfectly over my car stereo on my Scion tC. I might even be able to mount it on as the replacement for the little panel that hides my stereo.

  • http://Website Miguel

    $1000!! What are they sick. I’ll just get an iPad then. This should cost no more than $399 for a wi-fi model and $499-$599 for a 3G model unsubsidized.

  • http://Website Mark

    Hi, just to clarify . . .I was at the show and prices were not announced. Should be some info from the states later this month. Regards my friends.

  • http://Website carlos

    I guess most people are not familiar with expansys… Yes, they usually PRESELL for 2~3 times the expected retail.

    • http://Website Eerin

      Yes, their prices are a lit higher, but their pre-order for the Huawei S7 Android Tablet is less than half of what they are asking for the Samsung Tab.

  • http://Website Richard

    Most people aren’t reading the article either …

    “The price may appear pretty steep, but it is in line with what the 3G equipped iPad is going for across Europe”

    Granted, it is a little bit more than the 3G iPad, but only a little.

    Shit isn’t cheap over here … (though, VAT is 17.5%, not 20% [yet])

    And yes, this is a dumb website. Let’s wait until it’s put onto a better company, yes?

  • http://Website Andrew

    the pricing on this is retarded. I would rather spend 1000 to buy an awesome laptop then have a tablet. Someone over there is smoking the good stuff.

  • http://Website Dilbert

    Definitely way too expensive for U.S. market. It needs to be the same price as the iPad for sure.

  • http://Website Boran Yaman

    If this is right, Samsung, you are an idiot.
    Max 500$ wifi only model with Gps.

  • http://Website reality

    samsung finally makes a smartphone that is acceptable at best and now they turn it into a tablet. apple they are not … and their price point is staggering, wtf samsung do the words self destruct have any meaning left in your world?

  • http://Website zuse84

    Well well well….what a mess lmao. I was actually considering getting it as an alternative to an ipad, i like it, i really do. But here we have this lovely price tag that made me lol. So thank you samsung for make my decision easier lol. Hello ipad :D

  • http://Website Lee

    I bought the iPad but took it back. To do much of anything with it you HAVE to run iTunes which is a load of just another way to get you to pay for stuff. Want an android where the market is not controlled by apple !!! Sorry Steve you painted yourself into a corner.

  • http://Website Kym

    Doesn’t matter how much it costs, I can’t bear to buy another Apple product and have to deal with iTunes.

  • http://Website Ajit Julius

    CEO, Samsung,
    Keep this as ur own stuff, people will throw u. Offffffffs such a stupidity – price

  • http://Website Mahendra

    It very nice smooth clearty exellent i like it compait i pad & i phone