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The T-Mobile G2 shows its face on HTC’s website

The T-Mobile G2 has finally made its debut on HTC’s U.S. website. The timing is no coincidence since HTC is expected to unveil the HTC Vision (aka HTC Desire Z) at tomorrow’s press event in London. The specs that HTC has posted pretty much confirm everything we have assumed so far. The T-Mobile G2 isn’t expected to blow any of the competition out of the water, but it should be able to take on Samsung’s Galaxy S lineup head-on. The T-Mobile G2 will be a natural upgrade for all those who purchased the original Android phone and is a must-buy device for techies who simply can’t stand manufacturers’ custom UI’s.

Source: HTC

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website jedus

    The g2 is probably only a lil bit faster than the nexus one I think. Can’t wait for my contract to end so I can renew it :)

    • http://Website Usman

      Nope…it’s much faster than the Snapdragon in the N1…it keeps up with the Hummingbird, even at 800mhz.

  • http://Website Jeff

    G2 is nice, but the galaxy s lineup might have it beat

  • http://Website Steve

    “…it keeps up with the Hummingbird, even at 800mhz.”

    Just an FYI, pretty sure the Galaxy S series of phones come clocked at 800 mhz as well.

  • http://Website Jhn

    512 MB ram? Not good.

    • http://Website josh

      Well the Vibrant has 512 Mb of Ram as well.

  • http://Website chris

    So… same camera, same screen size, and just slightly better processor than my MT3G Slide, which I’ve already got on Froyo and overclocked past 800mhz… umm…. what’s the advantage here?

    I wish htc and tmo would actually build a superphone for a change.

    • http://Website Courtney

      I 2nd that. Tmo is really slackin.

    • http://Website mapin

      umm are u forgetting the HSPA+ ?!?! This phone is solid !!

    • http://Website lancaster09

      If that is how y’all feel then you should wait for the MyTouch HD

    • Winnie

      I have to agree with you. I was a diehard for the G1. I wouldn’t switch it for anything and my husband installed the Android 2.2 in it and it was even better than ever. But then I got a hold of the MyTouch 3G Slide. And I’ve never looked back since.

      • http://Website mackye

        Ummmm, this is a HUGE upgrade to the Slide…. The 1ghz snapdragons that are in the N1′s, evo’s, and the incredibles are much better than the one in the Slide’s… And the 800mhz msm scorpion in the G2′s is even much better than those 1ghz snapdragons. Plus it has a 3.7′ screen compared to the slide’s 3.4, has HSPA+ capabilities, probably a better keyboard, better camera quality with HD. And not to mention the build quality on the G2 is going to destroy the slide’s cheap plastic feeling.

        Don’t know about you, but everything about the G2 is a huge upgrade to the Slide’s.

        • http://Website rags711

          I agree with ya one hundred per cent. Just so funny how so many people see only the numbers, but have no idea about what’s inside.

    • http://Website troyk

      Dude, the new scorpion chipset in the G2 has the adreno 205 gpu that performs 2 – 3X faster than the nexus ones scorpion not to mention your myt 3gs.

  • coyotejbob

    I was hoping for a beast to replace my G1. After this is released and does smoke a Samsung Vibrant then I will purchase is. Who knows it might have some hidden gems inside.

  • http://Website Gary

    This WILL smoke the Galaxy S.
    Why? It’s running stock 2.2 with no shitty overlays or manufacturer apps.

    You guys forget the speed increase 2.2 has over 2.1?
    You guys forget how much lag the Galaxy S line has because of the custom UI?

    This is going to be the Nexus One refined. Faster, slicker, and more fully featured experience.
    I can’t wait.

    • http://Website mapin

      Yep, I’m tempted to upgrade from my N1 to this beauty. But I may hold out since the N1 is still the most amazing phone out there, and just wait to see what will be coming with Android 3.0 :)

      • codethief

        If the N1 gets Gingerbread then the Z definitely will, too, I’d say.

    • http://Website Chris

      the lag is due to the filesystem that samsung uses, and the “lag fixes” are just for ####’s on quadrant, in real life it still has a serious lag, that is compared to the G2. I have both and an HD2 on shubcraft cyan, which is faster in real time than the vibrant with “voodoo lagfix”..

  • http://Website Drak

    I bought a Vibrant to replace a Nexus One. I had the Vibrant for two months before I gave up and went back to the N1. Shame I didn’t get the message soon enough to return it.
    The Vibrant looks good on paper but it’s really not that great. GPS is broken, it’s laggy and slow as hell.Who knows when/if it will get 2.2?
    I’ll be picking up the G2 or MyTouch HD but NEVER again anything by Samsung. HTC is makes the best phones for Android in my opinion.

  • http://Website Chancy

    Totally unrelated to this post but I have to say, Android is going places! I was on IGN today and they finally launched an Android channel and Android was trending on Twitter AND Yahoo!

  • http://Website John Stewart

    Great,now we just need a better network in some states.

  • http://Website ivan

    G2 will never beat the N1. N1 is still faster

    • http://Website derp

      you are going to eat those words when benchmarks come out that say otherwise ivan.

  • A-Droid

    It still doesn’t have the 5 rows qwerty, so it’s not a legal G2. Still waiting..

    • http://Website mackye

      Have fun waiting…. You’re not going to get a 5-row super-phone anytime soon. Probably even never.

      • http://Website A-Droid

        I actually have a Nexus One in addition of my G1, so it is pretty easy to wait ;)
        But still.. I would be glad to grab a 5 row G2.

        • codethief

          I sooo agree with you, mate.

      • http://Website Scott

        The Epic on Sprint is a 5-row superphone shipping now.

        There are 5-row phones, just not on T-Mobile. And that’s really sad.

        • http://Website Chad

          I have the mytouch slide and I can type just fine with the 4 row keyboard. When I need to press a number, I totally don’t care if I have to press an extra button.

          A small phone is more important to me than more keys on a keyboard. I know the G2 has better features but I’m happy with my Mytouch slide.

          I’m going to save my money, skip the upgrade to G2 and wait for an even better phone next year.

          I think it’s stupid to upgrade your phone every few months, you end up wasting a lot of money. I can easily wait for better phones with the Mytouch slide.

  • http://Website nickus one

    Comparing the G2 to a Nexus One and saying it will win in a speed test and bragging? The nex is aging gracefully in a era of 4 month phone wonders, and its still the only superphone from Tmo.

    • http://Website troyk

      Is the vibrant not a superphone? Better s-amoled screen and better processor

  • http://Website Bob

    But what will the uk version be like. I bet no plain ui, is it so much to ask for plain android!

    • codethief

      My G1′s been running CyanogenMod for 2 days, now, and I already grew accustomed to the idea of putting it on my next phone if it doesn’t feature stock Android.

  • atishnis

    So… same camera, same screen size, and just slightly better processor than my MT3G Slide, which I’ve already got on Froyo and overclocked past 800mhz… umm…. what’s the advantage here?

    I wish htc and tmo would actually build a superphone for a change.

    • http://Website Deon

      My wife loves her MT3G Slide, it’s a great phone for her. I like the keyboard, but I find my N1 to be faster naturally. The MT3G slide wasn’t designed to compete against the Snapdragon phones and Hummingbird phones, it was designed as a mid-grade phone and it works great for the average user. It’s solid yes, but the G2 will blow it out of the water, CPU faster, GPU better, more memory, stock froyo (no slowdown) enhancements, etc.

    • http://Website droidsam

      I wish people would do their research. The G2 will be the first Android phone with Qualcomm’s MSM 7230 processor which is more powerful and power efficient than the previous 1GHz processor. I’m not sure what you guys consider a superphone, but HTC can’t make phones with processors that are not released yet. This is the best Qualcomm has to offer.

  • http://Website RageGuy

    Well, I can tell you one thing! T-mobile is the only carrier at the moment getting Android phones every Month and releasing them. But, They are mid-class phones. The only thing T-mobile has going for them right now is the Samsung Galaxy S. Anything else will just be paperweight.

    I remember a sales associate Sell me the Cliq So hard she almost started crying at my Questioning. Those “Android” Experts they have. OMFG THE CLIQ IS SO FAST AT CONNECTING YOU TO YOUR FRIENDS LOOK LOOK IT JUST CAME OUT LOOK. OH IT HAS A CAMERA, IT HAS A WEB BROWSER. WOW!!

    If i ever see her again im going to Falcon Punch her.

    Cliq = Dead, it froze so i threw it out the window of my car into a canal.

    Then i called T-mobile and got out of paying 200 Dollars for early cancellation by bitching about their crappy phones.

    All well!


    • HardNoks

      Wow you are definitely my hero. The G2 is a substantial upgrade from the cliq, no questions asked. I cant wait for this phone. Hell id probably even take a G1 over the cliq if I had to

  • http://Website saxmachine

    Hows the GPU performance on the G2?

  • http://Website bacon

    I just want to know why they switched the home and back keys. The layout of the nexus one was perfect. I use the back key more than any of the other 4 buttons and it just makes sense that it is easily accessible right there on the end. Its not a huge deal but I just don’t understand why they would change something that works so perfectly.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      Actually, the Nexus One is the only phone from HTC to feature the button configuration. HTC has been using the Home – Menu – Back – Search order on all their other Android phones (HTC Legend, Desire, Eris, Incredible, EVO, Aria).

      The N1′s button layout was probably dictated by Google, not HTC.

  • kai

    The ratings system for comments seems to be reversed! Hit Plus, and it takes away from the total: Minus, and it adds to it. Check it out, maybe its just my comp.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      could be your browser. Just upvoted you and it looks lik you’re now sitting at +1

  • http://Website Deon

    lol. Lots of controversy of this phone vs Nexus One but I think after some research, I’m finally going to sell my N1 (to my brother, so it won’t be far away) and switch to the new G2. The 800mhz scorpion processor is said to give the Snapdragon 1ghz processor a run for its money, it’s GPU is better, it doesn’t have the multi-touch display issues the N1 has, it’s got a nice chipset, I find I type much better on a physical keyboard, and oh yeah, it has HSPA+ :-) I’m leaving T-Mobile for SimpleMobile though, $60 even for unlimited everything, they use T-Mobile’s network and their phones and don’t even require their phones to be unlocked, and they support 3G and HSPA+. How does the G2′s internal memory compare to the N1? Most apps still don’t support App2SD and I find I keep running out of room for apps. Also does the G2 have HDMI out?

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      i’m on a roll here! The G2 has 4GB of ROM, so there should be plenty of room for your apps. The phone will not have HDMI but it should support DLNA which is actually a lot better than having HDMI since you can connect and stream media to and from the device wirelessly,

  • Droi

    i’m getting lost with all the new hardware that pops out so often, how can you choose?

  • http://Website Kenny

    This phone is going to rock for 3 simple reasons.
    1) HSPA+. no other phone on T-mobile (at the moment) has it.
    2) The GPU is really nice. The future of android is relying on better GPU’s like the one in the G2 or Galaxy S.
    3) For root users Cyanogen has confirmed he’s getting one… need I say more?

    I’ve been holding out and still using my G1. Looks like the wait will be well worth it.

  • http://Website Chris

    Did anybody see the video of the Desire Z? That thing boots up almost instantly! I hope the G2 has that.

    • http://Website Nick

      Yeah, saw that video this morning. HTC is claiming it’s a new feature for their HTC Sense phones, so I doubt it will be making its way to the G2. I guess there are some benefits to HTC Sense.

      • codethief

        Say hello to CyanogenMod. :)

  • joshuagarza3

    Does anybody know when the Android 2.2 update will come out for the Galaxy S? And what exactly does the update do for the phone?

  • http://Website Wes

    Had the g1, cracked the screen and had to get a replacement. After the vibrants amoled screen I don’t think I can ever go back to a backlit display. It has some pretty big downsides but with proper tweaking (without lagfixes, tho imay try an ext4 partition after the update push and a kernel) I almost never have any problems.

    I don’t know why everyone is shocked it has teething problems every android phone I’ve seen will bog if you load it down with bad apps or start messing with internals without knowing what you are doing, I doubt g2 will be unique in that regard. Will have to see if I regret it in the long ruin but with 5 variants of thee phone and millions sold I’m pretty confident it will have a lot in store for the future.

    Im not saying don’t buy the g2 but I cant see giving up my screen for a keyboard I don’t miss anymore less storage and a standard ui which is pretty easy to get on a vibrant. 2.2 is nice but it will come along with many speed tweaks and I don’t live anywhere hspa+ is gonna make a huge difference. Either way you go both phones are going to rock by year end so choose and have fun.

    • joshuagarza3

      you already got the 2.2 update on your vibrant?

  • http://Website Jon

    Like many of you here, I too face a difficult decision of switching from my Nexus to the G2. And unlike many of you, it has nothing to do with the lower clock cycle (even though I know that the G2 is inherently a faster device for various reasons). No, the reason why I hesitate is because I love the AMOLED screen on the N1. The SLCD display on the G2 will be no slouch, I’m certain, it’ll most likely be more crisp due to the non pentile arrangement of pixels like in AMOLED displays, yet I do not wish to go from a vivid, bright display with great contrast and deep blacks to an LCD screen. I have seen comparisons, I’ve heard the numbers, I’ve heard why HTC moved from AMOLED to SLCD besides the widely known shortages, but still, I held my N1 next to my dad’s Droid X, and there wasn’t even a contest. The colors are so rich on the AMOLED screens that I’ve been able to cope with the non visibility in direct sunlight…

    But also, I have to know what type of touch panel was used in the G2. I really hope it is at the very least the Amtel maxTouch panel found in the EVO, D-Inc and Galaxy series. The maxTouch can detect at the very least 5 simultaneous touch inputs at once, once you see that, you can’t go back. I love my N1, but dammit if the ClearPad 2000 isn’t the biggest POS touch panel on a high end phone.

    • http://Website Wes

      If you like the n1s display, the super amoled is even better on the galaxy. Seeing is believing. And no my vibrant doesn’t have 2.2 I meant it would come along.

      • http://Website sonic

        2.2 froyo for the vibrant should be along early to late october i’m thinking since it’s slated for the galaxy in late september? but yea.. the vibrant’s screen is nothing short of spectacular. first-handers know what you mean.

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