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Top 5 reasons I want to buy one of the new Archos Android tablets

Archos has been in the Android game for awhile now, but I never really gave them much respect and generally considered their first-gen Android tablets as cheap (to put it nicely). However, after playing with their new lineup of Internet tablets at IFA this week, I think I’m ready to fork over my cash for one and become an Archos fanboy.

For quite some time now I have wanted to purchase an Android tablet, but nothing has fit what I was looking for. The Samsung Galaxy Tab is hands-down the best effort yet, but I’ve really been wanting something a little bigger (like 10 inches) and I’m not too thrilled about purchasing it from a carrier.

It feels like someone read my mind because the new Archos 101 is exactly the device I have been waiting for. If you are looking for an affordable tablet to browse the web and consume media, then check out my top reasons for considering an Archos.

1. Size Matters

With five different models soon available, Archos gives you the choice of display size. Their new tablets will feature screens that measure 2.8, 3.2, 4.3, 7.0, and 10.1 inches.

Each tablet is also incredibly sleek. The Archos 101 (my fav) has a thiness of 12 mm and weighs only 480 g. I was amazed at how light the device felt in my hands (compared to other tablets) and the build quality was rock solid.

2. Android 2.2 with Flash Player 10.1

The demos we got to sample were still running Android 2.1, but Archos is already working on Android 2.2 and expects to have it ready around launch time. Archos also confirmed they have partnered with Adobe and will make Flash Player 10.1 available.

Each tablet has an ARM Cortex processor (ranging in speeds from 600 MHz to 1 GHz) and they will all support Flash 10.1 meaning you can view your favorite online videos and access the growing library of optimized Flash (and Air) apps and games.

The Android build is mostly stock, with several Archos apps and widgets thrown in. It’s nice to see a manufacture stick with vanilla Android instead of creating some custom wacky skin.

Unfortunately, Google will not certify these devices because they don’t meet all their standards (no GPS, no cellular radio, etc.) which means you will not find the Google apps or official Android Market. Normally that would kill the deal for me, but in this case I don’t mind because I’m buying one mainly just to browse the web.

As an alternative, Archos will ship their tablets with the AppsLib market. I don’t have much experience with AppsLib, but I was told the number of developers and apps was quickly growing. There are quite a few devices out there that Google will not certify, so it appears AppsLib could become the lead alternative market once these tablets hit the street.

3. Pricing and Availability

Tablet prices range from $99 up to $349. If you opt for the 10.1 inch model with 8 GB of internal storage, it will only set you back $299. It sounds like the 7-inch Galaxy Tab is going to retail around $600, so I really surprised to find out Archos’ larger offering can be had for half.

Best Buy will be one of the retail partners, so it will be really easy to walk into your local store and pick one up. I was told the 10 incher has a launch date of October 15th and it’s possible you could see the smaller ones before that.

4. No Contracts

Maybe my favorite reason of all, there are no lame carrier contracts when purchasing an Archos tablet. I like being able to hand over my money up front and not have to deal with any monthly charges to use my device. All models include WiFi (b/g/n) so you easily tether it to your phone and still be connected anywhere you travel.

5. Expandability

The 7 and 10 inch Archos tablets are loaded with some unique expandability options which allow you to connect with multiple devices.

  • A full HDMI port is included for video out, so there is no need to purchase some special micro cable.
  • A full size USB host allows you to plugin keyboards and mice.
  • Bluetooth 2.1 EDR is included, also with support for keyboards.
  • A micro SD slot allows expansion up to 32 GB.


Maybe I’m a unique customer, but I think there is definitely a group of us that want an affordable Android tablet to use around the house and have no need for an always-on cellular connection. Archos delivers that device and I was sold the moment I held one in my hands.

I’m just barely scraping the surface of what these tablets can do and I encourage you to visit the official Archos site and browse around. Check out the hands-on video I filmed with Will from IntoMobile and let us know what you think.

Would you consider purchasing an Archos tablet? If you think the devices are lacking, what other features would you like to see included?

Via: Archos

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website mino

    Great chap tablet, but need version with 3G

  • http://Website Bubbles

    I really want an android tablet,the samsung tab is looking nice, but price and no contracts are something I have to consider. I want a,wifi only tablet and one of these may be what I looking for.

  • http://Website Johannes

    I was honestly a bit shocked to see the pricetag on the Galaxy Tab, so this is good news for people like me.

    I am not sure I would carry this thing around with me to places that do not offer WiFi, and if I did, my Desire can be wirelessly tethered to the tab.

    This could be a fun little toy to test out.

  • http://Website Not Impressed

    No Android market or Google apps = NO BUY for me.

    • Isaac Waller

      They are incredibly easy to hack on.

      • zerotiger

        I agree getting Android Market on the Archos 5 was super easy. I’m confident it won’t be long before someone hacks the new tablets.

    • http://Website Cesar Trevino

      If you can get on your tablet’s browser, you can get apps.. no problem at all.

    • http://Website Steve

      There is a way to get the Android MArket on the new Archos tablets. All you have to do is install an apk file on the phone.

      Problem Solved.

  • http://Website Yves

    Actually, getting the Android Market on an Archos is a piece of cake.

    I own an Archos 5 Internet Table (the 2009 version), and to get the Market (plus youtube, gmail, gtalk, gmaps and all the other google goodies) I just had to manually install ONE .apk.

    Not even rooting is required.

    Here more about:

    As a plus, because of Market4Archos, I have access to paid apps, which in my country are officially not yet available.

    No guarantee about the new Archoses, maybe it’s less easy there. We will see soon I guess.

  • http://Website Kaz

    Just as no one pays $500+ for their Android phone, I doubt anyone will have to pay $600 for the Samsung Tab. They’ll just require a data plan contract.

    Of course, the no contract is the big thing that makes this attractive for me (plus being able to go 10 inches)… I like the Samsung styling (I know, silly reason), but not the size and contract…

    • anakin78z

      I paid over $500 for the Nexus One, and I know several other people who have as well.
      And I know people who shelled out $600+ for the iPad with 3G.

      • event

        Yeah, well you and all those people are idiots. I know it’s pretty harsh to say but wtf…

        • http://Website yeahyeah

          i paid 500 plus for my N1, i think it was pretty idiotic too, but wtf

          • kurt

            I paid full price for my n1 unlocked so I could stay on my family plan with att.. well worth it in the long run. plus with vanilla froyo on it it can be tethered to the tab without rooting so no need for another data plan.. ill just have my one contract, thanks.

          • Suatae

            I have the N1 as well. I figured it was a good investment. I rooted it and Flashed it with CM 6.0 and it’s now extremely fast and reliable.

        • http://Website Anakin78z

          Wow, way to make things personal. Maybe we all just make way more money than you?

          Buying phones off contact is not as uncommon as you think. Do the math on upgrade cost, contract length, and factor in what you really want. Buying on contact with subsidy isn’t always the cheapest option.

        • http://Website Garrett 77

          I bought the Nexus and I have a tmobile even more plus plan no contract ($40 cheaper) per month. Yes I paid $550 for my Nexus as opposed to an already outdated my Touch 3g which I couldn’t bought for 249 ON CONTRACT for 40 more per month. That means over the course of the 2 year contact I would have paid the 249 plus $960 in monthly fe fees. So me paying 550 versus 1200 for a phone with a 3 month shelf life was idiotic? My phone is slated to get gingerbread within 3 days of sdk release… How bout yours :)

    • http://Website runningfugitive3

      While, in a normal world, your statement would be true… I would never pay 600 some odd dollars for a netbook without a keyboard… the rest of the world sees the iPad and forks the money over unblinking.

  • http://Website JB

    You’ve pretty much covered why I want this. I really do like Archos products. +1 for no contact

  • http://Website counsel

    Gps would have been nice…

  • http://Website Bagera

    I don’t understand the whole no SIM card thing.
    Are we very spoiled here in Sweden?
    I allready have a android phone, so I have unlimited data plan. Why wouldn’t I want to just pop another SIM tied to the same plan into this device?
    Is multiple devices on one plan not allowed in other places?

    For me it’s a dealbreaker not to have 3g. How will I be use this then?
    Should my phone act as a wifi hotspot and drain all the battery so I can surf on the larger screen?
    Seems weird to me to develop a semi-portable device. But maybe thats just me, maybe people don’t want to leave home with it.

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      You would you this via wi-fi or Blue Tooth Tethering that is already available via you Android phone. Or you would use it in one of 9.2 million places that offer Wi-Fi.

      Same format that i can use my iPod Touch and my Android where-ever i go.

      HPSA+ & wi-fi tether = AWESOMENESS!!!

  • http://Website SchizoDuckie

    I’m waiting for the perfect tablet too, and this looks very much like it.

    If i can setup a wifi hotspot on this, and link the memory card from my EOS 450d to the tablet, it’s an *awesome* extension for my camera. I don’t need any frills, i just want a nice large screen to sync my photos to.

  • http://Website Sorin

    I’m getting a 10″ for me and a 7″ for my son ASAP if the prices are those announced.
    I think leaving out the gsm module was a good idea because it would have made it much more expensive. I have WiFi 90% of the time and can tether my Desire to get internet for the 10% where I don’t. Don’t get me wrong, I would love it to have 3G but I’m not willing to pay the price.
    Also I’m pretty sure Archos will leave the door open so we can install Google apps like they did with the 5IT.

  • http://Website Buee

    Finally! I’ve been on the hunt for a non cellular android tab since I got my Droid. It’s lame that Google won’t certify it. The lack of the market may make this product suck, but I may give it a try. When the Dell streak came out, I was going to pre-order, but the price was about double what I was willing to pay just because of that stupid phone feature.

  • http://Website angel

    This is the perfect android tablet I’ve been wanting! I can’t believe the price, I mean its just on the between line. I also hate the fact that the samsung tab will be tied to a specific carrier…mmm that might hurt them. Btw any word on pre-order of the archos 10.1?

  • reality

    great price boring tablet. no apps, no cell radio … how sad.

  • http://Website ASeven

    Not fussed about 3G either… can always tether it to my desire. I really need a books+comics reader that isnt an iPad, and this is looking like a nice contender. No market is a minor, though I imagine temporary downer.

    Just need a solid review looking at battery life.


    • http://Website BMA1138

      I am in the exact same boat. Book/comic reader, video watching and web surfing. i know the iPad is really a solid machine but I just couldn’t see myself dropping $600 on it. But the Archos 10 inch really does sound perfect but you bring up a great question…battery life is key!

  • Jeff B

    10 inch appeals to me and look forward to launch.

  • http://Website k

    Holy crap, I was considering the older generation, which was pricier and less powerful. I want the 7, so long as it’s one of the 1GHZ ones. I don’t need cell or GPS, I can tether it to my Incredible and GPS doesn’t really improve on bigger screen. It’s a sad day when a product by anyone is more expensive than the equivalent Apple product.

  • http://Website Willard Potter

    Perfect.. The lack of Android Market is a downer, but if the alternate market mentioned is already growing as it is, then tablets like these should definitely give it a nice boost to be a good option for normal use even if you do have access to the normal market. Though i’m in the US and haven’t had issues with it, it’s nice to see there is a solution for people that don’t have access to a lot of apps to begin with due to location.

    3G version would be nice for those who want it, but I’m happy to finally see a wifi only tablet. I’ll definitely keep this on my list of tablets to keep an eye out for.

  • http://Website nate

    Android tablets will never get big until Google allows the market on devices with no GPS or cell radio

  • http://Website Jeremy

    I don’t know if anyone answered this but will it be DLNA compatible? This is something I would love to have especially with WiMax plans getting cheaper and the coverage is getting even bigger.

    • http://Website yeahyeah

      website says it supports samba and UPnP, most severs and NAS will work, I believe. Video and audio quality remains to be seen i guess. Wish it had 5ghz wireless N

  • Rubbinz

    This article is a good summation as to why the Samsung Tab is going to be an abysmal failure here in the States, and why I’ve got an eye on Archos when they hit retail.

    Samsung has shot themselves in the foot by selling 3G only Tab’s that have to have a data plan, and according to all the rumors, will only be sold via a wireless carrier. The majority of those looking at Android tablets already have an Android phone and we can already tether to any WiFi enabled device, for free if you’re with T-Mobile. For the past 2 weeks I’ve had a WiFi iPad on loan to me, when I heard what Samsung is planning to do, I was ready to buy an iPad. They’re cheaper, bigger screen, better battery life, built with glass and metal not plastic and I don’t have to torture myself by going to a wireless store to buy the bloody thing.

    So, hurry up Archos, I’ll be looking for you at electronics stores, or hopefully at Amazon.

  • Gunderstorm

    Thanks for this write-up.

    I was beginning to think the Samsung Tab was going to be the only contender for quite a while, but you are right – the Archos will fill the “I want bigger/no contract for me, thanks” gap nicely.

    I think this will be the fave of all of us N1 owners.

    Will this function like one of their PVRs as well?

    Dock accessories? Archos loves to milk you for the extras.

  • http://Website Sean

    I never thought I could see myself finding a tablet useful. But I’m beginning to see what I could do with them. It would be helpful to not have to carry my macbook pro around for simple computer tasks….and I love my samsung vibrant, but the screen is really too small to enjoy watching videos and showing pictures on it. for $299 I might pick one of these up! I wonder what kind of accessories it’ll have…

  • kyith

    The 101 and 70 looks really good. Why is every one so bent on a 3G? 3G will likely jack up the cost by 120 dollars. would that make it competitive for you to buy? at that price you might even consider the ipad!

    Blogging about mobile productivity

  • http://Website James

    Before seeing the Archos 101 I thought my only option was the Velocity Micro Cruz which also looks to be nice tablet but it lacks a webcam and is only 7 inches. Now my eyes are clearly set on the 101 which is coming in at the same price as the 7 inch Cruz.

  • http://Website samus

    I’m glad Archos is keeping up with this development. I didn’t like their first offerings so I had been looking towards the Galaxy Tabs until I saw that they are tied to a carrier. I agree with others that most who are looking into tablets already have Android cells so why need another device with a carrier plan that’ll just make you spend more money every month? And who’s to say apps downloaded on an android phone from Market can’t be ported to a tab?
    Wifi will work just fine when I need to be on the internet, there’s plenty of other uses for a tab offline as well

  • Snafu77

    Until I see something like this with an option for handwritten notes I’m not pulling the trigger. I’d probably buy that before I’d get a netbook though.

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    Seems laggy when scrolling through the screens and pulling out the app drawer

  • http://Website yeahyeah

    Taylor, in the video it appears the HDMI port is of the “mini” variety. Call me stupid but your point #5 makes it seem like you could use a regular HDMI to HDMI cable. Sure I dont have to buy a “micro” cable, like on the EVO, but I dont know many people that have spare “mini” to HDMI cable. Plus the Archos site says “HDMI output (Mini HDMI / HDMI cable sold separately)”, so yes, you probably would have to buy some special cable. yeah yeah, specs may not be finalized yet.

    at any rate, the audio and video codecs available for this thing make this a dead sell for me (flac, ogg, and optional avi, mkv, vob, and flv)

  • http://Website Fred

    I have had an Archos 5 IT for some time. Although the Android Market does not come with it, you can install it easily. But having the Market installed is not the problem – the fact is that you much have apps that do support such device, and there are lot’s of incompatibility issues (screen resolution, input modes, cellphone feature not available which gives force closes, etc).

    Then indeed you have the AppsLib, but I’m laughing out loud when I read that this is a “growing” market. There are really few interesting apps in it, and Archos will never succeed in mobilizing enough developers to have a confortable set of installable softwares.

    I LOVE Android. Have had an HTC G1, now a Nexus One. I’m so happy I ditched my iPhone. But as far as tablets are concerned, I sold my Archos 5 IT and bought an iPad – sorry but so far not a single Android-based tablet manufacturer could write down a convincing strategy regarding apps. And Google is not going to move either, their own strategy for tablets being Chrome OS.

  • Tony Bullard

    300 bucks? I’m waiting a month to make sure it doesn’t fall apart in your hands, and if not, I’m buying this.

    I want a tablet to be able to get out of my cave of an office at work, and 10 inches for 300 bucks seems stupid to NOT do. I don’t even understand how they’re managing to get it that low…

  • http://Website iksnae

    i’ll copping one @ launch…

  • http://Website Bill

    Without GPS its no deal.
    Too many of the apps I would use need GPS.
    App market and goog apps can easily be hacked in, but you can;t hack in a GPS

  • http://Website Josh

    I think the 10 inch will be great. As for not having the GPS, you might be able to use a bluetooth gps puck and link it for the programs that would need it. I used to use one for my old blackberry pearl to get GPS functionality when I needed it. Otherwise I can’t see why you would want gps on a internet tablet. Are you going to be navigating? tracking your position? Would you actually want to windshield mount or hold a 10″ tablet to to navigate anywhere? It seems like the GPS is not necessary in this application.

    My big question is does it have multi-touch? Not a deal breaker but didn’t see anything about it.

    • Catfish

      I am wondering if the 101 has multitouch too. The 70 is listed in its specs specifically as being capacitive multitouch screen, but the 101 does not list the multitouch feature.

      This doesn’t conclusively confirm it is not multitouch though.

      • Taylor Wimberly

        It is multitouch – not sure why they left it off their spec list.

  • http://GPS Kaz

    GPS is the biggest thing I wish it had… On top of that the market place is huge to. I mean, as a developer I wouldn’t think about supporting a 3rd party app store, just too small to make any real money. I believe those two thingsare only things they are missing. However, the price point can’t be ignored. They have EVERYTHING else I want in a tablet; Front facing camera, Android 2.2 with flash, good size, good price.

    • Taylor Wimberly

      As many said you can easily hack the Market client on. I found that most current apps work with the 1024×600 resolution on the Galaxy Tab, so it should be the same for Archos.

  • http://Website ArtInvent

    $300 is not a mystery, seeing how for that much you can easily get a 10″ netbook with bigger battery, faster processor, tons more memory, etc. What’s a mystery is why the iPad is $500 minimum.

    I have an iPad that I’m unloading. This Archos looks like it addresses much of what is lacking on the iPad – USB ports, card slot, HDMI out, widescreen for movies, webcam. But one thing I love about the iPad is phenomenal battery life. It will easily go for 10-15 hours even when watching videos the whole time.

    I really don’t want cell service, that’s just one more expensive monthly bill. WiFi only would be much preferred. If I need data on the go the Droid X does everything I need it to. Likewise with GPS, and without cell data service it would not be of much use. To me, the iPad has been great for web browsing, movies, and books, but it’s too big to shlep around everywhere so don’t really need 3G with it. Plus there’s always tethering – the Archos even has a USB host so we might even be able to tether through USB, Bluetooth, and of course wifi.

    But we’ll see. I have a Droid X and love Android over iOS. Archos so far have been not that impressive with their Android tablets, but it’s looking like they’re finally shaping up. This thing looks sluggish though, the screen really lags finger swipes etc. Would not buy this without 2.2.

  • http://Website nikeryen

    the no-contract part is great. i live in mexico. Telcel is evil. i like to live unshackled and not having to pay any monthly stuff. Carlos Slim is already the richest man in the world.
    Google, google, why keep the android market from the rest of us? this is evidence of an greedy agreement with carriers. it violates your motto, you are being evil.

  • geeknik

    I hope we can root these. Install some custom ROMs. That way, we can get the Android Market installed and won’t have to deal with 3rd party markets. =)

  • http://Website watbetch

    Archos is proof enough that the Dell Streak is an overpriced turd of a device.

  • dr3amcast3r

    Can I put linux on it? Either way it seems like a great buy :)

  • http://Website BMA1138

    Is the screen capacitive? I checked their site and under tech specs I only see:

    High resolution touch screen, 1024×600 pixels (WXVGA), 10.1” TFT LCD

  • http://Website Why


  • http://Website Sad Panda

    Are there any tablets planned that are actually pen-enabled? Yes, there is a reason for a pen. I don’t want to try to write my class notes with my finger, I’d like to write with a pen. I don’t want to draw with a finger, I want a pressure sensitive pen (like my ancient Motion Computing tablet). Android has pen capabilities, last I checked, so when is a vendor going to take advantage of having a digital paper tablet?

  • http://Website William Furr

    There are a couple of things I want before I’m willing to invest in an Android tablet.

    ** Google certification.

    Yes, I know I can install the Market on it, but I’d really rather have a tablet that’s certified. This also means Google needs to change their certification requirements, I think. They state on the compatibility FAQ that since 2.1, the Android Compatibility Document hasn’t required telephony hardware. Then again, Market access might be different from strict Android compatibility.

    ** Multiple user support.

    I really want an easy seamless way to leave a tablet on my living room table or in my kitchen and for me or any of my roommates or friends to be able to pick it up and use it to check their own email. This could be done now by using web apps instead of native apps (e.g. – instead of the gmail app), but typing passwords on touchscreen is a pain in the butt. It would be much better to have a user selection lock screen with unique pattern unlocks for each user. I’m really, really hoping Gingerbread brings this to the table.

  • http://Website creliandobi

    USB port?

    this alone is reason enough that it will kill the iPAD.

    usb port = possible interaction with Printer and/or external cd/dvd drive–meaning i could completely rid myself of my laptop and simply use my bluetooth keyboard to access my music on this device, make playlists, and burn them onto a disc.

    and non-carrier specific/no 3g=perfect for me. no data plans.

    tablet + evo tethering=happy camper

    • zerotiger

      Agreed. I have to say the iPad isn’t in the same class. It’s an overgrown cell phone that once you add certain apps it may be productive. The Archos tablets will be functional tools out of the box because of hardware features like these.

  • top 5 tablet

    good review. love it!
    Why is everyone going mad after these touchscreens display screens that let people get rid of keyboard and mouse and make use of their fingers instead? Probably controlling the machine with your fingers seems more like magic to everyone! more at tablet info tablet PCs of this year that can become wonderful gifts for your loved one on the upcoming event of new year 2011

  • http://Website Paddyman

    I have had my archos 101 8gb for just over a month now, and i absolutely love it :-) Its been updated to the android 2.2 with the google market apk file loaded and runs well. Yes there is the usual problem of some apps from the google android market dont work but the comments on the market say that some people couldnt get the same apps working on their phones, so mabey the app itself is the problem.

    It makes a great book reader with coolreader installed, ebay, sky maps etc all usefull things, even seen software for it than can read the fault codes from the car with the correct adapter plugged in. One of the most useful things is that it can connect via wifi to other computers in the house to watch video files direct from them rather than transfering the files first. Quite handy at bedtime when everyone else is trying to sleep.

    On the bad side, it seems to crash for no aparent reason every other day but its a simple matter of pressing the power button for 10seconds and it restarts with no data lost, and the display doesnt have a wide viewing angle but then its not ment to replace a tv.

    On the good side, it does what it says it can, even capable of more than was advertised, its quite cheap compared to some of the alternatives and the upgrades will continue for some time yet. A full battery lasts over 7 hours average use.

    It hasnt the ability to replace the laptop in this home but it is now doing about 60% of the work that the laptop did.

  • http://Website spud

    all archos products sux!!!! you have to pay archos to unlock your wifi, any software videos apps you have to pay individually (like wma, vorb, opera, etc…) thats why its so cheap. you have to pay archos for just about anything, a dell streak 5 & 7, itouch, samsung, etc…you just have to downloaded for free!!!!! as it should be!!!! im surprised archos hasnt gone out of business

  • http://Website mirres

    I want to buy an android tablet.But my friends bought an ipad 2.

  • http://Website maccolar

    I think iPad 2 is better than Android Tablet.

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  • sylvania 10inch

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  • Greg

    I have the 10.1 with the 2.2 Froyo great tablet for the price

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