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Unboxing the T-Mobile G2

The T-Mobile G2 has landed! We found ours sitting on the front porch when we got home and decided to take a few pictures to share with all of you. The packaging for the G2 is a little minimalistic and includes a microUSB cable/charger and a pair of headphones. We’ll be testing out the phone and sharing our results over the next few days, but until then we hope you enjoy a few new pictures of the T-Mobile G2.

Have any of you already received your G2 in the mail yet? Feel free to share your thoughts on the new handset.

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  • geniusdog254

    I wanna know how the camera is.. Is it on par with the Galaxy S phones?

    The main reason I dropped my Evo for an Epic was the (relatively) weak SoC and the shitty camera/camcorder. I know the new Snapdragon fixes the weaksauce in the SoC area, but how about the camera?

    • Justin

      I’ve taken a grand total of 3 pictures, all of which I’ve deleted since I was just messing around, but it seems pretty solid. Probably not the endorsement you’re looking for, but that’s all I’ve got right now. If nothing else, the G2 has a flash, which I don’t believe the Galaxy phones have.

      • http://Website UniqueNate

        The Epic and the Fascinate both have flash

    • http://Website Nick

      I have only taken a few shots with the camera so far (most of them in my living room last night), but I plan on taking it our and doing some camera/video testing this afternoon. I’ll be posting up my results as soon as I can.

  • Justin

    I got mine yesterday and I’m loving it so far. The only thing I can say I don’t like (or maybe just haven’t figured out yet) is that you can’t seem to turn on LED notifications for anything. I’d really rather just see the LED blinking if I’ve got a message rather than turning the screen on to check.

    Otherwise, the phone is solid, feels a bit heavier than you might think – but that hasn’t bothered me at all. The keyboard is quite comfortable to type on, and Swype of course works great. Battery life for the first full day has been wonderful. It finished charging last night, so I turned the phone off overnight. Turned it on this morning at around 7am, and now (9:40pm) I’ve just barely gotten the 15% warning.

    The speed on this thing is fantastic though. I’m getting about 2500 kbps on SpeedTest in my house, although I’m finding that I don’t necessarily get those speeds everywhere. On my G1 I rarely got anything higher than 650-800 kbps, so the speed has been great.

    • http://Website Jared

      Settings – Sound and Display – Notification Flash

      That should help

    • http://Website SI

      Also the ring around your trackpad has an LED light that flashes when you have a notification

      • Justin

        unfortunately there’s no such setting. There’s a Sound menu, and a Display menu, and no sign of LED notifications in there, believe me I looked! I still love the phone though.

  • http://Website plainbrad

    I wonder why the charger plugs into the side instead of the bottom?

    • Justin

      it doesn’t get in the way as much when you’re typing with the phone plugged in, for one thing

    • http://Website William M. Davis

      And hopefully this points towards docks like the Droid and Droid 2 have… they both have the port on the left and the volume rocker on the right… G2 has port and rocker on the same sight… so maybe the dock or even a built in dock application will have some added functionality for volume control and what not…

  • Mobile Reality Kings

    How does the screen compare to a G1? is it much bigger?

    What are your thoughts on the optical trakpad? Is it as easy to get around in groupings of small links with accuracy like you can with a ball?

    How do the keys feel vs a G1? Is the travel and feel any better?

    • Nick

      The optical trackpad is very useful. Since I’ve been using my G1 as my main device for the past two years, I have been used to having the trackball. I mainly use it to scroll through text when I make typing mistakes and through lists of links.

      The keyboard is great, but it will take some time getting used to if you’re coming from the G1. Most people’s main complaint was that the G2 does not have a dedicated number row. Having used the new keyboard for only a half day, I can say that I miss the numbers, but I’m already getting used to hitting the alt keys on both sides of the keyboard. The buttons feel great and have a few faint clicking sound when pressed.

      The Z hinge on the phone is amazing. The screen actually feels like it’s floating whenever you open the keyboard.

  • http://Website Alishan

    Great phhone. Recieved mine today. Working like a charm. Has a great feel. Definitely a keeper.

  • http://Website JamieD

    so guys do any giveaways? ;D

  • HardNoks

    I gotta get this phone. I’m selling the cliq for as much as I can (around $75) and I’m getting this

    • http://Website Nick

      If you’re upgrading from the Cliq, this is definitely a no-brainer. Hope you can get a little more for it than that. I have a friend who got rid of his a month ago and got about $150.

  • AndroidGames

    Please test it, I really want to know how is the keyboard, as I usually get phones without one, but this one look oh-so-pretty!

  • http://Website Naslau

    Keyboard feels different from G1 but better. The keys are well spaced and responsive. Nice “clickety” feel. Very solid feeling phone.

    My only complaint is some missing Cyanogen features. Widgets and apps will have to do until a root is out.

    Oh yeah, HSPA+ is SUPER FAST.

    • http://Website NasLAU

      Actually, I take that back. Another complaint was the class 2 MicroSD card. First thing I did was replace that with a class 6.

      Now I need to figure out where the rest of the 4GB of internal memory went. The included card had a folder for DoubleTwist for Mac but no app installed. WTF?

  • http://Website feste

    What’s the size of the battery in mah?

    Ie. the g1 is 1150 mah, I hope this one is bigger :)

    What about volume controls via head phone jack or micro usb is that available.

    I loved my g1 for that fact alone while i road bike and having it in my back pocket. Can someone test this?

    Thanks in advance

  • http://Website TheAZCards

    I have been hearing that the gingerbread(next android update) will only be available to phones with 1 ghz processor. Does that mean the G2 will not be able to update, since it has a 800 mhz processor? Thanks

    • http://Website Greg

      That is not true. The 1GHz requirement was a rumor.

    • http://Website Nick

      From what I know, that was a rumor started by one of the Android blogs (not us). It’s probably true that Gingerbread will require a more powerful processor, but keep in mind that Google does not control any of the Android builds from manufacturers. It’s up to T-Mobile and HTC to get the next version of Android onto the G2. Google cannot control what they do since their software is open source.

  • Nickedynick

    I’d really like to see a pic of a G1 next to a G2 :)

  • Uncemister

    I’m waiting for mine its supposed to be delivered any minute now!

  • http://Website Greg

    Can someone PLEASE let me know if HSPA+ speeds can be attained using the APN? i.e., instead of, which is what I assume the G2 is defaulted to.

  • http://Website B

    Looks nice, especially as a G1 replacement. Waiting too long for a G1 replacement, I’ve been through the D1 and now am on the Vibrant. I’m tempted to go play w/this at Tmo once it’s in stores, but will prob stick w/Vibrant since I’ve learned (an now actually prefer) to live w/out a hard k/b, among other reasons. I do, however, wish I had vanilla Android again.
    Keep the G2 updates coming! Looks like a pretty cool phone!

  • http://Website Me

    How does it compare to the vibrant?

  • qst4

    That’s just a beautiful phone.

  • Justin

    I’m sure some of you have seen the Engadget article about loose hinges on the G2, and low internal memory. I decided to call T-mob’s customer service and they tried to tell me that the pre-installed apps were taking up more than 2.5 GB of space on my internal memory…I don’t believe that even for a second, but that’s all I could get out of them. I’ll be waiting for more to shake down from this. I still love the phone, and have no plans of getting rid of it, but it seems a bit odd that they really have no idea what’s going on right now.

  • Mobile Brazzers

    Hmmm. yeah I just checked out the loose hinge thing at engadget.

    That set me back a few notches on this phone- that would bug me, having the keyboard flop open im I was kinda rotating it around in my hand for fun.

    The video I had seen in the past made it seem like it was very spring loaded, like a sidekick..

    just goes to show, you cant beat the design of a sidekick. I’m still holding out, hoping that sidekick twist shows up soon and dominates the qwerty kingdom :)

  • HardNoks

    So I heard there’s an LED ring around the trackpad. Can u change the color for different notifications?

  • http://Website Magnus

    Hi.. I have questions..

    G2 have shortcut apps. on keyboard? like sidekick have one… I m still use sklx09 and wait 4 new sidekick :) G2 look nice and keyboard…

    what size G2 display? 4.3? 3.7?


  • http://Website UX-Guy

    Did they seriously put the SD card under the friggin battery?? THAT SUCKS!

  • http://Website Josh

    The only issue that I have with the g1 is that I cannot hear the videos that I’m watching. You Tube support is great, but it kind of defeats the purpose of watching a video when you have your ear to the back of the phone…any chance they fixed this?

  • http://Website theobfuscate

    This box looks very similiar to the HD2. Too bad this phone puts the HD2 to shame (minus screen real estate)

  • http://Website Tarheel

    can you change your notification tone to a downloaded one? If so how??