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Unboxing the Verizon Samsung Fascinate

We present to you the Samsung Fascinate, the fourth and final iteration of the Samsung Galaxy S to hit a major U.S. Carrier this summer. The Fascinate made it’s debut on Verizon’s network earlier this week, though we only received our review unit late last night. We thought we’d give you guys a quick peek of the phone and what’s inside the box before we get started on our in-depth review of the Samsung Fascinate.

Those who have seen our review on the other Galaxy S handsets will not find many differences between those phones and the Fascinate. However, Verizon has done some tweaking of the software, removing Google Maps and Search and replacing them with Bing services from Microsoft. In the full review, we’ll definitely take a look at how these new apps stack up against Google’s.

If you have any questions about the Samsung Fascinate, let us know in the comments and we’ll do our bet to answer as many as we can.

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  • http://Website dans

    Woo, another iphone look-alike. How inspiring..

    • geniusdog254

      I know you got downranked, and I probably will too, but I totally agree!

      The Captivate & the Epic are the only Galaxy S devices that don’t give 110% of their effort into trying to look like iPhones (pre iPhone 4 of course)

      • http://Website ding

        I agree 100%. IMO Sprint made the only true effort to create a unique android handset.

    • http://Website Jessica Almazar

      Damn man nonbody like you cant say i blame them though you are a dousche bag

  • Alan Reboli

    I wonder why CDMA models were the only Galaxy S Series to get an LED flash?

    • http://Website Droidsam

      well it’s nice that has a camera flash it really don’t think that it will make it a better camera

    • Alan Reboli

      That’s true. Android as a whole takes better pictures if it’s well lit. The flash will help with that.

    • http://Website Alan Manzo

      You bes shut up fo i get angrys and come and beast your ass with my samsung fascinate hold on your mom is calling me…….she wants you home early for dinner tonight you got nothin on me nigga

  • http://Website elvisricardo

    beauful ! Iphone Killer ???

  • http://Website Daniel

    Wowww…I am afraid if I buy it people will think it is an iphone and I will be asked over and over.As much as companies complain about the iphone and they make this device.

    • http://Website tottyrice

      agree with you, i hate it when they make their phone looking like the iphone

      • http://Website Gabe Lescano

        You dont know me i will tear this bitch up if i get angry enough

  • Master_Ellis

    Thanks to the Ryanaz’s Lag Fix for all the Galaxy S phones it will make the Android experience even greater. Stock version out the box was good on my Vibrant. iPhone look a like yea from a distance, side by side you can tell the difference.

  • http://Website kermit

    How dumb is it having android with Microsoft garbage?

  • http://Website saxmachine

    Default Search Engine is “Bing” = FAIL !!!!

    • http://Website seth greene

      yea thats what your mom said when you came out

  • http://Website Evolved

    Its sad that no phone now can have the curvature that the iphone had without it “copying” the form factor! I love the look of the phone. Nice job samsung for making a phone that has a large screen with a nice shape and crazy light!

  • Mobile Reality King

    They removed the google maps?

    That’s probably one of the best apps on an Android phone. I mean I used that thing everyday and it works flawlessly- i can see adding something else, but axing it?

    I hope Microsoft paid them well enough

  • http://Website Disheeki Johnson

    These unboxings are so retarded. They were cool like 5 years ago.

    First of all, none of the unboxings are “true” unboxings anymore. People buy the product, open the product, use it, put it back in the box and do a fake unboxing.

    Secondly, who gives a shit, you posted this video a few days too late. Really unboxing videos? Who gives a rats booty.

    Finally, for the idiots who say this looks like the iPhone. Ummmm you act like you never seen a Galaxy S before.

    Anyone heard of the Vibrant? Retards, that looks like an iPhone also. It came out before the Fascinate, and they are almost identical phones.

    NO MORE UNBOXING VIDEOS, something original please.

    I can’t wait for the Android smartphone hype to go away, so these retarded Android sites can all go away.

    Ugh, I have to go tighten my weave.

    • http://Website john

      you sir are pathetic. If you don’t like android then why do you come to android sites? go make friends, or something.

  • http://Website Hans

    Attention all AndroidAndMe posters: DO NOT FEED THE TROLLS. LET THEM STARVE.

    Anyway,about Bing. If you don’t like it, download Google Maps and Google Search and make then the default. It’s not so hard. If you REALLY don’t like Bing, root it and remove the apps.

    • http://Website Ruben

      Read before typing. Gmaps and Gsearch are not available on the market for this phone. With the Froyo uodate you will be able to get Gvoice search and thats it. It is a suprising move by Verizon, but they probably needed help paying Lucas Films.

      • http://Website Peter

        It’s already rooted. Couldn’t you just adb push the Gmaps and Gsearch apks to the phone? I’m sure the apks are easily found since they are free, just not on the Marketplace.

      • http://Website Detet

        I have the phone and yes you can install google maps and search on it

        • http://Website Evolved

          How did you get gsearch? I really need that! I’m not too fond of bing voice search!

    • http://Website Disheeki Johnson, AKA The Troll

      I’m starving, someone feed me some fried chicken and grits.

  • http://Website kasey

    where can u buy this phone ? and how much is it ?? can u buy in sydney ??

  • Nick Gray

    Though Google Maps is not pre-installed on the Fascinate, you can download it from the Android Market. As of right now, the only way to get Google search on this phone is by manually installing the search client (which is illegal since Google does not freely distribute the app).

  • http://Website The_Omega_Man

    It is the Carriers that determined that. That carriers determine, for the most part, what capabilities the handsets that they will carry, will have. Except for the iPhone and Black Berry, to some extent.


    Purchased two fascinates 9/11/10 for free when I renewed my new in two with Verizon.
    This our (wife and I) first smart phone experience, so read this with newbie in mind.

    It is quite fast and responsive right out of the box and it does look a LOT like the I-Phone and seems to have a similar feel. However, after installing 15-20 apps and initializing email accounts and social web apps, it seems to delay slightly when sliding from the main screen to the next right after waking it up. Once awake, it seems to be fine. I have just installed RyansZA lag fix and will report on how it works later.

    another concern is that Google Navigator is continually ‘searching for GPS’ and never finding it. Not sure if it’s impropper set up of if it’s a Verizon thing preventing google’s navigator from working…

    there is just too many new things this thing can do to offer a more informed review; nevertheless, I am EXTREMELY pleased with it’s capabilities.

  • http://Website Wes

    Vz screwed the pooch on this one by taking off Gmaps.

  • http://Website N8y

    Oh no!! An Android Verizon phone that sucks?

    I think they can afford it, between the ally, the dinc, the x, the droid, the droid 2, the coming droid pro, etc, etc. Fact is, if you want the vast majority of Android phones to choose from, Verizon is the way to go. I think they can probably afford the hit of one non-super awesome Android phone. They’ll survive.

  • http://Website Zach

    It looks as if my verizon samsung fascinate has a front facing camera. How do I use it?

    • Jacob

      I agree. It definetly looks like there is a front facing camera in the Fascinate. I wonder if they just turned it off? If so, its only a matter of time before someone finds a hack to turn it on, and that will officially make this the best Android phone.

      Love it so far, dont care at all about the Bing search as I use the voice search anyways, which uses google. Plus, I am sure it will be fixed they they release 2.2 in like a month.

      This phone is great!

      • http://Website Jimmy

        Have you figured out how to use the front facing camera on the samsung fascinate it looks like there is one there?

        • http://Website Lorie

          it looks like a front-facing camera. But the Fascinate doesn’t have one.

  • http://Website Jessica

    It’s not a front facing camera. It’s a sensor for when you make calls and hold it up to your face to make the screen go black so you don’t press any buttons. Cool feature, but the camera would’ve been better…

    • http://Website Charles wade

      Hey how is it going i put a negative on your comment because i dont like you

  • http://Website Sasha

    are this phone can be used in Malaysia?