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Verizon confirms DROID Eris will be stuck on Android 2.1, no Froyo update in the works

DROID Eris owners holding their breath for a taste of Froyo are sure to be disappointed with Verizon’s recent announcement that the latest Android treat will not be making its way to their devices.  Though it’s always sad to see another Android phones be kicked to the curb by carriers, it’s not completely unexpected since Verizon stopped selling the HTC made DROID Eris back in June.  We’re pretty sure that most enthusiasts who own the Eris will most likely get their Android 2.2 update through XDA-Developers or other online modding communities.

Source: ComputeerWorld

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  • http://Website Khush

    canadian heros still haven’t revived 2.1 I got froyo off xda a long time ago

  • http://Website Alan

    I just wish they would provide an update that adds SPP profile.

  • http://Website Christopher

    Am I the only one that is kinda happy about this? I love my current Eris, My Incredible is having so much problems with it’s 2.2 update. I miss ATK…..

  • http://Website Jon

    I’ve been using a 2.2 ROM on my Eris for a while now and I love it! Now that there is a one-click rooting method, it’s extremely easy. My Eris now has much better performance, stability is excellent, and battery life has been much improved. I don’t even miss Sense UI. Here’s a link to all you need to know:

  • http://Website John

    @ Jon…nice link. Thanks!

  • dswhite85


  • AndMac

    Stuff like this would make me go back to iPhone. I can’t believe the Android community just accepts it as a given.

    Being at the whim of carriers and manufacturers for OS upgrades is a sad state.

    If the hardware supports it, upgrades should be made available. Ironically, Froyo was officially made available by Google just about the time the Eris was discontinued by Verizon.

    If my $700 Galaxy S is not upgraded to Gingerbread, it will be my last Android phone.

    • http://Website Terran

      Then go. No one’s forcing you to use Android if you’re not happy.

      The Android community doesn’t just accept this as a given because you could always root your phone and put 2.2 on it.

      The Eris was announced that it had reached it’s end of life back in March. Froyo was officially announced by Google in May. ‘

      If you prefer to have Jobs make all your decisions for you then go, just quit whining about it.

      • AndMac

        What’s with the fanboy “go?”

        I was addressing a general issue with Android, which you obviously missed.

        Froyo is out, my Galaxy is rooted, but I still can’t get Froyo. If a manufacturer does not release drivers, you are often stuck, regardless if your hardware supports an OS upgrade.

        The community can only do so much….

        • http://Website Terran

          What’s the hate?

          I was simply stating a fact.

          No, you’re the one who doesn’t get it. The eris is end of life. You can’t expect any more updates. Period. Live with it.

          • AndMac

            So, if Dell ends-of-life your six month old laptop, you’d be O.K. if they prevented you from getting any more OS maintenance release from MS?

            This is just silly. If the hardware supports an OS update, then the drivers should be provided.

            I can’t believe some accept this kind of forced rapid planned obsolesce on what is otherwise a platform of great potential. Google has proved the OS for free, the least the manufacturers should be required to do is to provide driver support.

            Otherwise only a sucker will buy into it twice.

    • http://Website Terran

      You’re comparing a cell phone to a pc?

      That’s compraing apples to oranges.

      Dell doesn’t have control over Microsoft Windows Updates. Microsoft does and they do stop supporting old OS’s eventually i.e. win95, 98 etc.

      Verizon isn’t selling the eris doesn’t mean HTC won’t honor their warranty.

      The eris specs aren’t that high. It’s the verzion of the HTC Hero and it only has slightly better specs than the HTC Dream which is a first gen device. First gen devices aren’t capable of runing flash so want’s the point of them getting 2.2?

      Get your facts straight before you attempt to push your opinion on others.

      • AndMac

        So, why do you think that HTC, or Samsung, or Motorola , or Verizon should have control over Google’s Android updates, as long as the hardware supports them?

        It doesn’t make sense, unless you think that Android buyers are suckers, and will put up like sheep with forced rapid obsolescence, just so they can keep their Sense or TouchWiz interface (which most users don’t even want, in my experience).

        The Eris is less than 9 months old. If you have done your research, you’d know that 2.2 brings a lot of fixes and speed, not just Flash. Nevertheless, the Eris hardware supports Flash 10.1 just fine according to those who have installed it – search XDA-Developers. It also runs 2.2 just fine, and it apparently speeds up significantly.

        But it can’t run the two together, because Verizon and HTC have decided that they will not support their 9 month old device and will not do an official, Sense-enabled 2.2 OS update, so Eris owners can run Flash.

        So, regardless of the fact that the hardware supports it, there is no official OS upgrade, and all the suckers who bought the Eris a few months ago and now want Flash and the benefits of the new OS maintenance release, will have to either rely on the kindness of strangers to hack something together, or pay more money to Verizon and HTC for a new phone. Which of course may not be upgraded to 3.0.

        If this is the new word of Android, it sucks and it’s for suckers. Really.

        I am certainly hoping that Google can reign in the manufacturers and the carriers with OS 3, so that they can’t screw their customers so easily.

        Maybe require vanilla OS to get Market, then have exclusive launchers and widget available for branded phones on the Market.

        That way, we can get our OS upgrades on time and as long as our hardware supports them.

        • http://Website Terran

          If you had actually read what i wrote, i never said the Eris wasn’t 9 months old. I said it was a version of the HTC Hero which. As for the 2.2 updates to such devices, it’s up to the manufacturers to decide if they want to update the OS.

          • AndMac

            Really? It is up to the manufacturer to decide if they want to upgrade the OS?!

            Why? Because they took an open source OS, which Google writes and updates, and they locked it, so that we can’t upgrade without their permission?

            How is this different from Dell slapping some ugly UI on top of Windows 7, then preventing us from upgrading to the next Service Pack even though the hardware is fine for it?

            Again, this absolute dependence on carriers and manufacturers splinters Android and makes it into something most normal customers wouldn’t want to touch with a ten-foot pole.

            I dumped my iPhone because i was sick of Jobs’ crap about Flash, and because I believed in Android’s open source freedom of choice.

            But now suddenly I find out that every manufacturer modifies this otherwise great idea of an OS enough so they can lock it down.

            So instead of jailbraking, I have to root — both are equally wasy to do, but equally unnecessary.

            But Android manufacturers/carriers are worse than Apple, because they arbitrarily delay OS upgrades for months, or simply never deliver them, even when the hardware is relatively recent and is perfectly compliant with such OS updates!

            And you come and tell us that this is normal, and nobody should complain about it?!

            This is worse than what most iOS fanboys come up with….

  • http://Website adam

    Good Eris with 2.1 òs stock is great. Anyone shunning should stop being lazy. Go root your phone to latest 2.2 0s. G1 users are still getting the latest os because of ppl like xda.

  • http://Website Conrad

    The first gen iPhone was not upgraded too isn’t it? so why complain about the eris?

    • AndMac

      The first gen iPhone is almost 4 years old, and has been consistently upgraded until OS4.

      OS4 brings in multi-tasking, which the first generation iPhone hardware does not support.

      • http://Website Terran

        iOS doesn’t have true multitasking.

  • http://Website jamal martell

    Personally I believe that the companies like the fact that they can hold off on os updates, and are slow on them because if they updated all the phones, than they wouldn’t sell as many of them, so keeping people itching for the new software, people are bound to forget their old phone and go for something new, It’s a business right? They wanna make money, but again need to support their customers…