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Video recap of HTC’s London press event and interview of HTC executives

To the general public, video overviews of press events are quite boring, but since this site is mostly frequented by Android enthusiasts we thought we’d share two videos that were included in HTC’s press kit from their event in London.  The first video is a quick highlight of the entire press conference, while the second clip features HTC’s Peter Chou (CEO), John Wang (Chief Marketing Officer), and Horace Luke (Chief Innovation Office) talking about the new HTC Sense and the innovation behind the software running on the HTC Desire HD and Desire Z.

They are not the most exciting videos we have ever shared, but we’re sure most of you will still enjoy them.

Source: HTC Source

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  • http://Website Alex

    John Wang, the Chief Marketing Officer, is a phenomenal speaker. The way he speaks about his company’s aspirations is just wonderful.

  • http://Website Jian

    for me these messages are OK if they r targeting the Asian market ,, their accent specially the old guys was a distraction and he tried hard to talk like apple’s CEO. I guess they need different faces

  • http://Website Gary

    Will the there be an upgrade to the new HTC Sense for the HTC EVO?

    • http://Website Nick

      Our contacts at HTC said that right now, they are not working on an HTC Sense update for their older phones. The Desire Z and HD are still 2-3 weeks away from launch. Once they push the phones out the dorr and can verify that there are no issues with the software, we’re pretty sure that an update some of their older phones will get under way.

  • http://Website kevin niven

    Im sure we will see an update on the EVO Check out XDA new rom dump.

  • Togsy

    This is looking great, but surely the Desire Z will be stuck at froyo after the big G stated that Gingerbread will require not only a 3.7inch screen but also a 1ghz processor?

    If thats so then i will get the DEsire HD, if not its the Desire Z for me. So much depending on that factor :)