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Yikes! CLIQ 2.1 software upgrade pushed back to early Q4

I really feel sorry for all the Motorola CLIQ owners stuck on Android 1.5. We gave Motorola a lot of grief last year when we heard the CLIQ would not be upgraded past Android 1.5, but they surprised us when they finally confirmed it would eventually receive Android 2.1. We were so delighted with the news that we gave away our CLIQ to a lucky reader.

That all took place back in January. Now here we are nine months later and CLIQ owners are still patiently waiting for Android 2.1.

At first we thought the upgrade might arrive in Q1, then Q2, which was pushed back to Q3, and now Motorola has upgraded their official timelime to let us know it could possibly be ready by early Q4.

If you are still clutching your CLIQ, all you can really do is sit and wait at this point and hope Motorola finally delivers. Things could be worse of course. You could have purchased the more powerful Motorola Devour which will never be upgraded to make sure owners get “the best combined hardware and software experience”.

Better late than never, right?

Source: Motorola

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  • http://Website chad

    This is exactly why I will never again buy another Motorola phone.

    I’m so happy that I got my Cliq replaced with the Mytouch Slide for free!!!

    • http://Website Secret Squirrel

      How did you get it replaced? We’ve got one with broken keys and the extended warranty. I’m hoping to exchange as well.

    • http://Website jen

      yes…how did you get it replaced for free? Please advise! Thanks!!

  • http://Website Frank

    All MotoBlur phones currently with 2.1..the Motorola Charm. Wow! But the Cliq can’t get it yet, Backflip, Devour? WTF!! It’s Moto’s FAIL on so many levels especially the Cliq. The Cliq has been available since November of 2009 but still hasn’t been able to be placed to at least 2.1. Does that sound even logical?! Think about it. I mean how many people are working on this upgrade for it..2 maybe 3 tops! Lol! Motorola makes awesome phones it’s just too bad you have dropped the ball on so many people that paid good $$ for the Cliq and promised a “timely” update. Well “timely” is outta the question and you still have the nerve to release a NEW phone with UPDATED MOTOBLUR SOFTWARE! This is beyond a spit on our faces. HTC will be my next phone and that G2 is looking mighty fine right about now. At least I’ll be able to receive apps that aren’t held back because of 1.5. Good riddance and goodbye Moto..Moto this (obscene gesture)up your @$$!

    • boss5

      I said that when the vibrant came out.

    • http://Website Dubya504

      Thats the same way i feel about t-mobile. The MT3G still operates with 1.6 and I’m still waiting for the Froyo update and that has been since April 2010.

  • http://Website Noriega713

    I’m just tired of waiting I’m not even happy about it no more… few more weeks and G2 comes out and I will put this nightmare behind me…never again moto will I buy your products.

  • http://Website john

    wow just wow.

    Motorola has provided everyone with such a horrible experience releasing these phones. I sold out and Tmo gave me a mytouch to replace the crap that is the cliq.

    The funny thing is the MyTouch 3G 1.2 runs circles around the much newer cliq. *laff*

    • http://Website Jeff

      How can I get t-mobile to swap my CLIQ for a mytouch or better yet a G2?

      • http://Website John

        I called and complained to their customer loyalty department. My situation is different because i’m on a no contract even more plus plan. It’s not like I could get them to give me a contract price on a new phone. They offered me a mytouch 3G 1.2 after I went through 3 cliq’s for different problems.

        1st cliq – wifi receiver died. would no longer pick up wifi

        2nd cliq – software issues (or maybe even hardware) it would delay going into a contact. It literally took 45 seconds before the name would pull up and I could hit dial to call them. I rooted it and put on the 2.1 leak and still had the same issues.

        3rd cliq – rebooted during phone calls, very slow and laggy.

        When I complained about that one I told them I was having a horrible user experience and I quote (They) “Wanted to make sure I had a great user experience with my phone” but they wanted to give me another cliq or a cliq xt. At that point I told them they better come up with another option or I’d be moving to sprint and the 3G 1.2 is what they offered me for free. I took it since it was free (In fact I got money back because it’s cheaper than the cliq). But damn! it’s faster than the cliq and comes with 1.6 stock, it only stayed that way for about 10 minutes though… =P

  • http://Website Raul Barbosa

    Ive heard ppl complaining a lot about the pushbacks… im in mexico so im screwed for an official release, but come on! most of the ppl with a dext/cliq are geeks or wannabe geeks, its not hard to root it and get 2.1, specially wit the amazing tutorials out there.

    My experience with Motorola Dext 2.1… around 30% more battery, amazing apps that we were missing, increase in the touch response and expect a 50-70% decrease of that “force shotdown” app message.

  • http://Website Scott

    Once again demonstrating that T-Mobile’s “no phone left behind” promise is pure marketing vapor. The naysayers called that one correctly. Guess it was pretty obvious after the Behold II (which is still for sale on T-Mobile’s website!)

    This is shameful for both companies. I guess it’s a bad idea to buy a T-Mobile phone expecting an upgrade. Future G2 owners beware! :-P

  • http://Website Seeeye

    And moto cliq will now ne known as the behold3!!! Lol sorry but damn and ee were bad mouthing samsung.. And moto screws consumers of one of their popular devices from late 09 its not tmobiles fault it is motos fault atleast the b2 updated to 1.6…. Moto=fail

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      I WISH I’d gotten the Behold II. At least then I’d be able to use Google Navigation. I can’t wait to get rid of this thing in favor of a Vibrant!

  • http://Website Alex Wilde

    That sounds like some good news seeing as how all the cliq owners were left in the dark wondering what the hell happened…

    Just look at it this way, if 2.1 truly is coming “early Q4″ that’s next month

  • http://Website Efren A

    You know what, don’t complain! You people loved it when it came out, now that the update is taking longer than expected, you wine about it! I received my cliq before it came out to the public. I still love my phone! When the leak came out for it, I was so excited, I did it right away. Now it’s like a new phone! I really recommend it for those that are impatient. It’s safe if you know how to follow directions.

    • http://Website magma9495

      wow, really? are you stupid? We have been waiting almost 1 YEAR now for the 2.1 update to come to the cliq. Is that too little time to update a phone? I think not. Samsung was able to push out a 1.5 to 1.6 update for the behold users in less then 3 months. How can you say you are satisfied with a device of an official of 1.5 which was released over a year ago? The leak SUCKS. Its buggy, CPU runs to 100% all the time. With a full 2.1 ROM, the dev community could make such better ROMs for the cliq. That is, if moto would get off their a**

  • ayocuz

    That’s why rooting is so popular. If you can complain about not receiving an update then you could probably use one of the many one click root apps out there. Come on people this is android where its okay to hack the software.

  • http://Website erick

    So glad I traded my cliq for a mytouch slide. Thank you craigslist! :)

  • http://Website Ronnie

    LOL Q4 is 2 weeks away. Anyone with a brain knows it will be Q4. Who needs an announcement. Just proves that one should always root your phone and install a Cyanogen ROM. Nexus 1 rules, Even stock it gets updates when google releases the update/code.

  • http://Website coolhandlocke

    I bought the cliq the week it came out, suffered through the glitches and about a month ago sold it on ebay and put that money towards my galaxy s….best choice I ever made. Now I know what a real phone is lol

  • http://Website impatient

    I hate hearing this because I can’t down load certain items and my friends with 2.2 tease about what they have n my problem is how can u compete with iphone when iphone users from any generation can get any and all apps and we can only get ones that r n our number section? This sucks

    • http://Website chad

      That’s not true. With the iphone, there’s many apps that you can’t use with the first generation. Also, Apple’s imovie app is only available on the 4th gen iphone and ipod touch.

      Although the iphone has better apps, keep in mind that with Android, you can download stuff off of the internet on your phone, and it feels more like a computer. With the iphone, it feels more like a gaming device than a computer, because you can’t download stuff off of the internet on your iphone.

  • http://Website Shhon75

    So glad I bought my cliq in nov. Sold it on craigslist in january and but the nexus one. I’ll never buy a moto or samsung phone again. give me the plain vanilla android every time.

  • http://Website cesarox

    I’m so glad to have traded my cliq xt for a blackberry… I will eventually go back to android, but NOT a motorola device again…

  • http://Website Jon

    Tmobile is slow with everything
    at least Motorola is keeping the CLIQ owners updated
    Tmobile hasnt said anything about the upgrades for the MT3G and G1

  • http://Website watbetch

    This is so pathetic.

    They obviously don’t give a fuck.

  • ayocuz

    Man that’s crazy how people think about these updates. when you buy any phone you shouldn’t think you are entitled to an update, because you know you brought that lame ass phone AS IS.
    Pretty much the customer is at the providers mercy when it comes to updates. If it wasn’t for the forums and blogs like this a-lot of phone owners wouldn’t even know about new software.

    • http://Website Frank

      Not only did they (Moto) PROMISE an update but also PROMISED a timeline for it numerous times. They never kept their PROMISE! Excuse after excuse while leaving the patient customer behind. They mention a new timeline then nothing surfaces..except another timeline. After awhile your just numb to the notion and don’t even trust Motorola’s word. I LOVE Motoblur and what it does for my social networking! Absolutely love it! But in the end it’s the apps that kill the whole experience. The biggest issue befalling the Cliq is the fact that there are more and more apps coming onto the market that are not compatible with Android 1.5. For example lets say you already have an existing app and need to “update” it…most of the time it WON’T! Due to the incompatibility of the Cliq not having Android 1.6 or above. GRRRR! Hell you CAN’T even download virtually any newer apps from the market whatsoever! Hence making the phone less fun & more frustrating to the end user. In turn this makes the phone you bought 1 year ago seam like old tech at a way faster rate than usual. Especially when you paid good money for a product that is being backed by a reputable and well trusted company like Motorola. It’s not just about us Android loving folk and “wanting our updates”. It’s about the end user (the general customer) being screwed in the end with incompatibility issues ,a company’s mistrust to back their product, & keeping their PROMISE..Nuff said!

  • http://Website Joe

    I think tmobile needs to just give up th cliq and offer a free trade up to something running 2.2 like the Nexus 1. I’m tired of people setting a completion date and then not living up to their word.

  • coyotejbob

    Wow. Owning a phone for over a year just to be told you will still be stuck with something crappy is ridiculous. I know when it first came out it was great but times change and so do people. I am still using my G1 and feel your pain. I rooted it because I have no money for a vibrant. I feel a bit sorry for the cliq people being dicked around for spending their hard earned money.

  • bnetty

    So here I sit as a 6 year t-mobile customer…

    - Purchased the cliq the first day it came out, entering into an extended 2 yr contract w/ t-mobile to get the “reasonable” pricing of $200, but excited to finally find a phone that gets me into the android world.

    - Began to see friends come on board the android train months after me but soon see updates for 2.0, 2.1, 2.2…

    - Have been unwilling to pay more $$ to get out of my contract or purchase a new phone since I’ve had my phone for less than a year! Sorry… I’m on a budget.

    So where does that leave me…

    - At first being left on 1.5 wasn’t a huge deal… the phone still works after all. But as time goes by it’s become increasingly frustrating. Dozens of apps I would like to download, but can’t including turn by turn directions.

    - Moto gets my hopes up, then lets me down not once… not twice… but three times thus far. An update is coming! Wait… no. Not yet. Keep watching as other phones get their updates.

    - Unwilling to dl the leaked rom because I hear it is very buggy… another indication that Moto is really struggling with this update.

    So where does that leave me? With an outdated phone less than a year old that can’t take advantage of the full features of Android… and it just continues to get worse day by day. Some may say that it’s my own choice – being unwilling to pay more $$ to get out of the contract or get a new phone out of contract. I agree with this… that’s my choice.

    But it’s also my choice to never buy another moto phone again. How can I possible know which phone is their golden child (droid) and which is the stepchild? (cliq)

    I will show my displeasure with my wallet. By not giving any of my hard earned $$ to either company in the future. T-mobile has not used their influence to right the situation for their customers.

    This is how your early adopters are treated?

    Yes, it was my choice. And now it will be my choice to move on… especially when there are now so many more Android choices on various carriers and companies. Sorry… you blew it moto and shame on you t-mobile for watching as you collected my monthly fees.

    • http://Website Frank

      You took the thoughts right outta my mind and placed into words EXACTLY how I feel as well. I feel your pain down to the bone! If I could afford another Android phone I would switch in no time but I dont have hundreds of dollars lying around for me to spend with either. I already spent hundreds on this one and a new contract! Yes I hear the leaked 2.1 rom is buggy as well & not good for day to day use. I had an unfortunate incident just trying to do a simple root & it was an ordeal to fix afterwards. So no more trying to circumnavigate the system if its not worth the headache. Thankfully the warranty helped with my “bricked” Cliq but it could have been worse i.e. like a smart Tmo rep who would have known it was bricked and said no go on the warranty. Fortunantly he didn’t know the real issue and called it a software glitch. Lesson learned. So on we go with our fingers crossed & money to save for something NEW in the near future. I hear HTC makes awesome phones they update on the regular basis. ;D

  • http://Website PS3chick

    Boo. Shame on T-Mo and Moto BOTH! I love my Cliq and I like MotoBlur, I HATE being stuck on 1.5! No support for all the great new apps out there I bought my phone to run. No turn by turn, which is easily the thing I miss most. Stop promising things you never have any intention of carrying out, so we can all move on.

  • http://Website deeb215

    You need to blame the manufacture and the phone carrier for this failure. T-mobile just doesn’t upgrade devices frequently. Motorola sucks simple as that IMHO. You have to give these companies hell sometimes, waves of flames. I have a a strong feeling, when a few are snacking on Gingerbread, that brand new G2 will suffer the same demise as every other device T-mobile has gotten. Bet on that!

  • http://Website Keith

    I have a Cliq XT. Can anyone give me directions to root the phone?? Thanks in advance!!

  • http://Website Turd Ferguson

    I really think you need to be more responsible with your articles. The official Moto timeline(from your link no less) says late 3Q/Early 4Q, yet your headline says its definitely pushed to Q4? Seriously, report this stuff accurately. I’m as irritated as the next guy but you guys are fanning the flames by posting incorrect information. Get it together!

  • http://Website Matt

    To the guy who called most Cliq users geeks. I’m far from a geek. I chose Cliq over other Android phones because it most resembled the iPhone in both look at feel at the time.

    Motorola Droid is an ugly ass phone and looks like a phone only a tech geek could love. It’s appearance was what kept me from switching from TMobile to Verizon.

    Now I could’ve gotten a MyTouch but at the time there was no MyTouch Slide and the G1 was already outdated.

    I was trying to find a replacement for my Sidekick 3 which had a keyboard so I wasn’t gonna get a new phone that didn’t have a keyboard.

    I won’t complain about my Cliq because to me it was the best phone available at the time I got it. And this is my first Motorola phone.

    But if I buy an android phone next time it will be an HTC phone. They seem more honest with their customers, release timely updates and make great phones.

    To me this is more about Motorola providing lousy customer service for their less popular phones and focusing all their attention on their new and flagship phones. Their lieing to customers just adds to their lousy service. I’d prefer them telling me they’d get back to us once their done updating other phones than lie about the date and lie about the reasons why the non flagship phones haven’t received updates yet.

    Yes I want android 2.1 to be released for my Cliq as it will allow me to download RunKeeper for my phone. And while the guy who said when you buy a phone you should buy it as is. That’s true to a certain extent. But Motorola had been mentioning the Cliq was going to receive android 2.0 three months after the Droid’s release. The fact they lied to get people to buy the Cliq and have delayed the update since as well as give the newer Cliq clones 2.1 that we had been promised is unforgiveable and purposely lying to sell their phones. Cliq users prolly won’t receive 2.1 until their newer released phones come standard with 2.2 and 2.1 becomes as absolete as 1.5 was upon it’s release.

    FYI I tried rooting my Cliq phone and it didn’t work. Rooting is not easy unless your a tech geek.

  • http://Website Greg

    just curious but to any of you who were able to get a free phone from tmobile what exactly did you say to them they told me to be patient. if you can help me out it would be much appreciated

  • http://Website Ms. Matrix

    I’m so not surprised by this, I can’t believe that still in all this time Cliq(xt) owners(I’m a former owner) are still waiting for an update! It’s crazy, all new phones in the market has a higher ver. of android and it’s said that Motorola can’t be truthful in what’s going on….

    That’s why I’m glad I got rid of it, I got sick of waiting and the longer I had it I got more pissed. It sucks watching my cousin with his droid smiling and enjoying his device. I just broke down and just paid full price for the Mytouch Slide(Got Cliq xt on upgrade)

    So to those Cliq(XT) owners I say the minute you have a chance or a little extra in your pocket, treat yourself to something better and band Motorola phones. They just can’t seem to get it together.

    Oh and PS I have a friend that works in a T-Mobile shop and he told me that they are planning on discontinuing it, so don’t be surprised it they never send out and update because it’s on it’s way out.

  • http://Website tony

    I think t-mobile is giving the mytouch 1.2 the same treatment. Still waiting.

  • http://Website Matt

    Im in Australia. So I don’ get an update do I?
    I think that i will be doing a little “jailbreaking”.

  • http://Website Tracy

    I too would like to know how you got T-mobile to give a replacement phone. When I called I was told that they were waiting for the update as well and to just be patient.

  • http://Website zorbthegeek

    I am running the leaked 2.1 on my CLiq. It’s works great: newer apps, live wallpapers, better battery life. Look for CliqanDroid’s tutorial on installing the ROM; it can be done without rooting. The CPU runs pretty high, but Advanced Task Killer fixed that 99% of the time. I got tired of waiting for Moto, but I am really happy with my choice to upgrade.

  • http://Website Greg

    any updates on how to get a new phone from T mobile they keep telling me to be patient but you can only be patient for so long.

  • http://Website stirfry

    Rest assured. I will NEVER purchase a motorola again.

  • http://Website whattodo

    I am running the leaked, non root 2.1 from CliqAndroid and my only issue is the CPU as the previous poster said. I also have problems going from WiFi back to 3G and have to reboot the phone to make email and other data work with 3G. Other than that I LOVE 2.1 on this phone and wish the official upgrade would come out. This makes me hesitate to contact TMobile and beg for a different phone, as I don’t think any that they have are that much better than my Cliq with 2.1. And none of the phones will go past 2.2. The upcoming 2G might be worth it and might go past 2.2 though….

  • http://Website mike

    If you own a cliq, root it. There is a 2.1 rom with motoblur and it works great on the cliq. Don’t wait for those motorola pricks. Root your phone

  • http://Website Goodbye Cliq

    Goodbye Motorola….That’s just completely bad bad business….How can you be so unreliable we waited and waited and waited…Your customers deserve way better than this….

  • http://Website kelly

    my sister got this phone in april, and heard about the previous update they let out that crashed a lot of phones
    last week she got a g2, and it is the best cellphone i’ve ever held in my hand
    aaaaaand then i was left with her cliq. it was a new to me so i took it.

    one week and i can already say, if i don’t have a cliq with 2.1 by december, i’m calling tmobile and asking for them to send me at least a mt3gs for free.

  • http://Website pdxpaul

    Go to the motorola support forums to be part of the soak test now. The first 2000 folks get 2.1 like immediately.