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VISIONary gives G2 users a one-click (temporary) root solution

Permanent root access on the T-Mobile G2 is still nowhere in sight, but if you’re looking for a temporary solution, things have gotten a lot more simple. First there was a five-step process and then that was simplified down to a three-step one. Now, all you need to do is install and open an app to gain temporary root.

The VISIONary application was created by @paulobrien to give G2 users a faster root workaround since root access is lost every time the handset is restarted. If running the application every time you reset your G2 is still too cumbersome, a second version of the app has been tweaked so that it runs automatically on reboot.

It’s encouraging to see developers still working hard to find G2 owners a permanent root solutions. Let’s hope that once a solution is found, @paulobrien or other developers can make it as simple as the VISIONary one-click (temporary) root application.

Via: HTC Source

Source: MoDaCo

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  • http://Website Mr.G2

    Wow everyone is trying to root the G2 lol. Keep @ it people we rooting G2. ROOTED G2 FTW

  • http://Website Mark

    Is the bootloader locked?

  • http://Website sixcoronas

    Has anyone got this working? It set mine into a loop.

    I’m sure he will get it worked out.

    • http://Website sixcoronas

      WOOT! I’ve got it.

      Make sure USB debugging in enabled. I used the run-on-boot version.

      I added WIFI tether and it still has root after a reboot.

      This phone is a keeper now.

      • http://Website temp

        Does Wireless Tether work for you? I got the root and installed the program, but my laptop can’t seem to connect… anyone having that problem?


    Yeah I tried it earlier but it just froze so I just restarted the phone and it removed it. So according to my phone the App didn’t work. I guess ill wait until Cyanogen gets something done he is the only I actually trust with this whole Rooting crap on the phones.
    BTW the G2 Rocks !!!!!!!!

    • http://Website Tohit

      Download the pre 10 (or whatever it is called, tjhe lasthen one in september)m of the apk. Works fine on my g2 with visionary. Hate thus swype crap though

  • http://Website JD

    cyanogen just tweeted that he got CM on G2. Dunno how far we are from perm root….

  • ayocuz

    One click rooting makes me really want to get a g2 now. I have that one click on my nexus one, And between all the sweet custom roms I swap out it’s like I got a new phone every time.


    My G2 has been rooted for over a week now and I must say I love what this guys have done. Its like permanent root everytime i turn off my phone it runs again like a regular app (which it is) and gives me what I wanted the Wireless Tethering. Thank God for Open Source, Android Rocks !

  • http://Website arsalan

    Hey I installed the visionary and after that I got the superuser application. After running that application how do I actually enable the thetering? Is it under setting>wireless & networks? No thetering option is being showed there even after running the superuser app. Does anyone know how to enable the thetering?

  • http://iownaG2.com iownaG2

    Looks like it’s been suspended on the Android Market: VISIONary Off the Market? http://t.co/Se9NTdR

    • http://iownaG2.com iownaG2

      If you’re interested, I put up a full how-to video on gaining temporary root using VISIONary. How to (Temporarily) Root Your G2: http://t.co/VpeZ8eA

      There’s also a link where you can download it even though it’s off the Market.