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A closer look at T-Mobile’s latest phone in the myTouch family

Last week at CTIA I bumped into our friends from T-Mobile and I was surprised to find they had a new myTouch lying around. I was told it was a dummy unit, but I still asked to play with it so I could film a quick hands-on video.

The first thing I did was remove the back cover and discovered this was actually a working unit that had the clear plastic sheet under the battery to prevent it from turning on. Being a blogger looking for a scoop, I removed the plastic sheet and powered the device on. I saw the myTouch animation and was waiting for the phone to boot up when a T-Mobile rep saw what I was doing and kindly asked me for the battery.

myTouch family

The myTouch family compared.

The software wasn’t quite ready to show off so I couldn’t film it, but I was impressed with the design and overall build quality. The new myTouch is roughly the same size as the Nexus One, but it has some much needed upgrades like the front-facing camera and second-generation Snapdragon processor.

Thanks to a leaked spec sheet, we also learned that the myTouch will be the first Android phone to debut a new application called T-Mobile TV. The service offers on-demand videos plus “always-free programming” from ABC News Now, Fox Sports, PBS Kids, Disney, Univision, and family holiday favorites. Pre-loaded games will include Rock Band, Asphalt HD, and Monopoly.

Overall it looks like the myTouch is shaping up to be T-Mobile’s best offering this holiday season. Some hardcore users might be turned off by HTC’s Sense UI, but you always have the G2 if you prefer stock Android.

If you want to be the first to know when the T-Mobile myTouch is available, make sure you head over to the official site and register for updates.

Does the new myTouch offer enough to make you jump or will you wait till next year and hope for a dual-core phone?

Via: TmoNews

Source: T-Mobile

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  • http://Website GregS

    haha! I had a feeling that was all you needed to do was remove the plastic from the battery to get it to boot up. did it have the fast 20 second boot up like the Desire HD – or were you caught in under 20 seconds?

  • http://Website legendary1022

    Looks very cheap. Got plastic? G2 has far superior build quality

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      LOOKS very cheap… looks can be deceptive..

      any way…. how many moving parts will the new MT3G have compared to the G2?

    • http://Website JohnB

      Plastic is just about the only negative thing about this phone (although a big one for some). I’ll reserve my judgement until I see the unit in person.

      Look at other pros over G2 though:

      - thinner profile
      - front facing camera
      - as the article mentioned, a good processor!
      - slightly bigger screen (0.1-inch why did they even bother! :)

      Look at this benchmark, guys:


      As a stock setup, HTC Desire HD whips a** over all other phones! And this phone features the same CPU. And also look at G2′s result – it’s lesser cousin (from the CPU perspective) has been gaining the score with the stock setup. This processor is definitely a keeper.

  • http://Website roland

    Its sad the it has low internal memory. I my go to a another carrier

  • http://Website robert

    “emerald can, iphone can’t”

    lmfao. wow..thats all sorts of….LAME.

  • http://Website Michael Holcomb

    In your post you mentioned the Sense UI, do you know if it’s the Espresso build? I wish it had stock 2.2.

  • http://Website watbetch

    “much needed upgrades like the front-facing camera”


    • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

      I’m all for people being interested in certain features, but I don’t understand why people are obsessed with FFC, other than the iPhone4 has it, so they want it.

      Talked to people who use “Facetime” and the response? “It was kinda cool at first. Talking to my wife (or husband) is neat. My mom, yeah, ok. Then a buddy called and it was all ‘Hey dude… yeah… we’re looking at each other.’ So we hung up and he called me normal. It was more awkward than anything.”

      • http://Website Nace

        I want a front facing camera for the same reason why some digital cameras are now feature a swivel screen or a front facing display: so you can see yourself when taking self portraits…

      • http://Website R

        Because no matter how Gimmicky something may be, if someone/something else has a certain feature, then people will want it!

        I know four people with an iPhone 4, including the girl I’m seeing. They have pretty much all said the same thing you did.

        Who knows though, maybe now that the iPod Touch has it (which means more people using facetime), people will actually get some use out of it. As of right now, I doubt many actually are.

  • http://Website Anonymous

    To bad they couldn’t call it the my touch 4g. Since it has 4g “speeds”

  • http://Website Kevinthebox

    “Emerald can, iphone can’t”
    So, this is T-mobiles Project Emerald.
    It looks fantastic, it will be in teresting to see how it sells. Tmobile has to deliver with this phone.

    • http://Website James

      Really? I feel like T-Mobile has been delivering quite well with the Vibrant, G2, now this device…not to mention delivering on the 2.2 upgrade to the MT3G.

      let’s not forget the HSPA+ speeds with no added data fees…..T-Mobile is making me happy (after coming from ATT, Sprint and Verizon)

      • Kevinthebox

        Yes, i agree. However, many people feel that T-Mobile lacks a premier phone and THIS phone must turns heads to change T Mobile’s percepttion, (which ultimately I think will succeed in doing). Remember, this is their flagship phone so they must go all out in terms of marketing (which isn’t always the best when it comes to Tmobile) and support. I think this phone will prove that Tmobile isn’t to be messed with, but it will be up to them to show whether or not they are as serious as Verizon, Sprint.

        And I’m one of those people who has waited an eternity fot the MT3G to be updated :]

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    I think this phone holds real potential. BUT… im going to let this phone be announced and be released… then see whats next. Im holding my breath for the Desire HD to come to Tmo. I know they would want to release the new MyTouch first to sell as many as those as possible before announcing a better device. Everytime i let myself get all excited about a new phone I stop and tell myself “You’re stuck with it for 2 years so make it a good one!” Then i calm down and ready myself to wait it out. lol

    On a funny note, I had to call Tmo tech support yesterday (10/11/10). She told me how i am eligible to upgrade my phone. I told her yeah but im waiting a bit longer. She asked if i had a phone in mind i was waiting for. I said, Yeah.. either the new MyTouch or something else. She said, “Oh i haven’t heard of a new MyTouch yet… interesting”. LOL Yeah… riiiiight.

  • ayocuz

    the only beef I got with this phone is the screen size. Why not go 4.3 like the evo? That would really make people feel like tmobile is at lease trying to stake a claim for one of the top phones available this holiday season.

  • Uncemister

    I’m happy with my G2. I don’t need a FFC for kawaiidesu pics of myself. Seriously, how hard is it to ask a friend to take a pic of you?

  • http://Website Jeff

    I really see no reason “other than the front facing camera I suppose” to jump from a Vibrant or G2 to the MyTouch HD. It’s a nice upgrade from a Cliq or MT3G but I still think T-Mobile needs a real shocker. We may in fact get one early next year though. There are reports of the Motorola “Terminator” heading to multiple carriers, and tonight it was noted by TweetDeck that 3 testers out there are still using the mythical HTC Glacier. So who knows. I think this will be a great release for Magenta.. until Verizon blows it out of the water two months later.

  • http://twitter.com/rare_exception Reignzone

    Wait a minute… did anyone else catch that 700+ MB of RAM specification listing on that “training invoice” — or was that just me?

    That’s pretty impressive, considering the T-Mobile USA version of the HD2 still has the most RAM (576 MB) when it comes to mobile devices.

    • http://Website B2L

      Seriously, the more i hear about this phone the more i want it. I bet it is blazing fast, it would be hard to imagine this thing lagging much compared to my original mytouch 3g with only 192 mb of ram.

  • http://Website adam

    dean are u dumb iphone4 wasnt the first one in usa u forget the evo 4g had it and came out in june 3rd . Three week before iphone 4 came out in june 24rd. Bullshit apple just made a big deal about it.

    • http://www.nashvilletn-real-estate.com Dean Williams

      Adam, I’m aware of that. I also know European phones had it before, too. However, EVO users don’t run up to you and shove their phone in your face and say “Look how much better my phone is than yours” which is exactly what iPhone users do. It’s all about “I have an iPhone, look at what it can do!”

      I hate Apple and Steve Jobs, but their marketing department is arguably the best in the world right now. “Facetime” is a perfect example. I don’t care who had it first. People want it because Apple created buzz about it.