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About that WiFi-only Galaxy Tab…

Several days ago we ran a story that Best Buy would be selling a WiFi-only version of the Samsung Galaxy Tab for $499. I was a little surprised by the news because Samsung had previously said this was not their business strategy, so I went digging around to see if I could confirm or deny it.

Almost immediately after the story went up, one of my sources from a U.S. carrier informed me the Best Buy ad was incorrect and the WiFi-only Tab was not happening this year. When I reached out to Samsung they were unable to provide a comment and instead they referred me to the announcement Best Buy issued about their tablet pre-sale.

If you read Best Buy’s statement it says they will be selling the Sprint and Verizon versions of the Tab along with the Huawei Ideos S7 tablet. They mention the carrier Tabs are $599 at retail price and the Ideos is $299, but there are no details whatsoever about this mysterious WiFi-only Tab for $499.

Best Buy is notorious for advertising phones in their quarterly Buyer’s Guide that never see the light of day, but these thing are printed months in advance so you can’t really blame them.

I would love to be wrong on this one, but as of right now it doesn’t look like we will be seeing a WiFi-only Galaxy Tab anytime soon. If it was truly pushed back to “next year” I think that means it might be unofficially cancelled as Samsung gears up to launch their Honeycomb based tablet.

Update: And as soon as I hit publish, my friend Kote sends me this link. The site GSMArena has discovered a new model number GT-P1010 which they believe is a 3G-less Galaxy Tab. The found the device has already hit the FCC so maybe there is still a chance we see it hit stores. However, something makes me believe Samsung has a special deal with the U.S. carriers to not compete with them so who knows what will happen.

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Source: Best Buy

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  • http://Website Russell Holly

    At the US Launch of the Galaxy Tab, we were told that a Wifi Tab would be available “early next year”. Plus, your Honeycomb speculation has nothing to do with a Wifi Tab, since we know they will be separate devices. There is no information to substantiate the rumor that the Wifi Tab is being pulled, since it was said it won’t come until early next year.

  • http://Website CJ

    YYou know what would be nice? If Android focused websites would stop printing stuff without doing due diligence before they print it instead of posting half assed clarifications afterwards.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I did do my due diligence…I contacted Samsung and they declined to issue a statement. I was referred to the Best Buy announcement and I went from there.

  • geekster

    @CJ…seriously? Did you not read the damn thing? Thanks for posting this Taylor and keeping us up to date. I for one appreciate the digging that Android And Me does!

  • http://Website coder

    No WIFI-only version in USA because of some deal with US carriers?…SO SEND THEM TO AUSTRALIA! 3G version is going to fail, wifi-only might succeed IFF its made available sooner rather than later.

  • Gomez


    This tablet is wifi and it s only 100 bucks. But it says its only 1.6 so I guess if your not trying to do much with the tablet. Ill just use it for my kids, install some games and put some movies on it for long rides. And since its not official the market is not available also. Its like the Archos tablet I think. And Archos is taking forever to release their product. Or I haven’t checked.

  • http://Website Mahogany1

    Will you be able to make calls on this tablet as well? I hope this is not a stupid question.

  • http://Website Alex

    Well that just made my decision to not buy the Galaxy Tab and wait for something better.

  • http://Website Aaron

    A Wi-Fi only galaxy tab would play very nice with my Evo and wireless tethering…

  • http://www.twitter.com/Aaron_Vail Aaron Vail

    SUCKS! =( I was looking forward to the Wifi-only model, but now I’ll just wait for something better =/

  • http:androidtabletguide.com Padmen

    The New Galaxy Tab is nice. 10 inches has to be as big as they will get. The CEO of Blackberry was saying on Engadget that consumers don’t want anything bigger.
    Christmas 2011 will be huge for Android Tablets