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Android 2.1 update coming to the Motorola Cliq in November

Rumors about an Android 2.1 update for the Motorola Cliq aren’t anything new. We’ve seen dates come and go, but it finally looks like T-Mobile is actually gearing up to release the update for the Cliq. An image of a T-Mobile training course has been spotted which shows off some of the new features and enhancements which will be included in the Android 2.1 update. Anyone hoping for a stock Android build can relax since the update will include an enhanced MotoBLUR in addition to the new Android market, more home screen panels, enhanced widgets, corporate email access and improved multimedia apps. 

The Android 2.1 update will need to be manually downloaded and installed through your computer and will require 30 MB of internal memory along with 100 MB of free space on your microSD card. 

We don’t have any clear indication as to when T-mobile will be making the Motorola Cliq update available, but with T-Mobile training expected to begin on November 7th, the Android 2.1 update shouldn’t be too far behind. 

Just out of curiosity, how many of you still own the Motorola Cliq? We’ve gotten the impression that those of you who did have it have moved on to something better already.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website android guy

    Motorola CLIQ=FAIL I bet ther going to say there is no update until next year!

  • http://Website Cendre

    What about the My Touch 3g?! :(

    • krazytrixxxsta

      go back to the android and me home page and scroll down a bit.

  • http://Website Kimbo

    I’ve still got one. I gripe a lot about it being stuck on 1.5, but honestly, it’s been a good phone. It’s just that I’ve had major problems installing anything lately because of version of the OS. I still won’t own a Motorola phone every again.

    I am really, really tempted to pick up a G2, but I’m going to wait it out a bit and see what kind of phones are available for the holiday season.

  • http://Website ps3chick

    I have a Cliq! I been waiting until the end of the year to see if Moto would do something for us…I’m gonna check it out and see if I’m keeping my Cliq or moving on in spite of the update.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Didn’t the new Market come as a silent update for 1.5 users? I know it did for 1.6. My G1 is rocking auto-updates and everything now.

    • http://Website nick gray

      No, that silent market update was for android 1.6 and above.

  • http://Website Efren

    I still have one. Althought it’s rooted. If it wasn’t rooted I think I would still love it. It is a great phone regardless if it has an outdated os. I really am looking forward to the update. Can’t wait!

  • http://Website RS

    I still have mine because I can’t afford to buy a new phone full-price just yet. I’m hanging on until December, when I can get a partial upgrade discount.

  • http://www.androidlife.com lancehmel

    The cliq is outdate as far as the hardware and os goses i’d like to see if the cliq can even run 2.1 well let alone with motoblur…. if your with t-mobile I would go for the g2 or a galaxy s…. motorola has kind of abandoned t-mobile. Just my take

    • http://Website MataCulo

      I have a cliq with the leaked 2.1 update (you can have it doing this http://www.youtube.com/watch?annotation_id=annotation_76510&feature=iv&v=IAzbtlIh5iU) and it runs PERFECT! 200 times faster than the original 1.5 motoblur setup. I recommend anyone with a cliq to try it. You dont have to have root and you can revert back to 1.5 when the proper update is released (if it is released someday lol).

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      My wife’s phone is rooted with ADLXMod 2.0.2 (android 2.1) and it has higher benchmark numbers than my HTC magic with Cyanogen’s CM5.

    • http://Website nick gray

      If phones like the HTC Hero and myTouch 3G can handle 2.1 and 2.2, there’s no reason why the Cliq shouldn’t. All those first generation phones are esentially running identical internal hardware.

  • http://Website mmil

    Cliq owner for 10.5 months. Recently traded up to the G2. Can honestly say the cliq was a horrible tech experiance…avoid the cliq at all costs.

  • http://Website mitch

    Still have the Cliq I bought in December 2009. Totally unhappy with continual breaking of promises to update 1.5, but will respond by stating I will NEVER buy another Motorola product!

  • http://Website John Mark

    still have the Cliq here, too. Forced into it when my G1 died THREE DAYS OUT OF WARRANTY! I have all but given up on 2.1.

  • http://Website Jason

    This article is spot on. I was a Motorola Cliq owner and I was livid with their endless lies about Android 2.1.

    I emailed everyone I could with my complaint as well as sent a certified letter.

    I’ve since then left Motorola, swearing to never support them again already to Samsung with this lovely Vibrant. I’m in heaven.

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      jumping out of the frying pan into the skillet?

      Samsung will do the same thing.

      • http://Website Nick Gray

        I love how companies get a bad rap just because they had one bad phone. Samsung is already rolling out Android 2.2 in Europe to the Galaxy S, so we should start seeing it here within a month or so.

        • http://Website @neidlinger

          Given the US carriers are going to support 2.2. Just because Samsung Says it ready. doesn’t mean Sprint/ATT/T-Mobile and Big Red will support them.

        • http://Website Usman

          That’s a nice sentiment, but we all know that Samsung will simply stop at 2.2 on the SGS phones. I doubt anyone will ever see 3.0 on that device,. and this is why HTC is still king of Android handsets.

  • CGH


  • CGH

    I am using Motorola DEXT in Singapore. Just really hoping it coming to CLIQ.
    And hoping someone have a method of installing CLIQ 2.1 ROM on DEXT.


  • http://Website Hans

    Another example of people complaining when they should’ve read the reviews on this phone. It’s common knowledge that high end/mid-level phoned are the ones that get updated. Low-end phones are meant to stay how they are. And to stop supporting a whole company just because of a small issue is sad, really.

  • http://Twitter.com/capang9555 Caleb

    Got a cliq in feb of this year. Its been good to me. I still use it as my main phone but i was so pissed about the update i went out and got a nokia nuron. Dont use my nuron as much as i do with the cliq. But i want that update out now! I check every day on my cliq for updates. I still have a year and a half left on my contract. Gr but i and you need to keep our chins up at least we are getting a update. The dext moto cliq for the uk and outside the us is staying on 1.5 so we need to be happy. Fallow me on twitter twitter.com/capang9555

    Caleb p

  • http://Website anticipation

    I still own it but I really do hope this is the last rumor cuz I might leave if they hold me off again.

  • http://Website Matt

    I love my Motorola Cliq. It’s a well made phone and looks nice. The only problems are it’s made by Motorola and is sold at T-Mobile.

    If this were made by HTC and sold at Verizon it’d be a top phone competing with Droid. But since T-Mobile is a third rate service and Motorola plays favorites when it comes to customers, Cliq got lost in the mess.

    People forget Cliq was rated a top phone by many sources and on par with the Droid. So it’s not the phone. it’s the fact Motorola customer service sucks and it’s sold at a third rate cellphone service.

  • http://Website @NEIDLINGER

    i’ve had 2.1 on my wife’s phone for going on 3 months now…T-Mobile USA as a matter of fact….

    It’s called Rooting and Flashing a new ROM.. … Extremely easy process.

    • http://Website RajW

      I have to agree with you. Although I have moved on to the Samsung Galaxy S, my wife is still on the Motorola CLIQ. My wife *really* wanted the Amazon Kindle software, so I followed the relatively simple instructions on modmymobile dot com and her her phone updated to 2.1 (No open GL) in about an hour. I have to say I’m impressed and she is quite happy with the look and feel of her Motorola CLIQ.

  • deltaslight

    Lol its funny that this is announced right after I switch to the Vibrant. Motorola, you really disappointed me. Lets just hope Samsung doesnt…

    • http://Website watbetch

      The SGS already has FroYo, it hasn’t trickled down to the Vibrant yet.

      I’ll be totally honest, I liked the CLIQ a lot. There is a lot to like.. It feels really REALLY solid despite the outside being completely plastic. The QWERTY keyboard is really good, add a 5th row, move the D-Pad, make the space bar huge and move the Android keys to the side like the Epic while keeping the same smallish domed keys and tidy spacing between the keys (or lack thereof) and you would have one of the BEST QWERTY keyboards ever. Reception is good, call quality is up there and the speakerphone is loud.. the sliding mechanism is really good.. however,

      The Digitizer sucks. It really truly is garbage. Others and myself have experienced multiple CLIQ’s picking up finger smudges as touch inputs. This is unacceptable.. You can get around this with a screen protector but it shouldn’t be a requirement to keep your sanity while using the phone in hot humid weather.

      They’ve taken way too long to update it. It’s obvious that they just didn’t care much and didn’t devote enough man power to get it out quickly. They had to update the CLIQ because it was moderately successful, but the DEXT won’t be getting the update (2.1) at all from what I’ve read and nor will the poor selling Devour.

      I’d give them another chance if the CLIQ2 was a show stopper with the above mentioned enhancements to the keyboard plus a high-res screen 3.7″ screen, metal design (just because the DROID’s have it like that) or rubberized rugged design, 2.2 at the LEAST, 5MP/HD recording with a flash, and some other features that would be required to make it a high end device.

      They can redeem themselves.. hopefully they do with the Defy. It’s unique enough and fills a niche that is surprisingly missing among Android phones.

  • http://Website bohica

    Hans, the Cliq wasn’t a low end phone when it came out a year ago lol. It was Moto’s first Android unit. So get your facts straight before spouting off. The truth is, there were hardly any Android phones when the Cliq debuted. Moto has been promising 2.1 for so long its become a running joke. So , yeah I will never buy another Motorola phone again either. Its HTC in the future for me.

  • http://Website HardNoks

    the only reason i still have my cliq is because of HandlerExploit’s roms. without him this wouldve been long gone. im still saving up for the g2 though. i need that phone

  • http://nickandrosemary.blogspot.com/ Nick

    I have a CLIQ. I bought it used for a great deal – because someone I know upgraded to a Droid.
    I like the phone a lot, but have been very frustrated waiting for this update to happen – particularly because I would like to be able to use certain apps such as Kindle reader, which require at least Android 1.6.
    The thing for me is that I live in Europe, and since my phone is an unlocked American version – I am worried that the update might not work on it.
    Any thoughts on that?

  • http://Website caabbyy

    The people who haven’t owned these phones have no right to say anything. It is the phone company these choose to only support the droid line at verizon the most. And like the cliq I have the backflip so I’m right there with the cliq users. I too will never buy me a motorola product again. I just hope htc has good phones out nextyear cus I know motorola shits out too many models than they can support. MotoFAIL!

  • http://Website posneur

    When I bought my cliq at the beginning this year, one of the major selling points for me was that it supposedly got ‘regular updates’ to its OS. Granted this was in the days before we knew exactly what ‘regular updates’ meant, but even still, I have been so disappointed with how ridiculously long it has taken for Moto’s DEBUT ANDROID DEVICE to get above 2.x! I rooted, and now it’s mostly okay, but the draw of android was that I would have ‘regular updates!’ I know this is the same kvetching you’ve heard a gajillion times before, but it still bares stating that Motorola really, REALLY gave us the finger on this one. So, in return, I’m gonna tell motorola where to stick it by getting a Galaxy S phone and talking smack about their company ad infinitum.

  • http://Website Dangcucu

    Got the G2 now… I really loved the Cliq but not getting the android update was too much for me. May sale the cliq now though I like the dpad gaming & it’s a great phone-phone with motoblur.

  • http://Website Noel Easer

    This update should’ve been released about 6 months ago. I bet the majority of Cliq owners are tired and fed up with older hardware and are about to jump ship anyways or already have…

  • http://Website Angela

    I have a Cliq. Honestly it is the cost holding me back. I got the 2 year plan price back in Nov 2009, so I don’t want to shell out another $499 or more for a phone (that might not last a year) until my 2 years are up. Then I might even switch carriers too, even though I’ve been with T-Mo for 7 years. Just tired of the same ol’ stuff.

    • http://Website Allie

      I’m in the same boat. I hope the new update will bring a breath of fresh air to the Cliq so that I can tolerate it another 11 months or so till I can get a new one. Does anyone know if T-Mobile offers any early upgrade options where you don’t have to pay full price for the phone?

      • quantux

        Depends on your contract (1 or 2 year), and probably the phase of the moon or something.

        Remember, if you get a phone via contract, you’re still paying for the phone. In fact, you’ll pay more over the life of the contract. Sign a new 2 yr. and pay $200 upfront for a G2 or vibrant, and then pay $20/month for the next two years… Ends up being $680 total. Even the free phones (like the cliq) will end up costing you almost 500 bones.

        Do yourself a favor, save up and buy the phone outright for much cheaper, and switch to the no contract plan. You can switch even if you’re still under contract, you still pay $20 less per month, but you just have to keep service until the end of the original contract.

  • http://doyoulikefood.com mcdisease

    I had one of these but upgraded to a Nexus One. I think you can find these pretty cheap on craigslist or ebay these days. If I needed a new phone I would probably look for one of these on the cheap if it had 2.1.

  • http://Website Excision

    Yeah I still own mine. I mean it hasn’t been a horrible phone at all. It texts, I can surf the web, I have my Pandora radio and I’m able to communicate. So I mean…it functions perfectly fine as a phone. I was tempted to install the leaked 2.1 but in the end decided I would only do it if they didn’t release 2.1 by the end of the year. And it looks like my patience is finally going to pay off. I just can’t wait for it to finally be released.

  • http://Website Kurt P

    I have the Cliq and I like the phone but desperately want the upgrade. I have a friend who’s neighbor works for Motorola and they said that the reason the update gets pushed back is because of the MotoBlur UI keep muckin it up. Thus the reason they are no longer supporting MotoBlur once they do the update.

    The Cliq isn’t the ‘fail’ here it’s the MotoBlur UI. Gimmie the update already!

  • android238

    I have a CLIQ and have been waiting for the update for a long time now. I personally like the CLIQ’s design and keypad, but the rumors of the time frame for the update has made my experience with Motorola not very pleasant since I entered into a new 2yr contract, don’t qualify for an upgrade, and can’t afford to buy another phone right now. I am stuck with the CLIQ with 1.4.8 and rumors! I don’t really look forward in purchasing another Motorola phone, neither do I really feel like recommending Moto to anyone I know because of what I experienced. I really hope this is not another rumor. That would be really really upsetting.

  • http://Website paul

    the cliq is my first and LAST motorola phone ever.

  • http://Website coggy9

    I won my CLIQ from a T-Mobile employee contest. I gave my rooted 2.1 CLIQ to my dad,he amazing loves it…….when it works. Since then I’ve gotten a Nexus. And I’ll never buy a Motorola device with a locked bootloader or Blur.

  • http://Website todd

    My Cliq can be slow, unresponsive, jerky…but I still use it everyday and hope someday to use it as a test phone. It’s not 1 year old but seems so old already! so far it has the best keyboard of any phone I know of!!!

  • http://Website roy

    I still got one. Had to have to it replaced like three times

  • http://Website daksun

    I still have my Cliq XT. I love it with or without the update. There aren’t many phones I would switch to anyway… at least not with T-Mobile that is.

  • http://Website MulderFoxx

    Still have a Cliq XT and it is rooted. I wouls HOPE that when the Cliq update comes out that means the XT update follows immediately thereafter, but I am not holding my breath.


  • http://Website Ricky

    I had one but I just updated to the vibrant just got tired of waiting for the cliq xt

  • http://Website Wacky

    I still have my motorola cliq and love using it. I just wish I had android 1.6 so I could install my book reader from Barnes a Noble on it. Would save in having to do the conversion process so I can read my purchased ebooks using Aldiko.

    The only reason I want 2.1 is cause I’m a tech weenie, but I’m to lazy to root and shoot a hacked 2.1 on it myself.

  • http://Website Anthony

    I got my Cliq back in may with new contract so i’m stuck with it at least till may next year.that being said I don’t really hate my phone.it functions fine and does mostly what I want.I just want some apps I can’t get with 1.5.I’ve decided to wait till may to get partial upgrade and skip froyo and go to gingerbread and htc.

  • http://Website Luis

    Check the moto site 2.1 testing is out 1st come 1st serve

  • http://Website gabe

    I still have a cliq…unfortunately, I am too broke to afford a better phone right now. I have been hoping and praying that T-Mobile/Motorola make some necessary changes to the phone. It disgusts me that it took this long to implement…well after the release of the Iphone4. They obviously don’t have much appreciation for their customers, as they slept this long on working on fixes for this phone. This is the most faulty phone I have ever owned, or even seen for that matter. It is beyond frustrating. You would expect something flawless for that price, but insteady you get an incredibly buggy device that has ruined many of my calls, texts and patience. Since I have come this far, I will wait for this update….it better impress. If it isnt a SIGNIFICANT change, I am jumping ship.

  • http://Website Berto

    i have recently called motorola customer service, actualy it was today and she said that the 2.1 update for the cliq,is gonna start being released officially in the last wekk of October! YESSS although this is great news, i had a G1 before this, and i loved it, so i really really cant wait till i get my upgrade because im gonna get the G2! and i will NEVER buy another Motorola phone AGAIN!

  • http://Website frankie s..

    I still got a cliq and I have high hopes for the update.. I don’t wanna give up my cliq because of the ease of use.. so in saying hopefully soon this update can be released..

  • http://Website W. Nagy

    I still have a cliq only because it works for now, i am especially picky when it comes to touch screen phones and i dont like moving on to a new phone unless i am comfortable with it and kow i will like it,

  • http://MotorolaCliq Rod C

    I still use my Cliq. I bought it off Craigslist about a year ago. I like it. I think I will keep using it for another year – but I’m not ruling out upgrading if something crazy awesome comes along.

  • http://Website Matt

    I still happily own a cliq.. i’ve posted many a time before that it is an amazing and very capable phone.. everyone who decided to bail it just because they had to wait longer than expected for an update is missing out on the point of open platform developing.. no matter what happens the sad world we live in will ALWAYS complain about what it is that others have. with 100,000+ apps in the market i have a cliq (nonrooted) that is doing 99% of the things froyo is doing.. take some time to learn your phone before you let some iphone user tell you that apple rox cause they can pinch to zoom.. SO WHAT!!! you mean to tell me that ur psyched on having to use 2 fingers to zoom in on something vs my 1 finger tap and slide method? that means i still have a hand free to flip you all off..

  • http://Website michael moore

    I still have one… and I like it!!!

  • http://shadholland.com Shad

    I purchase a Cilq thinking I was upgrading from my G1. In reality it was a downgrade….:-(. I learned to not follow the hype and look more closely at the phone details. That and I think Motorola has lost some customers for sure. They feed us BS all the time and we don’t get what they tell us they will deliver. I still have mine and I am still waiting for my upgrade over the G1. Hey Motorola, there are a lot of other phones out there……..maybe you need to take better care of your customers if you want to retain them.

  • http://Website lilflower

    I sill own my cliq. Patiently waiting for the update.

  • http://Website tootone

    Wow, I can’t believe so many of you still have this prehistoric phone. Small VGA screen, jerky touch screen response, and 1.5 hardware. You are true die yards. I wish you best of luck. I sold my clique to a girl on Craigslist and felt so bad because I knew I was giving her a garbage phone

  • http://Website omar qureshi

    I had no idea that an update came out! I’m sooooo hapy that they realeased one!! I’m actaully using my cliq right now and it is my first android but it is definitly the best phone that I have ever had!