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Android Market catching up with App Store, now over 100k apps

The Android Market can now boast 100,000 plus apps according to a tweet from the official Android Developer account. Google still has a ways to go before they catch Apple’s App store (which has 300k plus apps), but the total number of new Android devices is rapidly growing and the addition of tablets and Google TV boxes will keep the momentum going.

A recent report from the NYTimes claims that Google is still activating 200,000 phones a day and Andy Rubin said that 270,000 developers are writing software for Android.

Market stats from AndroLib show the pace of new apps being published has slowed since the summer, but I expect that trend will reverse when the software development kits for tablets and Google TV are released next year.

If you need help digging through those 100k apps, make sure to check out my previous article on the Top 3 sites for discovering Android apps. I have found that AppAware is still my favorite service for discovering hot apps, but AppBrain is adding so many new features that I’ve been using them as well.

What are some of the ways that you use to discover the latest Android apps?

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  • M3rc Nate

    I tend to get them from sites like this one. Tech blogs. The market in my opinion still needs to be fixed to help show the “top 25 things being downloaded” or “Best 10 games” or something. I never “search” the market for something unless i know exactly what im searching for.

    Im loving angry birds though :D

    -T-mobile G2 stock-

  • http://Website kim

    Can’t understand… guys on Androlib.com are saying that we’re over 150k apps? Are they wrong?

  • http://Website adam

    kim go through androlib check this out on bottom bar.

    87702 Applications
    14467 Games

    102,169 applications in total

    This website is right

    put androlib and apps then plus it with games it will give you the grand total.

    • http://Website kim

      Thanks adam, but I still can’t get it…
      In the bottom androlib’s bar I keep on seeing “152560 applications”, I can’t see any different count for games and apps.

      Well, actually this is not the point. It is important android has now a critical mass of apps that can let it compare with apple market.

      • http://Website kim

        I’m a perfect noob, I have to reply to my self!! Now I’ve seen the correct count….

  • http://Website Andrew

    yes… but how many of these apps are soundboards and live wallpapers? I really wish google would go with the walled-garden model that apple’s got going, it really helps the end-user sift through the shit.

    • http://Website TechnoSTIG

      Their walled-garden model is so good, that they have 300,000 unique apps…..

    • http://Website KingOfCode

      The walled-garden is the main reason for not having an iPhone. If you like it better, go get it.

  • http://Website adam

    Google in my experience should start adding hd and 3d games. We already have good apps that isnt game bring on the game google???? We only have like 20 decent and good games, beside the emulators.