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Another Motorola insider confirms Tegra 2 Android phone for AT&T

Outside of this site not many have been following Motorola’s next flagship superphone, but a report from BGR confirms pretty much everything we have detailed so far. One of their sources from inside Motorola has told them a device codenamed Olympus will feature a 4″ display with a step up in resolution (tip: it’s actually 4.1″ but who’s counting), it will be powered by NVIDIA (dual-core 1 GHz Tegra 2), and debut on AT&T in Q1 2011.

This Olympus MB860 phone is the device we lovingly nicknamed Terminator and it will be coming to multiple carriers, including AT&T (1st), Verizon (2nd), and possibly more (Sprint + T-Mobile).

We have yet to receive any pictures of the device, but several tipsters have said it looks like a smaller version of the Droid X with the addition of a front-facing camera (see fake blurrycam pic above). Originally I reported it would be the first dual-core phone to ship with Gingerbread (Android 2.3), but test units are currently running Android 2.2 and now that honor might now to go LG.

Look for Motorola to unveil this device at CES in January. There is a small chance it could ship before Christmas with Android 2.2, but hopefully Motorola takes the extra time and updates their software so it ships with the latest version of Android.

Source: BGR

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  • http://Website hector


    I want one!

    • topsnus

      I hope to god this isn’t 4g. Nothing to ruin an awesome phone like an extra charge from verizon….

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    These stories keep me interested but really hope a leaked picture comes soon. Hopefully by Dec. Just saying that because LG already has theirs leaked. It looks very sexy. You can expect any up & coming Tegra 2 phone to be awesome & have pretty much matching specs. Can’t put one above until there all reviled.

  • http://Website BGH

    I bet you guys actually get crystal clear pics of all these phones but you just blur them deliberately in photoshop to make the story appear more like an exclusive scoop.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Any chance this will be stock android?? PRETTY PRETTY PLEASEEEEEEEEEEEE

    • http://Website Darkseider

      While it may be stock Android it will be loaded with AT&T crapware and have sideloading locked out like all of their other offerings. So in essence you will get a Ferrari that can go 200 MPH but will be limited to 65 MPH to keep you and your investment SAFE. AT&T will screw this phone up without a doubt.

      • http://Website nokin

        All the carriers seem to screw up the phones. It certainly makes some sense that ATT will need a great device to counter the ( if Verizon sells the iphone ) loss of clientele.

        • http://Website Matt

          I sure hope this comes out before christmas and since I have AT&T, I hope they don’t screw this android up too (excluding the captivate)

  • AceoStar

    man, I’d even stay with ATT if I could get a damn Christmas release arg

  • http://Website Nyreyn

    If this goes to att first will it have a fcc? No phone without some sort of 4g has one yet. Well that be the difference between atts version and verizons?

  • http://Website JAG

    release it worldwide please!!!

  • topsnus

    I hope to god this isn’t 4g. Nothing to ruin an awesome phone like an extra charge from verizon….

  • http://Website Alex Lawson
  • http://Website Aaron

    I’ve been wanting an android phone for Soooo long but at&t does not have any good androids with slide out keyboard the one that they do have been mid end phones with POOR reviews its been so frustrating specially cause i have a hyped up samsung jack that is [email protected] and I’ve have a family plan with At&t so I’m stuck for at least a year
    I’ve been waiting & waiting watching sites like here for some sort of good news I hope that I wont have to wait much longer I’ve nearly thrown my phone into the river with frustration a few times

    • chief113

      Dude, ever hear of puncutation? Use a period once in a while. So annoying.