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Confirmed: T-Mobile 4G is coming soon to a city near you

First, T-Mobile advertised “4G speeds“. Then they unveiled the myTouch 4G. Now T-Mobile is ready to start promoting their new 21 Mbps, HSPA+ network as 4G, according to a report from our friends at TmoNews.

A tipster reported that retail stores began receiving promotional materials including brochures and signage which advertise T-Mobile as having “America’s largest 4G network”. The new network message is expected to begin in early November.

T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network offers max download speeds of 21 Mbps, which are double Sprint’s 4G WiMAX (10 Mbps). Those download speeds will double to 42 Mbps next year as the carrier continues to upgrade their network.

Right now T-Mobile sells the HTC G2 which offers speeds up to 14.4 Mbps and plan to launch the myTouch 4G on November 3rd.

The HSPA+ technology is also backwards compatible with 16 of T-Mobile’s current 3G devices, which includes their entire Android lineup. Older HSPA devices cap out at 7.2 Mbps, but your aging G1 could still be pulling down faster download speeds than an EVO 4G if you are lucky to live in one of the markets which have received HSPA+.

Currently T-Mobile is offering HSPA+ speeds to around 100 million people, and they plan to bring it to over 100 major metropolitan areas and up to 200 million people by the end of the year.

To see if your city is on the 4G list visit T-Mobile’s coverage map > Click the Network Speed tab > Scroll down and click “Check to see if the new network is in your city”.

Features and benefits of T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network include:

  • Theoretical capability of peak download speeds of up to 21 mbps
  • Theoretical capability of peak upload speeds of up to 5.7 mbps
  • You don’t have to buy a new phone to take advantage of the new network–many existing T-Mobile 3G phones and laptop sticks work too
  • Runs on state-of-the-art fiber optic technology

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website tony

    First to post…….. haahaha…….. nice loving the 4g…… O yea

  • Snafu77

    I’m getting 4mb/2mb in an area that doesn’t have HSPA according to the map. They’ve been upgrading towers around here because I used to only get spotty Edge and now I have good 3g in the house (1mb/1.5mb). If I walk outside I’m getting twice that.
    I wish they would let me pay another $20 for totally unlimited bandwidth once HSPA+ comes out then I can cancel Charter broadband. I think cellular is going to put tons of pressure on cable broadband in the ISP market soon and probably put ma bell totally out of business.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yeah I’m really liking T-Mobile’s upload speeds when I travel. Sprint caps you at 1 Mbps on their 4G network, but I can normally hit 2 Mbps up on my G2.

      • http://asurroca.com asurroca

        Sprint caps their (already slow) 4G network? Sheesh. Just today, I was having lunch with a friend who’s got an EVO on Sprint, and she was complaining about her slow 3G (Sprint 4G not even rolled out in my area), so I did a speedtest on my G2. 5.42 Mbps up, 1.49 down. Love it. ;)

        • http://asurroca.com asurroca

          Oops, I meant 5.42 down, 1.49 up!

  • iringbells100

    see if i get sweetness on my nexus in Det.

  • http://Website Kimberly

    I sure wish that was true! I live in Huntsville, Tx, we don’t even have 3G..so I think T mobile is pulling our leg

  • http://Website ivan

    taylor you are the worst author ever, since when has a G1 gotten higher download speeds than an Evo you are just retarted. Thats why nobody likes your website. Oh and hspa+ sucks just like t mobile sucks. Sprint is killing every other carrier right now and you know it. So get off t mobiles little dick already and stop talking shit about Sprint and Wimax, cause you know they are the best.

    • http://Website Jay

      You mad? Lol Sprint sucks and everyone knows that stop hating on a much better and faster network. If you don’t like the site don’t visit and comment idiot. T-Mobile FTW!!!!!!

      • http://Website Richard


        • http://Website Jeremy

          Stop kidding yourself Richard & Sprint Fanboys & Co., NOT A SINGLE ONE of the carriers has 4G yet based on the IMT standards, which require speeds up to 1 Gbit/s.

          Based on that, Sprint’s technology (WiMAX) is no more 4G than T-mobile’s, Sprint was just the first one with enough balls to claim their tech as 4G.

          So if we’re going to use the buzzword version of 4G then as long as T-mobile is pulling higher wireless download/upload speeds with HSPA+, it has the rights call their network 4G as much as any other provider.

          FYI: 4G is a standard, NOT a wireless technology

        • http://Website Jeremy

          Excuse me, make that 100MB/s for long range. Regardless, I believe we’re all talking about 4G in terms of who’s going to be pumping out serious data for the next 2 years because by then 5G will be the big thing with ridiculous bandwidth requirements.

      • Sinanovski

        How is TMo faster? Last time I checked, TMo is charging you $30 for 5Gb data plan, and Sprint is charging me $30 for my data plan. How is that more expensive? Oh, wait…the $10 premium data fee…ok I’ll give you that one. But are you sure that in couple of months your TMo is not gonna start $10 premium data themselves? Surely with new technology comes the new need for money. Right?
        Nothing is free. Remember that.

        Tested via Speakeasy test;
        http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5130936748/

        And here is the Vibrant. I don’t know if Philadelphia has HSPA+ yet…Couldn’t do Speakeasy test due to no Flash player on Vibrant.
        http://www.flickr.com/photos/[email protected]/5130375827/

        • http://Website watbetch

          4G is the worst network for coverage EVER. You can’t hold the connection in a car, a building, pretty much anywhere that you aren’t near a 4G tower. And the Vibrant’s modem is only 7.2HSPA capable. 4G is a huge battery drain and thanks to the last update for the Evo, lags up the phone when it’s on. Add that to the fact that you lose 4G on some roms like Cyanogen and you have some fail to deal with.

          Also it’s been recently discovered that Sprint modified the 3G icon to show 3G data when you’re on 1X data. FAIL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website matt

      actually the sprint network is not better in many places and also
      they charge about three times as much it is clear that the author likes t-mobile
      because they are good and not because he is biased and if you dont like this site then
      why are you here? p.s. FUCK YOU

      • http://Website matt

        sorry about the formatting

      • http://Website Richard

        Matt……Go eat frogs you know what you LOSER

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Thanks for the feedback.

      The fastest 4G download speeds I have seen yet were on a Sprint Epic 4G – http://androidandme.com/2010/08/news/sprint-epic-4g-delivers-fastest-download-speeds-yet/

      The fastest 4G uploads speeds are on the G2. I get around 2 Mbps compared to Sprint’s 1 Mbps. It really just depends where you live. Some people see higher speeds on Sprint. Some get higher speeds on T-Mobile.

      The point is (1) T-Mobile offers a larger 4G area than any other carrier (2), they have the largest selection of devices that can benefit from the new network, (3) and their devices have the highest theoretical speed (14.4 Mbps) on the network with the fastest theoretical max (21 Mbps).

      I think both services are pretty awesome. It just comes down to where you live and how you use your phone.

      • http://Website Sam

        Ok i have a g2 & even though T-mobile says detroit dosent have hspa+ yet i’m getting the H (hspa+) symobl on my phone & the highest i have ever gotten was 7.something really close to 8 mbps. So if 5-6 was the highest sprint phone could get then T-mobile WINS

      • http://Website Ivan

        These are my speed on my HTC Evo 4G and yea I also live in Houston TX


        I have never seen any phone on t mobile reach that high, and t mobiles coverage sucks in houston, most of my friends are on t mobile and they have horrible coverage still on EDGE, lmfao. Sprint is dominating here, and your talking about upload speeds let me see your download speeds see if you get anywhere near as I am getting. Oh and Wimax offers up to 40 mbps do some research before talking, just devices are capped at 10 mbps so yea pretty much blows t mobile the hell out of here. So yea fuck all of you’ll sucking t mobiles dick with your spotty cheap coverage lmfao….yeeeee

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      And another thing ivan, make sure you keep visiting our website because you will love the new re-design coming up. We are going to highlight the best feedback from readers like you, even when they are down-voted. We are also doing achievements too so maybe we can create some special badges for you.

      • http://Website Ivan

        LMFAO you guys got nothing to say now about Sprint huh? You guys say you get constantly 6-7 mbps down on your nexus one and on your G2. How about you guys show my your speedtest just like i showed mine on Sprint’s 4G which i got 9.20 mbps in Houston TX. Im pretty sure you guys all lying, so you wont feel stupid that you are stuck with cheap ass t mobile. LOL I guess Wimax has won again. LMFAO yeeeeeeeeeeee bitches

    • http://Website Adryan

      Just so you know you are the worst commenter and retarted and possibly. He SAID G2 stupid de de de. Again if you dont like a site dont come to and post terrible comments about the author.

  • http://Website Eddie Android

    I work in Anaheim, California by the Angel Stadium and I used to get 700 kbps – 1.8 mbps 3G and ever since HSPA+ launched here I’m always stuck on EDGE with 20 – 120 kbps download speeds WTF!!!!!!! Nexus One here

  • http://Website Yup

    He’s simply stating facts. Stop getting all sentimental about your dear Sprint, or go ahead and keep doing so I guess. You sound pathetic though.

  • http://Website Tyler

    I live in Orlando. Right now I’m using my phone as a wifi hotspots to power my computer and I’m watching a movie on my TV using Netflix. I’m pretty sure the HSPA+ network is legit and awesome. I’m even thinking about getting a T-Mobile wireless internet card when they start charging $15 for the hotspot.

    Sprint and Verizon are being left in the dust when compared to quality carriers and T-Mobile.

  • http://Website BiGMERF

    It says orlando is covered but on my Nexus I never come close to 7.2

  • http://Website Mark

    Wake up and smell the roses, Ivan. T-Mobile > Sprint. You’re just butt hurt because you’ve been lied to by your dear Sprint that you have “4G”. Pathetic. You can holler all you want. Fact is T-Mobile has the larger and faster network WITHOUT even trying to hard to be what they’re not.

    Posted from my HSPA+ G2. :D

    • http://Website Tito!

      Yeah, FTW speaking right there. (:
      #Team T-Mobile.

  • http://Website TouchMyTouch

    I have been getting the H indicator but not seeing a great increase in speed here in Phoenix. Even with 3g my MyTouch 3g I only got 0.70 Mbps and now I am closer to 0.90 Mbps. I might have to start looking at the new phones in Nov to get those great speeds.

    • http://Website UMA Fan

      Your phone can’t tell the difference between regular 3G and HSPA+. 3G/4G are marketing terms. They both use HSPA technology to function. Just like Sprint 4G uses Wimax to function.

      T-Mobile has just enhanced its existing HSPA+ network to deliver those speeds to you.

    • http://Website watbetch

      In PHX I regularly had 3-5Mbps, not sure but the myTouch 3G has some settings in the build.prop that disables HSUPA and might relegate it to slower HSPA speeds. You should look up how to modify the build.prop for better data classes.

    • http://Website TouchMyTouch

      I am now seeing 1.70 downloads after readjusting the overclock I had on the phone.

      @watbetch I am looking into some app that will allow me to modify build.props. Since I rooted and now run cyanogen there should be a way to increase the data speeds.

  • http://Website alex

    c’mon new jersey(hudson county) :)

  • http://Website mikey

    Still rocking a G1 and it continues to truck forward, maybe not the best but always FIRST!

  • http://www.everythinglegit.com Ramon

    I hate these fan boys. Let me just say this. T-Mobile’s 3G network is faster than Sprint’s 4G currently but their 3g coverage sucks. We all can agree on this. I would prefer having slow 3G(at least 1mbps) than no 3G when I travel within the US.

    Right now, I am a t-mobile customer and getting 5mbps speeds. In fact I’m in NY right now posting this from my Vibrant on T-Mobile’s HSDPA+ network. I love them, the price and the speed but hate the coverage and wish they would invest time in creating a consistent non patch network.

    I am afriad of what T-Mobile about to do with these ads because it will turn out bad for them when Verizon launches their LTE network.

    Look at T-Mobile’s 3G map, disgracefull now imagine if Verizon pulls a ad like this on T-Mobile:

    • http://Website watbetch

      Sprint does have more 3G coverage but it’s always dropping down to 1X (And since the Evo/Epic have been modified by Sprint to show a 3G icon when on 1X data, you’ll never know unless you run a speedtest).

      Also, T-Mobile is constantly upgrading and adding 3G to new cities. Over 15 cities got 3G this year along with 3G fill in for existing coverage areas with more 3G coming. Erie, PA went from no 3G to 3G and HSPA+ 3G in a matter of months. Just because you don’t hear about the 3G coverage enhancements doesn’t mean that they aren’t happening. More cities are slated for more 3G this year and the next.

      • http://Website Garrett

        I drove from SoCal to Vegas and experienced how shitty Tmobile’s coverage and 3g is on my Nexus One. Once we left SoCal and hit the open road, I was getting at times, no service, gprs, and edge. 3g was fast in Vegas, but coverage sucks, no 3g inside my hotel room.

        • http://Website watbetch

          I drove from PHX to Las Vegas and Sprint had no coverage for nearly the entire trip. I would have killed for 1X on my phone.

        • http://Website watbetch

          Oh yeah and the Sprint data stick I used was dropping down to 1X constantly while I was in the city. It was awesome. I haven’t gone from LA to LV yet but I’m sure my Sprint phone will be a brick for most of the trip. Every carrier has deadzones ESPECIALLY outside of the city. Where my T-Mobile phone went dead, Verizon did shortly after.

  • http://Website adam

    I agree with the troll that said this site suck taylor be taking info from androidcentral anywho? andriod center be getting more info then this site anyway.

  • http://Website Galen20K

    I get 5 to 7 mbps regularly on my Nexus One in Michigan, and its not even an HSPA+ phone nor has it officially been released by me. They have been busy upgrading towers by me tho I can’t wait to see what I get on my MyTouch 4G! = D

  • http://Website Dan

    OK LTE is the fastest OK sprint can go to LTE at any time. So can the phones. Done deal instead of arguing this dumb shit we could wonder what att is planning :)

  • http://Website Isaac

    dang not one city in NJ :( and I’d question the whole thing about the entire android line up being compatible with HSPA, my brother had the mytouch slide for a few days, and he got HSPDA 3G while my older mytouch (first generation) only got UMTS

    • http://Website N1_user

      I don’t think the tagline that all android phones will take advantage of HSPA (7.2) is correct. I live in a HSPA+ city and my girlfriend’s mytouch 3G is still on UMTS and download speeds are dismal… they are typically between 500 kbps and 1500 kbps down…

  • http://Website garrett

    Whats next for Tmobile after hspa++? They have no future plans nor the spectrum for lte.

  • http://Website Rome

    I’m not hating at all, just stating facts, but in an HSPA+ area, I ran speedtest on my vibrant and my friends evo side-by-side, same server, same everything and his evo hit 12.86 MB down next to my 3 MB down. I loaded the same web page at the exact same time and it fully loaded on his 13 seconds before it fully loaded on mine. It’s pretty discouraging. Sprint sucks, but their network here is definitely faster.

    • http://Website Garet

      just cause on the map it says your are in HSPA+ area where you are at might not be fully covered 3 mpbs is normal 3G for tmo they have to have so many towers in an area to say its HSPA+ not all of them so just like even if they do not say your area is covered some may be.Chicago is not HSPA+ yet but I have hit 7-8 in certain areas I guess where they have upgraded and this is on my Vibrant so G2 or MYtouch 4G would get faster speeds from this.

  • http://www.crookedfox.com Chris

    Makes me wish I stayed with T-Mo instead if switching to Sprint. I feel a little jipped.

  • http://Website Ronweez

    im not gonna say tmobile sucks but i have tmobile and i live in Carrollton Ga and i have a nexus one with no 3G or edge coverage yet im paying for it every month. its ridiculous no coverage at all

  • http://Website Ur DADDY

    Fuckyou bitches and faggets……….. rank me low I don’t give a Fuck……… fuckyou all and Fuck tmobile

  • http://www.topintheworld.com Scarlett

    This is the marvelous post that I have come over after huge searches. I am really thankful to you for providing this unique information.Greetings from Scarlett!

  • http://www.topbestthings.com Jessica

    Considerably, the article is truly the freshest on this notable subject. I agree with your conclusions and will thirstily look forward to your next updates.I will immediately grab your rss feed to remain abreast of any updates.

  • http://Website pacob goes with jacob

    i hope it comes to spartanburg,Sc i want a taste of that 7.2 mbs hahaha.

  • http://Website mihavitmalakai10

    listen ya’ll i have t-mobile service with my nexus one unlock. all i see on here is people clicking the + for those posting the best sides of t-mobile. and – when someone post something against t-mobile. alot of ppl under t-mobile are being naive about how well t-mobile coverage is. i use to have the best coverage before they so call towers went down and i had no more coverage at all some of u remember that. i refuse to act as if t-mobile has the best coverage and service. idk how the other carriers coverage and service is but it must be good cuz there on top of t-mobile. holding 1,2,3 spot above t-mobile. something i could say is that t-mobiles plans are great for saving money, more for ur buck. sometimes they have cool phones in there inventory and helpful at times of need i must admit. honestly i just think t-mobile either there throttling data speeds down, or there is something i just dont understand about celluar towers and coverage. if it wasnt for bad coverage in certain buildings and areas t-mobile will be the best service provider with there customer service that is almost perfect. so this 4g thing i hope will boost there coverage and service to customers that are complaining about there lack in coverage.