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Early adopters report: How do you like your new T-Mobile G2?

The T-Mobile G2 debuted last week for $199 at T-Mobile and from the sound of it many of you went out and purchased this phone on day one. As with any new Android phone there were some odd issues (that lit up the blogs because negativity sells), but overall I find the G2 to be one of the best Android phones currently available and I’m quite pleased with my purchase.

If you were one of the early adopters who raced out to pick up this phone, please sound off and let me know if you are happy with your purchase.

Are you satisfied with the overall performance of the second-generation Snapdragon processor?┬áDo you find the unique Z-hinge to be a problem or is it a non-issue? What kind of speeds are you getting on T-Mobile’s HSPA+ network? Does the lack of official WiFi hotspot support bother you? What do you think about the QWERTY keyboard and its special quick keys?

Please share your feedback so that other T-Mobile customers on the fence about upgrading can make up their mind. Would you recommend the T-Mobile G2 to a friend?

p.s. Check back later this week for my mini-review of the G2 including video unboxing, 3D benchmarks, and network speed-tests.

Source: HTC G2

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  • http://Website Judeh

    I got a g2 one day after it came out, upgrading from a g1 so I have to say it flies! Everything just flows. For the people that notice the hinge problem, I feel that most likely nobody will hold it in the position that will cause the device’s hinge to come out in a normal situation. Another thing I noticed was my spacebar is a bit hard to press(the button feedback feeling). Maybe it’s just me, but It’s not game breaking. Overall I love the phone and it does what I want it to do.

  • http://Website Andrew

    I was the first person to buy one at the T-Mobile store by my house. So far I love it! Nice and fast and mine doesn’t seem to have the Z hinge problem. I do mostly use the virtual keyboard depending on what I’m keying in. It’s a huge step up from my Mytouch 3g that things was so slow and a pos. Love the phone!

  • http://Website DK

    Aside from minor quirks:
    -only top button can unlock phone
    -no LED blinking notification

    This is an amazing phone. Worlds above the MyTouch Slide. Stock android rules, the hinge rules, new swype rules (honestly use this a lot more now)

    • http://Website Jared

      Settings – Sounds and Display – Notification Flash

      There we go one of your issues is solved =)

      • http://twitter.com/MetalMessiah78 MetalMessiah78

        There is a separate setting for Sound and for Display. Neither of them have a “Notification Flash” option.

    • http://Website Voitan

      Actually, there is a notification led that blinks.. its just semi-hidden.. the led actually rings the optical track pad. It works really well, except for the fact it blinks for a short period of time when you get a text, e-mail, etc.. and then stops. It literally blinks like 2-3 times and then that’s it. I am assuming that you can change that in the settings, but I haven’t looked for it yet. The battery life is awesome and the operating system seems to be really optimized.. the menus flow really well, without the stuttering I have seen on other high end android phones. I love my G2.. its better than the Nexus One I had.. I highly recommend it! (and the HSPDA+ network rocks too!)

    • http://Website Caleb

      You can also turn the phone on by opening the device, or if it is already open, by pressing a button on the keyboard (I use the spacebar)…

  • http://beermapping.com beerinator

    I love mine! No problem with the hinge. I don’t really think I will miss the lack of a wifi hotspot since I haven’t had one before. And coming from my old school G1, this thing is screaming fast.

    I don’t like the keyboard quite as much as my G1. The lack of a dedicated number row is going to take some getting used to. And I haven’t even touched the special quick keys yet (not sure what I’ll end up doing with them).

    From my desk in Chicago, 2 bars of HSPA+
    Download: 2,783 kbps
    Upload: 257 kbps
    Ping 70ms

  • http://Website thalin

    I really like the phone, it performs great, it has all the power I could want, the hinge doesn’t really bother me and the screen is miles away from my G1.

    However, I will be a lot happier when it gets perma-rooted and repartitioned to have all 4GB of space available (the current speculation on XDA/#g2-root is that the partitioning done to enable the write protected partitions is limiting the available size). I honestly feel very slighted by getting only half of the promised storage by default. The lesson here is that if you’re going to advertise the phone as having 4GB of memory, PLEASE don’t limit the memory available to the OS to half of that.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Users should be happy with the partition sizes. HTC made a large system partition so the G2 has plenty of room to grow with future OS updates. You don’t really need that big of a data partition now that Android 2.2 supports installing apps on the SD card.

      • http://Website J.

        No, users should NOT be happy with the partition size, and here’s why:

        “Mr. Wimberly, have we got the car for you! Shiny, fast and comes equipped with 4 seats!”

        “Uh…there’s only 2 seats in here…”

        “The car has 4 seats, sir. It’s just that 2 of those seats are currently required for the engine.”

        When you claim 4gb of storage, I expect 3.8gb of storage. Other than that and the bloatware (I’m never going to use Amazon, or Photobucket, or Web2Go) I’m pretty happy. Battery life, screen, overall design are all winners. HWKB is taking some getting used to, but that’s a natural consequence of coming from the G1, which was the nicest HWKB ever built. I can say I’m a big fan of the programmable action buttons – I set mine up for Gmail/FB/Twitter launch, so I can make my “tour” in a quick and organized fashion.

  • http://Website legendary 1022

    Received mine the first day pre-orders went out. This to me is the best phone on the market. It’s that good. Coming from a nexus one. Love the feel of the keyboard, trackpad notifications look pretty cool, and the z hinge is pretty nice. Only thing missing is tethering to be able to use the hspa+. Getting about 6-8 mgps down in Kansas City. Would like root (don’t worry it will come) to put CM6 on it but as Google continues to update android, having root becomes less and less important.

    • McGyvr

      I am far from impressed with my G-2. Requested return shipping today. As many others here, I too am upgrading from G-1, and I agree, it runs like a bat out of hell in comparison… however, I’ve found it’s list of short commings to be too large to stay with T-Mobiles phones.

      1. Nearly every other carrier offers their new line of Android phones with 1Ghz processors, compared to the G-2′s 800mhz.

      2: 5 Megapixle camera is a far cry from the 8mp offered with most other phones.

      3: Lack of 2nd camera for Video Conf.

      4: Lack of Wi-Fi tethering without root

      5: Oct 8, T-Mobile anounces that the G-2 was DESIGNED to block rooting. System CAN have root access, but ROM boot strap causes root to go away every time the system is rebooted. (Who’s phone is this? Mine or T-Mobiles? Who do they think they are by locking me out of the full abilitys of MY damn phone!?!?!?)

      6: Shared memory (as stated in other postes, 4Gb memory? I Like the “Two Seats for the Motor” comment above.

      7: Sharing numbers with the top row of letters? I’m an IT Pro… I type IP addresses ALL THE TIME… Granted, yes, you can lock the numbers on, but you have to come out of number mode in order to hit a “.” (dot).… how many keystrokes is that on the G-2?

      I think that’s about it for the Cons… Pros…

      1: They got rid of the G-1′s “Chin”

      2: Flash on the camera is a GREAT improvement over the G-1′s nearly useless camera.

      3: HSPA Speeds in KC Area are Great… hitting 4-6Mps… (sure wish I could share that with my laptop)

      That’s about all the Pros I can think of. Moving Sim back to my G-1 until my Sprint Epic arrives.

      Leaving T-Mobile after 10 years. That should just about cover my feelings on this phone.

      • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

        Valid complaints, but what did you expect when you ordered the phone? Some device that was not the G2? Most of the things you mention we all knew about before purchasing it.

        The Epic 4G is a great phone by the way. I think you will be happy with it except for the lack of Android 2.2 and Flash 10.1.

      • Azeem

        I need to disagree with Taylor here. I find most of these concerns either misinformed or judged solely on numbers. This phone hosts a lot of new tech that really creates an apples to oranges comparisson. Point by point:
        1) The 800Mhz processor, in real world use and in benchmark tests, is running circles around everything else out there. It is faster even while underclocked, yet uses far less battery power. There are some great youtube videos showing these benchmarks compared to the N1 or Vibrant.

        2) Camera megapixels isn’t everything. Ask any photo buff. A camera that has 5MP *can* take better pictures than an 8. This seems to be more of an issue with the number than the camera’s performance, which you praised later in that same post. Cameras should be judged on performance alone, not their megapixels.

        3) The lack of a front facing camera is one of the valid complaints you had. If you want video conferencing, this is a must. Moving on.

        4) PDAnet has wired tethering for free. Most phones don’t offer wifi tethering/hotspot stock. I do know that the Epic is one that does, tho.

        5) Root access has never been just offered up by the manufacturer. It’s always been omething that’s been needed to be hacked in to, even back as far as the G1. But we will get it, especially now that cyanogen and his team are working on it. Patience, young padawn, patience.

        6) This bothered me a bit as well… until I realized I’m only using .5GB for my 30 apps or so. Plenty of room. But you’re right, it’s shady to advertise it with 4GB of storage, but only give you access to 2. That said, I don’t think many people will ever use up all that space for apps, but as previously mentioned, most these can be placed on the sdcard now. This renders this complaint pretty moot.

        7) A valid complaint about the keyboard. I would check out maybe downloading the HTC_IME softkeyboard to use for IP addys. You can access the numbers and the periods and the colon(for ports) on the same screen.

        I very strongly reccomend checking out the CNet review of the phone. Also, keep in mind, like Taylor said, this phone is running stock android, so you will receive updates much quicker than you ever will on a Samsung. As previously mentioned, the Epic currently has 2.1, while the G2 shipped with 2.2.

        Best regards.

        • http://Website J.

          The memory issue is not moot at all.
          Many apps are going the way of copy protection, and will only allow installation to the phones internal memory (fandango comes to mind, but I know there are others) and as more devs move that direction, and they will, it’s going to be a bigger abs bigger deal.

          I currently have about 1.1 gb of apps on my SD. In a year, all of those will have updated, and i’d be willing to bet that 90% will be copy protected. So then all of a sudden, I have a memory problem on a phone that still has a year of contract.

          Here’s another use case for you: with 4gb of internal, I can load a movie to the phone’s storage and playback is way smoother and faster than accessing the sd card, even @ class 6.

          So yeah, the whole point of this is to say that the 4gb *should* be futureproofing my purchase. Instead it’s making sure that I want to firebomb Photobucket.

        • http://Website g.isreal

          i can confirm his word on the usage status for gingerbread. talk to a HTC Rep in person today(I work at a best buy mobile) and she said the g2 will be among the first to get it.

        • sanchezkk

          Bravo Bravo! Now this is coming from a guy that is new to the Android life and is waiting to get my G2.

      • http://Website Dave

        I just love keeping up with Tmo and Android news even though I too bailed after almost 10 years. The things lacking in this phone and the G1 and the MT3G are exactly why I finally bailed on Tmo and got the iPhone!

      • http://Website caabbyy

        I did the same, I left tmobile after 8years but to at&t :/ ill be leaving them soon for verizon or sprint considering they have best phones out and probably nextyear as well lol

      • http://Website Oz

        If you’re typing IP addresses ALL THE TIME, you need to set up DNS

      • http://Website willywill82

        All do respect, the specs were known about this phone pretty early on. A simple Google search on your G1 would’ve told you that it was coming with a 5mp camera, 3.7in screen, a different designed keyboard, 2GB of useable on board storage, no front facing camera, etc, etc. Glad I have my EVO 4G. It has everything on it a modern superphone should. Plus, 4G!

  • http://jeremslade.com Jeremy

    I’ve been very happy with the G2, upgraded from my G1. The keyboard is good, though I preferred the 4-row version of the G1. The z-hinge is not an issue (staying open), but I don’t care for the mechanism – the fact that doesn’t slide but has to move up/out makes it a bit unnatural.

    I’m very happy with the performance, relative to the G1, but that’s no surprise. Have it all loaded up with services and syncing and games and such, and no hiccups so far. I don’t have any basis for comparison vs other newer devices.

    Only downside is that it does feel pretty bulky. It’s thinner than the G1, but longer and wider, though not noticeably heavier. I did get it specifically because of the keyboard, but I wish it were smaller but still just as awesome…

    • http://jeremyslade.com/ Jeremy

      Forgot to mention that swype is pretty awesome. It was not a factor in my decision, but has been a very pleasant surprise.

      • http://Website [email protected]

        I’m a G1 user and am considering MyTouch for the front facing camera. I still find myself using my Keyboard, but enjoyed playing with Swype on a friend’s Vibrant. (Who by the way is an iPhone convert and loves it better than his iPhone 3G).
        So my question is, are you using the keyboard much when Swype is available? Are you using it less. Could you do without it?

  • http://Website schwiz

    After a week I still like my nexus better.
    I wish the track pad was more responsive.
    I wish the trrackpad notification light worked better.
    I wish the keyboardhad number keys like G1 did.
    Wish it had a slightly better battery.
    first two issues will likely be fixed by mod community if its actually rooted. If not I’m taking my nexus back from my wife and giving her the g2 :-)

  • http://TheAndroidWave.com Nick

    I actually pre ordered the phone the night that option became available. After having many devices over the years this has got to be #1. What I love the best is the stock Android. You can never go wrong with Vanilla. I love the keyboard layout and the keys are soft, responsive, and easy to type with. I was actually concerned, at first, about the hinge, but its working just fine. It stays in place, and I love how it flips up then back that way the back and the sides of the keyboard doesn’t scratch up. (I.e using the MyTouch Slide, I’ve had that problem) also, the second gen processor is quick. Loads apps windows very quickly. Though there may be a little lag time when u open your gallery. Although I have not clocked the HSPA+ speeds, you can really tell the difference when your in an area. I always look forward to going to San Diego, CA just to use HSPA+. Hopefully it will become available in my area soon. A couple minor issues is that the unlocking sound appears to not work when u unlock ur phone on the lock screen and the pulsing white notification is hard to see (since I work outside). Other than that this is a solid phone. I love the ‘metal’ work and it feels great in my hands. I don’t use the quick keys as much, but it actually is a great feature. I am very happy with my purchase. I can tell this phone is going to be my best friend for the next two years.

    • http://TheAndroidWave.com Nick

      I also forgot to mention that although they used a lot of the 4GB internel memory to install all the pre loaded apps and features, have a little over 1GB left to install what I want is way more than enough for me.

  • http://thomashunsaker.com Thomas Hunsaker

    Loving mine. I too upgraded from the G1, this thing flies. Mobile internet speeds are great in the Phoenix Metro area, averaging 2-3Mbps. Overall great design, phone feels solid, hinge doesn’t seem to be as loose as other reports. Optical trackpadis perfect, soft keys at the bottom of the screen rarely get unintentionally pressed. Only concern is with the light sensor, seems to truer randomly when on automatic mode, it’ll go full bright for no reason, then dim a while later. I just turned auto off and set it to 50%. Highly recommend to others that don’t want the manufacturers taint in their Android.

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

      Check out Timeriffic… I had it set my brightness to different levels during the day based on my schedule (bright in the mornings, slightly dimmer during work days, dimmer still at night). I use Tasker for it now, but that’d be overkill for just that feature.

    • http://thomashunsaker.com thunsaker

      Truer = trigger, still getting used to swype.

  • http://Website Adam

    Coming from the Nexus One I’ve found the phone improves on anything the Nexus was lacking.

    - Much better battery
    - Better screen response with multi-touch
    - Better volume
    - Better colors and clarity
    - More internal storage

    I was previously on AT&T here in NYC and the data speeds on the G2 are twice as fast. And instead of every second call dropping it’s only happened once.

    I think the G2 is definitely the best Android phone on the market right now (that probably won’t last very long) but if I had any complaints it would be that it is just a little bit too heavy and thick and also the home button on my unit isn’t always very responsive.

    • http://Website Schwiz

      Interesting I think my nexus gets better battery performance.

      • http://Website Adam

        Really?? That’s odd. I’m experiencing a huge improvement with battery. My Nexus would usually only last until the early evening but my G2 goes all day and night. I forgot to charge it overnight recently and it was still good through most of the following day.

        • http://Website schwiz

          crazy, its the exact opposite situation for me, my nexus would last 24+ hours, G2 lasts about 12-14. Maybe its just because I have been playing with it so much. /shrug

  • http://Website paxmos

    A subpar Nexus one under the hood and a new name. Tried it and It lags pretty bad. Phone market is hot, but HTC is starting to put really crappy phones out there now.

    • http://Website J.

      Demonstrably untrue.
      2nd gen Snapdragon uses a smaller nm manufacturing process which has benchmarked at equivalent performance at a lower clock speed and less battery usage.
      This has been backed up by real world use cases.

      Clock speed ain’t everything, son.

  • http://Website Dre

    I love my g2 but mine has horrible call quality, it sounds like the person I’m talking to is whispering smh

    • http://Website Joe

      I had this problem too…then I took off the screen protector that came on the phone…..lol. sound quality great now.

  • http://Website LxDroid

    Preordered my G2 and I love it! Best phone on the market IMHO

    Just waiting for this system protection junk to get sorted out so we can run CM on it…

    Even without root, although its hard, I still love my G2!

    ps – we bought 4 for our plan and every is very happy.

    • http://Website Manny

      G2 the best smartphone on the market? Absolutely not.

      The EVO 4G is unequivocally the best smartphone on the market, by a country mile. The only other phone that comes close is Samsung’s Epic 4G.

      • http://Website Richard

        Yes the HTC EVO is the best SMARTPHONE DEVICE ON THE MARKET NO QUESTION……then I would go with HTC DROID INCREDIBLE CAUSE IT RUN ANDROID 2.2 Then DROID X all runing 2.2……Samsung Epic 4g has a lot going for it cause they share sprint with us but they lose out cause it is SAMSUNG THEY SHOULD HAVE CAME OUT WITH 2.2 OUT THE BOX JUST LIKE THE G2 AND DROID 2

  • http://Website Jose Bahena

    When is the mytouch 3g getting android 2.1?? I read that it would be soon but nothing has happened

    • http://Website kreayshunist

      I already have 2.2 on mine ;-)

  • http://Website Andpc01

    I love my G2, the memory issue doesn’t bother me at all, the phone is extremely fast, and Android 2.2 is awesome. The Z hinge kind of bothers me, just an annoyance, but overall this phone is awesome.

  • http://Website Chris

    So far, I’m in love. Love the speed, love the Swype, love the everything. My wife says I should have it grafted to my hand. And somebody will eventually root it.

  • gnb

    *hearts* *hearts* *hearts*

    My husband is still using his G1 and I am coming off of a rooted 1st gen MT3G. We have been in the Android game since day 1and I absolutely love this phone.

    The device is fast and responsive with a clear, crisp screen which responds with a light touch. I have had zero issue with the Z-hinge and don’t foresee it developing into one. HSPA+ came to town just in the nick of time around here as well so I am loving the speed (haven’t speed tested it yet.)

    If there are negatives to be found, I’d need to go looking for them. But really, why would I do that to myself?

  • http://Website McLovin

    Never early adopt anything I say. You are all free beta testers. Thank you all. But for my hard earned money let’s see if the G-2 can ever get a successful service update or rooted before I adopt.

    • Dharmabhum

      To some extent, I’d agree with you, but that still comes with a caveat: smart research in advance will often take care of a lot of the things that turn off early adopters. I’ve never been a huge early adopter but I do at times, when I’m confident of my choice. I bet on the G1 early on and loved it, and I’m glad I still have it and its still a beast thanks to the modding community. I bet on the Nexus One and I love it still. Knowing both of these were Google’s babies, I knew that I’d be getting support for a long time to come, and so then I was happy to adopt early.

      As an aside, I’m glad that the recent flame war brought me back and commenting at Androidandme. You guys have always been honest about your gig and I appreciate the insight in almost every case. Cheers.

    • Dharmabhum

      Oh, and a step further… some of us like being beta testers :D

  • http://Website Fishstick

    I will not repeat everything that has already been said. I really love the phone for the reasons above as well. The only thing I do not like is not being able to uninstall the pre loaded apps. I don’t need the space or anything but if it is so “vanilla” I should be able to remove them. Hinge has not been an issue for me. In Cincinnati I got 7.41 mbps down and .69 up. Using Speedtest.net application. I know root will come and I will do it and install CyanogenMod and be happier even.

  • http://Website @Androidjoc

    I love the G2 I had mine before any of the t-mobile stores even seen one in person (i love that did the same thing with my nexus) all the people online talking crap are just followers and are saying and doing what the first few people said and did, these are the same idiots that fall for just about anything someone tells them well I’m not buying it first off who the heck holds there phone with two fingers by the thinnest part of the phone if that’s you, your an idiot also and even if I did that my phone does not do the things that they say are happening I love this phone the keyboard is great even tho I don’t use it much. Coming from a beast like the nexus one this is perfect and everyone talking about screen size I think are trying to over compensate 4 something a lot smaller if you know what I mean oh yeah and as far as root goes I don’t plan on rooting this phone got my nexus for that and I’m sure cyanogen will crack that very soon stop with the excuses if you don’t have the money then say you don’t have the money and envy us from afar we will keep putting up videos so you can pretend like you have one see how nice we are we know losers have dreams too that’s why we do it for YOU the losers #G2

    • http://Website HardNoks

      Well first of al, there’s no need to be a jerk, lets keep everything on the level and calm please

      Second, videos of the phone are probably made to help ppl decide if they want to dish out the money for it or not, not so they can pretend they have one. That makes no sense..

    • http://Website derp

      learn to use more periods in your sentences

  • http://Website Ashtear

    Has anyone tried Titanium Backup or ADB to remove the unwanted apps?

    • http://twitter.com/MetalMessiah78 MetalMessiah78

      I have tried both ADB and Titanium backup, and the apps are restored when rebooting the phone unfortunately. ADB kicks up an error message right away stating their is a permissions issue. Titanium makes it seem like the app was uninstalled successfully, but the icon remains in the app tray. Once you reboot, the app is restored.

  • http://twitter.com/MetalMessiah78 MetalMessiah78

    I too preordered my G2 and received it a few days early. October 1st to be exact. Coming from a G1 and MyTouch, this phones ownes both of them. I do miss the 5 row G1 keyboard though, but after using this phone for some time, I’m starting to get used to the G2 keyboard.

    I live in El Paso, TX, which is an HSPA+ city, but HSPA+ and 3G have been spotty at best, since day 1.

    The fastest download speed I’ve been able to get has been 2.25 mbps down, 1.27mbps up. This is not typical though. I usually get speeds between 600 kps and 1.6 mbps down and 1 mbps up.

    I have not had any problems with the hinge. I think the screen is gorgeous, and the processor flies. I’m disappointed with the bug that doesn’t allow permanent root, but I know it’s just a matter of time before this is no longer an issue. I do have temporary root, and I can confirm that the phone does have 4gb, even though it reports 2gb. Like others have speculated, it’s probably reserved for OTA updates.

    My main reasons for getting this above other Android phones:

    Screen size: 3.7″ is perfect for me. I’m a midget at 5’6″ and the 4.3″ screen of the EVO is a little to big for me.
    Stock Android: Also a reason I haven’t gotten a phone from another carrier. I’m not a fan of Sense, TouchWiz, or MotoBlur. I was so happy to learn this phone came with Vanilla Android. I was afraid it would come with Sense or worst, Espresso Sense.
    I was very disappointed that WiFi Tethering, which is standard on FroYo was disabled by T-Mobile.
    Keyboard: I think this is the main reason most of us chose this phone over others on the market.

    Overall, I am very happy with this phone. Once it’s rooted and running CyanogenMod it’ll be perfect. Also the dedicated GPU runs all games I’ve tried flawless, Android, NES, and Genesis (through emulators).

  • http://Website kokopelli

    As a general device I am on the fence as to whether I like my Nexus One or the G2 more. The N1 is more compact and I definitely prefer the trackball to the trackpad. From a remote access and administration standpoint I find the G2 to be much better.

    - Using connectbot I have the whole screen for the terminal, this makes the text easier to read and not nearly as cramped.
    - Speaking of connect bot, the text in console is sharper on the G2, I suppose due to the difference in screen types.
    – Using remote desktop it is nice to have a keyboard.
    - The fact that the optical trackpad only goes in the 4 cardinal directions is annoying, but manageable.
    - Speedwise it seems on par with the N1. On graphic heavy programs the G2 is snappier but on overall day to day use for me it is about the same.
    - Perhaps this is being picky but for **&s sake HTC, come up with an order for the 4 buttons on the bottom and stick to it. Switching back and forth between the N1 and the G2 is frustrating due to this. The N1′s arrangement was easier for me as a left handed person but mostly I wish they would just be consistent.

    Swype withstanding I can not say I like the value adds the T-Mobile put on the G2. OTOH they are comparatively minimal for a vendor phone so I will have to give them props for that.

    I have also had a problem with the device turning on in my pocket, not sure why yet but I never had the problem with the N1 or the G1.

    Overall if I were coming from the G1 I think I would be ecstatic. Coming from the N1 however I mostly appreciate the hardware keyboard. I would like for a better resolution to the disparity on memory (1.3GB seen, 4GB advertised, putting it 2GB under what I expected) but am willing to wait a little on that.

    • http://Website schwiz

      LOL no kidding about the button thing, its like they roll dice to see what order the buttons will be everytime they release a new phone.

  • http://RonUploader.com DanDroidOS

    It is really really nice, I would recommend it to anyone:)

  • http://Website E-Man

    I think the phone is great right out of the box. It’s razor fast 800mhz snapdragon processor and the apps that came with it were awesome. Goggles, the translator, shopping, google earth, voice command, i can go on and on. Google has done it again. The G2 is an amazing phone. I tested the G2′s 4G network against the Iphone 4′s speedy network. And the G2 has a 3-4seconds faster web connection then the Iphone 4. I have no problems with the Z hinge (Very Smooth), the Camera is great and a nice way to take out the bottom plate where the battery lies at. My only down play on the phone is no notification LED flashing on the phone, i have to turn on the phone from the top and not in the middle menu button they had on the G1. Also the keyboard is something you have to get use too. I had one problem with the phone going to the menu. Which it is a blank screen and have to take out the battery. I dont know if it’s a default on my phone. But i would have to call Tmobile about this problem. Overall i think this is one of the best phone’s out to day.

    • http://Website kreayshunist

      I’m sorry, dude, but “iPhone 4″ and “speedy network” do not go together.

      • http://Website Erick

        Damn i apologize for that, your right, what was i thinking. Good thing i have people like you to correct me.

  • http://Website Nick Nelson

    Best phone I’ve ever owned. I was cautious going in, paid off contract price for it, both so I could get a cheaper monthly plan and so I could upgrade easier if I didn’t like it or if a better phone came out, but I’m glad I got it. The hinge problem is a non-issue, there’s no conceivable way that I would hold it that would cause any sort of problem. Though it still feels a bit strange to open it by moving the screen up and out, rather than just sliding it.
    The phone flies, I haven’t noticed a bit of lag. My download speeds have been faster than my G1, but I’m not quite seeing HSPA+ speeds yet. No tethering sucks, but once it’s rooted that won’t be a problem.
    I’d also like to say that I love the hardware itself. It’s very sexy, even moreso in person. Some people have been complaining about the size/weight, but I love the feel of it. The weight makes it seem very solid, it just feels great in your hand. Granted, this is coming from a G1, but it just feels like an amazingly well made phone. I can’t imagine why it would be too bulky for anyone.
    I don’t really like the dedicated unlock button. I’d like to be able to press the trackpad button to unlock it, which feels more natural to me and I can do easier with one hand. You get used to it though.
    I like the QWERTY keyboard; the lack of dedicated number keys was a bit of an issue at first, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I haven’t really used the quick keys, since you can assign any key to be a hot key, but I don’t really have a problem with them.

    TL;DR Amazing phone, I love it.

  • http://Website Sean

    For the most part I’m loving it (coming from a Nexus). But I’m very turned off by the lack of root access, and the hardware controls to wipe it to default state. I want stock android, and I certainly don’t want a carrier telling me that I *must* have Photobucket installed on my device.

    It’s a shame, because it’s fantastic hardware, and almost great software. But if there isn’t a way around this by the time the trial period ends, I’m likely going to return it.

  • PatrickHuey

    I’m waiting for mine from ups. Ordered it friday and hoping to get it today! I’m eztrememly excited

    • http://Website anon

      Weird, I didn’t realize this was a topic about “When did you order yours and are you excited about it.”

  • http://Website B-EZ

    Love my G2 got it on preorder and I am very happy. I started with the G1 to the Slide, then Nexus One and now this. Its a fitting successor to the trusty G1 and it improves on the Nexus One processor/gpu and screen tech. So it is in my opinion the best qwerty Android phone out there. Would recommend without hesitation.

  • http://Website Gary

    It has some minor issues that I hope are resolved, but it’s still an amazing phone.

    +Phone Speed is insane. I don’t have to wait for anything to launch. It’s just super quick.
    +Network Speed. Photos are uploaded to facebook before I can check progress.
    +Swype is a dream. Hardware keyboard a great supplement.
    +HD Video has been great. I like the way it looks.

    -Minor hardware bugs like the keyboard lights glitching on and off randomly
    -Missing available on board memory.
    -Music pauses randomly (I guess when the headphone jack is jostled)
    -Screen flickers at lowest brightness
    -Can’t uninstall stuff I don’t want
    -Need a keyboard row for numbers

    Some tweaks and this would be the best phone I could imagine,
    Even without the tweaks it’s an amazing upgrade from the G1 and doesn’t lag ever like my friend’s Galaxy S does.

  • http://Website logic

    anyone coming from a vibrant? any comparison would be helpful. I have watched reviews of both and its been a really tough call. I have been leaning towards the vibrant in the last few days though…

    • http://www.minormakeswork.com Sean

      I came from a vibrant, and boy am I impressed! The speed is really nice, no lag. The gps locks in super quick and is accurate. The screen is just as clear and crisp as the vibrant, the color on the samoled were just…more vibrant lol. The build quality on mine is very impressive. It feels like a luxury sedan compared to the toy-like vibrant. The camera is better, with flash (I use the flash more frequently as a flashlight than for photos lol).

      Overall I’m very glad I made the switch.

  • http://www.lallovigil.com Lallo

    Very good phone! Moving from the G2 to this phone I noticed the amazing speed. I get HSPA at home and it seems super fast. I don’t like that it had crapware installed. All in all it’s a great phone and couldn’t be happier.

  • http://www.ganymeta.org/ Jonathan Abbey

    My wife and I upgraded our G1s to the G2 yesterday. As others have said, it’s ridiculous how much of an improvement this phone is relative to the G1.

    I love the speed, the display, Android 2.2. It’s amazing being able to play Flash movies on the device without shudder or hesitation. Unlike the G1, the camera is perfectly usable. I also prefer the 5 key G1 keyboard, but the G2′s keyboard is good enough for ConnectBot. The hinge seems solid enough, but it’s not as easy to slide the keyboard out as it was on the G1.

    I do find myself using the virtual keyboard for a lot of things though, which is something I never bothered with on the G1. I think that’s because it’s a bit more effort to slide out the keyboard and
    because the screen is so much bigger that bringing up the virtual keyboard doesn’t make things
    too crowded.

    We have HSPA+ here in Austin, but I have noticed that the G2 occasionally loses HSPA+/3G connectivity in places where my G1 was able to remain locked on at 3G. Perhaps due to the aluminum casing?

    Android feels completely different with this phone, thanks to the memory (512Megs of RAM vs. 192 Megs on the G1) and the speed. Absolutely a pleasure to use.

  • http://black-cardinal.com Tia

    I love this phone. The best decision I have made was to ditch my Motorola Cliq which runs 1.5 and upgrade to the G2. I had no idea what I was missing.

  • http://www.digitalconstruction.com Kaiser Sose (not my real name)

    I pre-ordered this phone and have been using it since October 6. I am probably going to send it back even though I like it, because of a few critical flaws. I have used many Android phones and will reference a couple below.

    Although I love its speed, the G2 is lacking in many areas, let me list a few:

    The keyboard – This was my primary reason for buying the phone, the hinge works awesome, but the layout sucks (as other have mentioned the primary suckiness is that it is different), and the key pressing is so soft that it slows typing, see comments above about numbers and it just isn’t that great for a business/it type that types a lot on their phone. Also the backlight goes in and out randomly. The keyboard on the Motorola Cliq is way better.

    Cold – This might seem silly, but wait until winter and you will see lots of complaints about the steel against your face, it is freezing cold. Yeah, I could get a rubber cover, but I think this is poor design.

    The sound – One of my big use cases is using my phone as an iPod replacement. It does not work, the sound output is so bad. Speakerphone is atrocious, like an original Palm Treo (on calls or playing music), and using headphones or a headphone cable to an amplified stereo isn’t much better. I don’t know if I got a bum phone but I would be curious if anyone thinks their phone plays MP3′s or Pandora or similar with reasonable fidelity. Mine isn’t just average, it is terrible. I have a HTC Evo and the sound on that thing is awesome. This will make a difference in playing movies (airplane flights) with headphones as well.

    The video screen – Its too dark and heavily contrasted and I can’t figure out how to fix it, maybe someone can tell me. The HTC Evo screen is gorgeous in comparison and this one just pales in comparison. Its not just the smaller size which is acceptable because you benefit from a smaller form factor, but the colors are cold and highly contrasted.

    Quirks – A couple quirks have been mentioned, here is one I discovered today: place a call and put it on speakerphone so you can sms somebody back that called during your existing call. While texting back the text entry area loses focus every 5 seconds or so so that you have to reach up and click to add focus again. Can anyone confirm this problem?

    Another quirk, this weekend I had to make a call three times before it went through, network too busy, I hope this isn’t a HSPA thing.

    Overall it is a neat phone and I think a fair value at its price, but I would love it more if it had the screen quality (not size) of the Evo, the keyboard from the Cliq, and the sound output quality of the Evo (even the Cliq is better). For me, personally, it is the sound that it is a killer, I can learn the keyboard in time, and the screen is good enough, but it sounds like a $99 phone, and decidedly NOT a $500 phone.

    It’s not all negative, here are some more things I like:

    The voice commands are AWESOME. I love that on the Evo too, but this one has the alarm clock command, so cool. Android team, you rock!

    I am in Denver and get 4.6Mbps download and .6 upload (Comcast Cable is 10.5/3.1) with the H icon displaying.

    Some more keyboard gripes – the alt key doesn’t change the keyboard backlighting (on the cliq the regular keys light up until you press alt at which point just the alt values light up) and why the heck would you make the alt values easier to read on the keyboard. Look at your G2, lets take the s key as an example. The s is gray on black, kind of hard to see, the # is in white on black, very easy to see. Just dumb. The hinge is so awesome but they killed it with a dumb keyboard.

    As to the root issue – I don’t care, I want a phone that will work for a business professional and can’t afford an OTA update bricking my phone and not having one for a couple days. The only possible reason I might want to root is for hotspot sharing, which is probably illegal per my T-Mobile Terms of Service, so why would I care if they made it hard to do something illegal? Besides, PDANet could serve as an adequate replacement.

    That’s it from me. I am very happy as a T-Mobile customer, they don’t have the best service, but you can’t beat their prices, especially with HSPA data speeds, I also am very happy that I was able to pre-order this phone and if I like can return it within 20 days with no re-stocking fee. I also love that they allow you to buy phones with no subsidy and avoid long term contracts. Go Magenta.

    Also a huge fan of HTC. Motorola can suck it for not making good on their promise to upgrade Android on the Cliq. But they did design a superior keyboard in this instance. Mixed feelings.

    (Do you run this website and are you trolling here for content, reach out to my email if you want help writing a G2 review in exchange for a link)

    • http://www.digitalconstruction.com Kevin Spacey (not my real name)

      One more functional issue – the buttons are too small, by that I mean the home, search, etc. They can be hard to press accurately. Physical buttons would obviously function better but there is a design trade-off. The Evo virtual buttons are much easier to locate and press.

    • Dharmabhum

      +1 for the name and what I’m sure is a very thorough review above :P

  • http://Website dorqus

    Reception stinks on it, T-Mobile is sending me a replacement, we’ll see if it’s any better.
    Also it’s a bit heavy, and I don’t use the physical keyboard as much as I thought I would.
    Also the autorotation seems to be flaky – I rotate the screen back and the image never shifts, etc. and there’s no way to calibrate it. If the 2nd G2 has the same reception issues, it will be going back to T-Mobile.

  • http://Website darkjuan

    My Pros and Cons…

    I don’t like the Google and T-mobile bloatware. That alone makes this a non-vanilla Android phone.
    The hinge is only slightly loose for me, but only when I “TRY” to make it seem loose. In daily use it doesn’t really cause a problem.
    I don’t like the notification light, or lack thereof. I can’t wait for it to be rooted so this can be fixed.
    The keyboard will take some getting used to as I’m coming from a G1 which is the best keyboard ever!
    I can’t find a quality setting for the pictures I take with the phone. I hit the menu and the only options are “switch to video” or “gallery”.
    Lack of available accessories sucks right now. I watch a lot of movies on my phone and having the usb port on the “bottom” of the phone while in landscape mode is really frustrating. I really want to see some sort of docking station for this phone and soon!
    Wish the speaker (speaker phone) was better (louder and clearer)

    Super quick, fast phone compared with my G1.
    Screen size is perfect, but I do wish it was a little bigger.
    I have pretty much all the applications I want to put on this phone and I still have 1.1gb of space. Sure it’s lame that they advertise 4gb but am only able to use 2, but CM and crew will fix that once it’s rooted.
    The touch screen is amazing, very responsive and quick.
    Finally found the “sweet spot” for the earpiece and I can hear calls clear and crisp.

    All in all, I’m very happy with this phone. I love it!

  • http://Website peter

    Has anybody even seen the tmoblie and the xda site they post alot of people including me has had the problem of random shut downs.. the phone just powers off and won’t restart unless you remove the battery and place it back , I am getting a replacement but other people are reporting that even there replacements are doing it . what’s funny is no reports on blogs of any kind are saying it….all they report is these cry babies that want to mod the g2 but can’t because of a root block….big freaking deal.

    They should report these issues that many people are having ….and not about some root crap.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Yes, I have actually experienced that problem but only in the first couple of days. Thanks for the heads up, I’ll go check out the xda-thread.

  • http://Website lisa

    Love the new G2 but my keyboard light gliches on and off a bit. I miss the larger keyboard of the G1 but the G2 has more features. Pros and cons to everything I suppose.

  • http://Website D Griff

    Love the new G2. Big step up from the G1. Keyboard takes a little getting used to. I got bigger hand so the spacing feels a little cramped when you hitting buttons on the top row but getting used to it. G1 had the best keyboard I’ve ever felt. Really enjoying Android2.2. Angry Birds anyone. Even without HSPA+ in the Detroit area its still is a great phone as far as download and upload speed. G1 was a revoloutionary. The G2 while not as revolutionary still delivers a solid phone for Tmobile who is the little brother to the bigger companies.

  • http://Website Charlie R.

    I love this phone! I didn’t even qualify for a full discount and shelled out the extra $$$. Especially coming off a mytouch 3G, this thing is ridiculously nice and snappy. Now I have 4 options for text input too, so sweet.

    Would also like to add that tmos hspa coverage has been awesome. I can definitly see the difference in dl speeds. After the first few apps I dl’d, wtf was the only thought that kept crossing my mind. I’d recommend this phone, all day, everyday. I’m a walking tmo sales rep right now.

    -charlie r

  • http://Website bloatware

    I’d give 3.5 out of 5 stars.

    1. can’t uninstall bloatware that runs services

    2. no wifi hotspot (removed from 2.2)

    3. screen is not as good as amoled on Nexus One

    4. did I mention carrier crapware! I paid for this phone, get off my phone. Not liking t-mobile on this…

  • http://Website AndroidsAnonymous

    if it had amoled it would rule.

  • http://mostfunnest.com Most Funnest

    I’ve waited awhile to replace my G1 and I was loving the G2 for all 5 days that it worked. Fifth night, the screen greyed out. The phone is still working underneath… but the screen itself is a dim glowing grey. Sad… I wanted to love this phone… which I was. Now, I’m not so sure. We’ll see what T-Mobile says tomorrow morning.


  • http://Website DaveC

    I’ve been craving a good physical keyboard for a long time so I ordered this phone at the first opportunity. After using it for several hours, I noticed something. I found myself using Swype almost all the time and barely ever opening the keyboard. Part of the reason for that was that the back light was only working half the time, and that made it hard for me to type on it. But more that that, it’s just that Swype is amazing 95% of the time. Yea, it messes with me once in a while, but I can live with that. Also, I like the N1′s trackball (aka the glowing orb) more than the optical pad. When you combine that with the fact that I spend most of my time on EDGE (T-Mo’s Corpus Christi coverage map is B.S.), I just wasn’t getting much benefit for my added expense. Staying with the Nexus One for now.

  • http://Website Kris

    Im loving my G2 …

    I switched from my Nexus One mainly due to more space. The internal memory on the N1 got filled up quickly with the amount of apps I had on the phone.

    So far I love the G2 … its FAST! the HSPA+ speeds are huge difference here in the Las Vegas (2672 download and 1319 upload on SpeedTest app) area and even the general processing is faster. Its snappy, no force closes, ect.

    Im not too worried about rooting as long as the new T-mobile update takes care of tethering. If it gets rooted then great, if not, then I can still use my N1 to mess around.

  • http://www.veamea.com Omeade Hekmat

    It will be interesting to see how video conferencing capabilities will be enhanced on smart phones in the future. VeaMea is currently working offering desktop video conferencing and collaboration software and will soon be functional across all types of devices.

  • http://Website Dee

    I got mine on friday and im never looking back.
    this phone zips and the battery life is amazing. I can play my roms and do lots of txting, emailing, pix, youtube, and etc.
    i also have 4 bars of HSPA+ and let me tell you, its fast. I get at least 2. 5Mbs and 1. 3Up
    this phone is great but i do agree with everyone about coming from the G1 to this, the keyboard is good but it does take some getting used to especially if you have smaller hands (i don’t)
    as its very large. But once you get it you got it.

  • http://Website six41

    Dre – RE: Whisper quiet calls

    Have you removed the factory “screen protector” that came on the phone? I made a few calls with it on before I realized that it covered the speaker.

  • http://Itsagreatphone kevin

    I got the G2 Sunday Oct. 3rd before it came out over at the local Radio Shack. Service is great there. I tether it with PDANet, it does Orux maps for offline mountain stuff. Its very fast.

    The hinge on mine is fine. The keyboard works great and I have big hands. I honestly use my laptop a lot less just because this this is so effective. The GPS is very accurate.

    I don’t mind all the Google Apps because I had them on my G1 too. I’ll root it if the CM version is better than stock. Right now stock kicks butt.

    I have a 3g network in Fort Collins. Its fast but I can’t wait for HSPA.

    Get one you’ll like it.

  • http://Website N1

    you stupid umericans, the phone is called a HTC Desire Z

    • http://Website Armistad

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. I drive a Pontiac Vibe, not a Toyota Matrix.

  • poncious

    I actually got mine on Oct 1st due to some online pre-order 3 day shipping glitch. I am really happy with the phone. the z hinge is cool and its really fast.

    My only qualm is sometimes the apps crash a lot but that may be due to the fact its a new phone and those apps weren’t specifically designed for it.

  • http://Website Daniel

    Can anyone tell me if the G2 supports DLNA to play media on the phone from a DLNA server? Also, does it have HDMI out?

  • http://Website MomNMotion

    G2 is an impressive offering for Tmobile and it comes at a good time. The phone flies. I’ve noticed an increase in speed even when the phone drops to Edge. There are times when the phone flies too fast to keep up with it.

    I ride the Washington DC metro with the phone and in the tunnels there is no cignal, but when the signal pops up it’s the HSPA; so I type quicky with the SWYPE and it sends the text off fast enough that I might get two texts off before hitting another tunnel.

    The in call quality is excellent. The keyboard if very nice and doesn’t add too much bulk. The device feels like a quality piece of equipment. I don’t have a hinge problem with the phone.

    The detail on the 5MP camera (say a picture of written text) is clearer than some 8MP cell phone cameras.

    I have to turn the phone off once per day. Not used to that, but no big deal.

  • MitchRapp81

    wow I would hate my phone if I had seen articles claiming it will have this and that, and then when I buy it it doesn’t have squat over any other current Android phone …

    I’d be PISSED

  • http://Website justin

    this is NO JOKE my favorite phone i have ever owned. i was an iphone user for 2+ years in a row, switched to tmobile (my new favorite carrier) with this g2. the g2 has everything i want when it comes to design, specs, software, overall desire, EVERYTHING.

  • http://Website miro23

    has nobody had a problem with the network??? my G2 was using the HSPA network the first 2 days and then it stopped all of a sudden and now i cant even get 2G or 3G anywhere!!!

  • http://Website Rav

    HTC can never get it right. I hate this phone. GPS keeps on dropping. I love TMobile. I just want a better phone.

  • http://Website androidEyez

    I believe that this phone to be the best one out so far and the 4G speeds are nice I’m coming from the nexus 1 so the transition was an easy one to me. And with the new mytouch HD coming makes me a proud member of the tmobile family it is about time we get some high end phones I’m still waiting for our version of the Evo (Desire HD) to come out in the USA that’s what will replace my G2.

  • http://www.zaneperry.com Zane

    I had a pretty rough start. I blogged about my trials and tribulations here…


    Seems to work fine now. Have not had a random reboot in 4 days.

  • http://Website Ari

    I want to have Xenon flash as well as a fast CPU such as Nvidia Tegra II (2.4GHz). For camera 5MP or 8MP is enough. And of course Android 2,2!

    • http://Website Ari

      Oh I forgot, Qwerty keyboard is also a must!

  • http://Website Trey

    I don’t get it. Everywhere says tethering is disabled but I downloaded”pdanet” and it works just fine.

  • http://www.freshii.com James N

    Ive had my G2 for a week now, Big upgrade from my G1. G1 was rooted and worked pretty well. But the G2 makes it look like a dinosaur! The phone looks great and is super fast. It reminds me of Robocop with the 2 tone finish. In a world of disposable plastic phones its good to have the feel of metal in your hand. Feels like a quality piece. I miss the 5 row keyboard, but use swype often now. The hinge is tricky when laying down. I had it close and crack me in the face while checking mail in bed. The lock on the battery door is nice. I miss being able to remove the sd without opening the phone. Having owned iphones and many androids, this is a very high quality piece. im happy with my phone.

  • CDFG2

    I absolutely love my new G2—I upgraded from the MyTouch (the first one), so this phone is a HUGE improvement. Love the SPEED (so much faster), love the sensitivity of the touch screen, love swype for texting, LOVE the voice activated texting (so much faster than typing and rarely does it get it wrong), love the apps that came loaded for the most part.

    The hinge thing is definitely annoying, and when I got a hard case for the phone…it made it so much heavier that the hinge fell open more than I would like. If it doesn’t get worse, than it is something I can deal with.

    I am completely a novice to rooting my phone, and I am still confused as to what this will do to improve my phone. Reading the tutorials online is often too technical for me, so I am still am unclear on what I am missing out on there.

  • http://Website Terrell Parker

    i had the mytouch slide n upgraded to this phone yesterday n i must say its the best phone in the world lol shitting on anything out der right now i love how the keyboard slides up its very different n im still playing wit everything on the phone n contemplating if i want to root bec i rooted just about every android device i touch so yae my mouths watering right now wit all the new things i can do on this amazing phone the cameras very good as well

  • http://www.lingosbox.com jasim

    Actually i don’t like it at all,my touch panel was cracked,i ordered it from lingosbox http://www.lingosbox.com/original-new-htc-desire-z-t-mobile-g2-touch-panel-glass-digitizer.html

    But they didn’t provided fix manual,so my Desire Z is still cracked