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First pics of LG’s Tegra 2 Android phone for Verizon’s 4G LTE

The first pictures of a future LG Android phone for Verizon leaked out today on Engadget and they were quick to point out this is a 4G LTE device that can also capture 1080p video, but they failed to mention it will also be packing a dual-core Tegra 2 processor from NVIDIA.

LG was the first handset maker to announce they were making a Tegra 2 phone, but we haven’t heard anything officially since the press release over a month ago. Originally LG planned to deliver a Tegra 2 smartphone and tablet in Q4, but the tablet was delayed so they could launch with Honeycomb (Android 3.0) and it sounds like a similar path was chosen for the smartphone as well.

Look for LG to announce this Tegra 2 phone on January 5th at CES. Verizon already said they would debut half a dozen LTE devices at CES and you can be sure that this LG phone is one of them.

Since this phone is headed for Verizon, it will be interesting to see if it launches before Motorola’s competing Tegra 2 phone (codenamed the Olympus/MB860/Terminator). Both devices should be stunning since LG is claiming the Tegra 2 processor offers “up to 2x faster web browsing and up to 5x faster gaming performance”.

People I’ve spoken with who have seen this LG phone in person said the design was awesome and it blew away the Motorola Olympus (Terminator). Based on the leaked pictures (and what I’ve heard about the Olympus design) I would say they have a shot.

We haven’t seen any high-end Android phones from LG, so it’s exciting to see a new player give HTC, MOTO, and SAMMY some competition.

As we approach the official unveiling at CES, what advice would you give LG to ensure a successful launch on Verizon?

Source: Engadget

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  • http://Website pablo

    G2 looks better imo
    but a fact is that tmos HSPA+ is better than LTE

    • http://Website Icon

      Do you even know what your talking about? It is physically impossible for HSPA+ to be faster then LTE. Purely based on the spectrum (the analog TV 700mhz frequency) LTE runs on, it is faster then any 3g or enhanced 3g (HSPA+) could ever dream to be. HSPA+ is faster then Wimax, but that is not the same as LTE. Obviously there is a lot more to it then that, but there isn’t enough room to explain it all, and honestly I don’t feel like explaining it to somebody who wouldn’t grasp it anyway.

      • http://Website slowz3r

        Hes talking about the fact that Tmos HSPA+ blows away the “true 4G” competition

        • http://Website B

          And what the hell is that supposed to mean?

      • http://Website PhineasJW

        700MHz has *nothing* to do whatsoever with LTE being faster than HSPA+.

        • ayocuz

          I can’t believe metro pcs has their 4g Lte up and running in detroit before any of the big three. If they ever bring some decent high end android phones to their network that could be trouble for tmo,sprint, and verizon

      • http://Website kermitthefrayer

        You do realize that lyrics simple stands for long term evolution right?


        It has nothing UK do with band width and everything to do with umts (universal mobile telecommunications systems agreement ) it’s more of an agreement between provides to move forward using common fourth generation technologies. Even Verizon’s “Lte” is at the moment still truly 3.9 generation technology.


        As far as bandwidth Verizon lye 3.9+ could theoretically have speeds of up to 144 mbps and hspa+ only 44 mbps, but honestly who the f needs that kind of bandwidth on their phone???


        So you are right about the speeds but has zero to do with it being 700 band frequency.

        • http://Website kermitthefrayer


      • http://Website kermitthefrayer




        “Advantages of LTE over HSPA+

        * Flexible Spectrum usage possible with LTE: LTE will be the same whether the bandwidth available is 5MHz or 20MHz. Ofcourse the data rate will increase when the BW is increased. With HSPA+ only 5MHz bandwidhts possible. Similalrly with HSPA+ only FDD mode of operation is possible whereas with LTE FDD or TDD mode is possible.
        * Spectrum Effeciency: Better spectrum effeciency, by a factor of 2 atleast over HSPA+
        * Simpler Architecture: LTE has a much simpler and relatively flat architecture compared to the legacy UMTS network in HSPA+
        * Higher Data Rates: LTE gives DL data rates of 144Mbps and UL of 57Mbps. HSPA+ gives 42Mbps in DL and 11Mbps in UL
        * Ultra Low Latency: 10ms instead of 50ms for HSPA+
        * Short TTI: 0.5ms instead of 2ms for HSPA+

        Advantages of HSPA+ over LTE

        * Will be ready much before LTE: HSPA+ technology should be available in Q1 2009 whereas the earliest with LTE would be sometime in 2010.
        * Much less investment in infrastructure: Since HSPA+ is evolution of HSPA which is already being deployed, it would be easier and less costly to upgrade. With LTE since its based on OFDM a lot of new components will be required. Also in case of LTE the number of components are reduced but since they work in a different way, new components will be required.”

        Clearly it has nothing to do with the 700 band. And needs 44 Mbps on the dam phone anyway let alone 144!

    • http://Website kerfax

      to Pablo,

      Dude you need an education. HSPA in most area is slower than 3G. Ha ha ha thanks for the good laugh though! ha Ha Ha Ha!

  • http://Website Laz

    Wow the front of this phone sure is sexy.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Totally digging this phone… just wish they drop a GSM version…

    • http://Website Inquisitor

      I may be wrong here, but isn’t LTE the 4G equivalent of GSM? If so, then it would make sense that if they put LTE tech in they might also have GSM built in as well. It’ll obviously have CDMA as well to work with Verizon 3G, but it might not be a stretch to use an unlocked version on AT&T or T-Mobile. At the very least it would obviously work on those networks’ LTE networks.

      • http://Website kerfax

        to Inquisitor

        NO. GSM and LTE are 2 totally different technologies.

  • http://Website Hans

    How can we know for sure this phone will have a Tegra 2 processor? Isn’t it merely an assumption?

  • http://NOSkin Josh

    Keep it stock android. Dont do what all other companys seem to be doing and put stock android on it so there is no delays on updates

  • Prince77

    The phone looks nice, I still wouldn’t get it because of how high Verizon is with it’s service. For all three services (talk, text, and web) your bill would be atleast $130. That’s way too much, but Verizon fans will pay anyway, not me.

    • http://Website Inquisitor

      If you legitimately think paying for texting is a good idea, then I feel sorry for you. You’re doing it wrong.


  • http://Website Droid!


    From whom you have talked to, does it have (home, back, menu and search) touch buttons?

    And do you by chance know the screen size? 4 inch? 4.3? …. hopefully not smaller than 4 then I’ll pass ://

    • http://Website Inquisitor

      looks capacitive (touch) to me, based on the pic anyway. they really aren’t as bad as everyone says, they work fine on my d1 and have only wonked out a couple times when the screen got wet. wouldn’t mind physical buttons, but not having them isn’t a dealbreaker.

  • http://Website Luke T

    If it’s vanilla, u would but it.

  • http://Website Scratchiti

    LG has great optics on their cameras (my 3mp Dare took much better pictures than my 5mp Droid) so I’m excited by the possibility of a great Android phone with a great camera.

    • http://Website Hans

      What Droid did you have? Going from my Dare to my Droid, I saw quite a bit of an improvement in terms of camera quality.

  • http://Website Chancy

    As usual no talk of battery technology. They can upgrade the networks till it only takes a millisecond to download a 1tb file over a mobile network but until you can use your phone to its fullest capabilities for a day without it becoming paperweight by noon then I’m afraid we are still in the dark ages.

  • http://Website khush

    Highly unlikely that LG wont slap on a UI which makes me sad :(

    • http://Website Kenny

      I’m currently a Tmo customer, my girl has Vz, so I’m going to switch. I want a dual core Android phone but I hope LG doesnt slap on a custom UI. Personally, I only like Vanilla and Sense.

    • http://Website Kat

      I have the LG Ally, and the UI isn’t bad at all IMO. It’s not over bearing and you can turn it off. I would suspect they would do the same with this phone.

  • http://Website johnny b

    Ya know this is annoying. This looks like a badass phone. Everyone bitches and moans about a dual core phone and when one is in our foresight everyone fckin bashes it. Who gives a shit if its stock android or how fast lte is gonna be. I’m sure this phone on 3g will slam any current 4g phone in a heartbeat. Its like a bunch of 5 year olds arguing about the best Halloween costume in here, dammit.

    • http://Website Max

      For real.

  • http://Website Eric

    Did LG put any bloatware on their ally or just run stock Android 2.1? Never followed that phone. I just hope this phone doesn’t get Binged (are you listening Verizon?). If it is bloatware’d it would still be okay if it was easy to Root. Cyanogenmod on this phone would be amazing. Im waiting for more info on this phone before my upgrade.

    • http://Website Johnny b

      You talk about Bing like its a deal breaker. And fckin bloatware? I rest my case on childish reasons. I wont buy it if it has Bing I don’t want all the bloatware wtf? Come on android people step up!

      • http://Website Inquisitor

        No one’s saying that android sucks just because of bloatware, and that if there’s bloatware they’re just get an iPhone. Bloatware and bing suck, and there are already better alternatives out there that have less or no bloatware. No one’s buying the fascinate b/c it sucks, but everyone’s picking up the d2 and dx b/c there’s little bloat and it’s now not that hard to get vanilla android on there. Releasing an android phone with crap all over it is stupid, and will just make people look elsewhere to get their android fix, not turn them off the android entirely.

      • http://Website Eric

        I wasn’t saying I wouldn’t get an amazing phone if it had bing… its not the deal breaker… but it is not what I want on a google phone. I dont think there should be any software that you cannot remove from your phone… why am I going to pay for verizon navigator when I can use google maps? As far as the bloatware… yah I don’t want crap like motoblur on my android phone because its stupid, eats battery and slows my phone with stuff that I don’t even care to use.

  • http://Website Kat

    There is a little bit of bloatware on the Ally, but it’s not terrible, and certainly not anywhere as bad as the Fascinate. On the latest software update, Skype and Blockbuster was added to that list, which was disappointing.
    I would say it’s about the middle of the road when it comes to bloat. There’s worse and there’s better out there.

  • http://Website Shane

    what’s the screen size?

  • http://Website carlos

    really nice phone! But 4G Plans will probably be real expensive so i’ll take a droid incredible for now and hopefully in 2 years 4G prices will be lower :)

  • connorita


    is 4g really going to be very expensive? are u sure? any research?

    im curious cuz iono if i wanna wait for it if its going to be very expensive

  • http://Website The_Chief

    After using the LG Dare for over a year (prior to getting my Droid) I look forward to giving LG another shot. Some suggestions:

    (a) Front-facing camera for video chat/Skype.
    (b) FM Radio.
    (c) Panorama camera feature.
    (d) GPS Navigation.
    (e) Android is open source. DO NOT lock or otherwise encrypt the bootloader! If I want to customize my phone – that I BOUGHT – I should be able to do that.
    (f) A docking cradle like the Droid would be a huge plus (I use my phone as a bedside clock at night). I would love to keep this phone close at all times.
    (g) No doubt someone will fill this in. I look forward to seeing this come out on Big Red in 2011!

  • http://Website Nene04

    Just curious, is this the LG Revolution? Right now we haven’t heard of any dual core LG phone, just the single core Lg Revolution. Someone told me this was the Lg Revolution with a screen cover on it and that it was never dual core.