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Gingerbread man signals pending announcement of Android 2.3

It’s that time again. Another giant treat arrived at the Googleplex today, which means a new version of Android is just around the corner. A video was just uploaded to the Android Developers YouTube account which shows a giant Gingerbread man joining his friends FroYo, Eclair, Donut, and Cupcake.

As it was pointed out today, Gingerbread will likely become Android 2.3 and Honeycomb is expected to become Android 3.0 when it hits tablets next year. If history repeats itself we could have an official announcement on Android 2.3 features sometime next week. The FroYo statue appeared just one week before Google I/O where Android 2.2 was unveiled.

The Android 2.3 update is being called a major release, but it might not change the core experience as much as some expected. Most of the additions are said to be UI tweaks and we could see new services like video calling, Google Music, and maybe even Google Books.

We hear Samsung is currently working on a Google-experience phone with stock Gingerbread, which could be the first new phone to ship with the latest OS.

In addition to the new Samsung phone, most existing devices that already have Android 2.2 should eventually see Android 2.3 once the carriers get their hands on it. If you phone is still on Android 2.1 or earlier, don’t hold your breath waiting for an update (except the Galaxy S I’m hoping).

For those of you keeping track at home, after Gingerbread and Honeycomb are released the next versions to look out for are Ice Cream and Jelly Bean.

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Source: YouTube

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  • http://Website nate

    Wow still on cm6.0 and soon they will be working on cm7 so excited :)

    • http://Website Joe

      Yeah, I actually think they should stop working on CM 6.1 (which is still probably a couple weeks away) and focus on CM 7. Seems like in the time it takes for a CM version to be released, the next Google OS update occurs. I love CM, but this kinda sucks.

      • http://Website mkrmec

        How can they focus on Ginger if the source code is not out yet?? lol
        And how can you compare CM developers to Google team with prolly 100+ coders? And CM focuses on how many phones at once? at least 8 !! That’s extra work. It’s not just copy paste you know. So please don’t say that development is slow when these people do it for free.

  • http://Website Kevin

    Im first lol

    • http://Website Mast3rShake

      ^——EPIC FAIL

    • http://Website lazycoder9000

      Wow, look at all those down ranks :D

  • http://Website Alex M

    You were saying that Samsung might be in the works for a Google-experience phone that will most likely be the first phone to ship with Gingerbread.
    Now will the G2, considering its stock UI and “google phone” as well, have the 2.3 update before Samsung releases its new phone?

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Time will tell. I wouldn’t be surprised to see existing phones like the N1, G2, and Droid see it around the same time.

      • http://Website SquirrelWithAGunAtTheZoo

        What do you think phone manufacturers will do with 2.2 phones that weren’t sold through the carriers? Do you think they will be updated or will they be abandoned?

  • http://Website j

    This is why Android manufacturers should just try to upgrade their handsets with every other update. Here’s Samsung, who released their entire Galaxy S line with 2.1, working hard (maybe, they’ve been really slow) to get their phones upgraded to 2.2, and now will shortly release a 2.3 phone. If instead they gave their employees a break and then pushed them hard to get 2.3 on their Galaxy line, everyone would be happy. Instead, Samsung is going to release a stock 2.3 phone at the same time as their other phones are going to be upgraded to 2.2. Upgrading from 2.1 to 2.2 is nice, but nothing special when 2.3 is already out. And then Samsung will try hard to get all their 2.2 phones upgraded to 2.3, and they’ll be done when 3.0 comes out. Ad infinitum.

    • http://Website Lars

      or, being Samsung, they knew 2,3 was around the corner and only upgraded to 2,2 due to demand, and trying to fix a bad upgrade reputation, making the process a little slow.
      wasn’t Samsung the ones that quote honeycomb to begin with?

    • http://Website Furious

      Samsung sucks…

      • HipHopIsLyfe37

        The Epic 4G is a good phone no doubt but I just feel like kicking myself in the ass for not getting the Evo. Yeah the camera is better on the Epic (megapixels don’t mean everything) but HTC and Sprint support the Evo so much better then the Epic. Thank god I’m rooted and when developers get Froyo, Gingerbread, Honeycomb, etc on ROMs then I’ll be ready to download. But until then I just don’t see why Samsung and Sprint don’t push the Epic more

  • http://Website Kk

    I could be wrong, our it could have been rumor. But I thought Moto was getting first dibs on a gingerbread device on the market.

  • http://Website Dphigorealuh

    The droid has vanilla android! Its always up first!

    • http://Website Nate

      yeah that sure worked out for 2.2…wait no it didn’t the nexus one was way ahead.

    • http://Website Ronald

      used to be first. the droid is now an “old” phone with a slower processor compared to newer 1GHz processors out now

  • Ng LC

    I think Google and Samsung will be releasing another google phone (just guessing),kinda like the Nexus One…

    • http://droidandroidgames.com/ AndroidGames

      there were rumors about that! and google stated that they won’t make another google phone tho,
      still i would want that handset if they will release it,
      Honestly I think they should work on a handset with OEM that is making android phones of poorest quality

  • http://Website Big j

    I’m not looking forward to the long wait for htc to upgrade the incredible. It took forever to get froyo, cuz of the htc sense version of android. Boooo

  • http://Website Miguel Lopez

    This isn’t fair I hate my Samsung Vibrant now Samsung is taking too long to get Android 2.2 Froyo on all the Galaxy S phones I don’t get why its taking so long the Froyo Update is out why can’t they just release it man this sucks soon when the Galaxy S receives the 2.2 update everyone else will be getting 2.3 Gingerbread then later it will happen again we will get 2.3 late then everyone will get 3.0 honeycomb then again it will happen when 3.0 is out then everyone will get Android 4.0 Ice Cream this sucks I hate you Samsung Im making sure the next android phone I get will be legit and will receive all android updates when there officially out who’s with me

    • http://Website Virtue

      The Grammar Nazi disapproves of this message.

    • http://Website Sven

      It’s called punctuation you know the little dots and squiggly things that are between certain words that make them into sentences otherwise people reading your message will think that you are an idiot but after reading your ramblings without any punctuation I don’t think that even punctuation would have helped you in retrospect I thank you for not using punctuation because it let us determine your idiocy much faster

      • http://Website Jo

        Nice sentence, little long for such a well punctuated kind of guy eh?

        • http://sundazed.net iSunday

          I normally stay out of these grammar debates, BUT I couldn’t resist.

          Your joke happens to be made of two independent clauses that are improperly joined. Actually, past the ‘,’, it isn’t even independent. Oh well.

  • http://Website Marco

    Aight, I’ve had a Droid X and now I have a Fascinate. Even though I had 2.2 with the DX, I would still rather have the Samsung Fascinate with the 2.1. (The DX sucks!) Now I hope that the wait for 2.2 wont be very far away. Though I wouldn’t be surprised (and I’m kind of hoping) that Samsung just skips 2.2 and upgrades my Fascinate straight to 2.3!

    • http://Website Miguel Lopez

      That’s what I was thinking too for my Samsung Vibrant they should do that yo all the Galaxh S phones

  • http://Website thaghost

    I think its time for us to realize dat with all of these different carriers, custom ui, phone manufacturers and da speed at which th os is getting updated that a lot of phones r gonna be left behind. we’re gonna be complaing forever. we should expect 1 or maybe no update at all. our best bet is to get a stock phone or deal with wateva os we get when we get our phone.

    • http://Website mkrmec

      You sound like you’ve never heard of rooting and custom ROMs… It’s not the end of the world when phone companies say no more updates. Just look at the CyanogenMod Project. it supports 8+ phones and getting more.

  • http://jsgamezone.blogspot.com J

    Apparently Samsung has backed out of the android 2.2 update for the Galaxy S due to issues with lagging.
    Arrrgghhh. Only in Scandinavia, now nowhere!!!

    • http://Website mkrmec

      Samsung officialy said it’s gonna release 2.2 to all Galaxy S phones somewhere in November.

  • http://Website Dtg

    I own an unlocked htc desire and haven’t got the least bit of concern about how long it’ll take to receive the update. The good people at htc gave me a lovely froyo treat within a month of the n1 getting it. I’m so pleased that my upgrade will without doubt be a htc.

  • http://Website adam

    i cant wait for g2 to get android 2.3 os

    • http://Website Ronald

      “IF” the G2 gets updated. its been rumored that if you dont have a 1GHz processor you wont be able to get gingerbread and the G2 only has a 800MHz processor

      • http://Website Gee

        First of all that’s been debunked by members of the Android team themselves.

        Secondly even if it were true that requirement makes no damn sense – Frequency != Performance.. The 800 MHz chip on the G2 runs circles around the 1 GHz one in the Nexus One — it’s the second generation Snapdragon. If a dual core 45nm 800MHz Snapdragon with Adreno 220 GPU gets released next year, do you think that it’ll get dropped? Hell no, it’ll make the current-last gen 1GHz chips look like babies.

  • kabos

    Now this is what I’m talking bout.

  • http://Website Janyo

    I can download any free app. But I can’t buy anything you can help me and please tell me what is the “server error” issue please I need help this is putting me crazy!!!!

  • http://Website deeb215

    The EVO upgraded to froyo before the Droid with vanilla Android so boom! It’s up to your carriers getting gingerbread out to us. I’ll bet that the 1st phones to receive gingerbread will be the nexus, EVO, Epic, Droid 2, and Droid X.

    • http://Website androidEyez

      Don’t forget the G2 this phone has a 4gig rom and its partitioned so that 75% of it is ready for atleast gingerbread and possibly honeycomb so in my opinion the Nexus, then the G2 will be the first devices to get 2.3 and this bull about the 800mhz chip in the G2 not meeting requirements is insane this phone is way faster then the Nexus and EVO and especially the droid x.

  • McLovin

    I’m really curious if the G-2 get’s 2.3. I wanted OJ to be innocent too.