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Gizmodo goes hands on with the Nexus Two, launches Nov. 11th?

I’m sorry to keep beating you over the head with Nexus Two stories the past 24 hrs, but this phone has me genuinely excited. Our friends over at Gizmodo have a tale from one of their sources that played with the Samsung Gingerbread phone.

They describe the mysterious phone and it lines up with about everything I’ve heard so far: “It’s black and shiny, built with glossy plastic. Up close, though, it’s “got this curve to it.” While the screen, which our source thinks is the same 4-inch AMOLED affair from the Galaxy series, is flat, the front is “sort of concave” with hard edges. And the back is curved. The tapering makes it feel thinner than Galaxy S, though it might be about the same thickness. “It feels really similar to the Galaxy S in a lot ways.

Other details about the phone include a front-facing camera, which will go nicely with those video chats coming to Gingerbread.

Now here is where things get interesting. We already posted that the phone will be announced on November 8th, but I’ve also heard from multiple sources that Gingerbread will “release” on November 11th.

If Gingerbread is in fact released on November 11th, then so could this magical phone.

Remember the official Nexus One unveiling? Google announced the phone on January 5th and had it available to order on the same day. This time around Google will sell the phone direct to customers, but they will take a different approach according to the report by City AM.

They quote an industry analyst as saying: “It could be a solution to the problems it experienced when it tried to sell the Nexus One exclusively through its website. People like to be able to go to a store — this solves that.”

In the UK, the phone will be sold exclusively through Carphone Warehouse. No U.S. retailers have been named, so I’ll let you speculate on who might sell it.

For more details about Android 2.3 (Gingerbread), I’ll link to a post by Absolute Android who is pretty much spot on with most of his speculation.

Source: Gizmodo

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      Are you going to be the first comment down voted past -100?

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        Better question: Is he going to be the first to be voted to -200

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          or -300 lol

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            Make that -300. lol.

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      Keep voting, lads. May be we can get it to -400! lol.

  • http://Website adryan

    Was there any mention of the processors? Thats what im curious about. what all the other specs like ram and rom and all the other good stuff us phone geeks care about?

  • http://Website PhineasJW

    Well, color me slightly disappointed if this is just a Galaxy S running stock Android, especially since dual-core phones will be launching imminently, and LTE is right around the corner.

    I’m still hoping there are some surprises under the hood.

    • http://twitter.com/goncalossilva Gonçalo Silva

      A dual-core CPU and a Tegra 2? Now *THAT* would be the nicest surprise.

  • Sturoid

    Why is it that with this onslaught of ‘Nexus Two’ news over that last 24 hours I get this sense that you are desperately wanting this to come out and be true so that you can do an ‘I told you so :p’ to everyone like you have something to prove.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love this site and all the info you pass on and you have nothing to prove to anyone with regards to if your sources are good or not. Keep up the good work and I’m too hoping this all surfaces too :)

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I don’t have anything to prove and I’ll gladly admit when I’m wrong. I just find this Samsung phone very interesting (like I find Tegra 2 devices exciting) and that’s why I’m reporting on it.

      • http://Website legendary1022

        Its the man’s website. He writes what he wants. Don’t like it there are more sites out there. He has been the main guy on this story in the community and is trying to break something. Just like engadget and the playstation phone. Appreciate what they are doing for us, trying to deliver the news.

        But you lost me when you wrote glossy plastic. Just not a big fan of samsung and their build materials. Besides two things (super amoled and ffc) this doesn’t offer much offer what’s out now. Especially the nexus one and the sister g2 who more than likely will both get gingerbread pretty quickly.the nexus line should be groundbreaking. ffc is a fad and will hardly ever be used by me. gingerbread is the real story here. Very excited for that. Now for that g2 root…

      • http://Website thaghost

        what do u find very interesting about this phone? what exactly? is it da “glossy plastic”? really? glossy plastic? cmon, smh.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    This pretty interesting. Phones to feature Gingerbread are only going to be better in the feature. I think the main purpose of any Nexus phone or strictly Google phone is to get the experience out, and have a slightly better phone. I mean maybe not any time soon but, eventually the Nexus One will not be able to handle every update. Technology is moving to fast. I really can’t wait until the release the overhaul they mentioned. I don’t think it will be the 2.3, but maybe the Honeycomb. I hope they flip the script and have everybody at hello when they do.

    • http://Website Tony

      I really hope other manufacturers copy how Google takes off all that nasty(ugly) manufacturer name plastered all over the front of their phones ala Nexus One. I have no problem whatsoever with them putting their name on the back, but please for the love of god, leave the front clean.

  • http://Website Anthony

    Hummm. Seems like galaxys reloaded. This plastic phone is sure to make nexus1 owners like me pass on this plastic imposter. I will not even consider this phone if it doesn’t have dual core. The hype will be gone by Christmas day when a dual core arrives. The silly games that are played why not do it right the first time. Htc should have made the nexus2. Samsung can only make an imposter surely it can’t be called nexus2. I said before Chrysler makes chevies right not hindas

  • http://Website Duckzero

    Maybe this is why they are taking SO long to update the whole Galaxy S line. I would be more than happy to completely leapfrog Froyo and get on the Gingerbread train!

    Otherwise, this is a little dissapointing news just because I picked up a Vibrant and I’m not really going crazy for it.

  • http://Website Brian K

    I don’t see any reason for a ‘Nexus Two’ phone. The nexus one isn’t even a year old. Most of today’s phones still aren’t as sleek as the Nexus One. And what would make it a Nexus Two other than the name? Seems like we might just be jumping ahead of ourselves here on a high end Samsung phone. It probabaly exists but most likely will not be called a Nexus Two and will not be a developer phone.

    • Markinct

      Number one reason for a Nexus 2 phone?

      Front facing camera. Like it or not the front facing camera is likely to be as big a game changer for mobile computing/smart phones as the advent of 3G speeds.

      • http://Website fangorious

        Front facing cameras and video calling have been available on phones pretty much as long as 3G has. Like touchscreen tablets, it took Apple to make the interface usable and hype the crap out if for anyone to care though.

      • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

        Today my fiancee was trying to use her EVO she’s had since May to take a picture for herself and she goes “This thing has a front camera, right?”

        Point of the story: average users don’t care, even when they’ve got one.

  • http://Website Simon

    I’ve got mixed feelings! The fact that it’s basically a galaxy s with stock android, doesn’t mean it’s anything special. It’s still that plastic phone with gps and lag issues (i know that it’s software issues, but it’s like breaking up with someone, you won’t look at them differently even if they come back with a different hair cut)

    If only they stuck by HTC and released the HTC Desire HD as a Nexus2 version!

    • http://Website luis

      I agree stick with htc.

  • http://Website Alex

    Am I the only one who doesn’t dig galaxy s button layout? I love the nexus ones layout and htc has now standardized their layout which took some getting used to on a realtive’s g2 but I would prefer that over the galaxy s.

  • http://Website Harry

    no trackball?! how am i going to play Doom!!? i’ll stick with my nexus one. im still waiting for the perfect phone, large screen, 4 row querty, front facing camera and big internal memeory.

  • http://Website Devesh

    I’m not a fan at all of the “glossy plastic” Samsung uses in their phones, it makes their phones look like toys next to those solidly constructed phones like the G2 and the iPhone 4. I’m surprised Google went with Samsung for this, I really like the silver brushed aluminum construction of HTC’s current phones and I’d buy this in a heartbeat if it was anything like the Nexus One and G2 in terms of hardware design. If this phone isn’t all that much different from the Galaxy S hardware-wise then I think I’d rather wait for Motorola’s dual core Tegra 2 phone, even if it isn’t running stock Gingerbread.

    • http://Website ACR

      I don’t know about you but Toshiba AC100 with Tegra 2 has 1911 score on Quadrant and 27.4FPS on Neocore. Nothing amazing there.

  • http://Website Steffen

    I really don’t see Google putting out a phone less than a year later, with barely upgraded internals. Especially not from Samsung who clearly tried to turn android into an iPhone knockoff with its Galaxy S lineup. If it is in fact a Nexus phone, I know I will pass until Google pulls off something amazing like they did with the original. I mean, how could you replace the beautifully crafted N1 with a piece of plastic?

  • http://Website mihavitmalakai

    well i hope the nexus two is better than the nexus one in the spec department. all i can do is hope that this device is better than the last one. i really dont agree with the samsung branding on this device. it kinda bothers me cuz of samsung’s history of leaving phones behind in the past. i also hope there past experiences with older devices dont plague there newer ones. if all goes well we i will be buying this phone to add to the nexus collection.

  • http://Website Marco P.

    While this Google experience phone with gingerbread is exiting for every android enthusiasts like my self, I got a Samsung Fascinate not too long ago and I’m still very hoping in my heart of hearts for 2.2. It would be my dream come true if on Nov 8th or 11th (or whatever the suspected date is), Samsung came out and said: “Here is our new nexus 2 with gingerbread! And all our Galaxy S phones wil be able to download the 2.3 version today! Thanx for supporting Samsung! We love you!” okay, that’s a little much. But any v

    • http://Website Duckzero

      I’m hoping the same thing! That would blow every one else out of the water for sure!

    • http://Website tothesky

      Hope in one hand and shit in the other and see which fills up first…

  • http://Website kermitthefrayer

    I heard a radio advert for this Samsung Windows phone 7 launching on the 8th.


    So maybe that’s the one for that day.

    • http://Website Acey

      On their advert it said “come and see our new ANDROID device”

  • http://Website Snake

    Samsung for a reason guys it has to be the orion chip or it won’t compete next year . Only updates ofcourse

  • http://Website kermitthefrayer

    P.S. I don’t want one at all. I hate AMO screens and it looks like a black Vibrant. The new chipset would be nice but there will be nicer.

  • http://Website AndroidLuvR3R


    4.3-inch SAMOLED2 display at 1280×720 and 340 dpi
    2 GHz CPU
    1 GB RAM, 4 GB ROM, 32 GB storage with microSD slot for cards up to 32 GB
    8 MP camera with full HD video recording
    Bluetooth 3.0, 802.11 b/g/n WiFi, A-GPS
    Accelerometer, gyroscope, proximity and all the other Android standards
    Running Android 3.0

  • http://Website Gee

    I bet you we wont see dual core phones till AT LEAST Q2 of next year, probably around June or late summer.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      Though you may be right, we still believe that a Tegra2 phone will be released in Q1.

  • http://Website AndroidLuvR3R


    • http://Website Virtue

      If your in desperate need for a new phone just get the nexus two Or you could wait until Q1 for a dual core snapdragon. Your choice.

  • http://emuneee.com evan

    I personally think what Google does with the Nexus series is great.

    1) It sets the bar for Android phones for the next year. Google uses the Nexus series as a baseline for Android phones. It defines the type of hardware manufacturers should equip their phones with for the next 9-12 months.

    2) allows Google to build a close development relationship with their partners. This worked for HTC and Motorola and now look how many generally good Android phones each manufacuter develops….Samsung is next. I think you’ll see an increased level of software quality on Samsung Android devices from here out.

    Just my thoughts.

    • http://Website Virtue

      Unfortunately, the first point doesn”t hold true for this phone. With only a single core processor, it will be quickly outmatched by the dual cortex A9s that will be all the rage in 2011. It may not be lagging behind in the software, but it will not stand a chance in a month or two.

      • http://emuneee.com evan

        First of all, I don’t think we will see a dual core device released until 2H 2011. Secondly, there is more to a handset than the SoC, even though that plays a huge part. There are peripherals such as the ffc, other sensors, Etc. that each device should have so developers can create a consistent application experience across all or most Android devices.

        • http://emuneee.com evan

          And by device I mean smartphone. I think we will see a dual core android tablet before smartphone.

        • http://Website Virtue

          And I realize that there is more to a phone than the SoC but who ever said that those phones wouldn’t have all the other functions? Just sayin.

  • http://Website Simba

    Expect to have that front facing camera stripped away for the US version… I’m just sayin!!!!!!

  • http://Website Daniel

    Let’s hope this time they didn’t forget the camera flash.

  • http://Website Anthony

    All I have to say that sums it all up is this


  • http://www.emagenstudios.com Jesse

    So this means that 2.3 should be hitting my N1 rather soon. Can’t wait. I love this phone. I just got the car dock and now am looking at buying the desktop dock as well.

  • http://Website deeb215

    Personally, I can wait until my EVO gets gingerbread. I won’t buy another phone until it’s something that blows this device away. I don’t see that happening until spring/summer maybe. I also have a feeling ffc arent becoming standard just to become standard. There will be some cool things implemented since more devices are coming to the market with ffc. 2011 will show alot of promise for Android. Fold out your beach chairs and enjoy the view.

  • http://Website Jason

    I’m not a fan of Samsung phones at all, they look like cheap crap compared to my Nexus One. If HTC makes a Nexus Two, I’ll buy again, but not from Samsung.

  • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

    Yes, this Nexus Two will be outdated in a few months when the first of the dual core Tegra 2s get released. Tegra2 has been in development for years, so should damn well be ready to go at this point. LG has committeed to Q4 2010, Motorola is shooting for Q1 2011, so I think it will be here rather soon.

  • http://Website mattcoz

    The G2 looks more like a Nexus Two than this. The glossy black iPhone look has very little appeal to me.

    • http://Website Ms. Matrix

      I agree about the G2 looking more like the N1 than this phone. I’m not excited in the least. This Samsung phone they are trying to pass off, just looks like a splitting image of the Vibrant Galaxy S.

      To me, this is a waste. Samsung could have put a little more thought in the design aspect of the phone, but I think they just got lazy and think people would accept this.

      I wouldn’t buy it, I would rather get the G2 now if I could. But for now I’m going to hold on to my mytouch slide.

  • Sinanovski

    LOL @ the name! Haha

  • http://Website Steven

    It doesn’t really matter if its a samsung or not… its going to suck if its running Android… Apple rules. Suck it fanboys!

  • connorita

    Would this be worth getting w/ verizon?

    i was planning on waiting until january for the terminator or the uhhh whatsitcalled…i think it was an lg phone.

    should i wait till january or go for this one?