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Google launches Google TV mini site, shows off product features

Those who have been following the news on Google TV probably know that SONY and Logitech will be officially unveiling their Google TV offerings later this month. We were not expecting any real news on the topic before then, but it looks like Google has jumped the gun a little by launching their official mini site for Google TV. The majority of the information presented is old news, but we now do have confirmation that Netflix will be supported along with Amazon video on demand, HBO Go, and CNBC. Engadget is also reporting that Google has been working very closely with Turner Broadcasting so that the websites for TNT, TBS, CNN, and a few other websites work smoothly in the Chrome browser.

So does Google TV look ready for prime time yet? If you ask us, we’d love to see Google and Hulu work something out before launch. Hulu announced that their Hulu Plus service would be coming to Android and we think the launch of Google TV would be a perfect time for that. What would it take for Google to convince you that Google TV is a must-have tech item for the holiday season?

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  • http://Website Chancy

    I wish Google would come out with a videogame console to compete with the Xbox and Playstation. It would be interesting to see their take on a console. I wonder if it would run a more advanced Android? :/

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

      I have a feeling that Google TV will partially turn into a console for casual games. Nothing to compete with the ps3 or xbox, but I can see a bunch of family friendly and party focused multiplayer games being pretty popular on this. Especially if you can use your current phone as a controller.

      • http://Nowaddhardware B-Rice

        Just add a hardware solution like hacked Wiimotes, or better yet (and even more far fetched) Sony Move or Kinect. And you got yourself a competitior. Wait better idea, make your phone work like a motion controller, and you are set no extra equipment needed. Life is Good BABY!

      • I think you are definitely right Google TV will be a great casual gaming platform. Just think of Angry Birds or Fruit Ninja on the big screen :)

      • http://Website reddragon72

        Google.TV will be a casual gaming platform. Q1 next year the Android SDK will be completely updated allow anyone who makes an app for Android phones to scale it to the bigger screen. The new SDK will allow the app developer to create one app and place it on the phone market, tablet market and tv market. Just think of Pocket Legends on the bus ride home VIA your phone then save your character on the phone and just on VIA your Google.TV box! It is all coming together.

        Now someone answer or see if they can get an answer to my question below.

  • http://Website james

    I just want it in the uk :(

  • http://Website nathan

    logitech revue with hulu plus on launch day for $200 or less and i’ll take two.

  • http://Website reddragon72

    Anyone find the answer to this question? Can the google.TV platforms stream media from PC’s around your house? And if so what codecs does it support?

    I have E-mailed both Google and Android with that question 5 times and have not received and answer. If Google.TV does not have this functionality then I have no need for it as I already have a HTPC that gives me all google.TV has currently plus media streaming from the home network. It would be a VERY bad move on Google’s part if they left out this simple functionality.

    • http://www.google.com/profiles/anakin78z anakin78z

      I imagine it will have either dnla support or other ways to stream local media, though I have no confirmation on that. I’m more concerned about dvr capability, as that’s something my HTCP handles right now.
      I’m sort of in the same boat, as I’ve had an HTCP for a long time now, and I’m not sure what Google TV could offer beyond that. The one thing I can see it bringing to the table is usability, and a nice way to tie many different services together… some of what boxee already does though.
      Next year will probably be a tipping point when Android apps start making their way to the TV.

  • Donald

    I noticed most of the apps that Google TV was showcasing in there mini video my Vizio has already. One thing it does not do is have internet browsing it has wifi connection. And with the correct cable provider you have something like hulu.

    Either way this looks like a good deal. TV anytime you want. Hopefully with no strings attached like TV contract. They need to make a pocket sized one ;)

  • http://www.brainhandles.com Greg Bulmash

    Gotta have Hulu Plus, Netflix, and a reasonable price. I’m planning to dump basic cable as soon as some decent players come out with those features. Whether it’s the Roku XD or XDS, one of the Sony or Vizio blu-ray players they’ve been promising will come out with Hulu Plus this fall, or a Google TV option “don’t make no nevermind” to me. Just gotta sell me on price and features, and one of them will be replacing my cable box before Thanksgiving.

    - Greg

  • Lane

    The real question for me is how quick it will be rooted. I’m most excited about Android on my TV for what the community will give me, not necessarily for what Google will give me.

  • http://Website Simon Schubert

    Google tv in combination with onLive would cool :)

    • http://Website coggy9

      It would….especially since it is free now….pop out the Revue keyboard, use phone as a touch pad, play a demo from your bed/couch,buy it and continue playing. :D

  • http://Website CTown

    Will it have a DVD player (at least with the Logitech box)? It would help with the who Netflix expirence would it not?