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HTC Desire Z set to launch on Bell in early November

Here in the U.S we’ve been enjoying the T-Mobile G2 for nearly a month, but it looks like our friends up in Canada may soon be getting a G2 of their own.  OK, it’s not really the G2, but leaked documents show that Bell will be launching the HTC Desire Z (think of it as the G2’s cousin loaded up with HTC Sense) on November 3rd. Just like its U.S. cousin, the Desire Z will also be supporting HSPA+ support which should make it the fastest smartphone on Bell’s 3G network.

The HTC Desire Z will be the first phone in North America to sport the new HTC Sense 2.0 which integrates into the HTCsense.com site. Users will be able to visit the site to remotely monitor, wipe, and customize their phones. The new HTC Sense 2.0 also includes a variety of skins to give your handset a more unique look that fits your style.

We know that many of you are not fans of custom UI’s, but we’re pretty sure we can all agree that HTC Sense is the best customized option offered by manufacturers. With all the new customization features in HTC Sense 2.0, we wouldn’t be surprised if a few of you change your mind on HTC’s UI.

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  • http://www.ryanwaddell.com Ryan

    I’m a big fan of custom UIs. What I’m *not* a big fan of is the fact that it takes manufacturers FOREVER to get around to updating those custom UIs when a new version of Android comes out. And then the carriers take FOREVER to get it on the phones.

    • http://Website Nick

      I may be an HTC fan, but if I recall correctly, HTC was the first manufacturer to push out Android 2.2 to nearly a half dozen phones (all of which were running HTC Sense). Yes, the Nexus One got it about a month earlier, but that should not cound since Google uses that handset for testing out the new versions of the OS.

      • http://www.ryanwaddell.com Ryan

        They may have been the first to bring updates, but they seem to be REMARKABLY slow at updating their phones in Canada. People are still waiting for the HTC Hero *2.1* update on Telus.

        • Nick Gray

          Keep in mind, Carriers are the ones who need to “order” the updates form HTC. If a carrier does not think it’s a priority to roll out a new update, there’s nothing HTC can do.

  • http://Website frank

    this sites stories suck lately

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      The story might not be relevant to you, but that doesn’t make it a bad one. I’m pretty sure more than a few people are excited to hear that the Desire Z is heading to Canada.

      But I do agree that things have been pretty slow around here lately. I don’t think they published one news story yesterday. I had to get my Android fix from Engadget and Androinica.

      • http://Website frank

        yea I mean just look. .. since Oct 15 there’s been 3 stories. .. two of which are phone launches that aren’t even in the US (I know there are other countries that read this site but we are the majority) … it just sucks that I have to go to other sites now to get some news

        • http://Website Sined

          Some AT&T users should be exited to hear about this since it means they can get a Desire Z that has full AT&T 3G compatibility.

  • http://Website nawlins411

    I agree they sometimes go days without updating stories. When they do the stories suck.

  • http://Website Greg

    Agreed. The lack of activity here makes it seem like there’s nothing going on in the world of Android. I’ve started going to other sites and that’s not the case.

    I literally said (to myself), “If the top article is still about that dumb white phone, I’m never coming back.”

    You’re lucky, Android and Me.

  • http://Website steve

    Ya things are a bit slow here I think im going to delete the app and widget and find a new android source

    Posted from my DROID X

  • http://Website mellisa

    Why there is no news about new sprint high end android 4g devices? :(

    • http://Website Droidsam

      Because there is no new news to talk about. They can’t just make things up so you have something interesting to read about.

  • http://Website steve

    No but they can discuss new roms or root methods more often I mean it wouldn’t hurt would it?

  • http://Website patrickhuey

    Yeah, androidandme use to be the bomb. Androidcentral is where its at. And I get all my T-Mobile news from http://www.tmonews.com.

    -sent from my G2