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HTC posts another amazing quarter, Q3 profits nearly double

You would think that after a while we’d get tired of reporting on HTC’s quarterly financials. If the numbers were flat, we’d most likely forget all about then, but HTC’s latest numbers for Q3 show that their profits nearly doubled from last year during the same period.

HTC is reporting $360 million in profits on $2.459 billion.  It’s no secret that HTC’s Android phones have been wildly successful lately, but HTC even outperformed analyst’s expectations by nearly 50%. HTC is already gearing up for a great holiday season with the launch of the T-Mobile G2, HTC Merge, new myTouch, Desire HD, and Desire Z.

It’s clear that HTC is planning on having something new for everyone this holiday season, but how many of you are planning on picking up one of HTC’s latest Android offerings before the ned of the year?

Source: Reuters

Nick is a tech enthusiast who has a soft spot for HTC and its devices. Nick joined the Android and Me family in the summer of 2010.

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  • http://Website HTCEVO4EVA!

    I’ll be happy when they drop a tablet.

  • http://Website AceoStar

    Now that Motorola has announced their top tier android offering for the holiday will have the blackberry form factor, I’ll def be going with HTC. I’d like an incredible with more power and a more sturdy build. Dual core would be nice :D

  • http://Website David

    I’ve been surprised that I haven’t seen anything radically better than the HTC Incredible I bought in April. At this rate, Apple may come up with something better by the time I’m ready to upgrade next year.
    I want faster, more RAM, bigger screen, front/rear cameras, better build quality.

    Oh, and a tablet would be nice.

  • http://httpwww.mobilebrazzer.com Mobile Brazzer


  • http://www.mobilebrazzer.com Mobile Brazzer

    I tried to look up HTC’s stock symbol, but I think they are traded on the Taiwanese market?


    not exactly sure.. anybody know?

  • Uncemister

    HTC G2 for me, and I’m not switching. This thing rules.

  • http://Website MrNate

    I’m a BlackBerry user and I’m holding off to see what HTC has to offer. The Moto Droid Pro is a lame attempt to lure BB users over, but falls on it’s face, IMO, They should have made the keyboard slider style with that screen size. They also screwed with the numbers and they aren’t in traditional phone format, which I find to be annoying.

  • taras

    Amazing what doing things right can do for your profits.

    Holding off replacing my Motorola Milestone until HTC releases a Gingerbread device with a hardware keyboard, fingers crossed they will do something like that next year.

    (Replacing it due to Motorola’s terrible customer service and the locked bootloader, not because the hardware is bad)

  • http://Website LOL

    Making alot of profits with chinese parts.

  • http://Website Dave

    I’m sorry but I’m waiting for dual cores, I love my android phone and how much it can do but I want realistic games. I want realy shooters.

    Modern warfare on phones? Possible? With everyone but tmobile :( lol the sad truth hahahaha