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Leaked myTouch 4G ROM unveils the HTC Glacier

Over the past few months we have seen a few references to the HTC Glacier. Many speculated that it would be HTC’s first Dual-core Android phone and the leaked benchmarks looked as if they could back that up quite nicely. We don’t mean to busts any bubbles, but it looks like the HTC Glacier is really the new T-Mobile myTouch (myTouch HD, myTouch 4G, or whatever you kids are calling it these days). A newly leaked ROM labeled “For Glacier / US T-Mobile myTouch 4G” has just been spotted on 911sniper. The zip file is over 300 MB in size and we’ve been trying to download it for the past hour.  Once the download is complete, we hope we’ll have a few more details to share.

Via: AndroidGuys

Source: 911 Sniper

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  • http://Website zeeshan

    Im really Happy for you HTC Glacier but my HTC EVO IS THE GREATEST PHONE OF ALL TIME!

    • http://Website avi

      Congrats on your ownership of Evo but this phone also offers the same if not better capabilities than the Evo. It’s a great news for T-mobile customers like myself. Anyway we’re still in the Android family ;)

      • http://Website thaghost

        i like da way u put him in his place. and u was still real enuff to show him love. he’s like da drunk uncle. he’s embarrassing but u still love him. smh.

    • http://Website Gee

      I own a EVO and I hate it for having the worse GPU (for a high end phone) of this generation. I *think* that this phone has the same CPU/GPU of the Desire HD which makes it 3-4 times better than the EVO.

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      The HTC Evo : the Official phone of the “Tool”…
      The HTC Evo : so full of it’s self it has it’s own spin off from Jersey Shore
      The HTC Evo : the phone for the true Jerry Springer follower…

      Take your pick.

    • http://Website Jimmy13

      LOL Kayne West references… no one likes him even in jest lol.

    • http://Website Will

      Wait… y’all DO get the joke… right? =/

      • http://Website Jimmy13

        I do. I got a laugh out of it.

  • http://Website DROID Sam

    Has anyone dug through this ROM yet? I’m curious to see if the new myTouch will have the Espresso version of HTC Sense or integration into htcsesne.com

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      I’ve watched some videos of this OMR ported to the N1. No trace of htcsense.com integration at all. basically the same Espresso build as the myTouch Slide with a few extra UI enhancements.

  • http://Website jayy336

    Im very tempted to upgrade to this from my N1, but I kind of want to wait till next year. I hope this doesn’t have that hideous espresso UI

    • ayocuz

      This might be the phone I swap my n1 out for. Even thou it doesn’t have a 4:3 I’ll still work with it. I just hope someone leaks a one click root app for it, so cyanogen can make it the ish.

    • http://Website Dave

      I’m tempted upgrade as well to this phone from an old MyTouch…but I feel like waiting to see what’ll happen with Gingerbread on the horizon and the Motorola Terminator coming early next year…if they’re actually bringing it to all 4 major carriers and it comes to T-Mobile then I think it’ll be well worth the wait instead of getting this phone

      • ayocuz

        Why wait this is also a dual core phone like the t2

  • http://Website Sally

    OK, so I’ve tried to download the file three times and I keep getting an error message. Has anyone been able to download it and see what’s inside?

    @DROIDSAM. If this does have integration into htcsense.com, the Espresso build is probably just superficial. The new Desire HD and Desire Z have UI skins that can be swapped out and customized from the website. Let’s hope that’s the case since I’m not a huge fan of the glossy Espresso UI.

    • http://Website dethduck

      I have it downloading but it is going incredibly slow. Showing an ETA of 6 hours. Might just give up on it.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    i wish the desire hd was coming to tmo in the u.s.

    • ayocuz

      A guy named evil is working on the desire hd rom for the nexus one over at xda it’s shaping up to be pretty nice. In fact whenever he get the camera and hotspots working it will be my primary rom.

  • http://Website M3rc Nate

    This is really disappointing. I had all eggs in the basket hoping the HTC Glacier would be a game changer. Dual core, 4 inch screen, etc etc…But its just the Mytouch 4G. I have the mytouch 3g and maybe thats why im so hesitant/cautious about the Mytouch 4G. Im not a fan of the look, though i hear its not a cheap feeling plastic like my phone is.

    Was hoping for HTC Glacier to be great, was hoping for i-phone on tmobile in Q4, looks like both those rumors/hopes were rubbish. I guess if i upgrade, it will be to the G2.

    Im not hating on the Mytouch 4G btw, im sooooooo happy that Tmobile has some official Android phones that are on the higher end, if not the high end. I just personally don’t like the look of the 4G.

    • http://Website Sally

      I’m torn. I was in love with the benchmarks set by the HTC Glacier, so it’s nice to see the phone actually materialize. Only issue I have with the myTouch 4G is the design of the handset. It matches up perfectly with T-Mobile’s myTouch line, but that’s not necessarily a good thing.

      Why does the myTouch line have to look childish?

  • http://Website M3rc Nate

    BTW, AndroidandMe…please (when you can) do a side by side comparison on the Mytouch 4G vs G2. I would love to see which has what features and which has the faster processor in real life FPS and so on. Maybe through in the Nexus 1 for a 3 way versus match.

  • http://Website Evo’s The Best

    WTF!!! I spent 2 1/2 hrs downloading this damn thing and it wont unarchive!!! help!!

    • http://Website Evo’s The Best

      LOL, I tried 3 archive managers, none worked, I took a shot in the dark and used Untar…Jackpot!!
      time to tear this sucker apart and rebuild it!! WooHoo!!

      • http://Website DROID Sam

        Can you try uploading the files to a different file sharing site? I’d love to take a peak at it, but it’s taking forever to downlaod!

      • http://Website reddragon72

        I have it unpacked from the download, but I simply cannot get the img files to open. I’m in windows and tried several things including some unyaffs program. So far I cannot get into the system.img

  • http://Website Virtue

    This just solidifies my desire to get a Samsung phone with the Orion processor. I love HTC’s design and software however, they’re just not bringing it to T-Mobile. It’s sad really, I thought the Glacier would be a game changer. Instead it’s the same old, same old.

  • http://Website Alankrut

    Hey look at this thing i found


    I DID NOT put this video on youtube, im just sharing it with others

  • http://Website je Andy angrand

    Here’s the video to the leak http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i75QUKZEmoo

  • http://Website Alankrut

    Hopefully gets rooted soon after release.

    MyTouch 4G + Expresso = FAIL

    MyTouch 4G + Cyanogen= WIN :)

    Nonetheless a good replacement to the MyTouch 3G (Original)

    • http://Website watbetch

      There isn’t anything wrong with Espresso especially with this horsepower. I like the blue instead of green and the standard run of the mil Sense is getting old. This still really looks and feels like Sense with some changes..

      • http://Website Alankrut

        Nothing is wrong with expresso, but i bet most people would prefer stock.

        • Tangent

          I have mixed feelings about it. I really like the Espresso UI, but on the other hand I would prefer the quicker upgrades available on a device running Vanilla Android… I like Espresso enough to wait a few months between a new Vanilla release and Espresso getting it, but if updates start taking half a year to a year I’ll jump ship to Cyanogenmod.

  • http://Website JamieB

    What button downloads the damn file? lol. I used Google translate but it still doesn’t say which one.

    Someone mind uploading it on another site? Or point me to the correct button lol.

    I’m stuck here:


    • http://Website reddragon72

      it’s the right button of the four that are a row with arrows.

      • http://Website JamieB

        hmmmm, there is no row of arrows on mine.

        Do you have to be signed up?

  • http://Website caabbyy

    I’m tired of hearing people rant about the evo. There will be greater and better phones out soon its just how technology is. Always something bigger and better :) I’m happy tmobile is getting more high end phones even though I’m not with them anymore.

  • http://Website NickJ

    Im just going to say this….I hate ALL Android phones with a manufactures custom UI. It plain pissing me off. Especially motoblur that crap just sucks. That is why I am still with T-Mobile because they’re the only carrier that put out high end phones with the Android stock ROM.

    • http://Website DROID Sam

      As much as I agree with you, stock Android is going the way of the dinosaurs unless Google can figure out how to make the UI customizable without having to get into the core of the OS.

      I hate to say it, but Windows Mobile got it right. Manufacturers could customize the crap out of that thing, but the user could always turn it off and go back to the stock OS UI.

  • http://www.androidappreviewsource.com Android App Reviews

    I am interested to know the screen size.

    • http://Website Virtue

      3.8 inches. Not the 4.3 inches Project Emerald aka the HTC Glacier was supposed to be.

      • http://Website DROID Sam

        From what I can put together, Project Emerald is not the myTouch 4G or the HTC Glacier. It’s still brewing and should be launching early next year. Bloggers thought they were putting together the pieces when the HTC Glacier benchmarks leaked out. The numbers were astonishing so they simply assumed that project Emerald and the HTC Glacier were one and the same.

        The numbers have not changed. The T-Mobile myTouch 4G is going to be the most powerful Android phone in the U.S. this holiday season. It may not have a 4.3 inch display, but there are a lot of consumers who are simply turned off by a handset that size.

  • goldenboyrb

    this is ultimately the best single core android device out there… nuff said. hope Nexus’s 4th phone is HTC. their phones just feels right.