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Motoblur a good success, 3 million users, tremendous satisfaction

During Motorola’s last earnings call, Co-CEO Sanjay Jha hinted that Motoblur would not be their focus going forward. Three months later, Sanjay is singing a different tune.

In their Q3 2010 earnings call, Dr. Jha boasted that Motoblur now has over 3 million subscribers and customer surveys show that those users are tremendously satisfied. “Our investment continues, if anything, at a higher pace moving forward. I think you would see us focused a lot more on Motoblur as a service and making sure that we provide end-to-end services from a point of view of personalization, customization, as well as diagnostic support.”

When asked if Google was a supportive partner in relation to Motoblur developments, Sanjay replied, “I think Google has taken the view that this ecosystem is better for the diversity that it supports.”

Another analayst asked if Gingerbread and Honeycomb might hamper the ability to integrate Motoblur services as some have reported. Sanjay replied, “I have no indication from anybody that our ability to differentiate is going to be limited.”

We can disagree about the success of Motoblur, but it’s hard to argue with the results that Motorola has reported. For the first time in over three and a half years, Motorola’s mobile devices unit posted a profit. In the last quarter Motorola shipped 3.8 million smartphone units and they are on track to hit the top end of their earlier guidance of 12 to 14 million units for the year.

The competition for the high-end phones is really heating up, but Sanjay thinks all the new tiered data plans will boost the sales of their mid-range smartphones and this is why they are guiding up the forecast.

Going forward, Motorola will focus on three key areas of devices – high-performance phones for the nerds like us, broad-appeal phones focussed on social messaging for the tweens, and business-centric phones like the Droid Pro targeted at the BlackBerry crowd.

Looking at 2011, Sanjay is confident that his new company Motorola Mobility will continue the momentum. “As I look more broadly at our portfolio in 2011, I feel extremely comfortable, extremely comfortable that we are well positioned.” If I had a killer phone and Honeycomb tablet dropping in early 2011, I would also feel extremely comfortable.

So Motoblur is not going away, Motorola will ship millions of phones in Q4, and 2011 looks to be a record-breaking year with some exciting new products.

p.s. Does anyone find it ironic that Motorola’s two best selling Android phones, the Droid 2 and Droid X, both feature MOTOBLUR-lite (aka BLUR theme, but it doesn’t say BLUR)?

Source: Seeking Alpha

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  • http://Website Christopher Cook

    Noooooooo!!! I was really looking forward to seeing more stock Android devices coming from Motorola, and far less Motoblur devices!

  • http://M @neidlinger

    Motoblur : Good with the fans
    Motoblur : HORRIBLE with the Developers.

    Where will that leave your device when moto stops caring.

  • http://Website Larry

    Ha! I think its best to say that Motorola’s Android devices are a success in spite of and not because of Motoblur. The first thing I did when I got my Droid X was figure out how to get rid of everything Motoblur. Downloaded LauncherPro and then ADW. Now I’m using ADW w/ various widgets to make me forget my phone had Blur in the first place.

    • http://Website jjl919

      Haha I was going to say the same exact thing! I bought my Droid X in spite of Blur, simply because the hardware is amazing.

  • http://Website Matt

    not only is Motoblur a terrible ui but there are not the best hardware manufacturer either. the only Motorola android phone i truly liked was the Droid/Milestone and that was because it had vanilla android.

  • http://Website Darkseider

    LOL! A success? Tremendous satisfaction? LOL! OK this is WAY too early for an April fools joke. First off if you ever go to Motorola’s support forums at least half if not more of the posts are about Motoblur sucking ass, motoblur service failing, motoblur force closing, etc… This is absolute horse crap.

  • http://Website josr

    Actually I like motoblur…I think it makes the phone more unique just like HTC sense…minus Samsung touchwiz its horrible…I do prefer stock android ui.

  • http://Website watbetch

    The only difference between the versions of MOTOBLUR is that they don’t have certain social integration features like official MOTOBLUR phones? With some differences in the theme of course.

    I have no huge problem with MOTOBLUR. I kind of like it. I like the phones built around the software more ala the DEFY.

  • http://Website Daniel

    The existence of MotoBLUR doesn’t really bother me, some of its features are actually quite nice. What bothers me is their strict bootloader. Samsung and HTC also secure their devices, but only until it’s “enough”. The user has already voided his warranty, let him do whatever he wants to the phone he bought! This way average consumers would enjoy the MotoBLUR features, advanced users would enjoy the hardware, and everyone would be happy.

  • http://Website eYe

    I HATE that blur crap. Had a cliq with that installed, absolutely horrible. I will not be buying another blur device in the future.

  • http://Website Tito!

    MotoBLUR is the shieee. . t! (:

  • http://Website Yoda

    Make your stats say whatever you want. Nothing justifies motoblug.

  • http://Website DarrylCLIQHater

    The continuation of Motoblur® is now at the point of who gives a ( s-h-i-t ) Moto. You con everyone except those people that bought Droids®. And now you’re having trouble updating the outdated OS’s you put in everything not droid. THIS IS A BAD COMPANY! Forget customer care. All they want is your money. Moto, you guys ar bad for your own business.

    • http://Website jjl919

      As compared to all of the other companies who just want to be friends? Don’t kid yourself, they all just want your money. I hate Motoblur, but so far Motorola has been pretty good at releasing updates on their Droid phones (original Droid has had two and runs 2.2 which is better than most other manufacturers).

  • http://Website DarrylCLIQHater

    The BAD COMPANY with alright hardware shouldn’t focus on software. MOTOROLA you are not SONY. Stop trying to be. Actually, try harder. Sony has mastered there problems. Dealing with Moto really made me focus on the PLAYSTATION ANDROID PHONE.

  • http://Website DarrylCLIQHater

    Quit forcing customers to use that BLURâ„¢ crap. I’m done.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    buying a moto phone on any carrier but verizon is a bad idea. every high end android phones all went to verizon, while all the low to mid range phones went to the other carriers.

  • http://twitter.com/motofail_br @motoFAIL_BR

    Seriouly?! As always they’re lying, it’s impossible to like motoblur – the most bugged UI that ever existed! Well, after all that happened with lies, promisses, no-update for a lot of phones around the world, the release of new phones with old Android, lack of feedback for the customers, lack of transparency, etc. Can you take #MOTOFAIL serioulsy? Definitely not…

  • http://Website andy

    Well. That was a slap to the face of CLIQ owners. Hey, how about some timely updates? Yes, 2.1 is coming… while everyone else is looking forward to gingerbread we’ll still be way behind. :(

  • http://Website Frank

    I’ve had my Motorola Cliq w/ Motoblur since it debuted last November 2009 on Tmobile. Love at first sight! I can honestly say for my social networking needs it works great. Now this particular U.I. is not for everyone which is understandable. Of course it does hinder updates dramatically and that’s just a shame. Trust me I know! I was fortunate enough to obtain the official 2.1 Eclair update just recently and I’m happy I did. It’s like a whole new phone again. One thing I will point out is that Motoblur has been greatly improved and I can see myself another year until my contract expires with my mid-range Cliq. Then of course I’ll look to see what will be out then. But not from Motorola. Unfortunately for Motorola I will NEVER buy one of their phones again. It really comes down to them dropping the ball on their Cliq customers but not their Droid counterparts. I spent 199.99 on my Cliq and 2 months later the Droid debuts at 199.99 as well. Of course the marketing campaign with Verizon was a huge success & lots of Droids were moved. Then the supposed Android 2.1 “promised updates” start. Well the first slap in the face was that Droids were updated first but Moto then says don’t worry Cliq users your next. Well sufficient to say ONE YEAR LATER its here and Android 2.3 is about to debut in the coming weeks. So again we Cliq faithful are left in the dust once more. I paid the same for a phone full of promises and they were broken. Just because Cliq may not have moved as many units as Droids/Droid X’s, etc,etc shouldn’t mean that you Motorola as a company should turn your back at us Cliq users that helped resurrect your dying mobile unit alongside your famous Droid. So with all that said I like Motoblur just not the company that made it.

  • Ryan Kim

    motocrap = does not count as android.

  • http://Website Rdx

    It wouldnt look good if I said my billions of dollars in investment on bloated blurr sucked, so he says it is awesome. He dont cite any surveys did he?

  • http://Website deeb215

    It’s plain ol’ ugly and has the appearance it was made for tweens.

  • http://Website geo

    Well….Motorola is the Number 1 manufacturer of Communications based devices.

    Tele-Communications?…Not so much.

  • MC

    I find this, “Motoblur marketing success” toejam hard to believe! Having purchased a Motoblur-equipped Cliq in December, 2009 and waiting until last WEEK for an update from 1.5 AND suspecting the update delay was due to having Motoblur (as other non-Motoblur phones had already been updated), I’m AGHAST anyone who’s done ANY shopping for a new smartphone would even be considering a Motorola so-equpped! I bought the thing originally as the last Motorola I’d had was an old RAZR that I DEARLY loved. But, after my Cliq experience, Motorola isn’t even on my radar any longer – and even if they beat the competition with the introduction of the first dual-core equipped smartphone, I’ll wait for another …

  • http://Website MG

    Put BLUR on if you want but let me remove it if I want. I personally do not care for BLUR and have done everything short of rooting to forget its on my phone just as Larry states above. I don’t mind it being on there but don’t let it slow down the updates to my phone because of something as crappy as BLUR.