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Nexus Two rumors return, is this the Samsung Gingerbread phone?

Rumors of a Nexus Two device have resurfaced thanks to a report from the City A.M., a London daily business newspaper. Some of you might remember that Motorola was originally working on a Nexus Two device, but that project was shelved when Google closed their online phone store.

Details on this new phone are limited, but it is said to debut in time for Christmas and be sold through an exclusive deal with UK retailer Carphone Warehouse.

City A.M. reports an unnamed industry source said, “It could be a solution to the problems it (Google) experienced when it tried to sell the Nexus One exclusively through its website. People like to be able to go to a store — this solves that.”

No information was provided on which company might actually manufacturer the phone and they go on to claim my story about a Samsung Google-experience phone is untrue.

I’m here to tell you that without a doubt the Samsung phone is real and there was information I was withholding that now makes me think it could end up becoming this “Nexus Two” or whatever Google decides to call it.

Originally I was told this special Samsung phone would only be given to testers this year, but seeing how Gingerbread (Android 2.3) is nearly complete it sounds like the schedule might have been moved up for a change.

Samsung Mobile will be announcing a new Android device on November 8th and we know it’s not another tablet or Chrome OS netbook. I’ve seen some suggest that Samsung will announce the Verizon Continuum, but normally these big NYC press events are reserved for huge product launches (like the Galaxy S on all carriers or the Tab on all carriers).

I don’t know what Samsung will unveil in a couple weeks, but I’ve confirmed with multiple sources they are working on a Google-experience phone based on Gingerbread so the announcement has to be coming soon. If Google and Samsung are secretly working on a phone and Google intends to enter the retail space again, it only makes sense that these two are connected.

What do you think Google has in store for the Nexus Two?

If you want to go really crazy with speculation, Carphone Warehouse is a 50% subsidiary of Best Buy, who will begin selling 4G wireless service through Clearwire soon. Guess who else is a big investor in Clearwire? Yup, Google.

Source: City A.M.

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  • http://Website Rob Koehler

    I am very excited about a Nexus Two, but not super excited about Samsung providing it :-(

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Why is that? Samsung makes some of the best hardware as proven by the Galaxy S.

      • http://Website icecrush

        To me Samsung is like a plastic phone maker .. but that is just me,
        I am more with HTC, sonyericsson and Motorola .

        • http://Website Ryan

          Yes, because HTC never uses plastic on their phones. Oh wait… the vast majority of their devices are nearly all plastic.

        • http://Website Fahad

          I can understand HTC they’ve made some great phones, but sony ericson? really? the company that’s still stuck on 1.6 and dont even get me started on motoblur….

      • http://Website scott g

        Not sure i’d put the galaxy s and “best hardware” in the same sentence. Sure great specs, but unreliable. I’d think Google wants to stay away from hardware issues after the nexus one launch… not sure samsung is the best way to go

        • http://Website Fahad

          I’m sorry, they only have the best mobile processor out yet to date. The only thing you can even nitpick about with a Galaxy S is the gps, but most of those issues are fixed with some software tweaks.

          • jivemaster

            Samsung’s phones definitely aren’t as good quality as htc. The galaxy s is very plasticy and glossy, and their TouchWiz UI is built like an ugly copy of iOS, it doesn’t have the same thought gone into it like other phones.

            Samsung is the source of great screens and cpu/gpu’s though, and just like the nexus one, google will be in control of the phone’s updates, so you don’t have to worry about anything there. I am just hoping they give us something nice, and a phone with led flash. The international galaxy s has no led flash which is a complete dealbreaker.

      • http://Website Michael Mann

        Are you serious? You consider the Galaxy line “some of the best hardware”? I currently am using the Nexus One and there is no way i would even consider Samsung even a fairly descent build. i’m really not into the whole plastic feel. That’s just my opinion but I can not agree with you on this one.

        • http://Website q

          Thats the real reason I went with the G2 instread of a galaxy phone. If they dump the plastic I’ll give them a second look.

        • http://Website Kennon

          My Samsung Captivate is 85% metal and glass…after reading your comment I tried finding some plastic on it and found the rocker button, power button, a small strip at the top where the charger plugs in, and a small strip across the bottom where the mic is. Otherwise the entire front and back is either metal or glass. Perhaps the Captivate was an exception to the other Galaxy S as I have never held any of the other carriers. But regarding the Captivate you are pretty wrong.

          • http://Website Chris

            I second that. My captivate definitely does not feel cheap or ‘plastic-y’.

          • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

            I think the Captivate has one of the best designs of any Android phone I’ve ever used.

          • http://Website David


          • http://Website David

            Thirded, my Captivate has a nice metallic feel, is quite thin, has a great screen, CPU, and GPU. my one complaint is the lack of a camera flash and the sometimes spotty GPS, but blame AT&T for the camera flash ommision and wait for android 2.2 to fix the GPS.

        • http://Website watbetch

          Nexus One owners are quite possibly the worst

          Just because you get your updates (for now) first doesn’t mean your phone is better. The Nexus One has been outdated for months now. A horrible touchscreen (thanks HTC), horrible horrible capacitive buttons (thanks HTC), below average reception (thanks HTC), horrible video recording (thanks HTC), horrible speakerphone and ear piece (thanks HTC), anything else? Most of this stuff is expected from HTC like the horrible speakers, poor reception and terrible video recording.

          Are you kidding me with this plastic build nonsense? Have you HEARD of the G1 or myTouch line up until the MTHD/4G? What about the HTC Shadow, nearly ALL HTC phones are made of plastic and a good portion feel cheap and creak like crazy.

        • http://Website JTHC

          “Are you serious? You consider the Galaxy line “some of the best hardware”? I currently am using the Nexus One and there is no way i would even consider Samsung even a fairly descent build. i’m really not into the whole plastic feel. That’s just my opinion but I can not agree with you on this one.”

          This is hilarious. I love that we’re on a technology website, and for you, the words “best hardware” = metal shell. Funny, but when I think of hardware, I think about what’s *inside* the phone and not the jewelry on the outside, and in that sense the Galaxy line beats the snot out of the Nexus One. The only phone comparable right now is the G2, and probably the MyTouch HD when it’s released. (Yeah, lots of people like you are busting on the MyTouch as “cheap”, but that cheap and plastic phone is going to run circles around every Android phone currently in use).

      • http://Website garet

        Proven by my vibrant whose GPS does not work even after fix is sent out ota and now my phone freezes randomly the gallerey does not open and all Samsung says is do a factory reset come on great products can’t wait for froyo and new bugs to deal with

        • uzunoff

          I think the hardest thing in this forum is to make the distinction between hardware and software. Slowness of the phone or problem with the programs are software.
          The processor, video, screen and reception (not always) are hardware.
          So I would agree. Great hardware but lousy really lousy software.
          And if Samsung can’t improve the software, please don’t touch it. Just use vanilla

      • http://Website justinhub2003

        I cant agree with you Taylor… HTC makes the best hardware IMO.. the epic 4g pails in comparison to my T-Mobile G2 in both keyboard quality and actual build quality.

        My Nexus One also outshines the Samsung Vibrant that I had for 2 short weeks.

        Their design philosophy is PLASTIC, Plastic and frickin Chrome bezels.. The vibrant is a direct Rip of the iphone (in software too but thats a whole other issue) yet they do it in a very cheap plastic way.

        G2, Nexus One and Iphone 4 are the best built phones out, Samsung is capable but they choose not too…

        • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

          Everyone phone I have purchased with my own money was made by HTC. G1, N1, G2 :)

    • http://Website Adam

      Same here. I will definitely buy another Google experience phone but it concerns me that Samsung may be making it. Someone I work with has a Captivate and it has been a nightmare. Super buggy! But if Google are in control of the software and Samsung and only doing the hardware then it could be great.

    • AndMac

      I have the Vibrant, and the build quality is totally fine. I like the fact that the phone is slim and light. In fact, the phone feels sleeker and more polished than the EVO, for instance.

      However, it will probably be my last Samsung product, because of Samsung’s terrible support — I came to Android for Flash, but I still don’t have it, because there is still no Froyo for the Vibrant. I have the feeling that the Galaxy S line will not ever get Gingerbread either.

      A Google Experience phone sounds great, but doesn’t Samsung still have to write the drivers for new OS updates?

      • themetatron

        super relevent concern, it has taken WAY too long for froyo to get to the vibrant, i personally doubt it’ll ever see any other updates. samsung is by far the most corrupt company on earth. google “samsung corruption” now try “(insert manufacturer) corruption.” i will never purchase anything they produce.

  • http://Website kilgore trout

    Wasn’t the Nexus Two originally suppose to be a business focused Motorola with a keyboard?

  • http://Website icecrush

    That’s just crazy,
    Google’s only problem seems to be with distribution, their phones, market access, etc..
    I mean if they had launched the nexus one worldwide it would have been a great success, yet they said it was only to push phone manufacturers to high spec, so what is the aim of this phone ? Most of specced android phones right now doesn’t use its full power most of the time, so whats the idea behind that phone ??!!
    Like you said, Crazy…

  • http://Website Virtue

    Super AMOLED without TouchWiz? Count me in.

    • SGB101

      LOL TouchWiz ;-(

  • http://Website DroidCLH


    It specifically says that it is NOT being made by Samsung.
    I don’t really care though, it can be made by Samsung as long as they dont lock it down and they leave it stock

  • Sturoid

    I personally hated my experience with Googles web store in that they are one o the first companies that I have wanted so badly to give my money to and they wouldn’t take it so I ended up never getting a Nexus One because of Google Checkout which is a load of crap. Yes a store having them for sale here in UK would have been awesome but wouldn’t have let me experience the phone as all phone shops I’ve been into in London only have dummy phones…..nonetheless they still would have been able to take my money.

    I do hope this is a true story about a possible Nexus follow up and also hope Samsung sort their game out and use ‘premium’ materials and not these cheap feather weight plastics for their phones.

  • http://Website Warden Chinbach

    You know that image of the Samsung event with the stock info swirling around it? I bet it’s code telling us that it’s “stock” Android.

    • http://Website D.J.

      Unfortunately wishful thinking. It is a 90% lock on it being the Samsung Continuum aka a Touchwiz Galaxy S derivative.

      You can tell this because one of the icons is the Touchwiz app tray button (which is different from the stock app tray icon) and because the second screen has been referred to as a ticker which would explain the stock market ticker stuff.

  • http://Website aramis

    i pass i rather stay with htc i trust them more with update then samsung.

    As samsung is doing what they do best doing a behold 2 with galaxy s phone good device lack of update support it took samsung almost 8 month to update behold 2 from 1.5 to 1.6 from nov 2009-june 2010. Im surprise that samsung update the moment with 2.1 os from 1.5 os nov 2009-may 2010.

    Google go with Htc or LG for google experience phones. Like lg ally wasnt a bad phone.

  • http://Website mike

    why dont they call the G2 the nexus enterprise and give it root and then make the N2 a 4.3 inch beast with the best hardware/software combo

    • http://Website Yeison

      because not everyone wants a mini-tablet that can barely fit in their pockets. If there ever is a Nexus 2 it should stay at 3.7 or 3.8 inches.

  • http://Website aramis

    Mike remember the g2 was suppose to be desire z they called it g2 because t-mobile choice that name.

    Nexus two it would of needed to be 8 megapixes because no offience t-mobile is loving 5 megapixes on android to much since late 2009 in moto cliq and behold 2 that what their releasing.

    Mytouch slide,Samsung vibrant,G2,Mytouch4g i think 5 megapixes on all those 450-500 dollars should of come with 8 megapixes by now . Is my opinion but we all paid 450 with tax included for cliq and behold 2 last year to be paying for the same pixes on newer model.

    • http://Website nexusamillion


    • http://Website KCchief

      @aramis, the word you are looking for is megapixels. And if you knew anything about digital cameras you would know that higher megapixels don’t necessarily mean better picture quality.

  • http://Website Hans

    Hm,my friend got a Fascinate and hasn’t mentioned any problems so far(I was the one who recommended the phone). Hardware-wise, the Galaxy S phones are ahead of the pack. I’m sure Samsung will update their Galaxy S line to Froyo before November is over. I’d be interested in a Samsung/Google phone. The Nexus One lost my interest when the screen problems surfaced.

  • http://Website adam

    hans dont buy the samsung galaxy s. If you with Verizon get the droid incredible or droidx/droid 2 if you want froyo. Chances are you going to end up wanting gingerbread when all this 3 droid get android 2.3 os then regret your purchase because Samsung take forever with their update.

    The norm is 3-4 months of update on android devices even with sense ui. Remember EVO??? It only took 2 month to update in august from it release on june it has sense ui.

    Go with HTC droid or Motorola .

    • http://Website Kennon

      I’ve been running 2.2 on my Galaxy S Captivate now for about a month thanks to Design Gears over at XDA. If you aren’t afraid to rom your phone there is no better device out right now than the Galaxy S IMHO.

  • Prince77

    I agree with Aramis. After the Behold2 I will never buy another samsung phone. The epic is nice but it’s made by samsung so I’m good on that.

  • http://Website aramis

    Thanks prince just staying the obvious. I know a lot android users get mad when they see a new update on a few devices and not on their.

    I Cant wait for android 2.3 for video chat calling on preinstalled on it.

  • http://Website anthony

    Wow here we go again more sightings of the elusive nexus2. I have a nexus one and I say its gossip. The n2 by Samsung stop tickling me. The n2 should be from htc with a ffc a bigger screen and a dual core wirh the big google on the back. The thought of someone else making it is silly. The n1 was a htc phone so should the n2. Chevy makes chevies not Honda’s get it.

    • http://Website Anthony

      Forgot one thing give it to all carriers

    • http://Website Hans

      Google chooses who makes the Nexus. If Google chooses Samsung, so be it. Google isn’t stupid. They’ll make sure the hardware is top notch. And tell me, when has a high end android phone gone without an OS update?

  • http://Website aramis

    well said anthony . I cant for android 2.3 os to come to my g2 in christmas lol

  • http://Website aramis

    Anthony that i highly doubt. The only reason Samsung release the galaxy on all carrier was to get more Smartphone market share.

    Samsung could careless of us customer when it come to early on time updates.

  • http://Website aramis

    Htc doesn’t release phone to all carriers but re brand them with better specs if it goes to Verizon or maybe exclusive phone on Europe for about 3 months before USA Carrier get interest in them.

    • http://Website anthony

      Aramis right you are just wishful thinking its such a shame that’s the way it is guess ill keep my nexus till the real n2 arives and still it has to by twice my nexus across the board otherwise ill stay with my sexy nexy

  • http://Website TONY

    Just let them decide who is going to Carrie out the nexus2 and stop hating on Samsung or any other carriers……….dumb ass peoples….. and if u common back on me, you got nothing good to do but jack off on ur mobile phone fagget……..

  • http://Website aramis

    If anything the nexus one might get android 2.3 os as their last update. After that u either go with g2 and have android 3.0 os.

    Remember google experience phones get 3 updates.

    Droid 1
    Android 2.0 os preinstall, update minor 2.0.1 os in dec/ 2.1 os in late march and 2.2 os in august 3rd 2010.

    G1 android 1.0 os preinstall came out in oct 2008. Got 1.1 os in march, 1.5 os in late may/early jun 2009 and 1.6 os in october 2009.

    Nexus one came out in january 5th 2010 preinstall with 2.1 os. Got update 2.1 update 1 in feb 13rd 2010. Android 2.2 os in late june 28,2010.

    If history repeat it self then the nexus one will get 2.3 os as its last update.

    Samething with g2 probably will get 2.3 os,3.0 os and maybe more.

    • http://Website JWesCampbell

      Well, since you counted 2.1 update 1 as an update for the n1… The Droid1 has gotten 4 updates counting 2.1 update 1.

  • http://Website JJL84

    So what happened to Eric Schmidt’s comments that there will be no Nexus 2? I’m not saying that it’s impossible that Google changed their minds, I’m just not seeing any concrete evidence. That being said, I would love a Google branded phone if it were to come to Verizon…I’m just not a Samsung phone fan. The internals of my Samsung Omnia were nice, but it was such a cheap feeling phone and they seem to simply rip off the iPhone design. Heck, just look at the connector for their Galaxy…it looks exactly like a black Apple connector.

    • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

      What happened to Steve Jobs’ comments that there would be no iPhone?

      • http://Website JJL84

        Excellent counter argument. Well, no it isn’t because your argument is a logical fallacy. For one, Google and Apple are not the same company, so you cannot equate anything Jobs says with what Schmidt says (I’m pretty sure we’re all here because we like the fact that they’re not the same company). Secondly, when did Steve Jobs say that there would be no iPhone? Was that during his announcement of Apple making an iPhone? I’m not really understanding your point.

        I never said it couldn’t happen, I’m just saying that there’s no concrete evidence that it is going to happen. I apologize if I expect that my sources of information actually analyze all of the data that is available…this article doesn’t even mention Schmidt’s comments from a few months ago.

        Again, I would love a Google designed phone, especially on Verizon. I just don’t see the evidence that points to one.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      There actually was a Nexus Two project and it was canned. That is where Schmidt’s comments came from. This new project is something else entirely, but that site City A.M. dubbed it the Nexus Two so maybe someone at Google decided to revive the brand.

  • http://Website DroidCLH
  • http://Website aramis

    Jjl84 well said if samsung took their time making google update as good if not better then the phone design their making, they would of being loaded with cash like htc is .

  • http://Website anthony

    Ah shucks, were all just phone fanatics. Mice in a maze with money to spend. I say any of the top android phones out now should keep us happy but it doesn’t. The phone u buy on Christmas will be dethroned new years day.
    They got us they know it we know it. I think I’m going to check in to smartphone rehab anyone else coming lol

  • http://Website aramis

    @anthony well said if even though I got g2. I’m kinda liking the psp android phone that coming out to europe in early q1 2011.

  • http://Website anthony

    Well the doc said they can check me into smartphone rehab but he can’t see me he just got a new smartphone

  • http://Website Andrew

    I would have a hard time believing that Google is working with Samsung to build a Nexus Two. I would be more apt to believe they would be working with Motorola.

    But, I honestly don’t think we will even see a Nexus Two.

  • http://Website jose

    i got a nexus one (gingerbread) for sale i live in san jose california $800 i could be the only one that has it let me know if you want proof send me your email and i will send pics!!!

  • http://Website adam

    Jose how did u get android 3.0 or 2.3 roms xda doesn’t have it from what I recalled. Are you lying?

  • http://Website anon

    Here’s hoping that it will be the Galaxy Q which has a portrait QWERTY keyboard.

  • http://Website sam

    If there is a N2, it should be a google event not samsung, right?!
    that’s why i think this sami event not gonna be the N2 presentation!
    at least i hope so…i’m with HTC!

  • http://Website Jeffsandroid

    I too think that the Samsung event will be for the Continuum. The touchwiz icons and stock ticker really are a dead giveaway. But it really would make me happy to see a Samsung built Nexus 2. You guys can say all you want about Samsung build quality, but my Vibrant is light, sleek, and to be honest, who really cares if it’s plastic. Buy a skin for christ’s sake. HTC would be fine with me. I loved my G1 even if it was “plasticky” but Samsung had not only proven they have the capability to launch a handset worldwide in a short period of time, but they’ve had the wherewithall to make it incredibly easy to root and mod. With Google taking care of the software aspect and Samsung taking care of the hardware this phone would be a total beast. SAMOLED screen, Hummingbird or maybe Orion processor, Gingerbread, and stock Android, the phone could be made out of month old cheese and we’d all buy one. Admit it, ADMIT IT!

  • http://Website Jeffsandroid

    Also, to quote Hans from earlier, Google isn’t dumb. They know what their doing. Whoever they choose to build their Nexus 2 will be completely at their mercy and will have to cater to their wants. And yes, there will be another Google phone. They may brand it the Android Developer Phone 3, but Google needs a handset to be able to benchmark it’s own apps and processes. Mark my words, they will be coming with something. And it’ll be spectacular.

  • http://Website tolisan

    i hope the rumors are right. a google experienced phone by samsung could mean better hardware support for the galaxy s line.. because samsungs hardwarebuilds are pretty diffrent than htcs or motorolas. for example: jit could be compiled better (on leaked atm sgs froyo only 14k linpack) for hummingbird. i hope they kick samsungs rfs out too..

  • http://Website Andrew

    As someone who lives in London I can tell you that City A.M is NOT a reliable source. It’s a free street-rag.

    I’d say you’d probably have more journalistic power behind this blog than that entire paper has…

  • http://Website JC

    great, no more china made product. they are FAIL always