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Original myTouch 3G to receive Android 2.2 upgrade this week

Remember T-Mobile’s “No phones left behind” pledge? It came from Cole Brodman, CTO of T-Mobile, in a letter to employees that stated all the myTouch 3G phones would eventually receive Android 2.2. That happened back in July and we were beginning to wonder if it would ever happen, but a new leaked document confirms the rollout begins this week.

Starting tomorrow, a small group of the original myTouch 3G devices (1.0) will begin to see the Android 2.2 upgrade over the air. Like most OTA updates it will be staggered and run through October 25th, so don’t be upset if your phone doesn’t see it right away.

Unfortunately, only original myTouch 3G devices (1.0) will receive the update at this time.  The myTouch 3G 3.5mm jack, myTouch Fender Limited Edition, and myTouch 3G Slide devices will receive Froyo at a later date.

We will be on the lookout for any reported sightings of the update and let you know when we obtain the official download link so you can manually install it. Drop us a line if the upgrade hits your myTouch 3G.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Im split here. Android 2.2 on my good old MyTouch original? Sweet!! But, its already sluggish and always running out of free mem. I can only imagine what 2.2 will do to it.

    • http://Website Chris

      I know what you mean. I’m getting ready to get rid of my MyTouch 3G because of the lack of RAM. Hopefully Froyo’s speed will reduce the nearly one minute home-reloading time that I experience after every app I open (and that’s without more than two widgets running at any given time). That, or I’ll be upgrading to a Vibrant or used Nexus One in the very near future.

  • http://Website brookmarin

    woo-hoo! this will atleast let my mt3g keep my attention until I’m out of contract next summer and can get my hands on one of tegra2 powered phones!

  • http://Website Scott

    Does this also include the HTC Magic (Vodafone) in the UK?

    • http://Website Cris H

      Did you read the article?

      • http://Website Bob

        there is no news, in the article, about the vodafone magic!!!

  • http://Website Oskar

    Im going to unroot for this….I’m super excited…I wonder if its going to be stock Android? Full Vanilla? Maybe that’s why they changed mind for tethering on the G2…but whatever I’m excited!

    • http://Website @neidlinger

      I’m 1/2 tempted to unroot, update, then reroot and use the Stock Android UI, with the rooted phone….. i can agree 100%.

      • alegassie2

        What is unrooting? will it help make my mytouch run smoothly when I get the 2.2 update?

        • http://Website Rome

          I hope you are joking. If you don’t know what unrooting is, then you probably don’t know what rooting is and probably should stay away from it.

        • http://Website JEverett

          You can NOT recieve the 2.2 update without unrooting and putting the original ROM and build number back in place. As you are right now, you are out of luck.

          • http://www.facebook.com/giansilk Gian

            I’ve already unrooted my phone back to cupcake but notice its not like the 1.6 I had on here before the root. I want the new 2.2 but I’m lost on how to fully restore to 1.6 so I can receive the update. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

        • http://Website TheTarlac

          Why not just answer the question?

          Rooting is when you install a third party operating system on your phone and make it able to install any software, regardless of whether Tmobile approves of it. Most common for iPhone users, but some people might have rooted a HTC phone too.

          Unrooting just means putting it back to default status like when it came out of the box.

          Feel free to use Google for these questions too btw. You’ll get a whole lot less attitude from a google results page, and probably better answers too :)

          Google “rooting cell phone” and the second result is


  • http://Website Dan

    I dumped my MyTouch for the Vibrant because the 2.2 update was taking so long. Now my trusty MyTouch is going to get 2.2 before my Vibrant! Come on Tmobile!

    • http://Website @NEIDLINGER

      can we say “FML”

    • jjhart52

      I did the the same thing. Switched to the Vibrant, however I still have my orginal MyTouch 3G. I already am running back to the MyTouch 3G to see how the updates.

      One thing I did receive when having the original MyTouch was that I received an update to 1.6 so I do not know how that will fall in play with this update in terms on timeline for the update.

      • http://Website Azeem

        I believe the update you got was the radio update.It was pushed in June, I think. You should be all set to get the OTA 2.2. :-)

    • http://Website watbetch

      Android 2.2 is far less useful on the MT3G than it would be on something like the Vibrant. Get your head together. You won’t have flash and you’ll still have next to no ram for all of your apps

    • http://Website N1_user

      I understand the want to have Froyo on your Vibrant, but it will still be much faster than a MT3G running Froyo will be. I hope that htc/T-mobile did some hard work on getting this update to run smoothly on the MT3G. My girlfriend’s MT3G needs an update but not if it makes the phone slow (like all the rooted custom Froyo ROMs out there do)

    • http://Website Phil

      Lol thats why I kept my old merlot mytouch when I got my vibrant but I agree ITS REDICULOUS THAT MY OUTDATED PHONE GETS IT BEFORE TOP OF LINE ONE (currently)

  • http://Website Nick

    How about some G1 love? They’re practically the same phone…

    • http://mattmangraphics.com matt

      really? are you serious the G1 come on man.

  • http://Website Isaac

    Lol the week I get my G2??? Haha, I’m tempted to switch back to my mt3g to update it and see how it runs, then back to my G2 :)

  • http://Website dethduck

    Tomorrow? Froyo! Next Month? myTouch HD!
    Though, I have to say, I’ll believe it when I see it, I can’t help but be a bit skeptical as TmoNews hasn’t really stated the source of the information.

  • http://Website bryan

    what should the rooted mt3g do if they want to recieve this update?

  • jakmayhopher

    well this is exciting! but i was thinking about getting the new myTouch when it comes out. hmmmm….but I’m still excited for it!!! 2.2, I’ll post it when i do receive it!

  • Taknarosh

    And here I thought you guys said it wasn’t coming out according to a T-Mo rep at a SAMSUNG event. ;) j/k all is forgiven Taylor

  • http://Website Kevinthebox

    About effing time!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  • http://Website Derek

    OMG!!!! YAY! SUCK IT OTHER MYTOUCH’S!! haha jk =D =D Original myTouch 3G FTW!!!

  • http://Website Derek

    Will there be wifi calling too? haha I wish.

  • http://Website revs

    what a jokle this phone is way outdated what abouth the slide and the vibrant ??????????bullshit im calling tmobile

    • http://Website magma9495

      Old devices need love too. Without them, you wouldn’t have what you have today.

    • event

      Suck it, all us MT3G users gave T-mobile and Google early support and got shafted for what seemed like forever, we deserve an update more than your bandwagon a$$.

    • http://Website jaseph

      haha you dooshbag i got the OG MT3G and ill be all up on froyo befoe any of those other fones! suck it!

  • http://Website nate

    …or you could just install cyanogen mod.

  • http://Website Kevinthebox

    Will you be required to do the Google sign-in again? IF SO, Do those without data plans need to use another SIM card with a data plan to do the sign-in or will there be an option to somehow enable Wi-Fi?

    • http://Website N1_user

      fyi, on the Nexus One, when you get to that android screen where you “touch the Android to begin”, just push the menu button and then you have the option for wireless setting. then you can turn on wifi and not worry about using cell data.

      • Kevinthebox

        I guess it’s a Froyo thing lol because I do know that when you first open up your mytouch or if you manufacture reboot you don’t get that wireless option, you need a data plan to get through the google sign-in. Thx for the info :]

        • http://Website N1_user

          gotcha. that sucks. thanks for the info.

        • http://Website N1_user

          also on the N1, I have the option to skip google sign in initially. then I can go throughout my phone, change settings as I like them, then sign into google via Settings -> Accounts & Sync. But again, this may be just for Froyo…

    • http://Website MJ

      Did anyone find a work around to updating the MyTouch 3G without a simcard. I use mine as a developer device and don’t want to update it if it is going to lock me out.

      Any support would be most helpful.

  • http://Website DJ

    Anyone crying about the myTouch getting an update can STFU! Obviously T-Mobile wants to make their customers happy. Some people can’t buy a new phone every 3 months like you. I don’t see how the myTouch really is outdated when it’s not even two years old.

  • jakmayhopher

    I just talked to two T-mobile reps who said that the OTA will be coming to all original MT3G. And that the updates will last until October 25, so we all will not receive them this week. But I’m still excited that it is finally get to us!!

  • event

    WOW, I had nearly given up and got the G2… well hopefully this will solve some of the extreme anger I feel towards my phone and provider.

  • http://Website bp

    one more hour to go!! just unrooted and waiting….

  • http://Website Rey

    about to unroot, im just so used to CM 5 that i dont want to spend to much time on 1.6 again it was rough ! i guess CM has spoiled me lol

  • Kevinthebox

    so have any of you easterners received the ota yet?????

  • http://Website bp

    silly question but how do we know if we got the update???

    • Kevinthebox

      Settings>>About Phone>>System Updates.
      But i have a feeling that it would come out in your notification bar as well. Remember only a select few will be receiving it today……

  • Queen Laqueefa

    Unrooted to see if this will run any faster than Cyanogen. If it is, cool. If not, I can always root again. This is my 1st Android phone, and learning how to root and flash custom roms has added a whole new level of geekdom to my life. Android 4 life.

    • http://Website poxxx

      Queen, it run faster? Have u try?

      • Queen Laqueefa

        Haven’t received the OTA yet.

  • http://Website caabbyy

    its only fair and right that older phones get updates first, after all they have had older hardware the longest and waited longer. at least tmobile has the phone left behind campaign….unlike crap at&t haha

  • Kevinthebox

    so i guess no one has gotten it yet??….lol

  • http://Website B2L

    I unrooted my phone earlier as well. I cant wait for the update. I got pretty sick of adw lagging with cm6.

    • http://Website kapsidi

      Why not use LauncherPro from market or the simple Launcher that Cyanogne posted on xda for free or in market for donation?

    • http://Website cpdeepak

      i agree. cm6 had some lags. I tried to unroot but it went to 1.5. Will I still receive 2.2 by OTA?

  • jian9007

    My apps are all backed up to SD card and waiting for the OTA to come through. This will determine if I will upgrade to the new MyTouch, or wait for my next upgrade in August 2011 for a dual core battery sucker.

  • http://Website Yogesh

    Eagerly Waiting…………………………………

  • http://Website issac

    Now that were getting the update 2.2 does not change the fact that i still want the new mytouch or the G2….but at least i wont be pist off that i never got an update..haha

  • http://Website Ang

    about effin time… you know what really gets me. I have talked with t-mobile about the mytouch getting upgraded for a while. the first time they said they aren’t sure when it will be happening, the second time I was told, and I quote; “If the customer is using marketplace downloads like Task Manager or Task Killer, the customer must master reset the device to receive the software update. Important: Advise the customer that they should NOT install another Task Manager or Task Killer until AFTER the OTA is received.” Which, by the way is very interesting, and I would have probably never known this unless I asked. So I uninstalled, and master reset. I recently contacted them on monday, and was told that the mytouch (1.0) will not be receiving any up upgrades… now I read this and I laugh… t-mob customer service needs to get their shit together.

    • http://Website David

      Customer service is just there for basic help and knowledge. They don’t know what is being developed or going on behind the curtains. I’m pretty sure that most have never even heard of rooting.

  • http://Website Tim

    I went to the Nexus one when they were taking forever to even get 2.0/2.1 to this phone. Was worth the price for just the update to 2.1 and the much faster phone. I knew I’d be the first to get froyo and I was. It took them a year in between OS updates for this phone when other ones were out there. That’s the biggest problem with Android. I’ll always stick with the upper level phones now. the mytouch was great when I got it but just didn’t cut it for me.

    • http://Website Tim

      In saying that good for those of you who stuck with it. You deserve this. Enjoy.

  • Kevinthebox

    Still havent heard of anyone receiving this ota yet. Hmmm…… I guess i’ll just keep looking….

  • http://Website Cris H

    Tired of playing the waiting game…

  • http://Website Kevin C

    hmm funny i unrooted back to 1.5. no joke it runs faster than when i had been running cm6 on it, haha kinda funny.

    well on topic, i am also waiting for this OTA(been waiting the whole day actaully………..)

    • Queen Laqueefa

      lol, same here. Still waiting for my 1.6 OTA to show up after unrooting, and 1.5 is blowing the doors off of CM6, speed wise.

    • http://Website Sam S

      Same here .. its seems to run more smoothly and more responsive than the CM6. Although I do miss the animations. Still waiting for 1.6 OTA.

      • http://Website Derek

        I unrooted like last week sometime because my phone was messing up and I still haven’t gotten the 1.6 update.

        • http://Website Miles

          If you’re waiting on the 1.6 OTA and you don’t have the correct Build Number (Settings > About Phone) you won’t get the OTA. You likely have COC10 and you need to have CRB43. However, you download the update build for 1.6, just search for DRC92 (the 1.6 Build Number) and I’m sure it’ll come up (that’s how I did it way back when). You’ll need to rename it to update.zip and go into recovery mode to apply it (home+power at boot, then home+power at warning screen).

          Anyone have the Build Number for 2.2 yet?

          • Androidkills

            hmm so you;re saying that even though i unrooted with the COC10 Build i will not get the 2.2 OTA update?

          • http://Website Derek

            Ugh so has that been the problem of why I can’t get it.
            Where can I find this?
            Will it erase anything up like my apps?

  • http://dr3amcast3r.wordpress.com/ dr3amcast3r

    Can only say one think to the piiiiiiii guys at TA&T. GOD BLESS CYANOGEN MOD!!! You guys are around 8 months late (more or less)

  • http://Website Geo

    Anyone Received the Update yet? i’m constantly checking everytime i can.

  • http://Website B2L

    I have been looking into this on the T-mobile forums. And there have been a few posts of people getting the update, almost all of them on the east coast though. They are saying that it will come as a 2 part update. The first is only a 363 kb which is believed to be an installer and the second will come about a half hour later and they say it takes almost an hour to download.

    Im guessing that most of us here in the west. (Salt Lake City, UT here) won’t get it until closer to the 25. But atleast the good news is someone has recieved it.

    • event

      What the hell, T-mobile is a Washington based company, where is the west coast love?

    • Kevinthebox

      I guess us people in Sunny So Cal will have to wait??? Laaaame ;p Better late than ever i suppose :D

  • Azeem

    For those of you that want to unroot to get ready for the OTA 2.2 update but don’t know how, don’t worry. It’s very easy, and there’s a great guide to help you that can be found at:


    If you have any questions, feel free to post there, reply here, or send me a pm.

    Good luck!

  • Kevinthebox

    ” 10-14-2010 01:45 PM – last edited on 10-14-2010 01:58 PM
    Well I don’t even know how to do that. It’s too late now since it has updated the second part. I can tell you right now that it hangs for a while on the android screen and that it seems really laggy right now. I don’t know if it is autosyncing thats creating the lag. EDIT: The second update was about 41.3 mb and the phone rebooted probably 3-4 times. It took a total of about 10 minutes more or less. EDT 2: There is an option for USB tethering :smileysurprised:. There is no live wallpapers. EDIT 3: after some initial lag the phone seems a bit snappier. The keyboard seems to be updated. No Adobe Flash in the market as sadly expected.” —-copied from a tmobile forum

    Hmm, I guess there is no live wallpapers, and looks like they will only be offering usb tethering…. and from this guy’s experience we should expect some initial lag after the update is completed. Two part update it seems, and no flash :[

  • Kevinthebox

    It looks like it will be stock Froyo and with an updated camera app and a couple of extra stuff as well, atleast according to Ramvid01


    • Kevinthebox

      and it seems like you only be able to get the UPDATE VIA WIFI. That makes sense, I suppose.

  • http://Website bp

    im from east coast….me still nada~~~~ AAARRRRGHHHH!!!!

  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Question. Im running a vanilla, rooted version of the 1.6 ROM. I have Build Number: DRC83, Kernel Version 2.6.29-RAv1.6.2 and Baseband Version: 62.50S.20.17U_2.22.19.26I.

    Will I receive the update? Thanks.

    • http://Website Miles

      No. You need to unroot. The correct build number for T-Mo 1.6 is DRC92. 1.5 build COC10 will *NOT* allow OTA update to this build. T-Mo will only OTA to 1.6 with 1.5 build CRB43.

  • zerotiger

    “no phone left behind” is about as aptly named as its namesake

  • http://Website rmeyer

    Dumb question:
    I’ve been hesitant to do a factory data reset on my mt3g because I wasn’t sure if my purchased apps would have to be purchased again. Now I’m wondering the same thing about the Froyo update. Anyone know for sure?

    • http://Website Big Bad Butcher

      mt3g 1.0 US if you bought the apps they will always be there, provided that you use the same Google account. ( I believe ?)

  • http://Website DJNAS
  • http://Website dean

    I don’t have a data plan. That means I won’t receive the update?

  • http://Website nestor

    After upgrade I don’t have a android market app

    • http://Website AD

      Do a factory reset. People are reporting the same problem and most of them fixed it by a factory data reset.

      As long as you have FroYo goodness. ;)

  • http://Website Jimmy

    What is the correct build for the 1.6y with Radios? Is it DMD64?

  • http://Website Carl

    I have a Google ION phone, build CRC33 with 1.5 still on there on AT&T, not T-mobile, and with no data plan. Am I eligible for an upgrade in the next week? Will AT&T put out a signal saying that my phone needs an update, or is it only for T-mobile. If not, is there anything I can do to get 2.2 on there from OTA (rather than wait for the upgrade to be posted online)?

    @dean: I’ve heard you can do it over Wi-Fi.

  • http://Website Issac

    i still dont get why the mytouch with the 3.5mm jack dont get the update as soon as the the older ones…does anyone have an idea????

    • http://Website Jimmy

      Its because it has different and slightly better hardware. This is the same reason why the ROM’s are different when you root.

      • http://Website Issac

        how much different could they be??? even if they were different why cant they still release em at the same time….. i guess ill never know,but i have no patience so its really hard to wait for my phone to finally get the update!!!

  • http://Website Tarah

    I unrooted and took Cyanogen 6 off my phone the other day in anticipation of Froyo coming (finally). I’m running 1.6 , build DMD64. I’ve yet to see any update come to my phone. I worry that I screwed my phone for receiving OTA updates.

    • http://Website Jimmy

      I’m in the same boat… hopefully we will see come Oct 23 otherwise I am calling customer service to get them to push the update (This is when I assume I can since the forum page above said customer service can’t do anything until after Oct 23).

      • http://Website Tarah

        I heard somewhere it was extended to the 31st? Lame. Just longer for me to worry if I’m getting it or not :(

        • http://Website Issac

          i think thats for the 3.5mm jack phones, but if u have the older one then you should get the update.

  • http://Website Ant

    I also saw it got moved to October 31st. I received a text message today from T-mobile that says they will be rolling it out over the next two weeks and it has a link to http://www.t-mobile.com/myTouch-MR which says that it will be rolled out until 10/31. Hopefully receiving this text is a good sign and maybe I will be receiving the OTA soon????

    • http://Website Tarah

      I haven’t gotten any texts about an update, that’s why I’m worrying I won’t get it. I’ve heard of loads of people getting them about the update, and I haven’t gotten anything.

      • http://Website Ant

        Don’t sweat it, I just got the text today. You have to figure there are 10′s of thousands of my touch owners to push this to and if they only do a few thousand a day it will take a while. I wouldn’t sweat it unless you don’t hear anything by the 24th. By the way, I haven’t received anything other than the text and just got it today. Be patient, even though it sucks.

        • http://Website Tarah

          Got my text earlier this afternoon, finally. :)

    • jjhart52


      I just got the same text. Hopefully the update does come soon as there is only 10 more days until the 31st. Let me know when you get the update as I will do the same.

  • http://Website Issac

    haha i went to the website that Ant posted, and it did say the 31st…. they should announce when the fender and the 3.5mm jack phone are getting the update!

  • http://Website ThatsDave

    Got the text. :D

    • http://Website ThatsDave

      Got the Froyo this morning. Umm… 10 days after getting text message… it’s all what they said, I’m thrilled-

  • http://Website Issac

    where u from Dave ?? hopefully close to CA it can be a good sign

    • http://Website Thatsdave

      Dallas, Texas.

      • http://Website Jimmy

        I’m in Dallas too but I didn’t get the message. What is your build number?

        • http://Website thatsdave

          Build number DMD64… hadn’t updated to Froyo just yet…

  • http://Website Issac

    alright its almost close to califoria so its almost here!!!

  • jian9007

    Just got mine here in the Dallas area. The update is 2.2.1 and it’s build number FRG83B

  • http://Website AntAnt

    apparently the text means nothing, I got it two days ago, still no update though. Don’t get your hopes up after getting the text. Pretty sure it isn’t geographically based either, I’m in Atlanta.

    • http://Website ThatsDave

      May I suggest an idea. Updates probably are released to early IMEI’s first then on to newer IMEI’s? Geographical push to MT3G’s seems not the case.

      • http://Website Ant

        That’s my guess too that it is based on IMEI numbers. I think I’m in the 244k area so hopefully in the next day or two but who knows. Just trying to be patient.

  • http://Website jharv

    Got my update this morning seems to be running smoothely. Glad I finally go the update.

  • http://Website jose

    I was super excited for this update and finally got it this morning. My phone is now pretty sluggish, and the keyboard even more so. I already restarted it so anyone with tips on how to improve performance would be great. Already turned off window animations

  • jjhart52

    Anyone in PA get the text or update? i keep switching back to my old MyTouch 3G with Android 1.6 and still do not receive anything regarding any possible updates.

    Also any one near PA, (MD, NJ, DE etc), get the updates?

  • http://Website rushdamian

    Who got their 2.2 FroYo update this morning???
    <—- This Guy, Right Here!!!

  • http://Website Issac

    Congratz to all that got it, but i still havnt got the update, hopefully it runs smooth on my phone. i wonder how soon it will get to Cali. anyone get it here???

    • http://Website enrique

      I am in Norwalk,Ca. I already got mine.

  • http://Website enrique

    I got mine around 5:45 am, I love it.

  • http://Website Cris H

    Just got 2.2 In San Diego, CA. Woot Woot!

  • http://Website moeifreak

    Got the txt yesterday at around 1130 fresno ca, but no update let keep cali posted if I do…

  • http://Website Jesse

    I got the text this morning around 8:30 in San Diego, CA

  • CurtisDGAF

    shit, when am i gonna get my update lol

  • http://Website BDroid

    Got my update today- in Cali @ 2am and it is running smoothly. No Flash though :(

  • http://Website Issac

    All these people around me are getting the update, im in Indio CA, and nothing still….do any of you that got the update in cali that have the fender or 3.5mm jack???

    • http://Website Cris H

      Haha, you retard… did you read the article? I don’t think so…

  • http://Website Punk

    I got the first update yesterday, I went ahead and installed it..rebooted a few times and it was back…BUT since then I haven’t got my 2nd update yet..It is still showing 1.6 and I don’t see anything different. Has anyone experienced this at all? Is there a way to get the 2nd update myself?

  • http://Website Geo

    Got the update..

    My Touchscreen is somewhat unresponsive at times..Phone i lagging more. Swype Works fine..


    Its new. Its somewhat laggy


  • http://Website Nick

    This is killing me! Got the text on monday, still no update going into saturday. Got my phone store opening on the release date, still waiting to get an (almost) outdated update. Makes me wish I’d waited for the droid.

    • http://Website Jimmy

      Seriously relax man… if you have stuck with this phone for this long you can wait another week. Almost outdated? Give me a break half of the phones out there or coming out are don’t have 2.2 (Motorola is shipping out new phones with 2.1). There will probably be only 2 or 3 phones that get Gingerbread immediately. This update should at least hold you over until you can buy one of those phones if you are REALLY not satisfied with 2.2.

  • http://Website still waiting patiently

    someone mentioned IMEI’s…probably so. But why so random??

  • http://Website cedric 39

    my phone updated three days ago and im impressed at how it works. it has a few new features thats cool like being able to tether without a third party app. very nice.

  • http://Website Caleb

    Do you have to have a data plan to get this update? I don’t have any data on my plan at all but if I remember right I got the last update this summer (the radio update). I’ve kept my wifi on hoping it will work over that.

  • http://Website tdyzzle18

    got the text monday to but nothing since then..
    guess its not n the orlando, florida area yet

  • http://Website Mikey

    Anyone here from hawaii got it or kno wen its getting here?

  • http://Website Dave

    Don’t even think of saying yes to this download… your entire phone operation (including going to a contact and making a simple phone call) will slow to an incredible crawl.

    One has to wonder if Cole Brodman, CTO of T-Mobille knows what due diligence means.


  • bbj205

    I got the text on the 21st saying i would receive the update. Still no update. i wish it would hurry up and get here. Birmingham,AL.

  • http://Website Dubya504

    I got my update and I love it!!! Thanks Tmobile! My Wife is still waiting though.

  • http://Website Dubya504

    Froyo is rolling in Fort worth, TX y’all!!!!

    • ZRod

      Apparently not to everyone in Fort Worth… Ugh, can’t wait till I start this Sprint job and get my Evo.
      I unrooted and am stuck on 1.5. My friend got in a wreck because I didn’t have my usual GPS! Stupid KFC in Dallas with their crazy roads!

      • http://Website Jimmy

        Go get your briefcase oops I mean phone…. also you can get 1.6 if you want. Go up in the comments to find a xda forum link to update to 1.6

        • ZRod

          I love the briefcase! Yes, forgot about that, tyty.

  • http://Website Jeezle peet

    So what’s the official verdict for performance? I had installed CM 6.0 and it ran terribly slow on the mytouch so moved to 5.8 and the 2.1 ran much much smoother. I unrooted in anticipation of the official update hoping it would be better optimized and run smoothly. Although I enjoyed a lot of the features from different ROMs I did end up getting frustrated with all the regular stuff that didn’t work properly or glitched out too much to use. I miss my extras but at least my phone is working 100% again.

  • http://Website papis

    I got a message one week ago, and I still haven’t get my update 2.2. Still waiting.

  • http://Website w t f

    Husband call Tmo today for an unrelated issue. He asked about the update and was told it was pushed to November. When? They didn’t say, just November. if it’s true (and I hope not), Tmo is full of crap.

    • ZRod

      They told me that if you do not have it by Nov. 1st, call them and they can get it pushed to your phone.
      I am upset that I still do not have 2.2 but I wait anxiously and somewhat patiently.

  • http://Website Collegekid13

    I think it sucks that the 3.5 mm has to wait a little longer. And I’m really debating on if I want the vibrant or g2. But then again i’d rather wait for the update then purchasing a new phone :/

  • http://Website Ant

    Well allow me to be the bearer of bad news. Just went back and checked the link from the text message that t mobile sent us last week…They have now updated that website that the link points to and it says that they now expect all users to have the OTA 2.2 update by DECEMBER the 15th. Wow, way to drop the ball on this one Tmo…I wish I could miss a deadline at my job by almost 2 months and not get in trouble. I wish they wouldn’t have told us and just surprised us by just pushing the new update to us.

  • http://Website Issac

    hahaha, dam tmobile, i lost my patience and im going wit the G2, i dont care that i have to pay $500.00 for it ….thats why i work….

  • Queen Laqueefa

    Stilllllllll waiting. I’m really curious as to how this will run. I’m hearing great things about Cyanogen’s nightlies so re-rooting is certainly an option.

  • http://Website ThatsDave

    Did the manual update. It runs perfectly and bug-free… all of you sitting around for an OTA could’ve gone the manual route! It’s all what they said… I recommend you find the YouTube instructions, it’s easy to follow. Hope this helps boost your self-confidence and plunge into the wondeful Froyo world!

    • http://Website mr. joe

      just went through the process here to manually update: http://www.intomobile.com/2010/11/04/install-android-2-2-1-froyo-mytouch-3g-tmobile/

      used the 30 day trial of mybackup. everything seems to be running smooth. took me about thirty minutes. awesome!

      • jjhart52

        Followed the instruction also from the link. Got Version 2.2.1 with build number FRG83

        Instructions easy.

        Only other suggestion is to use an SD extension card to use for your micro SD to install the 2nd file directly unto the SD card before turning phone back on.

  • http://Upgrade Shay

    I received my upgrade this morning..Installed both parts.
    I have lost my pix..I cannot text..Everything force closes.

  • http://facebook.com/tyiculver tyi

    I upgraded mine last night, only part one because after that it shut off and wont come back on!!!! help!!!

  • http://Website Cindee

    I’m already wishing mine didn’t do the update and I just got it a couple hours ago. I can’t open my texting, everything that I customized freezes, EVERYTHING force closes! I’m so frustrated.

    • http://Website charlie

      you might want to do a factory reset and that should clear everything up

  • bbj205

    Just received my update after getting the text a month ago. Its pretty awesome.

  • Michael

    Guys. MT3G is a very slow phone, but if you will return it to stock 1.5 or 1.6 firmware the phone will work well. Don’t ask the phone to do things it was not designed for and you will be much happier with the phone.