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Picture and video samples from the T-Mobile G2

Since a few of you asked about the G2’s camera performance, I thought we would give you guys a quick sample of the images and videos that the phone produced for us. The T-Mobile G2 does not have the highest megapixel camera we have seen on an Android phone, but it does produced some pretty decent shots. Though if you’ve seen image samples from the Galaxy S, DROID Incredible, and DROID X, the image below might appear to be subpar.

We wouldn’t recommend leaving your point-and-shoot camera at home when going on your next vacation, but the G2 should be able to do the job when you’re in a pinch. So do the images live up to your expectations or will you pass on the G2 and wait for another Android phone that might have a better camera?

T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (1) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (2) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (3) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (4) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (5) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (6) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (7) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (8) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test (9) T-Mobile_G2_camera_test

Source: HTC Source

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  • http://Website UniqueNate

    I like the pictures. The quality seems fairly good. I hope most people know it’s not always about the most mp but the quality. I notice in the brighter areas the pictures were better.
    Videos aren’t to bad either.

  • http://Website Russ

    Seems about on par with the orig. Droid’s camera for the pics. What’s up with those guys in the first test vid, almost looked like a staged run-in.

    • http://Website Name (required)

      The Droid Camera sucks i have one and i also had the N1 and this looks on par with the nexus, the droid got tons of noise

  • http://twitter.com/MetalMessiah78 MetalMessiah78

    I honestly was not expecting too much out of the camera but I have to admit it’s better then I thought it would be. My G2 is supposed to be delivered today. I can’t wait to mess around with it.

  • http://www.basementofmybrain.com solace


    p.s. that douche in the green shirt in your first video should really watch where he’s going :)

  • http://Website jr.

    the camera is pretty good i was playing woth one at work today we just got our shipment in i work for radioshack and we will be launching it on the 3rd of this month (sunday) so if did not preorder one head over to your nearest radioshack and get one its $149.99 with a new contract $199.99 with an upgrade or flexpay 1year contract and $549.99 off contract!

  • http://Website Scritz McGritz

    My Vibrant has way better video and picture quality. I wish it had HSPA+ though.

  • http://Website anthony

    Well truth be told tmobile now has a Phone as sexy as the N1 I have and its hspda as well . I say this g2 kicks the vibrants ass all day. I say this overall

    • http://Website Xallies

      Overall? Other then 2.2, hspa, 4gb rom?

      Graphics card? Processor? Super Amoled? Battery life? Internal storage? Screen size? Expandable memory to 48 Gb to name a few.

  • http://Website anthony

    Oh forgot to mention g2 will probably get updates long before the vibrant as well. I know for vibrant fan club u may think that sucks well it does. I still rock my N1 to this day because its still the top dog any N1 owners agree

    • http://Website Xallies

      I dont agree. Responsiveness of n1 screen? Responsiveness to their soft touch keys, the horrible touch sensor technology that doesnt even know where you are pressing (especially multi touch). The lag in changing applications. The battery life. The long boot time, the ill manner applications would run on it. off the top of my head swype. Swype runs so well on even a htc mytouch slide compared to the nexus. Yes. Nexus was sexy, and there are many die hard fans. 2.2.1 for example is a great reason to have the nexus but we need freedom. Freedom to choose a phone with out sense preinstalled. maybe a option to go Vanilla Android or a revamped UI. Each phone has its drawback. Vibrants is its choppy Touchwiz UI and the need for a lagfix out the box. Thanks for letting me vent :D

      • http://Website anthony

        Xallies venting is good as long as its a healthy debate. I agree the N1 had/has issues the touch sensor agree. The soft keys I sent phone back and Isis is gone. I feel vanilla android is the way to go personal choice.
        Regarding the G2 it comes with froyo out the box huger advantage over froyo who still after all this time still hasn’t figured it out deal breaker
        I just watched to unboxing of the G2 on phonedog and I see a huge problem here for those G2 users. The G2 made by HTC like the nexus one was constantly switching from hspda to edge. The N1 has been through these waters as well i’ve noticed more edge on this phone than others I’ve owned. The G2 clan better check this out it could be a potential deal breaker
        I ask on your slide do u have and 3g/edge flip flop issues thanks

        • http://www.stephencondra.com Zephyr757

          I fixed that with my N1 by setting it to WCDMA (3G) only (*#*#4636#*#*). I only need to manually switch back to Edge on very rare occasions. I’d imagine the same “fix” would work for the G2.

  • iringbells100

    550 off contract i thought it was 500. i got even more plus so i thought it was 500 from tmo thats what the rep says i cant wait to get this and put the my touch slide in the corner

    • http://Website matt_sd

      From calling around, Radioshack is offering 150/550 while T-Mobile is offering 200/500. I think I heard Best Buy is doing 200/600, but I could be wrong there. Not sure why there’s such variety at launch.

  • http://Website JaylanPHNX

    The pics aren’t bad at all (especially for an HTC camera), but they all seem a little dim. Maybe a settings adjustment is in order. One of the concerns in deciding between this and the Vibrant was camera quality, and while the Vibrant is still better, the G2′s quality is at least out of deal-breaker range.

  • http://Website telos104

    Keep in mind that MPs don’t tell the whole story….they really come into play when you start talking about enlarging photos.

  • http://Website Andy

    Fyi: The androidandme widget displays poorly on the G2

    • http://Website Andy

      P.S. The camera is great & the flash is bright!

  • http://Website Brian Douglas Hayes

    Video looks a little better than I expected, but those photos look awful. Granted, some portraits of my fellow frumpy Minnesotans, crawling Nicollet Mall on an overcast day probably doesn’t make for the most flattering evaluation material. That said, I’m seeing lots of noise, aberrations, and a lack of sharpness — especially disappointing for a brand-new, top-of-the line smartphone.

    I realize some don’t care about camera quality, but since my smartphone has taken over the role of my point-and-shoot camera, it’s a critical feature for me.

    • http://Website MK

      What do you use?


    I got my G2 on the 30th and let me tell you this phone is by far the best experience Ive had so far. Ive gone through a Rooted G1 running stable CM6, Nexus One, Vibrant and so far I can say that my G2 has been keeping up without any problems with the Nexus one. I love the Keyboard of the G1 but obviously you have to learn to let go and get up to date with the technology. The G2 Rules !!!! I smell Gingerbread in the near feature for us G2 users =) oh BTW the Vibrant sucks ass that is why I sold it for cheap on Craigslist.

  • McLovin

    Tell me it’s not true!

    T-Mobile G2 buyers faced with automatic OS reinstallation after jailbreaking

    T-Mobile G2 has microchip to automatically un-root device

    The G2 Will Repair Itself On Rooting

    The T-Mobile G2, this is not the (An)Droid you are looking for (Updated)

    • HardNoks

      what are you talking about?

  • Uncemister

    I’ve been playing with my G2′s camera for a while and I think its safe to say that still images are pretty on par with the Nexus. However the flash on the G2 is worlds ahead of the N1. The flash on the G2 no longer produces the “vignette” effect on dark subjects. (although that does look cool sometimes!) Not to mention in video camera mode, you can use the LED as a camera light from the get go! That blew me away!

    Speaking of video camera, this is where the G2 definitely shines over the N1. Most videos come out crisp and clean as compared to the N1′s blockiness. Yes there was a bit of pixelation in fast motion, but overall its passable. Like Nick said, don’t forget your DSLR if you want true quality, but this is more than adequate for moments when you need it.