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Rumor: Nexus Two will feature 1.2 GHz CPU, headed to T-Mobile

WARNING: This post contains rumors and speculation from Android Insiders. If you do not want to know the likely specs of the Samsung “Nexus Two” then do not read this story and unplug from the Internets till November 8th (or is it the 11th). You have been warned – the goods are after the jump.

The Rumor

The Samsung “Nexus Two” phone will feature:

  • Stock Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  • 1.2 GHz processor (don’t know which model)
  • 4 inch AMOLED display (don’t know resolution)
  • 5 megapixel camera with autofocus and HD video capture (don’t know about flash), front-facing camera (don’t know resolution)
  • 512 MB RAM, 16 GB internal storage
  • Support for multiple carriers (radios are unknown)
  • All the usuals like WiFi, Bluetooth, 3.5 mm headset jack, etc.
  • Outer casing is a mix of metal and plastic materials

I believe these specs are final, but sometimes things change between test units and those that ship to retail stores.

As we first reported it will be coming to multiple carriers, and we now have enough evidence to suggest T-Mobile is on-board. The “Nexus Two” will be sold unlocked, direct to consumers just like the first Nexus phone, but Google will test out the retail waters instead of limiting sales to just online.

The Source

After the last week of writing about this Samsung phone, I now have five separate sources who have confirmed this phone is real (including one who is testing it). If you still don’t believe me, Gizmodo’s Matt Buchanan also confirmed the phone as did PCMag’s Sascha Segan.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

Yesterday reminded me why I love blogging. I never thought a single topic could generate so much discussion or become a top trending topic on Twitter and I sincerely appreciate all the feedback.

I thoroughly enjoyed everyone trying to debunk the rumor, but this isn’t about who’s right or who’s wrong. This is about sharing the things I have dug up so that others can go out there and find even more information (example: Giz and PCMag).

Some people will continue to argue over the name or exact reveal date, but we all know this phone is real now. I’ve said several times that the product name is not “Nexus Two”, but I will keep using it when referring to this Google-experience phone until the actual name is announced by Samsung.

Others are also really stuck on the date and trying to use that to discredit the story, but does that really matter? My original source told me it was coming on November 8th (which I still believe), but someone else told me it would launch on November 11th. Either way, you will be able to get your hands on this phone soon.

It comes as no surprise that T-Mobile is on board for the 2nd Nexus phone. They were the first carrier to support the Nexus One and I’m glad to see them back for round two.

As for the specs, this is looking more and more like a turbo-charged Galaxy S. I believe there are still some surprises to be revealed, but as I said earlier it might not blow your socks off.

Isn’t it funny that people are already complaining about a 1.2 GHz processor when it will be the fastest available at launch? Maybe that’s my fault with all my excitement about Tegra 2 phones.

For everyone crying about plastic phones…really? Yes, the outer casing of Samsung’s Nexus phone will contain some plastic materials, but there will also be metal used too (like the back plate).

At the end of the day, I think an unlocked phone running the latest stock version of Android trumps another locked-down BlurSenseWhiz phone with newer hardware. That is the reason why the Android phones I have purchased with my own money include the G1, Nexus One, and G2.

Overall, I think you will be fairly impressed with the phone when it is officially announced. If you are not impressed with the hardware, just wait till you see everything Google packed into the software.

With as many test phones as there are out there, I expect we will have some pictures this weekend.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website Wes

    G2 – Mytouch 4g – Nexus 2

    Ahhh I want a new phone next month and now the choices are getting harder and harder.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      That is the beauty of Android. More choices = win

      • jivemaster

        Looks like the choice is pretty easy now. Nexus Two will be a must have. I just hope it has a led camera flash.

  • http://Website Brad Pitcher

    As of now, there is one question preventing me from deciding between the MyTouch4G and this phone:

    Does it have a HSPA+ radio?

  • http://Website adam

    then buy the g2 knowing u wes, which i dont know u want a keyboard and the g2 can be overclock to 1.4ghz.

  • http://Website schwiz

    If this is true the buyers remorse for my G2 just went up ten fold. I thought it was already at Max capacity

  • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

    Not SUPER Amoled?

  • http://Website Westy

    I love my N1 and have been waiting for this. If the specs are true. T-Mo is promised 200-500 from me day of release no questions asked. I wished it had a better camera thou :( and it better have flash damn it.

    • http://Website Steffen

      I’m not going to pretend to know if the camera is good or not, but just know the number of mega-pixels has very little to do with the picture quality. A 5MP camera with a great sensor will produce much better pictures than a 12MP camera with a mediocre sensor. 5MP is pretty high and 12MP is obviously even higher lol. So unless you are planning to print gigantic posters 5MP will be just fine.

      • http://Website Gee

        HTC cameras consistently rank in the bottom, Samsung’s (at least the one in Galaxy S) usually ranks above. Mega Pixels are mostly used to fluff up marketing numbers.

    • http://Website Jeffrey

      Been waiting for this. it will replace my N1. Day 1 purchase. Dont care how much. I really don’t. 4 INCHes is perfect!!

  • http://Website Gabe

    I just hope a version is available for Verizon. I hate all the choices available on the carrier (reason I’m still using a really beat up old Touch Pro) but I can’t leave as it does have the best coverage in my area….bastards.

  • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

    Does it have some sort of track-ball, or equivalent? If not, my decision to pass will be solidified.

  • http://www.youtube.com/emogamer Christopher Chavez

    I think its just funny how people complain so much about the Galaxy S line.

    Plastic-ie materials? Just take a look at my Evo. Cheap feeling cuz its so light? I thought being light as a feather was supposed to be a good thing?

    Anyway, if Samsung can include some aluminum or somehow increase the sex factor/build quality, I think we will have a winner here. This is exactly the hardware Google needs for their next “experience” phone. Solid specs. Front facing cam. WIN.

    • http://www.nexsoftware.net nEx.Software

      There is a fine line between being light and feeling cheap.

      • http://Website N1_user

        which is the case of the Vibrant. feels way too cheap and flimsy, IMHO

        • http://Website anakin78z

          ahh… flimsy, I think that’s the key word. It’s not the plastic, it’s how the plastic feels.

          Personally I like light, but solid goes a long way.

          • http://Website eSo

            I agree with that. My old G1 was plastic and despite it’s very strange hinge design it still felt like a solid phone. The Galaxy S line-up does not.

    • http://Website Jonathan

      I’m not sure that all the folks complaining about the plastic are necessarily unhappy with the use of plastic in phones in the broad sense. I would say it’s more an issue of how Samsung does plastic. Having owned the original Samsung Galaxy, I can say that if the N2 has that same kind of “Samsung plastic,” it will almost certainly detract from the phone’s hardware experience. Glossy plastic is simply inferior to soft-touch or matte-finish plastic as a material in phones both in comfort and in style.

      An issue I have with the phone more broadly as it’s rumored currently is that it isn’t the same groundbreaking type of device that the original Nexus One represented. It takes incremental steps at best in some areas while seemingly moving in retrograde compared to the pace of technology in others. Ye olde Samsung Galaxy had a five-megapixel camera, for christ’s sake.

  • http://Website Steffen

    Here is my theory: I think Google will hold a “surprise” press release on the 11th and announce this Samsung phone and the release of Gingerbread. Very similar to the Nexus One event when they revealed the phone and Android 2.1. I also think they will announce their knew distribution strategy. I think they will eventually have a whole line-up of unlocked phones. I believe the Samsung will be called the Nexus S. And assuming that any of my theories pan out, I think HTC will release a ‘Nexus Two’ in January with a dual core processor and top of the line specs. Fingers crossed.

    PS. plastic does matter. I’ve played with the T-Mobile and AT&T variants of the galaxy S and they look and feel very cheap compared to my N1 and other HTC phones. If it is also made of some metal as you say, I will reconsider my opinion on this phone.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The AT&T Samsung Captivate has a metal back. Are you sure you played with one?

      • http://Website Steffen

        Ha, yes I’m certain I played with one. It was a while back though, at an AT&T store so it was on a tether, so I guess I didn’t really get a feel of the actual device. I do remember thinking I didn’t like the overall look of it. I actually like the rest of the Galaxy line-up more than the Captivate. I’ve used the Vibrant quite a bit, and it is just a little too light for my tastes, and the glossy black plastic and weird pattern on the back just doesn’t do it for me.

    • http://Website Nate

      I can confirm you theory.

      Google will offer a bunch of “Google Experience” devices which have Stock Android and will be supported directly by Google. Smilar to the WP7 devices which are supported by Microsoft.

      All the devices will have a “Nexus” in their name, similar to the “7″.

      The “real” NexusTwo will be released late with *very* nice specs, such as dual-core CPU (I have heard 2×1,2GHz Snapdragon), 1GB Ram and a high res display (higher than 800×480)

      So, but take this as a additional rumor because I only heard this (from a very reliable source)

  • http://Website Rubrewskey

    I’m super excited for this phone. I was going to get the new MyTouch but this is the phone that would keep me satisfied until T- Mobile gets a solid T2 phone.

  • http://Website anthony

    Huummmmm as a nexus owner I’m listening not sure bout that ram 512mb lets see it first but still really gotta be a real nexus 2 which means twice the n1 I currently own. I agree with brad pitcher will it be compatable with tmobile hspda+ if not deal breaker

  • Killa

    So with this having 512 MB RAM and a 1.2 GHz processor, how will the speed compare to the myTouch 4g having 768 MB RAM and a 1 GHz processor?

    • http://Website JaylanPHNX

      I think RAM wins over Ghz. Look at, say, the CliqXT vs the myTouch Slide. 528Mhz processor vs 600Mhz with 256 RAM vs 528 RAM respectively. The Mhz difference is not that much, but the Slide kills the XT hands down. The real difference is RAM. I don’t think I’ll have any problem buying the myTouch 4G.

  • http://Website Jeffsandroid

    Anybody wanna buy a rooted Vibrant? haha

  • http://dangerismymiddlename.com Paul Danger Kile

    Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, Please, make this be identical to the Galaxy S inside so that I can have some Gingerbread soon!

  • http://Website Scott G

    I think the reason most people would be disappointed if this is just an overclocked galaxy s is because unlike the n1 its nothing groundbreaking. Sure its great to have a google supported phone, and that goes a LOOOONNNGGG way, but CES isn’t very far off and i expect phones to be announced there and released in Q1 that will make an over-clocked galaxy s look mediocre.

    I’m still holding out hope its a true step forward like the nexus one was.

  • http://Website roland

    I can’t wait to get my hand on one. I was go to get the my touch hd but this will replace my N1.

  • http://Website androidboss

    Oh my God its time to upgrade my G2. Another 2-year agreement with T-Mobile

  • http://Website jojo

    Vibrant is now to 1.6 mhz yahoo !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • http://Website junior19871

      uummmm… you see that door behind you… do me a favor go over there and get out.

  • http://Website PhesOne

    Well one thing that Samsung has proven is that they can manufacture virtually the same phone for all carriers within a short amount of time. That was the plan for Nexus One but it never made it to CDMA.

    • http://Website some internet dude

      CDMA is dead, no talk and surf at the same time. why do you think Verizon is going LTE.

      • http://Website D

        CDMA may be dead, but it still doesn’t help that Verizon’s current CDMA network is way too large to ignore. I will be severely disappointed if the Nexus Two doesn’t have a CDMA model.

  • elijahblake

    I hope they learned their lesson with coming to Tmobile only with a subsidized phone..

  • http://Website Earthrazer

    If this is true, I can’t wait to see what lessons learned here bring to the table with the Galaxy S 2 next summer…

    Better camera? More RAM? Tegra2? Bigger Super AMOLED?

    Grow Android portfolio, grow!

  • http://Website FReer

    With all due respect Mr. Wimberly, please tell me how you can justify minimizing the concern of the vast majority of android users who have shared comments relaying their concern regarding this rumored phones use of cheap materials for the outer casing. Does the glossy black plastic excite you? It is not a minimal feature of a phone. It is a part of a phone which you come in contact with EVERY time you use it. The issue, at least for myself, is if samsung skimps on such a prominent feature like the outer casing of the phone(strike 1), how much else did they skimp on which you cant see and feel? Plus, this isnt the only disappointment with the supposed specs. 1.2ghz processor and 512ram is a huge let down(strikes 2 & 3). Here we are almost a year past the nexus ones 1gz/512ram specs and we’re all the way to…..1.2ghz and 512/ram. The expectations for a nexus 2 phone most certainly do not the agree with the specs listed for this samsung device. I don’t want to hear how the 1.2ghz hummingbird is so superior to the original snapdragon either. This is now old technology. Especially with the dual core phones expected to begin shipping in the next 60 days. This rumored Nexus 2 will be WAY behind the best phones available in a very short time. This excitement you seem to have and wish to force upon your readers for a phone with these specs is confusing. What else do you know that youre not sharing yet? Please tell me there’s more! I want this phone to be great, I really do. So far, it’s only a great disappointment.

    • http://Website TheHypnotist

      Why are you complaining? I mean, seriously, tell me some practical applications for dual core processors in phones anyways. Besides, 1.2 Ghz (hummingbird) is substantially better than old ass 1 ghz snapdragon. You also aren’t mentioning the screen buff this is getting compared to the N1, as well as the front facing camera, and the likely improved camera. Not to mention the phone is thinner. The specs are substantially better than the Nexus 1, and it hasn’t even been a year.

      • M3rc Nate

        From what i have read, the biggest improvement when incorporating a dual core in a Android phone is that it will actually improve battery life. Dont quote me, but its what i believe i have read.

        As for FReer, first off i agree about the outside shell being one of the most important day to day things. I had a MT3G and HATED how cheap and plasticy it was. Now i own a G2 and its amazing the difference.

        HOWEVER, i think your… negativity in regards to the specs of the “Samsung N2″ is misplaced. I think what has you (and some others) so negative / disappointed is the idea that those specs are the specs for the Nexus 2. I think the articles calling it the Nexus 2 are the worst thing that could have happened to this phone. Out of the gate with rumors, its already being considered a disappointed, and it hasnt even been officially announced! Let alone released.

        If this had never been called a Nexus phone, or maybe Nexus-S, or Samsung Google Experience Phone, this would have all been avoided. Fact is…if this phone is all those specs, it will be a AMAZING phone…UNLESS you consider it a Nexus 2. Cause of the Nexus 1, expectations of what the Nexus 2 are supposed to be…are astronomical (though not impossible).

        So what it comes down to:

        Those specs as a:
        Samsung-Google Experience Phone: Amazing, Best phone on market in short term.
        Nexus 2: Disappointing, average, un-impressive.

        If your a T-mobile customer, a 4″ AMOLED, 1.2 ghz phone is HAPPILY accepted. Now we will have a choice between the amazing G2 with QWERTY keyboard, and a 4″ amazing Samsung phone.

        The more high quality Android phones on T-mobile, the merrier.

        • http://Website anon

          Yeah, I had hoped it would have a QWERTY, portrait QWERTY. I really want a portrait QWERTY.

      • Sinanovski

        Soooo…to make things simpler, it’s basically an overclocked, slightly improved Galaxy S phone? WOW! Thanks Samsung. Face it, when Nexus 1 came out, it was the phone of the phones. In some ways, it still is. I don’t see this slimmed down version of Galaxy S being the phone of the phones. They would almost have to double on everything for it to be the next true Nexus phone.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The back is made of metal…
      I didn’t say which model the CPU was…


      • Sturoid

        Is the hummingbird processor 65nm or of the 45nm variation?

      • http://Website FReer

        You said the battery cover was metal, I said “the outer casing” when commenting on the plastic. I read very carefully what you said as I have been looking forward to a nexus one follow up phone. Regarding the processor comparison that was not directed toward anything you said but was a preemptive response to counter any argument stating the superiority of a new hummingbird vs original snapdragon. I wasnt clear on that, I apologize. I dont mean to sound negative either, its good that this phone is gonna be available. Hopefully it starts a trend for all future android phones. Im also not trying to say the phone is a piece of crap because its not. Im just saying if this phone is THE nexus two, that it is a fairly great disappointment. I will not buy a carrier sold locked down crapware phone and I fear that if this phone is the nexus two I will be waiting a long time before another phone like the nexus one comes along. The n1 set a high standard and anything less from a future “nexus” phone would feel like a step back.

        • M3rc Nate

          Very good. Glad you clarified, and i personally am interested in seeing how much utilization is actually happening with phones with 1ghz processors and ones like them, compared to the new ones and dual cores coming out. Hopefully that made sense haha. Basically i mean are we getting better and better and better processors and GPU’s…yet still the most intensive game is something like angry birds? Or is the reason for better and better CPU/GPU’s is the benchmark wars.

          Yeah what you are saying directly ties into what i said, just having the name “Nexus ____” will make this phone a disappointment to a LOT of people. Hopefully its not named the Nexus 2.

          • http://Website FReer

            M3rc, I agree with everything you wrote 100%. Also, regarding some peoples thought that since they havent seen an app or played a game that caused performance issues must mean that todays available processors are fast enough arent thinking that statement through. Current development is for current capabilities. 2 examples that do push the limits: asphalt 5 by gameloft, adobe flash

    • http://Website anakin78z

      For some people it’s all in the numbers. The Hummingbird is old news? Have we even seen anything take advantage of it yet? People keep asking for Tegra 2 graphics, but have we seen even a single app take advantage of what the Hummingbird can do? So if a Tegra 2 comes out, and nobody develops for it (outside of the 1 or 2 games that are supposedly in development), will we immediately be hankering for a Speedy Gonzales 3 processor, discounting the t2 as old and slow?

      I know you want obvious signs of progress, but it’s not always in the numbers.

      • http://Website FReer

        The humminbird is about to be old news, yes. There arent apps/games to push the snapdragon or hummingbird too far because thay wouldnt be the wisest way to sell something to as many people as possible. Those games will arrive once the next gen processors are in phones.

  • http://Website TheHypnotist

    First I must say Taylor, I love your blog, I read it ever day, your speculation and research is always so much fun. I don’t know how you do it.

    Also, I wanted to ask you if you think this will be “the superphone” as in, the best phone money can buy? as in… better than the iPhone 4 hands down, phone of the year, will this phone get perfect ratings, or do you see a potential flaw in this phone.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I think any phone with Gingerbread, will be “the superphone” as you put it.

  • http://clarklab.net Clark Wimberly

    I forgo commenting on the rumor and just say that damn that is a nice post image. Much better than the old dude-with-a-glass-on-the-door post image we had before.

    • Angie Strickland

      Haha! You’re just trying to make me feel better since I spent time on it last night. Although, I don’t hate it :)

      • http://Website Brad Pitcher

        Do the figures represent real people?

        • Angie Strickland

          Nope, just a generic representation.

  • http://Website Josh

    Love the work Taylor, and these rumor posts. I suppose my only question is this: If you know a source who is testing the device, why aren’t you sure of things like whether it has a camera flash, what type of resolution on the screen, the resolution of the front camera, etc.? I’m by no means dissing you and I love this site, I’m just curious that’s all. Keep up the good work!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      I got to leave some suspense, right? Under-promise, over-deliver.

      • http://Website Josh

        Touche, touche….at least tell us if it has a trackball, or trackpad, and some sort of status light….that’s one of the reason I didn’t pick up a Vibrant.

  • http://Website eeo

    Only 200mhz, that is so big chance i would retriment my galaxy s

    • http://Website eero


  • http://Website Mark

    F*** For reals? Why does TMo get all the good phones? Can’t we just get a quad band unsusidized phone? Was going to sell my iPhone 4 to get this device. >:O

    • http://Website Alex

      If a year ago you would have said that, someone would have pointed and laughed mercilessly, lol. I hope this phone goes to everyone, so that pure android can be had by all.

  • http://Website John T

    The headline seems misleading in that it is only going to TMo

  • MitchRapp81

    they said MULTIPLE CARRIERS, with T-Mobile being onboard… doesn’t mean it’ll be the only carrier geez – multiple radios… most likely 2 versions like Nexus One.

    All the specs are great but…
    I would have expected:

    - Dual-Core (I guess that’ll be in early 2011)
    - Micro-HDMI port
    - 1GB Ram (why not :p)
    - not metal and plastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve held the Galaxy S and it feels like utter crap. I love the feel of my Nexus One :P

    • http://Website John T

      I said headline, I know what the body of the article says. I pointed that out in agreement with a previous poster.

  • Gone

    I agree with everyone when they saw the Galaxy S are crappy when it comes to build quality (Touchwiz is another discussion), I played with the one on Tmo and it was so ugly and light and I hate how it mimic the iphone in every way. With that said I am 100% confident that google WILL NOT put their software/name on something with bad built quality, I am sure they pushed samsung to make a bigger, better, and sexier phone then the Galaxy S phones!!

  • Gone


  • http://Website Galen20K

    Specs on this look alright but I’m far more impressed with the myTouch 4G. More Ram, Fantastic Build Quality, Second Generation Snapdragon, more color choices HSPA+(since its not confirmed for the Nexus S/2).

    Both will be fine phones but for myself I really think the myTouch will be the best purchase until the Nexus 3. Although I really love my Nexus One, I”m not crazy about Samsung cheap feeling, flimsy Glossy plastic body’.

    • http://Website Virtue

      Then why are you going with the myTouch 4G? It too is made of plastic.

      • http://Website Galen20K

        not the same thing. The myTouch 4G is solid and made mostly of Metal components with some soft touch/teflon coated plastic like on the Nexus One, VERY High Quality.

        the build quality of the Galaxy S Vibrant is greasy lightweight shiny plastic. Waayyyy different.

        • http://Website G1les

          the mytouch is a nice phone but if you want the vanilla google experience it doesn’t compare to the N1 or N2/NS

    • jivemaster

      Next gen snapdragon doesn’t hold a candle to the hummingbird. Hummingbird cpu and power vr gpu are the most powerful cpu/gpu combo available at this present time. Plus with the hummingbird running at 1.2ghz, there could very well be more power in the gpu as well.

      The next gen snapdragon is just a stepping stone for htc. When tegra phones release, it’s likely hummingbird will be able to play the same games made for it, whereas snapdragon won’t have a chance, new or next gen.

      You can be guaranteed the nexus two will be the best phone on release. As previous reports have stated, gingerbread is said to bring gpu acceleration to android os, so wouldn’t you want to be running the best gpu in the business to power it?

  • http://m mikey

    Let’s get those g2′s turned in people, bottom line its shipping with some ginger.

  • krazytrixxxsta

    the fact that it samsung definitely turn me off from the n2

  • http://Website thashost

    “glossy plastic?…really?” haha lol, dat was me. anyway, the specs look good but not super. the key is what u mentioned towards the end: “jus wait til u see wat google packed into the software” that has me thinking. but i cant wait. my g1 is in ICU. prolly gonna get da mytouch4g. i have a question, if the phone is gonna be anounced on the 8tth or 11th, how long after will da first carrier release it? thanks. and contratulations on ur fine research and reporting.

    • http://Website thaghost

      heeeey. my name is thaghost.

  • http://Website DaveC

    The only thing I haven’t heard yet in this discussion is confirmation of the HSPA+ compatibility. The only reason I would change from the N1 at this point would be the ability to use the speeds available if our local upgrade happens next month as I’ve been told it would.

    • http://Website alex

      I just can’t wait to be rid of the clearpad2000 digitizer and have a true multi touch

  • http://Website khush

    i think people are focusing too much on the hardware and no1 is using one such as the hummingbird processor to its full advantage. this has got everyone to scared to buy a phone because rumors of a better 1 are already around and who wants to buy something that will soon be outdated. because of this no1 is taking advantage of the current hardware and just waiting for something more powerfull when what we have right now is plenty enough

  • http://Website Jared

    As long as it has a flash for the camera, I will get it asap.

  • Gone

    Have we forgotten about this? Could the Nexus 2 be the first phone to run Samsung Orion processor???


    • jivemaster

      Man that would be sweet.

      Either way, a 1.2ghz hummingbird (not confirmed as hummingbird, but samsung don’t use any other chip, so it must be), with the GPU it’s packing it’ll be the best phone on the market at the time of release anyway.

      Dual-core will be a bonus if that eventuates, but I’ll still get this phone no question.

  • http://Website D.J.

    AAre people seriously wanting a dual core phone? And thinking that it will actually help battery life? LOL, just like AMOLED improves battery life, right? I’d take a single core 800MHz CPU ala the G2 every time just for the battery life alone.

    On topic, I am excited for the phone but share a lot of people’s hesitation on it being made by Samsung and being mostly plastic. I’ve always loved sturdy devices and my current hunk of metal known as the Motorola DROID so maybe I am in the minority here. But I’m hoping the construction is on a different level compared to the current Galaxy S line even the Captivate with its metal battery door isn’t that solid.

    Spec wise I’m fine with what is rumored although I really, really want 600+MB of RAM rather than 512MB. Oh, and the rear camera had better have a flash. And hopefully the optical trackpad is still on board.

  • http://www.techhogger.com Kunal

    rumor features?
    but most of this rumor features will be true I guess.

  • http://Website anthony

    Well I’m definitely interested I purchased my n1 the first day it was available . I knew that was the phone for me. Samsung making a n2 I will wait at least a month. I think by then we will know about the bugs , performance as well as what’s the next bad boy coming. I guess since I have a great phone. Already why not wait for the mirrors and smoke screens to clear. I will see what customer feedback is on tmobile (speed,holding signal, battery life etc)
    I know being the first on the n1 gang wasn’t without problems spotty 3g ,touch screen issues which to this day affects many perhaps that’s why google stayed away from Htc the second time. Ya never know

  • http://Website Drone3

    Sounds like the perfect android phone.

    The only other details I really need to know are screen info.

    1. What resolution (will it KO retina display)?

    2. Will it be Super Amoled?

    3. Will it have that really annoying penile matrix alignment?

  • http://Website Rotanguli

    A good move by Google to tie up with Samsung rather than HTC. Samsung has a better connect with consumers across the spectrum, hence can sell better numbers. While HTC is considered a more serious brand, meant for people nearing 30 and above. Also there will not shortage in supply of components(as in the case of Desire’s display) as Samsung is the OEM.
    But Samsung change its ways in some aspects, we don’t want such expensive phones to have plastic housing and lack features like flash, camera shutter key.

  • http://Website CeZ

    That’s it, this is the end of Android, Google has made its own tombstone with inscription “made by Samsung”

  • http://Website Brandon

    Wow! Sounds like the Galaxy S done RIGHT!

  • http://Website frozen

    Amoled????? I hope you are wrong there Taylor….It’s a plain crime now to place an amoled instead of S-amoled on a Google Experience phone.

  • http://gyratorytech.com GyratoryTech

    Excellent read, I think samsung is the best device……

  • http://Website some internet dude

    Being as how all the carriers are crippling the Android devices left and right, I think ill be picking this up, My Nexus one Is still going strong, in fact it just got FM tuner capabilities thanks to rooting. Still I cant wait for this. Android Rules.

  • http://Website Kendall

    The Nexus One introduced the 1 Ghz processor… at that time it was groundbreaking and it set the standard. The Nexus 2 or S… whatever you want to call it WILL be a phone that will in turn set the standard once again.. 1.2 Ghz processor or 1.5 Ghz running vanilla android is THE FASTEST YOUR GOING TO GET.. how much faster do we want a phone to go..

    Heres groundbreaking:

    Vanilla Android 2.3 (Gingerbread)
    4.3” Super Amoled Screen
    1.5 GHZ Hummingbird Processor
    1 GB RAM 16 GB Internal Storage
    8-10 megapixel camera with auto focus and HD video capture WITH flash, front-facing camera (3 megapixel)
    And a 1800 mAh battery

    • http://Website mikey

      Maybe in the N3. For now let’s not skip a up the pyramid. I remember when I first held the G1 and the N1 sure I wished they had certain features (like a headphone jack G1). But looking back I appreciate the stepping stones they were. For now gingerbread will suffice for the coming year. Remember getting where we want is half the fun.

    • http://Website M Lee

      as awesome as that would be, seems unlikely. however i would love such a surprise. don’t forget to keep it under 12 mm thin and give it a quadband radio. dual core chip would be nice. orion plz :)

    • http://Website ACR

      People forget the GPU on the Hummingbird is still leap and bound faster than all these new devices.

  • http://blackberryplaybooktip.com/ Bebe

    Nexus 2 = Nexus 1 = we lost T_T

  • http://Website CIRUS 013

    what the _ _ _ _ ?????

    ginger UI ? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5FRIK5m4AQM

  • http://Website Spencer

    Why only five megs!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  • http://Website Brian from Texas

    “It comes as no surprise that T-Mobile is on board for the 2nd Nexus phone. They were the first carrier to support the Nexus One and I’m glad to see them back for round two.”

    First hand experience shows that T-Mobile does NOT support the Nexus One. Call them and ask.

  • http://Website N1_user

    I hope they make a AT&T banded version like they did the Nexus One!

  • http://Website BIGMERF

    Looking forward to your next write up!

  • http://Website s

    Wasn’t this denied by Samsung? I’m not saying it will never come, but do they have an exact estimate of when? I am between the g2 and n1, but i don’t need the keyboard in the g2, and i dont wanna go for the n1 now. I think I will just wait.

  • http://Website BiGMERF

    I find my self coming back everyday looking for more info

    • http://Website zymo

      what about new information? it seems samsung is going to show the continuum on 8th. maybe all rumor was about that device?!?

  • http://Website John T

    Couple of websites are saying that the supposed Nexus Two is delayed due to hardware issues now. Sigh, I am really anxious to get an Android already.

  • http://Website MrAndy_H

    Seems that the only difference b/t this and the Epic is that this doesnt have a keyboard and is (.2) gHz faster?? Cameras are the same, everything else. I have my Epic running 1.6 gHz. Very pleased…

  • http://www.topcentech.com topcentech

    Does it have some sort of track-ball, or equivalent? If not, my decision to pass will be solidified.