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Rumor: Samsung will announce the Nexus Two on November 8th

If you were thinking about buying an Android phone in the next two weeks, please stop what you are doing and read this post. Something big is coming and I think you will want to know the full details before you get tied up in another 2-year contract with your carrier. The rumor, the source, and one Android Insider’s take on the goods after the jump.

The Rumor

Google and Samsung will announce the “Nexus Two” at a press conference on November 8th in New York city. The phone will be the first device to ship with stock Gingerbread (Android 2.3) and it will be available soon on multiple carriers.

The Source

I have spoke with multiple, trusted sources familiar with the project who have shared the same story with me. They wish to remain anonymous.

One Android Insider’s take on the rumor

Originally I planned to skip the Samsung press conference on November 8th (because of the $$$), but now I’m considering going (if I can still get in).

Last month I was having dinner with a bunch of Android bloggers out in Burlingame with the Open Feint team and they asked us what was the best Android phone currently available (since they are mainly iPhone guys). Virtually everyone at the table said that the Samsung Galaxy S offered the best combination of hardware, but ironically none of us were using a Samsung phone as our daily driver.

As we went around the table each one of us gave our thoughts about Samsung and we basically all said the same thing. We want phones that run the latest version of Android and that’s why we were all carrying different models from HTC and Motorola.

In the last post about the “Nexus Two” I left a comment saying that I still believe Samsung makes the best hardware and I was heavily down-ranked. A few people backed me up, but I think there is a large number of current Samsung Galaxy S owners out there that are jealous because their new phone is still stuck on Android 2.1.

So imagine what would happen if Samsung focused on only the hardware and let Google takeover the software duties. That is exactly what you will get with the “Nexus Two”.

I can imagine I will take a lot of heat for this post from all the people that recently purchased a Samsung Galaxy S over the summer. I feel your pain and I believe Samsung will do the right thing and eventually get your phone updated to Gingerbread. Having said that, I wouldn’t hold my breath because when the carriers get involved that adds a lot of waiting time.

We don’t know for sure who will sell this phone in the U.S., but I believe yesterday’s report that Carphone Warehouse will be the exclusive retailer in the UK is accurate. Go back and read my crazy speculation and then let me know how you think Google will distribute this phone.

The Closer

I’m totally ok if you don’t believe this report, but do yourself a favor and wait two weeks to see what happens. I would hate for you to purchase a new phone in the next couple of days and then be major disappointed when you find out something new just dropped. Of course if you enjoy a custom Android skin (and the slow updates that are often associated with them), then go right ahead.

This new Samsung phone might not blow your socks off, but you will at least want to hear their pitch before making your next purchasing decision.

Taylor is the founder of Android and Me. He resides in Dallas and carries the Samsung Galaxy S 4 and HTC One as his daily devices. Ask him a question on Twitter or Google+ and he is likely to respond. | Ethics statement

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  • http://Website Adam

    I think it would be very smart of Google to make sure that a brand new Google experience phone is announced at the same time they announce a new version of Android. Waiting for the 2.2 OTA update last time was no fun at all on my Nexus One and honestly if the option was there to go buy an upgraded device running the new version I would have done it. Some people will think this is crazy but if you look at the demand for new Apple products I think Google can now start to create that kind of buzz with Android.

    • http://Website Tony

      It’s also smart and kinda funny that they’re announcing their nexus two on the same day that microsoft’s first windows phone 7 device launches(in the US at least) to steal all the hype, gotta love competition.

      • http://Website Marco P.

        That is probably no coincidence. Sock it to the Windows people!

  • http://Website Prototype V

    Man I hope this rumor holds true. It’s not even up for debate Samsung makes the best hardware. Both the hummingbird processor and super amoled screen are A+ in their categories right now and with Google handling the software end ala nexus one that makes for a killer combo. Anxiously waiting to see how this develops

    • http://moredroid.blogspot.com z6

      They definitely have the best hardware components with the CPU/GPU and screen. However, I still personally favor the overall external hardware design of HTC, which looks much cleaner. I hope Samsung steps it up a notch for this Nexus Two, because it would be a shame to have great hardware, great software, but an awful design.

      • AndMac

        You really think the Galaxy S’ design is not clean? And you prefer the clunky EVO, or the red touches of the Droid?!

        The design is fine, I like the lightness of the Galaxy S, and it is well built – I’ve dropped it enough times to be able to testify to this.

        The main two issues with the Galaxy S are a pitiful battery life (compared to the iPhone, not the G1 or some old WM phone), and the lack of decent software support.

        But here is a question: Who writes the drivers for the “Nexus” phones? Because if it left up to Samsung to write new drivers for updated OS versions, I would stay away from this, based on my Galaxy S experience.

        • http://Website Daniel

          The Droid line isn’t really a good representation of either HTC or Motorola, it seems like Verizon had a lot of influence in it. Better see the company’s independent devices: Desire, Legend, Desire Z. I do prefer HTC’s aesthetics.

          The Galaxy S is certainly clean, but it feels like a cheap iPhone (pre-4) clone to me, with the metallic border and exaggeratedly rounded corners. I’d prefer something more original, plus it’s not hard to look more attractive than the classic iPhone (as HTC has proven).

  • http://Www.dolphinfree.net Tenkely

    Stock Google experience FTW! The more the merrier.

  • http://Website Pax

    As long as Sammy doesn’t have to do anything with the SW.

  • http://Website Jeffsandroid


    I was one of the guys backing you up from the post last night. I really do hope what you’re saying ends up being 100% accurate. I have no doubt Google is working on a “nexus 2″ and I love my Vibrant even if it has a plastic battery cover. It’s an awesome phone where it counts. But judging from the promo material released by Samsung I’ve got to believe that they’re announcing the Continuum. The icons on the graphic are all TouchWiz and the stock ticker background really kinda gives it away. I hope you’re right and I’m wrong but I think you’re in for a let down. Google will make another phone, that’s for sure but imho they would be best to wait for some 3rd generation technology to come out. Google wouldn’t waste it’s resources on another handset until they could be certain it would blow the competition out of the water. Dual-Cores, LTE, that sort of thing. Like I said, I really hope I’m wrong but I don’t think I am. One thing is certain, if you turn out to be right, I owe you a burger, and all those haters from last night owe you a steak. @jeffsandroid

    • http://Website jdog

      That does make sense but I have a felling that maybe a T-mobile version would at least come out first since they currently have the fastest data speeds, so why wait for LTE. “Maybe” it will be 3G++ capable and get 20 or 25mbps next year on T-mobile. Anyways the EVO came out when Sprint only had a few cities on 4G so it still could be LTE ready because isn’t Verizon launching LTE this year.

    • http://moredroid.blogspot.com z6

      I think they have an interest in even ‘minimal’ updates, and they certainly have enough cash to spend. Just a few days ago a Google exec mentioned Android was their ‘best’ acquistion yet, so I have no doubt that they will continue to aggressively support it, which may include a new cutting-edge device to raise the bar higher.

      I almost feel like there needs to be another Nexus phone to bring Android to the next level, to get other hardware makers to follow. People will disagree with me, but I still feel like the N1 is the one of the better Android phones out there. I know personally I don’t feel like there is another phone that offers a significant upgrade over the N1. There are some nice ideas here and there, but they all come short somewhere. An N2 would yet again urge manufacturers to step it up and continue to fuel Android’s growth.

  • http://Website Zachary

    I usually don’t post and I just read whats being published but as a proud nexus one owner and loyal Android fan since day G1, I appreciate the work and time y’all put into this website and I love the news and rumors. If they aren’t true, so what, this isn’t the official android site. I, for one, look forward to reading and enjoying everything y’all post. Keep up the excellent work

  • http://Website Andrew53517

    What are the chance though of it being LTE? :/ slim to none probably! ughhh

  • http://Website Manny

    SICK!! Please come equipped with an 4 inch Super Amoled display and Orion processor. All 4 carriers would be nice too.

    • http://Website jdog

      Please just come out, its time to upgrade my Nexus. This phone is so good I will upgrade to nothing less than a Nexus Two or whatever they call it.

  • http://Website UzukiC

    still going to say that samsung is outperformed by almost every company out there when it comes to grabbing cell signal. it’s also worth mentioning that the galaxy s has the shortest battery life I have experienced on a smartphone to date, but that may be the software talking. I will agree that samsung is the shiniest, but I have a hard time believing they create the best phones.

    • http://Website Sinanovski

      I agree. They are proven failure (past and present) and shouldn’t be making nexus phone. my vibrant supposedly has the fastest processor out there, but lags worse than dialup trying to play cod4. 800 quadrant score vs.1120 on my evo. Come on. If Samsung ever makes the next nexus phone, people who got f**ked over by them will never buy it.

      BTW, vibrant for sale $350 like new.

      • http://Website watbetch

        I had a long reply typed out but it’s not showing up for whatever reason so..

        JFD on the Samsung Vibrant had a problem with the bar display. JI6 fixed this, reception is great and accurately reflected. Anyone going off of the bars/broken dBm reading and ignoring the fact that their service is fine needs to educate themselves. Next to a G2 my Vibrant consistently had a better dBm reading on the new firmware where the dBm reading is accurate.

        Secondly, stop comparing Quadrant scores. If you’re seriously trying to say COD4 runs better on the HTC Evo I’ll know you’re LYING.

        • Sinanovski

          Well, Quadrant seems to be THE ONE to go with everyone. Even the big websites that review phones. So why shouldn’t I? The only way my Vibrant gets to over a 1000 is when I use the lag fix. Also, I never said that I’m playing COD4 on Evo (I believe such thing does not exist hmmmm?) I was stating that the lag on Vibrant is worse than the lag when playing COD4 over a dialup. Sarcasm. Granted, it’s not always laggy and I’m not complaining about it, but just stating the obvious. I loved my Vibrant when I got it. Loved it so much that I bought two without a contract, but then as the months went by, I realized that I supported the wrong cell manufacturer.

          And now with “Nexus Two”? Really? Samsung can’t even stand up and update Eclair to Froyo on Galaxies, and now I should trust them with “Nexus Two”? Please. By the time the next Android version comes out, Samsung will still be on Step 0 trying to figure out if it would be good to update “Nexus Two” or just thrash it. Most likely they will thrash it like they did their Galaxy S line.

          And this 1.4Ghz processor in the Nexus 2 is probably just an overclocked processor from Galaxy S line, which YOU the people can do yourselves with free apps from the market.

          So, little re-design from Samsung, stock Android, overclocked processor = $500 (wild guess)
          Does this justify $500 that the phone will cost? No.

    • http://Website Need A Phone

      @Uzukic, don’t count Samsung out…they seem to get it and they just keep getting better…the Galaxy S has been a complete transformation from the days of the Behold and Behold II, their TVs are taking leaps and bounds pass the competition and don’t get me started on their chips.

      I would have to suspect this would be a phone with a screen to blow anything else in the competition away…Bring it on Samsung

    • http://Website anakin78z

      I have to agree. I don’t have a Samsung phone myself, but of my friends who have android phones, the ones with the Galaxy S seem to run into the most issues. There hardware seems great, but there are a lot of issues with it.

      • http://Website watbetch


      • http://Website watbetch

        Oh please, You don’t know anyone with a DROID2 or DROID X? I know people that know people and those people are happy with their Galaxy S phones. Not that it matters, because it truly doesn’t.

        • http://Website anakin78z

          Uhh.. yes? I have friends with Evo, G1, N1, Droid, Droid2, Droid X, Droid Incredible, Samsung Vibrant, Samsung Captivate (& probably a few other) phones, and of all those, the Samsung phones have the most issues. That’s not to say they’re not happy with their phones, but it sure as hell seems to matter.

          • http://froogle semore

            F#*k Samsung.

          • http://Website watbetch

            That’s anecdotal at BEST and you know it.

          • http://Website anakin78z

            @watbetch I was very clear in my statement. Of course it’s anecdotal (that was obvious), but that doesn’t mean it’s not true. If you have an issue with my comment, get to the point already.

          • http://Website watbetch

            That’s the point, it means next to nothing, why mention it? Unless you have some cold hard facts or first hand experience it’s ridiculous to say. I personally know someone that loves their Galaxy S device and has no problems with it. I know other people DON’T feel the same. It happens with every phone whether you want to believe it or not and imply that the Galaxy S has the most problems because your people seem to have the most problems with it.

          • http://Website anakin78z

            Lol, so stating my opinion on a post which essentially amounts to an opinion piece is a faux pas? Well excuuuuuuse me! I guess you and the 5 million other Galaxy S users who don’t know what Android 2.2 is (that’s a fact, right?) can sleep easier tonight, knowing that I learned my lesson.

            But, to recap, since you must’ve gotten lost along the way, my reply was to a comment which stated: “I have a hard time believing they (Samsung) create the best phones.”
            And I still agree with that, based on the personal experiences and accounts from users I’ve had. If you’ve had different experience, good for you, but unless you can prove it, I’m assuming you’re lying.

  • http://Website jose

    I hope this is true….very good combination Samsung super amoled screen with hummingbirds processor with Google experience and new gingerbread UI…hope it comes out for every carrier so we can all enjoy its Google goodness

    • http://yahoo ricky ross the fat boss

      F#*k you Jose.

  • http://Website watbetch

    The actual large number of Galaxy S owners (over 5 million) don’t even know what Android 2.2 is, it’s crazy I know.

    There are things Samsung does better than HTC and there are things that HTC does better than Samsung. One glaring issue I have with HTC is the fact that they continue to use terrible speakerphone-speakers. I don’t like how long Samsung takes to get out bug fix releases. The Galaxy S is a has tons of different variants but they should be able to speed up the process.

    • http://Website anakin78z

      Or stop making variants. I don’t think having a slightly different phone on t-mobile than they do on verizon does anything for the consumer at all. Nobody will go with AT&T over T-Mobile just becaus they want a captivate and not a Vibrant. Samsung is just making it hard on themselves.

    • Sinanovski

      I’m sure half of that 5 mil went online and read stuff about their phone. I’m sure they know what UPDATE is and that the word UPDATE usually means good and new stuff. So, unless you live in a cave, there is no way that you won’t know about some sort of UPDATE coming to your phone. UPDATE = GOOD.

  • http://Website Mohammad Bombby

    I’ve owned a Nexus One, EVO, a Vibrant and an Epic 4G and I think Samsung makes the best phones by far. The vibrant is very light, thin and well built. I like the touch-wiz too. My EVO battery lasts 3 hours and is too heavy. Nexus One is fast, but ugly and screen cracks too easily. The epic was nice, but I didn’t like the added bulk of the keyboard.

    • http://Website Adam

      You think the Nexus One is ugly?? I think it still has the best design of all Android phones.

      • http://Website jdog

        It is or why else would HTC be designing all their new phones just like it.

  • http://Website anthony

    Ya know all that sounds great say ur right about samsung and google in bed making a nexus2. I would hope its a dual core with mighty specs and another thing the nexus one feels like a phone not some cheap plastic toy. Samsung better make a phone without all that plastic crap and have some feel to it. I don’t mind paying extra for quality. Do it right or don’t do it at all

  • http://whosthisguy.com Brendan

    I wish there were some way to convince my wife that I need to have the latest Nexus device.

    • http://Website anthony

      @Brendan man up ur the boss she isn’t. I give the orders at home my wife follows I’m the boss do what I’m gonna do. Man up buy that phone slap it on the table and say these words (very important if you love life) honey look what I won from android and me some crazy raffle and I won yippe. Lol

      • http://Website J.


      • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

        Wow, that’s not even slightly misogynistic. Not at all.

    • http://Website eddieonofre

      Do like I did tell her that there is a promo buy one get one for free…. but the bummer will be that in ur case u will have to buy two

  • http://Website chewtoy

    Hmm. I have the Epic (Samsung Galaxy S on Sprint) and it has the worst battery life of any phone I’ve ever had (and I’ve gone through a smartphone or more every year for the past six years). And no, I’m not running anything that eats power — I barely turn the phone on, but that big beautiful display still manages to suck down 90% of the battery.

    I will start the day fully charged and by 5pm the battery is dead. I get about 40 text messages per day, exchange is set to push, imap is set to poll once per hour, twitter is set to poll once per hour, and I try to avoid touching it unless absolutely necessary.

    It’s a GREAT phone…when it’s plugged into the wall. :-(

    And to top it all off I’m still on android 2.1. :-(

    My wife’s iphone runs all the same mail services and twitter, with higher polling frequencies, and the display is quite nice, and she uses it to watch streaming video all over the place, and the battery will last more than two days. She watched a full movie from netflix last night over 3g and only consumed 25% of the battery.

    I’m trying to hold out in the hopes that the Epic will get a wonder 2.2 or 2.3 experience very soon, but if Samsung drops another phone first then i’m out of here — this is bullshit.

    • http://Website Derek

      You’re exactly right. I have a Galaxy S Captivate and the battery life is absolutely terrible. I’m with you, take off charger by 7:30am and it’s dead by 5:00pm. It gets great battery life until you turn the display on, then the battery gauge goes down rapidly. I didnt buy it so it could sit on my desk in standby mode all day long and never be used.

      Whoever made up the lie that AMOLED’s get better battery life than LCD’s was a total LIAR! Iphone4 has basically the same processor and battery mAH rating and it gets 3-4 times as much battery life. It has an LED back lit LCD (with much higher resolution) and the Galaxy S has a S-AMOLED main difference.

    • http://Website sean

      Have you let the phone run down all the way until it died like they tell you to when you first get it? When I got my vibrant, the battery was terrible and I was like “there is no way a phone can be this bad at battery life.” Then it died on me about a week after I got it and the battery life is much better.

  • http://Website PhineasJW

    We’re so close to dual-core processors. But can the Nexus 2 pull it off this soon?

    If it ships with some next-gen hardware, I’m all in.

    If it ships with just a 1GHz Hummingbird…then it’s a really tough decision.

    -Wait for Tegra 2?
    -Wait for LTE?


    • Snafu77

      That’s my situation too. I really want the next gen hardware even if it isn’t fully supported yet. I want a Tegra2, more than 5mp cam and front facing camera. Also a must is stock OS. I can’t be bothered with these clown carriers trying to handicap my phone and forcing me to use roms. I really have no complaints with my N1. I can go 6 months until something better comes along. Better a N1 with Gingerbread in March 2011 than a Vibrant with 2.1.

    • http://Website Lucian Armasu

      Nexus 2 is rumored to come by the end of the year. It won’t be launched in November, only announced. Just like Galaxy Tab was announced in September and it’s still not out yet.

      A Tegra 2 phone is very possible by the end of the year! Notion Ink Adam has Tegra 2 and it’s coming in December. It wil be dissapointing if it doesn’t, anyway.

  • http://Website thaghost

    i love android but these rumors and fanaticism is crazy. what could possibly be in the phone that should stop ppl from getting a new phone. besides gingerbread, it cant be THAT serious for ppl like myself sittin on a g1 waiting for an upgrade to wait even longer. is it gonna b faster? all these phones(droid 2/g2/mytouch4g) are already fast. is da camera gona have 12mp? not dat serious. is it gonna have dual core? better gaming? cmon its a phone. the nexus 2 will b great but its will b surpassed in 2 months like everyother phone. i’ve read about all da upgrades of gingerbread but please. please stop the extraordinary hype!

    • http://Website Tito!

      Agreed. Android has become a big case of Consumerism.
      Which is why I’ve settled with my CLIQ(:
      It’ll be long before I settle for another.
      (I’m thinking that rumored)

      Not even “PlayStation Phone” excites me.

      • http://Website Tito!

        *Rumored Sidekick, is what I meant to say .

      • http://plankhead.com Zacqary Adam Green

        As opposed to the yearly iPhone upgrades, which aren’t consumerist?

  • http://Website Andrew

    So does anyone think this could be a dual-core device?? Samsung were going to have mass production of their own dual-core chip due around December / January no??

    If it’s not dual core.. I have to admit, it’s going to be hard for me to be much more excited about this over my Nexus 1….

    • http://Website jose

      I think Samsung will make it a dual-core phone remember it probably wont come out until next year..plus its a Google phone so it has to. Have advanced specs that lasts for. Years just like the nexus one..

    • http://Website PhineasJW

      I find it hard to believe it will be a dual-core device, just because it feels “too soon”.

      On the other hand….there is a strong belief that nVidia is working closely with Samsung. I think the CEO of nVidia said something to the effect that Samsung was one of their biggest customers.

      And, if this is the Gingerbread unveiling, why hasn’t Google announced anything either?

      I’m skeptical, but hopeful.

  • http://Website teeharding

    The heck with the nexus 2….update your existing product before making another!!! Galaxy S needs to AT LEAST have 2.2 before they consider anything. I love my SGS but ill probly never buy another sammy phone for lack of support. I also do belive that this upcoming proclamation is about the continuim….which will have 2.2 before the SGS…..what a load.

  • http://Website Tito!

    Samsung is the worst Manufacturer ever. XD

  • http://Website Tito!

    Instead of Nexus Two. . We shalll call it, Nexus FAIL! :)

  • http://Website aramis
  • http://Website Marco P.

    Man, I gotta tell you that this new outline for posting news is really nice!

    I got a Samsung Fascinate last month. I love it! The hardware is amazing, and the screen blows everything else out of the water. It replaced my Droid X that I was not very happy with.

    All I gotta say is I sooooo hope that Samsung updates all their other galaxy S phone with at least 2.2. What a treat it would be if we all got 2.3. What would be in the way of Samsung doing something like that? I ask because I really do not know.


    • http://Website Earthrazer

      Personally, I’m kind of hoping the Galaxy S line delay to 2.2 is because they plan on pushing to 2.3.

      I dunno though. I’d rather they announce a partnership to create the new developer phone than the actual phone. I’d like to see something with some Tegra 2 level graphics as the benchmark for “Android Gaming”

      Oh, and while we’re at it, how about DLNA sync to Google TV for up to 4 players?

      Shh…don’t hate…I’m having a pleasant little dream over here! :)

    • Sinanovski

      If Samsung updates Galaxy to 2.3 I’ll eat my own shit.

      ^^^That’s how sure I am that it will never happen.

  • http://Website caabbyy

    @chewtoy sadly iphone has a way bettter battery, :/ the 2011 android phones better have better batterys since better technology will be out

    • http://Website Daniel

      Battery technology doesn’t evolve much these days, so I doubt the iPhone’s battery is really much better, if at all. What we need is more efficient hardware and software.

  • http://Website Jay

    I and all the Nexus users can honestly say that the Nexus One truly is a good phone till this day its keeping up in the game since Jan..I’m proud of my choice well worth it..will def buy the 2nd gen HANDS DOWN!

    • http://Website deutschdroid

      Agree I love my nexus one but I don’t now if I would buy a nexus two I Samsung makes it.my wife has the vibrant and it feels like a toy. Go HTC

    • http://Website jdog

      Yeah I love when someone says my Vibrant is better because of the processor and screen and I say so how do like Froyo, then they shut up and walk away.

  • http://Website Kinichi

    I don’t think it will be the next nexus phone but instead the first Android phone that comes with Gingerbread. I personally think it is too early for another nexus phone when by early next year it would be obsolete in front of those dual core and higher spec phones. I would like the nexus two to come with the best spec but I don’t think Samsung can pull it off with a dual core this soon. And personally I don’t like their design besides all the good hardware.

  • http://facebook alandrs

    Don’t give It to at&t we don’t need another failure on the market let sprint and Verizon have it

  • http://Website MORPHkid

    So, where does this put the G2 in the spectrum of things?

  • http://Website Paul

    The Galaxy S does not have a LED Flash OR LED notification light, so is a massive fail form me & others if Samsung makes the Nexus 2 & puts these on the phone, then fantastic & this would be my next phone, because Samsung do now put good cameras on there phones.

  • http://Website nuttsan

    Don’t normally comment, but just wanted to say that I went from a G1 to a Galaxy S (I’m UK based so proper not a variant) and it is amazing.

    I have now got Android 2.2 JPM (got from XDA and flashed via Odin), also applied a lag fix (OCLF, probably go to Voodoo at some point) and the phone is flying (Quadrant score of 1554), plus use LauncherPro (to get rid of TW) now the only problem of the phone is that it looks like an iPhone.

    It’s just a shame that samsung couldn’t have done all the above themselves.

    As to me buying this, not now that I’ve got my Galaxy S working as I want, I’m waiting to see what Tegra 2 tablets come out.

    • Sinanovski

      Not to bash you mate, but I get 1167 on evo stock. Yours is better of course, but just giving you comparison. So you went through all that trouble to gain 387 points? Actually, stock Galaxy S is something around 820, so it was worth it to you.

  • http://Website richeyrich

    I am so stoked if Google and Samsung come out with the nexus two I love my n1 and am happy with its abilities over its inabilities and know it will still get gingerbread and I am not trippin over the fact that the Droid two is out or the galaxy s series and I honestly hope Google continues with its android flag ship series.

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    Will this have duel like the upcoming Tegra2′s. If not won’t it quickly fall behind the curve? It didn’t take that long for my Droid to get 2.2. I think I can wait a month or two for an update to have the T2 phones over the high end phones coming out before them. Is a nonT2 phone worth it, Nexus or not?

  • http://Website martin

    unless this thing will have a dual core something like a tegra2, i’m just not going to be excited about it :/. for some reason i’ve been convinced thats what my next phone will have.

    on top of that, isn’t 3.0 supposed to drop before summer 2011? i would think since the upgrade to 3.0 is more significant that google would wait until then (that is unless they will have another nexus launch then).

    thanks to my g1 and n1, i’m a bit of an HTC fanboy. what was wrong with HTC……..i hope they don’t get brushed off to the side.

    haven’t really played with samsung android phones, dont know how awesome they are.

  • http://Website JB

    I believe this rumor because Google lacks any knowledge what so ever when it comes to generating and releasing a physical product to the consumer. With dual core and 4G right around the corner, literally, it makes perfect senes for them to release a phone which has neither of these. Android is huge because of Google’s skills and talents but also in spite of them.

  • http://Website Anton

    The hardware that samsung put into the galaxy s line is definitly the best. hummingbird+super amoled+powerVR 540 graphics chip= BEST OF THE BEST….now samsung’s software is crap, everyone knows that…and because it takes forever for the updates to roll out to the phones (due to the carriers) the phone cannot be pushed to its fullest potential. If google were to take over the software of the phone, imagine how awesome this phone would be. No crap software or bloatware, just a stock 2.3 (guessing thats wat it would come with)….that hardware plus no crap = probably the best phone until the tegra 2 phones come out…nobody would be able to match it no matter what they did…pure awesomeness that I pray gets unleashed on Nov. 8

  • http://AndroidHandphone.net Android Fan

    Rumour?! I hope its ‘REALLY’ coming on 8th November! My partner is a big fan of Samsung Nexus…..

  • http://Website Usman

    My concern, aside from Samsung’s less polished choice of materials as compared to HTC, is that as a carrier-subservient company, they’ll be required to load carrier bloatware on any Nexus Two they build. The original N1 was carrier independent, so there was no carrier software or restrictions on tethering, etc. If this is going to go through the carriers, I don’t see how Google can force them to carry an essentially unbranded, unrestricted device.

  • http://Website Lucian Armasu

    Just go to the Gingerbread conference. You will get it for free for sure there anyway.

    Btw, I really hope Google is keen on releasing the first true “next-gen” phone like they did with Nexus One. And by that I mean I hope the phone is dual core – hopefully Tegra 2, but I could settle for Orion as well. If it only has Hummingbird, that would be dissapointing.

    I also hope Samsung fixed their subpixel issue for SAMOLED.

  • http://Website craigers

    Screw Samsung. I’m not about to touch any of their products again with there terrible track record of support and updates. I tested out the MyTouch 4G yesterday… amazing! In 6 days it will be mine!

  • http://Website fefe

    i hope it’s not a samsung pad……..
    could it be????????????

  • http://Website Scott G

    Its kind of hard to get too excited when dual core / tegra 2 LTE phones are right around the corner. The big plus would be google experience, i guess you can see Samsung may have gotten their reliability kinks worked out since it seems like the highly available galaxy s with a new coat of paint… but for an end of year phone… man, wait a another month and you’ll be able to see the monsters that will be announced at CES and then it will be hard for the google experience to outweigh the horsepower.

    Coupled with the other rumor you posted about tegra 2 getting most of the gaming focus, why would i want this phone if I wanted a somewhat futureproof phone? As long as you stay away from Samsung and Sony phones that wont be google backed you don’t have to wait THAT long for an update.

  • http://Website Jr22

    I don’t get everyone saying the Sammy is cheap plastic. Yes, it’s plastic, so is EVERY other phone out there. Even if it’s soft touch it’s still plastic. One thing I don’t like about the soft touch plastic is that is gets NASTY after having it a while because of the oils in your hand.
    I happen to like Touch Wiz because it adds a little more “refinement” to the look of Android which to me is very welcome.

    Google isn’t one to skimp on specs because they know they need to step it up and they always want to be the first out of the gate with something new. I see it having the 4 inch S AMOLED, next gen Hummingbird, better GPU and Gingerbread, whether that is 2.3 or 3.0.

    Those of you saying it’s too soon remember, just because they announce it doesn’t mean it will be available right away.

  • http://Website Jr22

    This quote is via Engadget. Read the last line.

    “The second coming of Google’s failed direct-sales experiment will apparently not be manufactured by HTC, the company responsible for building Google’s Nexus One, pictured above. The report does not indicate which company might be responsible for manufacturing the Nexus Two, however, saying only that the phone would likely not be made by Samsung.”

    • http://Website Scott G

      Thats what came from carphone warehouse in the UK. The initial report said specifically it wont be samsung… i take this entire thing with a grain of salt.

    • http://Website Sr

      Check the source of that comment, which has been updated, the tone has changed:

      “It is not yet clear who will manufacture it, although rumours surrounding a Samsung model are believed to be untrue. Both Google and Carphone declined to comment.”


  • http://Website J240

    All I have to say about Nov 8th: Please don’t be the continuum!!!

  • http://Website TC

    I agree with the Samsung hardware being top notch, the screen and processor are wonderful, that being said, they made some horrible User experience decisions with the Galaxy S series of phones. The power button on the side is a terrible idea, so is the USB plug at the top. It seems as if it was designed with the expectation that it would be used in landscape mode quite a bit. Unfortunately doing everyday things, people utilize portrait mode by far more often. It should have a usb on the side, and a proper multimedia dock or stand for viewing in landscape. It is terrible to use. Also, while the google experience excites me, the other variants of the Galaxy software are not great either. I have had alot of trouble when trying to sync to computers, etc, and HTC phones win in ease of use by a wide margin.

  • http://Website Andrew

    Samsung better upgrade us to 2.3, while I’m quite happy with Android 2.1 on my Vibrant, there are a ton of 2.2 features I wanted and Samsung said they’d have the update for all carriers in October. October is almost over.

  • http://Website Andy

    I said to myself a month ago that Google should make a new phone. The Nexus One wasn’t a failure in itself because Android eventually exploded in popularity anyway. Just the sales model wouldn’t work. People want to hold it in their hand. Case in point, Apple stores are full of people who just want to play with the stuff.

    If Google made a second phone, it will sell big.

    I also said a month after getting my Nexus that I wouldn’t get another Android phone unless it was specifically made by Google. Now it looks like they’ll keep designing phones and that makes me very very happy!

  • http://Website TareX

    If it comes with a next-gen processor (not the Galaxy S Hummingbird), and has a front camera…. I could get it.

    Otherwise, I’ll just wait for better options:

    Tegra 2 phone
    HTC Emerald
    Motorola’s 2 Ghz phone
    Playstation Phone

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      Tegra 2 phone – coming soon
      HTC Emerald – that’s the mytouch 4g
      Motorola’s 2 Ghz phone – that’s also a tegra 2 phone, coming soon
      Playstation Phone – that CPU/GPU is on par with the Hummingbird, maybe slower

      • http://Website Scott G

        Basically if Samsung is indeed making the next google phone it would need to be the next gen processor from the hummingbird to get a lot of people excited. If it is indeed Samsungs newer processor, with a front facing cam (which i would assume is guaranteed if it is a phone that will be showing off gingerbread) and a lot of “quirks” cleared up i’d have a hard time not jumping off of my N1 to it.

      • http://Website Scott G

        So yeah, if this phone has the Orion chipset in it and is carrier agnostic (let me tether, etc) i’ll probably be there day 1 (probably is the wrong word)

  • http://Website Jeffroid
  • http://Website anakin78z

    I’m starting to believe that there is such a thing as a Nexus 2, but I don’t think this event has anything to do with it.

  • Azeem

    I have difficulty believing that Samsung will be manufacturing the Nexus 2 since the Nexus brand was born by Google and HTC. I’m thinking that this handset is Samsung’s way of delivering a handset that fixes their most widely publicized gripe: software updates. By leaving this stock, users will be able to buy this Samsung hardware, but get the system updates from Google.

    As far as Samsung making the best hardware, the soon-to-be-released myTouch4G is running laps around the GalaxyS line in benchmarks, and was made my HTC. There’s plenty of videos showing this on youtube, just search for “myTouch 4G”.

    I think it’s too early to release the Nexus 2. The N1 was released when the next “big” release of Android was, 2.0. Given Android’s past release schedule, it would seem that Honeycomb will be released about May next year, and to herald the coming of 3.0, Google and HTC will announce the Nexus 2. By that time, the Tegra2 chipsets should be ready to go, and that will allow Google to do with the N2 what they did with the N1-raise the hardware bar once again for the other manufacturers to meet.

    This is all just speculation on my part using the great intel obtained by Taylor, but this seems more likely to me.

    • Azeem

      Also, the release of a phone with stock Android doesn’t mean “Nexus 2″. Look at the Droid and G2. :-)

      • Azeem

        Well, according to Gizmodo, this phone IS the Nexus Two. I’m man enough to admit when I’m wrong, but I’d be lying if I said that I understood this move. Oh well.

  • Evan

    as long as they won’t have that horrible iPhone like factor and Android launcher and will ditch the cheap plastic I’m in

  • http://Website NoFone

    This rumour was originally put out by a lousy rag called City AM. Although it’s free, us Londoners don’t even bother to pick it up unless we’re bored with nothing to do other than to read the crap inside to pass the time on the boring bus or tube journeys in our humble foggy town. Personally, I think CityAM are getting kickbacks about this from Carphone Warehouse to drive traffic to its site and there never ever will be another Nexus phone. Sorry to disappoint you all…

    Now don’t get me wrong as I’m a big Android fan and an even bigger Gingerbread fan but I will eat my Gingerbread hat if I’m wrong…

  • http://Website XIX

    I hope not. I want it too be released in 2010. The n1 wasnt even released a year ago. Id hate for google to create a new favoured phone soo early. And they said that they wouldnt do a n2 although that doesnt mean they wont do it. Pls be untrue. Pretty please. Else i will want it soo much that i will like mu current phone less :(

  • http://Website NoFone

    City AM (the original source of Nexus Two) is a free paper and as you can imagine free papers desperately need sources of revenue. They do this by creating buzz for clients that we don’t know about. Just look at the buzz on the internet in the past 24 hours about N2. IMHO most of it in the UK will be going to Carphone Warehouse where there will be no sign whatsoever of a Nexus Two but you might just consider another phone while you’re passing by, mightn’t you darling?

    Again, I love Android but I have worked in PR and media long enough to know these things. Anyway, that’s my cynical take on the N2 rumour.

    Still hope I’m completely wrong tho as I’d love to get my greedy paws on an N2…

  • http://www.ryanwaddell.com Ryan

    … As my new Galaxy S Captivate arrives in the mail right this very second.

    Oh well, we won’t see a Nexus Two on a Canadian carrier ANY time soon, and I can’t afford to buy one unsubsidized, so I wouldn’t have been able to get one any way :/

  • http://Website Zach B

    The thing that gets me here is that if Samsung did this announcement with Google which would take away from the publicity of WP7, wouldn’t Microsoft be rather displeased with Samsung who is also one of their WP7 partners? Doesn’t seem like a smart move IMO….

  • http://Website bob

    Why would anyone buy a phone with a 2 year contract that has no OS upgrade path? Business as usual with the carriers huh.

  • http://Website Mike

    I was going to get a WP7, but we have almost no selection in Canada. The only good WP7 (Samsung Focus) is exclusive to Rogers, and they make you buy a data plan ($50/mo minimum). If I want internet, I’ll use wi-fi then, for FREE. Telus is getting the Samsung Fascinate, but hopefully they won’t have the required data plan too. I’ll probably be getting the rumored Nexus Two if it does come out.. I think they should not only bring it to carriers, but also reboot the online store, for those of us who don’t want to sign up with a certain carrier just to get it (ie. Rogers, Telus, etc). If the Nexus Two comes out, I’m sure it’s going to impress big time.

  • http://www.bestebookreaderscompared.com/ Evelyn

    Oh man, I can’t keep up and my Verizon 2 years are up in a little while. I do love my BlackBerry though. Sgh..

  • http://Website solarisdreams

    Samsung makes hardware, and they have been doing it for a long time. The fact that they have lasted this long speaks volumes of their ability and their ‘market acceptability’. They’ve taken every single Japanese manufacturer out in pretty much every consumer electronics area. Now they essentially control the component business as well. (i.e. flash memory, amoled/led/lcd, mobile processors, etc etc etc). HTC simply does not compare. What HTC had was a headstart back in the days of dopod and winmo-5/6. The end is beginning for them – they simply do not have the same marketability as the word SAMSUNG. Even if they have a pretty good design team and they are in bed with MS. If your competition is making their own components for the devices you’re competing with…well let’s just say it doesn’t pay to be your competition’s customer/bitch.

    Interestingly enough, I don’t own a single SAMSUNG product yet. If the NEXUS TWO is real and the hardware is sweet (maybe a 1.2+ GHZ proc?) then I will definitely be trading in my N1 for this bad boy.

    Viva Unskined-Untampered-NonLocked-Android! Those carriers can take their own flavors of Android and shove it. If I wanted carrier ‘add-ons’, I’ll download them from the APP STORE.

  • http://Website Javier

    The best hardware manufacter is by far Nokia, look at the N8. Unfortunatelly they don’t use Android. If they do it someday….I bet it will be the best smartphone.

    • http://Website anakin78z

      They do have damn nice cameras on their phones… I wish HTC would slap some Carl Zeiss lenses on their models.

  • http://www.naturayvos.com.ar Lucas

    I cant wait for it!!! It would be the next revolution in Cellphones?
    Natura Cosmeticos es un sitio espectacular

  • http://wirpo032.tk PW

    Can’t believe it! 5 Days before I’m supposed to get my Desire HD, there’s a rumour for a very interesting sounding Nexus 2….should i wait? (coz i’m getting impatient; I was promised to have been given the DHD by the 15th of Octobre). I can still cancel…but I’m not sure whether it’s worth the waiting again for a few months for it to be finally out!

    • http://Website Virtue

      Don’t wait. If I were you I’d be happy with a Desire HD. However, I use T-Mobile USA so I’m stuck with espresso every time an HTC phone pops up so I have no choice. Plus, if it’s using current gen tech, it may not really be worth the wair.

    • http://Website Virtue

      Don’t wait. If I were you I’d be happy with a Desire HD. However, I use T-Mobile USA so I’m stuck with espresso every time an HTC phone pops up so I have no choice. Plus, if it’s using current gen tech, it may not really be worth the wait.

  • http://www.timecrowave.com Gram Lampton

    This contamination of the spacetime continuum should be repaired soon.

  • http://Website kp

    Finally – a step in the right direction – a separation of hardware – software – carrier

  • http://Website MrSatoV

    Samsung and Google, a match made in heaven!

    I’m an Evo owner, and as much as I love this phone, the hardware quality is not up to Samsung standards. I’ve had several Samsung phones, and this is my 3rd HTC phone… I know what I’m talking about. When I hold my wife’s Instinct I still feel like the quality holds up to any phone made today. I would only recommend Samsung to someone wanting an Evo-like phone.

    So, I’m fairly excited to see the Nexus S/Nexus 2.

  • http://www.weluvmike.com J. Mike Rosner

    Having the realization that the mighty Goog is on PST; I am pit here only to wonder when on this fine afternoon of the 8th may our favorite software/tech giant decide “the time is now” so-to-speak?

    *wonders if any posters have the inside scoop?

  • http://Website SaW

    Samsung? No thanks, im getting HTC.

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