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Samsung Galaxy Tab ringing up for free in Sweden

Barring another manufacturer sneaking in from out of left field the Samsung Galaxy Tab is going to be the first Android tablet to launch with official support for the Android Market and it should be a pretty hot commodity as a result. The device has been praised by most that have handled it, but the one piece of information that has remained shrouded in mystery is: “How much is it going to cost?”

Swedish carrier Telenor has come forth with their take on the Galaxy Tab pricing at a very palatable free on a 2-year contract and a considerably less exciting $609 (adjusted to U.S. dollars) on a one-year contract. The catch on that “free” deal is that you are staring down the barrel of a $55 a month data contract which brings the cost of ownership up to $1,320.

Amazon UK has it on pre-order for £599.99 marked down from a supposed retail price of £799.99. Rumors have been circulating that U.S. Samsung executives have suggested anything from $200 to $400 after subsidies. Lets hope its closer to the former than the latter, but with the Galaxy S phones being offered at either $200 or $250 it seems unlikely that what basically amounts to a larger version of those handsets is going to come in any cheaper.

My take on the pricing is that the retail basically has to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $600 as Samsung must know that they have to undercut the iPad with the WiFi only version that they claim will launch at a later date and they will be hard pressed to justify anything much more than a $100 discrepancy between the retail pricing of the 3G and WiFi only version. As for the monthly data costs lets really hope that the carriers stick pretty close to the $25 a month iPad plans as anything more than that and the Galaxy Tabs may just find itself in a landfill next to all those pesky the Kins.

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Source: Telenor

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  • http://Website Thorpeland

    Yawn… call me when 10 inch Wifi tablets start coming out and prices stabilize.

  • http://droidandroidgames.com/ AndroidGames

    Prices seem to be too much, I think only android fanatics are going to get those if iPad’s price is cheaper, only advantage I see is that it can call.
    And that $55 data contract, how much data does it get you? All you can eat?

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      My Swedish is a little less than stellar, but based on what I can tell it is an unlimited data plan.

      • http://Website Dorian

        You are indeed correct. Unlimited data (though in reality they can get a bit iffy if you exceed 20 GB/mo).

  • http://Website Ola

    FYI, Telenor is a Norwegian company.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      They are a carrier in Norway and Sweden and this particular offer is through the Swedish branch of things.

  • http://Website sgb101

    Archos 101 is out soon and at $299, is defo on my shopping list.

    • http://www.technogasms.com Sean Riley

      The hardware on the 101 looks nice, but lack of Market support really hurts.

  • http://Website nate

    This is not gonna look so good when tegra 2 tablets come out.

  • http://Website Krst

    I am from Sweden andthere is no free deal at all. The galaxy tab costs 900$ if you buy it without contract from telenor. The actual “deal” is that instead of paying this amount directly you are paying around 12$ for the actual free surf data contract each month, then you pay additionally 38$ each month only for the phone. In the end of two years 38$*24months=900$. So the data contract only costs 12$, all aditionaly 38$ is just payoffs on the tab, you get nothing additional for this money.

    So this is no good deal or nothing and definatelly not subsidiesed, this us just like taking a loan for the phone, the only thing is that the loan has no interest on it and that you are paying back to your carrier. This is for Sweden very common way of selling more expensive things like phones etc. so the whole article is actually about nothing I would say….

  • http://Website JimboLodisC

    So 2-yr contract is: Free device + 2 years of $55 data service = $0.00 + (24*$55) = $1320 for a tablet with 2 years of service… which calculates back down to $55 a month

    And 1-yr contract is: $609 for device + 1 year of $55 data service = $609 + (12*$55) = $1269 for a tablet with 1 year of service… which calculates to $105.75 a month

    The monthly data rate doesn’t change between contracts, so you might as well get the device for free.

    • http://Website Krst

      No, the data contract is not 55$. The data contract only cost about 12-13$ a month. The additionally 45$ are just an extra fee that you have to pay every month. Those 45$ are just a pure pay of. So if you would go into the store, pay the whole device, around 1100$ and then just get the data contract for 12$ a month it would end up the same total amount, the only difference beeing that you are not stuck with one carrier for 2 years. So in no way you get the device for “free”! The carrier does have from time to time subsidised offers but this is not one of those, this is just giving you an option to get a loan for the phone instead of putting up the 1100$ in pure cash when buying it!

      Data contracts are very cheap here, I pay 5$ dollars a month for 1gb of data (up to 7)…

  • http://Website todd

    Considering the price of netbooks on contract, I doubt the cost will be much lower than an off contract price, unless the per month charge is exorbitant. And $50 is more than exorbitant. I hope I can get it off contract, and swap in the sim from my phone when I want to use it away from home. Off contract, I may be willing to go as high as $1000; depends on how big 7inches is.

    • http://Website Todd

      And apparently is going to be $599 on Sprint off contract, $399 on contract. That means $10 a month they have to make up with the monthly access charge.

  • http://Website Drew

    Scamsung.. scamming away again!

  • http://Website carlos

    just wait for the device to get to the U.S. big price drop.

  • http://Website joey

    why are you comparing it to the ipad ? ipad can’t make or receive calls. so yes, the plan will cost more than the ipad.