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Samsung Mobile is giving away 7 Galaxy Tabs, Tweet to win

The headline pretty much sums it up. Samsung Mobile is giving away seven Galaxy Tabs and all you have to do for a chance to win is Tweet about it. Starting today, Samsung will ask questions about the Tab and then you provide your answer and include the hashtag #WINGALAXYTAB. The full details from Samsung are after the jump.

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“Today at 12pm CST Samsung Mobile will launch a Twitter sweepstakes for a chance to win a Galaxy Tab from the carrier of your choice. Starting today through November 8th, Samsung is giving away a total of seven Galaxy Tabs. Entering is simple. Go to¬†twitter.com/samsungmobileus, become a follower and tweet your response to the question posted and include #WINGALAXYTAB hashtag in your response. You must include the hashtag to be eligible to win!”

Source: @SamsungMobileUS

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  • http://Website Oskar

    I just got a twitter to follow Samsung and androidandme!

  • http://Website Lars

    you really should state that its only for the US. Im guessing a lot of non US IP’s connect to this site.

    • triphazard

      You beat me to it. I’m in the UK and have just experienced a super-fast excitement/disappointment exchange. Ah well.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      In all fairness our domain is .com and not .co.uk. I also thought the US in @SamsungMobileUS would give it away.

      We sometimes report on Android devices in other countries, but our primary focus is the United States.

      • http://Website lars

        ok thats a little bit offensive. dot com is for “commercial” not US.

  • http://Website lars

    “In all fairness our domain is .com and not .co.uk.”
    “We sometimes report on Android devices in other countries, but our primary focus is the United States.”
    you just alienated god only knows how many visitors

  • http://Website Cry Baby

    How insecure are you to be offended by the simple and direct comments made by the author. And because he mostly covers products for the US, you feel alienated? Grow up a little bit buddy. If your parents pampered you all your life I can understand, but at some point you have to realize the real world does not cater to everyone. Find it offensive? move on. Offer does not apply to you, and you spent a whole 2 minutes reading the article? So what! Get off your soap box and go back to your sheltered life where everyone is politically correct and naive.