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Samsung Nexus Two GT-i9010 clears the FCC?

A new Samsung smartphone with the model number GT-i9010 appeared on the FCC’s site and there is the small possibility it could be the upcoming Nexus Two. There is no actual hard evidence that I can find about which smartphone this might actually be, but we know from Gizmodo’s hands-on report with the Nexus Two that it comes from the Galaxy S family.

The original international version of the Galaxy S had the model number GT-i9000, so it is believable that an upgraded phone would use a sequential model number like GT-i9010. The same smartphone has also been approved by the Wi-Fi Alliance.

Samsung submitted the FCC documents on October 28th so that gives you an idea of how fresh this is. Hopefully by sharing this new model number GT-i9010, someone out there can do some more digging and come up with some new information.

Only 11 more days and then we find out for real. What do you want to bet we have some blurrycam photos before Samsung’s big event?

Update: I like posting stories like this because people are quick to inform me when I’m wrong. An anonymous insider who has the phone in hands just pinged me and said the GT-i9010 is not the Nexus Two. He claims the new Samsung Nexus has much better hardware than the Galaxy S and features a 1.2 GHz processor. He also thinks the design is “more sexy” than the Galaxy S.

[Thank you Alex for the FCC tip]

Via: WiFi Alliance

Source: FCC

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  • http://Website Andrew

    The small incremental number leads me to think that if this is indeed the Nexus Two; That the hardware will be more or less the same as the galaxy. Which is great, but a higher res and dual core beast is what i want as an upgrade to the N1.

  • http://Website Tito!

    My guess, the Tab. It is near release. (:
    No, N2 nonsense.
    (Enough of the N2 nonsense, since when did Samsung become such a liked manufacturer? Its flannoyingg.) Ha!

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      The original Tab had the model number P1000
      No WiFi-only Tab has the model number GT-P1010

      This GT-i9010 is definitely a smartphone though and it was tested with 3G.

      • http://Website watbetch

        Who is it going to if it only has 1900 WCDMA/3G?

        • http://Website JOHN

          This phone is real and is being tested by tmo

  • http://Website jdsf

    Dude, you are awesome. I love checking this site waiting to see rumors and leaks like this.
    Seriously do this more often, its so fun to read.

  • http://Website Mark

    You can stop wetting your panties now. THIS IS NOT THE N2. No matter how you twist it, the N2 will most likely not come from Samsung nor will it come around this time. This is most likely just an upgraded Galaxy S.


    • http://Website Jason

      Sorry, but I have to agree with Mark. It’s not an “N2″.

    • http://Website Mark

      HA! My comment gets hidden for going against the norm and actually saying the truth. Wow…

      Maybe you guys should read the update he just posted. >_>

      • Deter

        I too have had some of my posts voted down to the point of hidden because I dont hop on the bandwagon and post an actual thought.

        I would vote you up to being trusted if I could.

  • http://Website Steffen

    Can you ask that anonymous insider if the phone is, in fact, constructed of plastic? Because I refuse to pay $600 (just an assumption of the price) for a phone that looks like a cheap touch-screen feature phone.

    • http://Website watbetch

      Did you completely miss the previous post with the rumored details?

      The Galaxy S is solidly built. They’re not falling apart. They’re just really light.

      • http://Website Steffen

        Hmmm… I never said it wasn’t solidly built. Just that it looks cheap. And I wouldn’t pay the same price for a cheap looking phone as I would for an expensive looking phone. Not that I need to put up a front like I have to have expensive things, but if I pay $600 for something, I want it to look like it’s worth $600.

        • http://Website LOLOL

          This is a comment I would expect from a person who has the I’m rich app on their iPhone. Any way you want to twist it you are really just admitting that you care more about how people perceive you through your material goods rather than their functionality.

          • http://Website Steffen

            haha I suppose it does sound like that. That wasn’t my point. Say you had 2 phones with the same excellent components. Both phones are $600. One phone is made of “glossy plastic” and looks and feels rather cheap. The other phone is made of aluminum and looks absolutely beautiful. Which would you choose?

  • http://Website Adam

    1.2 GHz! Now we’re talking. I really hope it is a solid build and not too shiny ;)

    • http://Website Steffen

      I agree. I also hope they add some weight to it. The Galaxy S phones weigh practically nothing.

    • http://Website Andrew

      200Mhz more??

      We’re talking 20% only on CPU processing speeds… i dunno, doesn’t sound that great to me personally…

      • http://Website Acey

        A slight upgrade is better than no upgrade, even with snapdragons we wont see any dual core/1.2+Ghz processors until next year

  • http://Website Brett

    there goes my plans for the epic 4G!

  • http://Website Tiied

    I prey for a galaxy s like smartphone with a higher res SAMOLED sexyness

  • http://Website Me

    My Old Droid 1 can spit o’cs up to 1.6ghz stable. It’s factory clock speed is only a measly 550mhz. So the extra .2 makes you just wet yourself doesn’t it. If it’s gonna be a Nexus it’s gonna be HTC. But I’ll stuck with my DX. When they get to 2Ghz, then I’ll. Upgrade again. But def not a Samsuck or HighTechCrap Device. Used HTC through the winmo years, they were poorly made p.o.s’s and it hasn’t changed. As for Samsuck, no matter the O.S they cram on them they always lag then crash after a few months no matter if you have a winmo or Android device. You’ll see if you own one. Hey, don’t hate what I’ve written. Believe me it’s from alot of experience. Aaahhhh, What the hell you’ll hate anyway. I’ll be looking forward to it ;)

    • http://Website Steffen


  • http://Website Lazaro

    I agree with a lot of people here. I am keeping my Nexus One until I see a phone with an actual significant jump in specs.

    • http://Website Mark

      Right. Most of the phones these days are the same. Just different manufacturers, custom skins or stock and one or two fancy features added or removed like a front facing camera or HQ screen.

  • http://Website Khush

    I think all this hype is setting you up for failure along with all the readers

  • http://Website Khush

    i mean disapointment

  • http://[email protected] adam

    dual core?!?

  • Gone

    I mean we haven’t even seen the phone yet and some of you guys are already dogging it. All of these specs, and Gizmodo cousin sister friend getting a hands on with the phone is all speculations!!

  • http://Website Jeffsandroid

    Nobody had stated the obvious here.. How good this is for people with a Galaxy S device. Be it the Vibrant, Captivate, Epic, or Fascinate. This means that a stock version of Gingerbread is running on a very similar device. It should be very easy for the Dev community to port this over to those phones. We may have had to wait for Froyo, but we should be among the first to receive Gingerbread. How easy was it to port the Desire HD rom to the EVO. Gingerbread men on the table by Thanksgiving? Yum!

  • http://Website Aaron

    I have been wanting a android phone for so long but I have AT&T and all of there higher end androids don’t have a slide out keyboard and the ones that do have poor reviews and since i have family plan Im stuck with AT&T its incredibly frustrating.
    but i saw somewhere that AT&T was supposed to release a new android on Nov. 8th as well as w7 phone. its so hard to hold out when i got a BooTsy samsung jack, that was all hyped up but is [email protected] p I would be so STOKED if AT&T got this N2
    Please phone gods

  • jivemaster

    Taylor or anyone else: Can you confirm from your sources that the “Nexus Two” will have an LED flash?

    My greatest fear is that the original international Galaxy S available in Europe and Australia is completely missing an LED flash and it’s a total dealbreaker on a camera. I really hope they have a flash in this one.

  • http://Website Gizem

    You LIKE making things up and being laughed at for being so clueless?

    Weird hobby.

  • http://twitter.com/goncalossilva Gonçalo Silva

    1.2GHz is better than 1GHz, but still disappointing. I *really* want the next Google experience phone to rock on the hardware (and software) part. I mean… in a couple of months we’ll have dual-cores. I wish it bundles a dual-core and a Tegra 2. If so, they’ll have my money.

  • http://Website Battery Power.

    Lets see how long the battery will last with a 1.Ghz CPU… Not much point in having the latest mobile phone if you have to carry a mains charger every where… improvements in battery technology is what is needed not more CPU. The manufactrers and designers need to get their priorities right. After all whats the point in a 5Ghz mobile phone if your battery only lasts 10 minutes.

    • http://Website Juiceless

      Totally agree…. Thats at least one thing the old analogue mobiles had in their favour…. 7 days of juice use.

  • http://Website Michael

    I just hope it has a flash, Galaxy S has none and thats seems a bit of a blunder for such a good smartphone.

    • http://Website Flash Gordon

      Flash… a aaaahh.. he rules every one of us… you could always use a torch 8¬).

  • http://Website teeharding

    Nexus two is the suck. I love my SGS, but I can overclock it to 1.2…….why release new outdated hardware…..oh well….cheers to any idiots that buy this phone instead of waiting for tegra devices.

    And btw I get a 2 day battery life out of my SGS. It doesn’t always run at max speed….its dynamic just like any phone.

  • http://Website FReer

    All the galaxy s talk has me worried, kinda. My fear is that this rumored nexus s would mean that I’d have to wait another year before my next phone purchase is made to replace my n1. The expectation for a new nexus device would be a phone that was the most innovative, state-of-the-art phone on the market. A phone to set the benchmark for all other phones to be released in the coming year. A phone to represent Google and the Android os in media related to news, apps, etc…to be the poster-child. A galaxy s remix doesn’t fit this description even if it does have upgraded specs. The nexus one wasn’t an upgraded version of any phone, it set the standard for the next generation of phones. Yet now, I’m supposed to believe that the successor to that phone will be a 1.2ghz phone with a front facing camera? This does not seem logical. There MUST be something significant missing from all these rumors and “unnamed source” tips. I think that 2 stories are trying to be made into one…the original story by the uk paper on the nexus 2 and the story on the samsung google experience phone. I think these are seperate stories being mashed together due to the similar timing of their publication. Last year motorala released a google experience phone at nearly the same date as this supposed samsung phone, the nexus one came a few months later. The uk source said that the nexus 2 is most likely not a samsung phone. Lets hope history repeats itself.

    • http://Website Scott G

      I agree about the specs. If this is just a higher clocked Galaxy S with the same hummingbird processor i’ll be disappointed. If its the orion, i’ll be ordering it day 1

  • http://Website just guess

    maybe the name will be Nexus One Half :p
    next phone that I will buy is tegra 2 phone with google experience. if ever come :)

  • http://Website nxi

    I just hope it doesn’t feel or look to close to those galaxy s phones, because I can’t picture myself paying $600 for a galaxy s device.

  • http://Website SOUTHEASTBEAST

    in the FCC PDF docs it says its 1900 CDMA. Sprint?

  • HipHopIsLyfe37


  • HipHopIsLyfe37

    I bet its just a Galaxy S coming to Sprint that is like the Epic 4G but without a keyboard. Kinda like the Fascinate but with a FF camera, flash, 4G, etc. hence the i9010 instead of just i9000

  • http://www.trueiphone.com/ iPhone

    Samsung is the manufacturer of some key features of the iPhone. If Apple had issues with Samsung phones trying to be iPhones, I’m sure we would all hear Steve Jobs crying.