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Samsung’s Nexus Two-point-three in the wild running Gingerbread

The above image is a fake, but there are real Samsung Google-experience phones in the wild that are running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread). In yesterday’s rumor report I referred to the device as its codename “Nexus Two”, but that’s not the actual product name you will see when it hits stores.

As many of you know, on Friday, October 22nd Google placed the giant Gingerbread man in their front lawn to signify that Android 2.3 had been completed. Guess what else happened on the 22nd? Google has strictly forbid any Gingerbread test devices from leaving their campus, but that restriction was removed on the same day the statue appeared.

We confirmed there are Android 2.3 devices in the wild because insiders with those devices read this site (and talk with us) and we see them popping up in our Analytics reports.

Android 2.3

Android 2.3 started appearing on Oct. 22nd.

Then on the following Monday, October 25th Samsung began sending out emails to the press inviting them to “the unveiling of a new Android device”. The image for the press event featured a stock-ticker theme to signify the dual-screen Samsung Continuum and even had the file name “Continuum_Invitation_FINAL.jpg”. The Continuum is a Android 2.1 phone headed to Verizon and if you want to know more then go read Phil’s hands-on report.

I’m not saying that Samsung won’t announce the Continuum on November 8th, but I do believe they are using it as a cover to hold their event and then spring the surprise Google-experience Gingerbread phone to the masses.

In closing…

  • Yes, I still believe the Samsung Google-experience phone is real
  • Yes, it is in the hands of testers as confirmed by several of my sources
  • Yes, you will be able to purchase it this year
  • No, it will not actually be called the “Nexus Two”, but it is a “Nexus” device
  • Yes, the Continuum will also likely be announced on Nov. 8th
  • No, the Continuum is not the “Nexus Two” nor is it a stock Android 2.3 phone

Let the speculation continue. We will find out what Samsung is secretly working on come November 8th.

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  • http://Website Nate


    the Samsung device wont be the “NexusTwo”, it´s “only” a Google Experience device. The other big manufactureres are also developing such Google Experience devices :)

    I heard the *real* NexusTwo will be manufactured by HTC and also will be released *soon*.

    • http://Website anakin78z

      As much as there are annoying little hardware issues with the Nexus One, I’ve been super impressed with their hardware as of late. If the Nexus 2 is made by HTC, I welcome it.

    • http://androidandme.com Taylor Wimberly

      It will def be a “Nexus” device, sold unlocked and direct to customers.

      • http://Website Alex

        Any word on 3G bands?

      • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

        Where will it be sold? ;)

    • http://Website Kevin

      We can only hope.

  • http://Website anakin78z

    Oh, that’ll go over well:

    “World, here is the Samsung Continuum!
    And now, world, forget that we ever mentioned it, cause who in their right mind would want that, when you instead could have THIS!”

  • http://www.vagrantradio.com Jason

    Unless HTC makes the Nexus 2, I’m not buying. No thanks Samsung.

  • http://www.goldfishview.com David Shellabarger

    wow the Continuum AND the Nexus 2 on the same time. I was just about to ask if that’s is what you were proposing.

    Any ideas on an actual name?

  • http://Website Rajesh

    This post is dead right as this one http://goo.gl/bCiW

  • http://Website Scott G

    Pretty tenuous link to say that there are “Samsung Nexus 2.3″ devices in the wild. Do you have anything that shows the manufacturer of the 2.3 phone in your database? Or just that a 2.3 phone was there.

  • http://Website Albert

    Is this Samsung Google experience phone locked to Verizon?

  • http://Website jose

    Well if the nexus 2 isn’t made by Samsung than by who? If is HTC I wouldn’t be surprise since they made the first one..maybe Motorola which I would like very much since they make such good popular powerful phones like the Droid series…either way you can’t go wrong with either of them…

  • http://Website Alex

    So if there are testers out there with said devices who read this site, why haven’t they divulged any information on 2.3? I don’t mean little info but big info such as the ui changes. If they have divulged said information, why are you holding out.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      You know what a non-disclosure agreement is?

      You know what it’s like to work for Google?

      I’d be hella tight-lipped (or leak as anonymous) if ordered not to by Google as a Google employee.

      • http://Website Scott G

        Its Google, there is no such thing as being anonymous on the web with them

        • http://Website Alex

          There are ways that they could leak information. I’m not talking about an HD video walkthrough, just give me a few solid pieces of information.

          • http://Website anakin78z

            How do you know we don’t already have solid bits of information? It all gets muddled up with all the other rumors.

  • M3rc Nate

    All i need…i buy a G2 and new stuff starts pouring out? I either hope its not amazing or its not on tmobile lol. I really dont want to use buyers remorse.

    • http://adomanico01.blogspot.com/ Anthony Domanico

      That’s always going to be true though. In Q1 2011, we’ll likely see a Tegra 2 phone on all major carriers. You’ll be 4-5 months into your 2 year contract. Will you feel buyer’s remorse then?

    • http://Website M3rc Nate

      Well, the difference is i knew about the dual cores coming in 2011, i couldnt wait and i dont love the idea of getting on the band wagon of first gen stuff as big as dual core. Im sure the second gen dual core will be more efficient and have better battery life. But something as soon as next week? Idk.

  • http://Website Alex

    I hope the next dev phone is announced. If it turns out to just be a google experience device I’ll stick with my n1. Google is bound to have another dev phone, I think we can all agree on that.

  • http://Website Usman

    My question… why is this site the only one taking these huge leaps of logic? Why aren’t any other sites discussing these rumors with the same forcefulness as Taylor? Do Googlers and Samsung employees ONLY talk to Androidandme? That would be unlikely considering there are other tech sites with much larger reader bases out there… just a thought.

    • http://Website AceoStar

      Upvoted, Taylor Drips in win.

  • http://Website Bonk

    What a load of fiction dressed up as proper news. One link from Engadget and it goes to your head.

    • http://Website Kilgore Trout

      Agreed! I suspect nearly all of this is wrong…

      • http://www.yahoo.com/ Travon

        Your story was really informative, tnahks!

  • http://@TheDawn9 TheDawn90

    if that phone that i understand is fake were real and coming to verizon my pants would erupt!

  • http://www.ryanwaddell.com Ryan

    Something that another site pointed out (can’t remember which one right now) – the stock ticker could also be a clever(ish) visual pun on “stock” google experience too.

  • http://Website cowboy

    Google is also hosting a one day convention in Munich on November 8th – where the first 200 registrants will receive a gift. No closer description of the gift.

  • http://Website Jeffroid

    will not actually be called “nexus two”..

    great, now I’ve got names like “Nexus HD”, “Nexus X”, “Nexus 4G” and so on running thru my head..

  • http://chromestory.com chromestory

    sounds cool !! I am curious about what the price will be !

  • http://Website Kendall

    MAN I hope the ‘nexus 2 ‘comes out looking close to that pic!! What a tease!!!!

    I have always thought that a nexus 2 would be coming right around now. It does make sense, it isnt too soon, Apple release a new iPhone every year. I also thought Google would release BEFORE the holidays unlike Nexus 1 genius Jan 4/5 launch! (So annoying as had spent most of the xmas budget lol!)
    So this all makes perfect sense. Tegra 2 would be amazing but unlikely…. When is Orion due out?? Anycase… Aluminium Samsung please, Aluminium Thanx :D

    • http://Website Kendall

      P.S google did mention on launching Nexus 1 that they would be bringing other google designed phones with other manufacturers… and they need to bring something out which overhauls their stock UI looking the most disorganised right now compared to iOS or WP7… not that I wouldnt buy either way lol

    • http://Website dhilby09

      That pic is a Samsung Captivate. You can get one at AT&T.

  • http://Website Mast3rShake

    I am still wondering why people would jump for this phone knowing the Tegra2′s are right around the corner. Please someone explain why I shouldn’t just wait 2-3 months for a Tegra2 phone.

    • http://Website Kendall

      I suppose with it being an (un)official nexus 2 it would ship with Goodies not coming to other phones for a while.. like how the N1 and Desire were basically the same nut N1 got all updates to date day1.. had better build (unibody), etc

      But yeah ideally they should squeeze a dual-core into one of these

    • http://Website Ryan Kim

      How do you know it is not going to be the first dual core tegra 2 phone?

    • http://Website JL

      We can’t wait because we always want the next big thing no matter what. If it’s a Sumsung phone I wouldn’t buy it just because of their reputation in the cell phone industry ie: behold I & II and Vibrant

  • http://Website Devesh

    If it ends up looking anything like that pic I’m buying it on day 1.

  • MitchRapp81

    I would upgrade from my Nexus One if…

    - Samsung build quality is like HTC’s Nexus One
    - Dual-Core 1.2ghz or better
    - 1gb ram (512 is ok though… Nexus One runs fine !)
    - More internal memory then the Nexus… make it 4gb internal or something.
    - Front-facing camera
    - SAMOLED of course
    - Obviously, I know the point of this is to not have junk from Samsung/carriers – but you never know with Samsung… so… NO JUNK OK SAMSUNG?!
    - micro HDMI … why not?

    599$ or less price tag – I’m buying it the day of release.

  • http://Website UniqueNate

    Why are people hoping what’s in the picture? That’s a Samsung Captivate. Smh

    I believe the phone is real, but as to when & what exactly, idk.

  • http://Website Virtue

    I really hope this rumor is true. My contract is up and I’d really like a nice gingerbread present from T-Mo. =)

  • http://Website triki

    wouldnt it be something if Google have a nexus signature with most of it partners to give that unique android feeling different OEMS example nexus droid nexus s

  • http://Website Virtue

    Proof that the Nexus Two is real. However, it will be plastic. =(