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Start the clock, Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.2 in Europe

We still have absolutely no idea when U.S. customers with a Galaxy S phone will receive Android 2.2, but Samsung Mobile just issued a press release to let everyone know they are pushing it out across Europe to the international version starting today.

Hopefully the U.S. versions of the Galaxy S (Vibrant, Captivate, Epic 4G, and Fascinate) will see the Android 2.2 update later this year, but you never know when it’s in the hands of the carriers. It took AT&T and T-Mobile months to roll out the GPS fix so don’t get too excited about seeing this new system update yet.

Samsung made a strong effort at their Galaxy S launch party back in June to let everyone know their flagship phone would be receiving Android 2.2 and I thought it was a great opportunity for them to upgrade their reputation, but they have failed to impress us so far.

Even if the Android 2.2 update were to arrive on U.S. carriers in October, it would still be months after HTC and Motorola provided similar updates for their flagship phones. Heck, even the year-old myTouch 3G started receiving Android 2.2 before Samsung’s phones.

At the end of the day, we are happy to see Samsung providing software updates for their new Android phones – we just wish they could dedicate more resources to speed up the process.

Which U.S. carrier do you think will roll out Android 2.2 for the Galaxy S first? The race is on.

Source: Samsung Mobile

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  • http://Website Mocha K

    Thats good news, but I was surprised my MyTouch3G is getting the update before this. Thats bad for samsung. They are losing customers because of their update history. Ugh, i guess i will wait for this update. Patiently.

    • http://Website Mocha K

      Oh, I think Sprint or Att will get it first and T-Mobile will be last. I have the Vibrant, and I hate to admit it, but they always seem to be last.

      • http://Website Bob


        This update will be available through Kies. You don’t really have to wait for the ota since you can update it manually through that.

    • http://Website Me

      Surprise really? C’mon on son!!!!!

  • http://Website Mike

    “Heck, even the year-old myTouch 3G started receiving Android 2.2 before Samsung’s phones.”

    Yeah that’s really surprising. A handset that came out before the Galaxy S would get 2.2 before the Galaxy S. I mean that’s so illogical, that an older handset that has been out longer would get it first. What were they thinking?

  • http://Website Ramon

    I say att will get it first

    • http://Website Anthony

      Hey Ramon u missing ur nexus now lol

  • mac08wrx

    Verizon will be first

  • http://Website Michaels

    I think sprint will get it first because they want to be first to update to get customers in the stores just like they did with the evo

  • http://Website NODO-GT

    updated to 2.2 with regedit tweak…

    please make a new benchmarks with Galaxy S 2.2….

  • http://Website Adrian Petrescu

    on the press release is … 18 Octomber….2010 WTF… the new is from the future … :)

  • http://Website Sergio

    installed and disappointed.

    - slow browser
    - lag still present
    - even less free ram (total available to system: 304 mb, about 160 mb used by sys apps, 50 mb min of ram needed if you want to use the phone.. So you get about 304-160-50 = 94 mb that you can for your apps. Browser with flash enabled on a tab can easily take more than 80 mb..

    So yeah, disappointed

    Damn even when you write sometimes you notice the lag, using swype .

    • http://Website Nick

      Drat – that’s exactly the same situation I have. Even Swype hangs sometimes, drawing giant straight lines only after 5 seconds of no response, if that!

      There is a serious performance problem with this phone. Maybe the design is just defective…it should not stop being usable unless there’s a very good reason for that.

      • elijahblake

        so would the lag fix solve this?

    • elijahblake


      why does these phones list 528 MB RAm yet only show 304?? I mean is it the typical thing like when you have a GIG and it says 9. something???

      • http://Website Sergio

        It has nothing to do with GB and Gb (byte and bit, 1 byte = 8 bits)..
        The RAM is shared between different tasks/components.. GPU, CPU, video encoding/decoding.. There are 512 mega bytes of total RAM

        • elijahblake

          ok thanks

  • http://Website Captivate slowed by heavy usage

    Loaded up my normally very fast Captivate with settings to connect using Outlook Exchange via the built in Email app and about 50 apps. Now the thing CRAWLS and randomly hangs while reading data from the internal memory and accessing AT&T’s seriously congested downtown san francisco network. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve hit the BACK button and (A) nothing happened, or (B) after 5 seconds the phone vibrates and registers my request but requires another 5 to 10 seconds to actually go back. Scanning through emails takes for ever as the app forces you to wait while it synchronizes with my work’s Exchange Server – wrong wrong wrong!

    Worse if it drops a call the phone still thinks its connected! If I make the mistake of trying to dial back to the person I dropped then I will have to restart the phone! The thing is seriously buggy.

    I wish with this Android 2.2 update also for:

    * Fix the internal-memory storage read / write performance, there was a hack where someone mounts the microSD slot as an EXT filesystem using that for apps but I’d rather there be an official solution than lose my FAT32 compatibility
    * Upgrade the Email app’s Outlook Exchange support to be asynchronous and not hang up while reading that extra portion of the email message, taking a clue (seriously!) from the GMail Android app

    Do you Captivate Owners agree? Or are your phones just quicker than mine…

    • http://Website Cutsz01

      I am not having these problems on a regular basis. Happens very rarely.

  • http://Website addictive11

    Wow, so the anroid 2.2 update is actually making your guys phones run slower? Do u think it will be the same for all the galaxy s phones (epic)?

    • elijahblake

      maybe our (US) carriers will get them to resolve these issues, I doubt it.. but hope so!!! It’s sad when the Dev community has to fix all the manufacturers bugs haha.. Maybe they should hire some of these guys!!!

  • http://Website daje00

    This will definately be my last Samsung device. I hate Samsung. So many issues with these phones from GPS, random shutdowns, freezing,lag. This is ridiculous, its HTC from here on. I hope att gets the desire HD. If they do I’m selling this pos captivate. BTW this is my 3rd captivate, I just decided to live with the crap for now.

    • http://Website Derek

      Amen to that!! No more samjunk…EVER!!!!

  • http://Website alex

    i don’t know who will get it first, but t-mobile, and att&t deserve it first, the epic 4g has enough to satisfy(even mobile hotspot), while the fascinate should have came with froyo.

  • http://Website Geekybiker

    ATT and tmobile. Reason is simple. They are using GSM hardware like the i9000. It should be quicker to port. I’d say verizon next as it’s CDMA but doesn’t have to deal with the front camera and keyboard issue the epic has on sprint.

  • http://Website Iamallama

    Is there a good 2.2 ROM for the Galaxy Series phones? Specifically the Captivate? Would much rather run a good ROM then wait for at&t to never roll out the update.

  • http://www.careace.net careace.net

    Hey we just wrote a guide on how to update your GT-i9000 device right now regardless of country, through a registry hack with Kies. Check it out here ht tp : // bit . ly / bNP jMJ

  • http://Website Sinanovski

    My Vibrant started having lag even after just the GPS update. EVEN WITH the lag fix…something is up and no one is talking to us. Like one guy said, it’s HTC from now on. They seem to be listening to costumers the best.

  • Deoki

    I have installed 2.2 and I have a European GT—i9000. Maybe a lot of you are installing it on Us devices.
    I now have zero lag, installed a load of apps, run Swype and played a movie over DLNA without stutter. Even games like Asphalt seem smoother.
    Perhaps there’s a difference in hardware build that hasn’t been noticed in previous tests?
    I dunno but I feel like the SGS was meant to be used with Froyo. It’s snappy and, until now, didn’t crash or lagged.

    • http://Website Sergio

      I’ve too an european version. Have you tried the browser?
      Try opening pocketnow.com. Scroll a little and go to task manager. the browser took more than 130mb of ram. With one page loaded. With plugins disabled. Jp6 here

      also try to write a long message with the browser using swype.

      • http://Website Chris

        haven’t installed froyo yet, but pocketnow.com stinks on desktop browsers too. Comparing it against bbc, anandtech, various other sites in various browsers, it’s consistently eating at least twice the RAM of any other site I can find, normally 3-4 times.

        If you’re trying to prove a browser/phone’s no good, probably better to choose a website that doesn’t suck quite so hard.

    • http://Website watbetch

      No, just the people with problems are the most vocal. I have no problems with lag on my Vibrant, same of others yet listen to the vocal minority and you would assume that everyone is miserable.

      • http://Website Sergio

        What’s your firmware version?

        Have you tested the browser? Funnily, everyone who tested and actually use Froyo browser observe the issues. And that’s real. It’s not an isolate case.

  • http://Website Ban

    have you people tried the voodoo lag fix?i mean I’m using that on jf3 and it never lags. I know you can’t use it on 2.2 yet. With the one click lag fix its true it used to lag a lot but voodoo seems to make it how it should be.

  • http://www.mojanemojan.com/ Mojanemojan

    It is working.

  • http://Website cee

    I’m waiting for sprint to release 2.2 and then I will root my epic. The guys over @ Xda will cook up some crucial Froyo ROMs for the Epic like they did for the Evo. I’m patient. I had the Evo since day one rooted it with custom roms and enjoyed it but now Samsung has a flagship phone that I will enjoy even more when froyo is released. There will be second reviews for all Galaxy S class phones when 2.2 is fully released.

  • http://Website drewje

    Suuuuuure they fixed the GPS. Just because Samsung claims it doesn’t make it so. The only difference I see is that it works a little bit better with grabbing a triangulation from cell towers, giving me 300-500 foot accuracy quickly. I don’t even have GPS turned on anymore, it’s a hardware issue and HTC or Moto will be getting my business next time.

    It must be bad if I’m actually considering Motorola again. Ugh.

  • http://Website RandyN

    As others have stated, after the promised update to Froyo within 1-2 weeks of its release, the 3 months to release the GPS and lag fix, Froyo some time this year, and so on — I will not buy another Samsung phone and do my best to convince others to do the same.

    HTC from now on.

  • http://Website pax

    Samsung sucks. I am selling my Vibrant, will have to pay ETF, will get an HTC, and will never look back in getting anything “Samsung”

  • http://Website Allen

    I hav a samsung captivate and does anyone know any apps to text for free?

    • http://Website Derek

      Google Voice will

    • http://Website Someone


  • http://Website charlie87

    I got my froyo 2+ months ago and its fine, tho my “flash” on my camara dont work :) im happy. whats the version thats being pushed through kies? tho

  • http://Website Matt

    What a bummer! I really like my Samsung Epic 4G, it’s the only thing that keeps me with Sprint… I can’t believe the phone didn’t just ship with 2.2 originally, I mean come on the phone came out months after the update had been public. I’m half tempted just to go back to AT&T and an iPhone because this Android stuff is nice, but not nearly as usable or reliable! Come on Samsung don’t make me regret buying this cool phone!!!

    • Sinanovski

      I too have considered going to ATT or Sprint. Samsung really did it for me. I’d rather have washed out screen on the EVO than deal with this shit. The only good thing that Tmo ever did was when they started selling he G1. They are even ruining the experience with the G2 by disabling tethering. Seriously wtf? And now Samsung….bunch of crap…

      • http://Website watbetch

        Because you would rather pay $30 a month + an extra $10 per month for them NOT removing the Hotspot feature? How does 2GB + 10 for each other GB sound AND a fee to tether from your limited bucket of data? Dumbass. Like you haven’t already rooted the phone and installed MobileAP for free.

  • http://Website Derek

    Samsung is garbage. I’ll never buy another samjunk phone again.

  • http://Website tracksforhire

    i just like most will never buy a samsung phone ever its all HTC from here on out they seem to make the best android phones and update the quickest. screw your super amoeled samsung u suck azz

  • http://Website Beards

    Don’t you mean “Stop the Clock”!
    Samsung took it off yesterday.

  • http://terwax.com Uzair

    I honestly don’t know what to buy. I think i will be purchasing Win 7 phone after all this crap i had. I hate Samsung, i hate HTC. First, with samsung, i can’t use all of the ram (512mb). God knows if they just advertise it and don’t even have close to it! Why would they need to reserve it for system when 99% don’t do it?

    I was with Hero. 3+ time delay for 2.1. The screen was unresposnie after sometime (thousands of people had it). Then my carrier never got the update and i simply made it international version through luck and got 2.1. Now its sitting catching dust because of the screen which will cost $150+ to replace.

    Now i got this samsung vibrant i9000m. I was strongly thinking of getting it long ago, but wanted nexus one at many points. Then i changed my mind and decided to wait till 2011 for those new phones with perhaps 3.0 because i know samsung will never update it to 3.0/gingerbread. If it takes them forever to update to 2.2 when it was released months ago before then this was released, you know whats going to happen. The only reason i got it was because i won this phone through a Bell (Carrier in canada) contest. I entered my email for its release and became one of the 15 canadians to win it. Sure i may have no right to complain, but i didn’t ask to win crap.

    I’d been more happy winning nexus. That shyt still sells more than my vibrant sells for when it came in January. My hero dropped $300 in reselling price while Nexus lost $100 even on months old phone. Samsung just came and i see people selling it for cheaper than Nexus.

    Now i am thinking of trading this phone HTC desire HD if it ever happens to come to Canada. I was going to get it even from UK, but because of frequencies, i can’t get 3G on, which i need.

    Thanks to samsung for releasing an update that makes it even slower. I went on a trip somewhere and GPS drived me so crazy. I got lost so many times. I would never open maps again cuz i think that even my guess will be better than GPS!

    Thanks for reason. You are nice.

  • http://terwax.com uzair

    Oh and the battery is very nice… Getting 3 hours out of it cuz i can’t frigging disble 3g apart from messing around with APN settings. Not to mention i can’t have 2g for background sync.

  • http://Website gaurav

    Its a gr8 news for all of us

  • http://www.uwsp.edu/ATHLETICS/mbb/past.htmPast Seasons

    You you could change the blog subject title Start the clock, Samsung Galaxy S gets Android 2.2 in Europe – Android and Me to something more suited for your content you create. I liked the blog post nevertheless.

  • http://Website Jim G

    They have already failed!

    In my opinion. This already proves they are NOT commited to supporting their phones. Do you really think they are going to provide 2.3? I own a Vibrant, GPS has “been fixed” but it still shows an accuracy of 1900 meters (This is COMMON for Galaxy S owners).


    I’m the IT consultant to many, family, friends and customers (of my own business) – I can NOT nor will I recommend your phone because of your inability to support your products. I’ve already recommended to 4 people to go with Motorola or HTC products instead.

    And to further add insult to injury, you’re advertising Flash 10.1 on the Galaxy tab?!?!?! How about providing Android 2.2 to the people that already own your phones? You know; those of us that were told we would get the update for months!!! I have no faith in Samsung…and from what I’ve read about other experience, this is my first and last Samsung phone.