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T-Mobile G2 update in testing, adds WiFi calling and hotspot

T-Mobile is testing a new software update for the G2 that reportedly adds the WiFi calling application we heard about and enables the missing mobile hotspot feature. The update was first reported by a user on the xda-developers forums who says he received the new firmware over the air and it was labeled as a test. Also included in the update was a new radio image which is said to improve performance.

Hopefully someone will grab the download link for this update so we can share it with everyone, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we have to wait several weeks for T-Mobile to push it out. If you are interested in helping test out the new update, I would keep an eye on the official T-Mobile G2 forums where they routinely release new OTAs to a limited number of users before widely distributing them.

My best guess is we will not see this new software hit the G2 until the new myTouch hits stores in November (but I’d love to be wrong). I was recently told the myTouch will be one of the first T-Mobile Android phones to officially support the mobile hotspot feature (yes, I know the N1 does it for free) and you can expect them to roll out some new tethering data plans next month.

Most carriers charge $30 per month for their official wireless tethering plans. Do you think T-Mobile will do the same or offer some more competitive options?

Via: Android Police

Source: xda-developers

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  • Azeem

    Any word on if this update also fixes the ambient light sensor? If so, good on ya, T-Mo.

  • http://flavors.me/davidmnoriega David

    Thats cool, though I hear the wifi calling isn’t exactly the same as UMA as its not something that seamlessly can hand the device between the cell tower and then wifi. So I wonder if incoming calls would go over the wifi?

    Though the tethering option is more interesting since the Vibrant also shipped with it disabled(yes I know I can root and enable it). Would be nice to see them finally turn that on.

    • http://Website SI

      It works the same as UMA calls and texts can be sent or received, the only thing it can’t do is the hand off.

  • http://Website Richard

    HTC evo on sprint rules the android place today….always will…..t-mobile is weak

    • http://Website Ruben

      G2 does laps around your capped Evo. Go to the mall and see for yourself. Although I can see why you tell yourself that, good for the ego. BTW how’s that extra fee for using that phone, or the fact that your 4G is slower than my 3G. Just wondering.

      • http://Website Yann

        I gotta say though… in NY, even though not officially released, I was getting speeds roughly 10 times faster with Sprint’s 4G than T-Mo “super 3G” or whatever they call it ;)

        That was impressive… Until 5PM when the battery ran out…

    • http://Website Yann

      I got an Evo… Liked it a lot, but battery sucked so bad I returned it. Now I’ve got a G2 and I finally get to experience the awesomeness of (almost) stock Android… I’m keeping it. Your point was?

  • http://Website Oskar

    Yay to tethering…nay for an extra fee for having tethering…I don’t think they should charge you an extra fee for tethering…other phones in the past did wired tether (dash and I think bb) why charge for it now…I think t mobile wont be charging that extra fee but I guess we’ll have to wait and see!

  • http://Website J.

    OTA should also provide the dev community what they need ti finally root!

  • http://Website adam

    getting the g2 dumping the droid now . Motorola phone get to frozen to quick and spaz out more then htc.

  • Uncemister

    Boy I can’t wait! And the “no hand off” isn’t an issue for me, anytime a call comes in over wifi for me, I never leave that range of my wireless router. And the hotspot is fantastic for my friends with slower data LOL. I already have one of those virgin mobile mifi hotspots that I pay on average of 10 bucks a month for so I’d be okay with tethering plans om tmo too.

  • http://Website Dan The Man

    I found the .apk for this… it’s at


    I haven’t gotten it to work yet though.

  • http://Website adam

    Did anyone gotten the update?

  • http://Website crazy88

    Hello, Mugen Power just released the 1800mAH Extended Battery for HTC DesireZ / T-Mobile G2, 20% more than the stock battery, the bigger size coming soon too!