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T-Mobile’s Motorola Defy launching November 3rd

T-Mobile has finally announced the launch date and price for the Motorola Defy. The Android 2.1 handset is scheduled to go on sale on November 3rd for only $99.99 with a new two year contract. The Defy is certainly not the fastest handset in T-Mobile’s lineup, but with an 800 MHz OMAP 3610 processor, 3.7 inch display, 1540 mAh battery, 1.25GB onboard memory, and 5MP camera with LED it’s certainly no slouch.

The Motorola Defy will feature the new MotoBLUR 1.5 running on Android 2.1. When the handset was initially unveiled, Motorola mentioned that an Android 2.2 upgrade is being considered, but they were unwilling to make any commitments

While the specs may be mildly impressive, the main selling feature of the Motorola Defy is its ability to resist impact, dust, water, and scratches. Those who work at more physically intensive jobs or find themselves in the great outdoors a lot more than they do in the city may be more comfortable carrying the Motorola Defy than many of the other more delicate Android options.

T-Mobile likes to tweet a lot.

Source: TmoNews

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  • http://Website dave

    First! And to be honest I won’t be buying anything from motorola I hope people remember the cliq O.o

  • smohanv

    It is going to be a big selling device.. pleople likes it when their rights to access to the potentials of the operating system is unrestricted..

    • coyotejbob

      You have posted the exact same response on several posts. Are you a spam bot or just that intune with unrestriction?

  • coyotejbob

    Anyways with all the negativity about samsung and motorola does that leave just HTC as a sort of hero? I am still in contract with my G1 so I don’t know first hand the other delimas.

    • http://Website watbetch

      All of them have phones they’ve ditched. INCLUDING HTC.

      • http://Website anon

        What HTC Android phone was left behind so quickly? (Like the Blur or Samsung Behold II)

        • http://Website watbetch

          DROID Eris, HTC Hero to name a couple. Both have horrible 2.1 updates that are extremely buggy and they won’t see 2.2 even though the phone can support the update.

  • http://Website Geo

    This phone..Is going to DEFY the views consumers have been having towards motorola..And i dont mean that in a good way. Does anyone think people will actually buy this? My girlfriend works for T-mobile and she says the only things selling are G2′s and Samsung’s. No one has even bothered to ask about a motorola Phone.

    • http://Website watbetch

      Once the word gets out they should have no problems moving these. If someone doesn’t like how delicate the Vibrant feels or the weird Z-Hinge on the G2, they will pick the DEFY because it’s rugged and the only other rugged Android phone is a 1.5 Motorola on Nextel or Boost. Pretty much garbage.

      It’s a perfect addition to the line up. I’m glad that T-Mobile ordered up the DEFY. Who needs a rugged Android phone? T-Mobile has that. Stock Android, a QWERTY, HSPA+ with the power to back up those high data speeds? WiFi Calling with your Android phone? Super thin Super light Super AMOLED slate device with the best media capabilities on the market? Need a cheap Android phone running 2.2 from LG or Huawei? What about an HTC Sense/Espresso device with an FFC, aluminum design & HSPA+. T-Mobile has all of that.

      Yeah, T-Mobile probably has the best selection of Android phones right now.

  • http://Website Nicholas Egan

    Motoblur = Doesn’t count as Android

    • http://Website The1trupig

      Motoblur is ONLY the homescreen design….it runs WITH AND ON the Android platform…..do your homework before you post stupid comments

  • http://Website Anton J

    I wonder which type of graphics that the Defy might have?

    And about HTC and “dropped” phones – The Tattoo was left behind pretty quickly, and so some of the Magics… But lets hope everybody gets on the upgrading-train=)

    • http://Website watbetch

      I forgot about the HTC Tattoo. No 2.1 for that phone!